SWTOR Update on Character Slot Post Merge

Bioware has some news regarding the character slots increases post server merge.

SWTOR Autumn Roadmap 2017 | 10.27.2017, 06:55 PM

Hey folks,

One of the questions that has come up regarding United Forces is character slots and what will be happening for everyone. After the update, it is possible that a player could have more characters than they have slots currently. For subscribers they will still be able to play all of their characters (even if they go over their slots) but they can’t make any new characters. We wanted to do our best to alleviate some of the issues for not only subscribers, but F2P and preferred status players as well. Here is what you can expect to see changed on November 8 alongside United Forces:

  • F2P players will have a default of 4 characters per server (up from 2)
  • Preferred players will have a default of 12 characters per server(up from 6)
  • Subscribers will have a default of 24 characters per server (up from 12)
  • The maximum character slots per server has been increased to 100 (up from 52)

These new slot numbers are separate from any character slots which you have purchased. For subs, we are basically adding 12 character slots per server to your account (by making the new default 24 instead of 12). Ex:

  • Today, you are a subscriber who has never bought any character slots, you have 12 character slots per server. After the update on 11/8 you will have 24 slots per server.
  • Today, you are a subscriber who has purchased 30 additional character slots, meaning you have 42 per server (12 default + 30 purchased). After the update you will have 54 (24 new default + 30 purchased slots)

This should give a bit of breathing room for players, especially if they played on more than one server which will be brought into a new server on 11/8.

Thanks everyone.


SWTOR Autumn Roadmap 2017 | 10.27.2017, 07:14 PM
Originally Posted by BenKatarn View Post

I’m a subscriber who currently has 52 character slots. After United Forces goes live and the 3 German servers get unified, I will have 156/52 characters. Would anything break if I bought additional character slots after the server maximum was increased to 100? Would I even be able to redeem the tokens while on a server with character overflow?

Ok, good question! Let me try to break it down.

So today, you have 52/52 characters across three servers. When you are on your new server you will have 156 characters and 64 slots (since you will get 12 more from us). You will be able to access all 156, but you cannot create a new character. You can still choose to purchase up to 36 more slots to put you at the new maximum of 100. However, even at this point you cannot create a new character until your total characters is below your total character slots (so 99/100 if you purchase all the slots).

Hope that makes sense!


  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    What about preffered players who has purchased additional character slots?

    Will I get extra 6?

    • Caca


  • Zeus Fagervold

    156 characters are you kidding me?

    • gua543

      I think it’s more of a hypothetical question. Well actually, I hope it’s a hypothetical question because god damn.

    • John Kosto

      I know people that have 150 characters or more, but not necessarily at endgame level. I personally have 26, all at endgame level, accumulated mainly during double XP events, and throughout 5 years, and of course 8 of them were for the DvL event.

      • Paulo Gomes

        I have 26 too! I know I had said 28 on several occasions here, but I made a mistake. 28 was the number of toons I could have on a server. I always keep (kept?) 2 open slots, just in case…

        • John Kosto

          Well my loooong term goal is to have 32 toons, 2 of each advanced class, one female and one male 😛 So I only need 6 more basically. A male Vanguard, a male Gunslinger, a female Juggernaut, a male Marauder, a male Powertech, a male Sniper, and a male Assassin xD

        • Don Loco

          I had 43 across three servers but that was two years ago. I un-installed the game and haven’t looked back so I imagine they are all in digital tombs by now.

  • Paulo Gomes

    Some good news, at last. Funny that I logged in to the game today and deleted all my toons from every server except The Red Eclipse. But that had nothing to do with character slots, I didn’t want another Legacy overwriting my main Legacy on The Red Eclipse by mistake. Better safe than sorry…

    • Лев Сафаров

      On other hand, why you need more then 52 characters? ))

      • Paulo Gomes

        Well, I don’t know if you do. My personal goal was to be able to play ALL the adv classes. That’s 24 toons, unless I’m mistaken. If you want to double that on both the Empire and Republic, that’s 48 toons.

        I got pretty close, there’s only two adv classes I haven’t really done properly. I can hold my ground on every other adv class. I only really “mastered” Engineering Sniper, Engineering Marksmanship, Operative Medic, Operative Lethality, Deception Assassin. And maybe Madness Sorcerer. “Mastered” as in done Ops with. The rest of the game I could play any class and get away with it, except Rage Jugg and Concealment Operative.

        • Лев Сафаров

          Well, i have 18 i think, mirror classes, and just switch discipline when want to.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Oh, I could never get used to doing that! No, I had my buttons assigned, and if ANYTHING changed I would be a mess! That’s why I couldn’t just pick up a toon and go raiding if someone asked me, sometimes I would go out and do some stuff, like Dailies, to get used to the buttons. I hardly even look at the keyboard when I’m playing… Well, when I WAS playing the game lol…

            • Лев Сафаров

              For that purpose, i try to do for every class and discipline similar bindings. For easier transition between them.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Well, I congratulate you. That would be impossible for me loooool…

            • Лев Сафаров

              Why you stopped playing?

    • Frigi

      Except removing all characters from a server does not remove the legacy on there.

      • Paulo Gomes

        It doesn’t??? wow, that’s a bummer. But if I don’t have any toons, how can a Legacy be transferred?

        • Frigi

          Well, I’ve not tested anything here, but I’ve deleted all my characters on specific servers before, and whether creating a new one there or transferring there, it would give me the original legacy I had there before again.

          Presumably the legacy data is just stored somewhere separately.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Gotcha. I will try that out, but I expect that to be true. What reason would you have for lying loool?

            It’s just that I had accomplished a lot more on The Red Eclipse. A WHOLE FREAKING LOT. But it’s not a big deal. I mean, I’m not active in the game. I used the toons on other servers to try out different specs, and if I liked them I would change one of my “main” toons on TRE to that spec.

            I know, I know. It’s a demented way of playing. But it’s the one I find most logical, in my twisted little brain. Go figure.


            • Frigi

              Well, I presume that for the most part the merging will look similar to the effects of a transfer, as in, if you have things like achievements or unlocks or decorations on one server, and others on the other server, they get merged, rather than overwritten.

              I can’t recall if they explicitly stated that this would be the same for the merge, but I figured that the only thing to be concerned about would be the legacy name, and there they said that the legacy with the highest level would ‘win’, or a random one of two or more of the same level.

              I have lvl50 legacies on 12 servers (now who’s twisted? =p), so I suspect I will need to buy a few legacy renames in a week..

            • Leah

              whenever you transfer legacies, they merge with more leveled up one taking precedence if you will. so for example, you decided to re-roll on a new server, where you have a very low level legacy. you can transfer a character off your main server and it will essentially add all your main server’s achievements/unlocks. if you had any furnishings you didn’t have on your original server – you get to keep them, they just get added to your pool of furnishings. however, if you had duplicates, as far as I know whichever number was larger – overrides the lower one, rather then them adding up to a cumulative number of decorations from both servers. in short? low level legacies will never ruin your high level one.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Yes, thanks for the detailed explanation.

                However, since this is indeed BioWare we’re talking about, SOMETHING might just go wrong. The thing I’m most worried abut are my Operations Achievements. The rest I don’t really care. I used to, but they made it so that obtaining Achievements in this game is a joke. But the Operations and Flashpoints Achievements…

                Let’s put it this way: I seriously doubt I will get the will or chance to do all that. Again. It’s my last bastion of pride:”Here. I may be a lowly Pref weekend warrior NOW, but get a look at this…”


  • Errtai

    I have 24 toons on the Red Eclipse (one per spec). Logged in a few days ago and deleted my several other toons on The Progenitor. Haven’t touched them in years anyway.

    I made a decision and after the server merges happen, I’ll delete 16 of my toons and end up with just 8. It will be a difficult decision surely but I’m not playing the game actively, so 8 is a good number. 4 pub, 4 imp and 1 toon per main class.

    Those who play the game on a daily basis may find 8 too few but I’m just logging on every once in a while, so that’ll do.

    • ConcernedGuest

      I’ve had always only 8 toons/char since I started in end of 2012. Never saw any reason to do a class several times. Better have one trooper, one knight, one inquisitor and that one playes to the fullest (class quest, planetary stories, codex entries, mount quests (especially aratech coral)) and so on.

      • Errtai

        Well, to me at least, there were several reasons to play the same class more than once:

        1- Dark/Light. Obviously the story doesn’t change but there are some really nice dialog changes between light and dark. Some choices even matter more such as in Agent story (light side/dark side) or in Warrior (Jaesa). I also found out that playing a dark sided Knight with Scourge as your active companion to be tons and tons of fun!!

        2- Replay value of the vanilla story. For example, my main toon -my Guardian- was one of the first toons I leveled back in early 2012. Right after I leveled my Sentinel. Then two years later I said to myself, “wait a sec, the Knight story was really nice and all, but I hardly remember any of it”. So I leveled another Knight.

        3- Raiding purposes. Back when I was actively raiding (DF/DP NiM days), we were asked to have 3 NiM ready toons (for farming purposes). So I had a Vigilance Guardian, a Watchman Sentinel (that’s 2 Knights) and a Plasmatech Vanguard. Our main tank had 3x Guardian tank toons for example, and another player had 3x Sage healers.

        4- Learning to play a spec. Surely you can respec anytime but there is nothing like learning a spec from the scratch. This is how I learned Combat Sentinel for example. I was really good at Watchman and Focus, but had zero experience in Combat. When I was asked to play Combat in DF last boss, I was like “Uhm, yeah, well, guys please give a week, then I’ll do that”. So I leveled a Combat Sentinel the next week -even fell in love with the spec-, learned every ability along the way one by one and then performed great in DF last boss (NiM).

        5- Minor additional reasons. Such as playing male or female (you just have to have a male AND a female Warrior just for the voice acting reasons; so great!), or even romancing a different companion (Risha or Akaavi, Kaliyo or Temple).

        So yeah, sorry for the long read but I had reasons to have more than one toon per class :).

        • Paulo Gomes

          Regarding point number 4:

          I could not emphasise this point enough. This is the reason I never respeced a toon. All the buttons are in the “wrong” place.

          There’s a harmony, a sequence to each avd class rotation/priority system. I stated that in another post, I almost never looked at the keyb while playing. And the way I learned a particular placement was to level out the toon, distribute the abilities around the keyb and then practice, practice! And that toon NEVER gets his keys turned around (unless BW decides to “improve” or “balance” the class, of course. On that note: pls return Phase Walk to my Assassin).

          Furthermore, gearing is a lot more uniform now. Back in the day, we didn’t really have the ability to switch BiS gear around like these days. And since Critical and Surge Rating were SEPARATE, the gearing was a lot different.

          Switching specs could mean you would lose a lot of dps from wrong gearing.

          And so I learned to have a dedicated toon to each spec. Not the most sensible or intelligent approach these days, I know. But being an older guy, and a creature of habit that’s how I do it to this day.

        • Anca Gaspar

          For fucks sake, stop making everything about jaesa, no one cares!

          • JohnMarksman22

            you dont have to be rude about it

  • Eaware when u learn not to call Servers Merging as Content.. Argh.. #Dumbasses #RedFromSeventiesShowKnows

    • Przemysław Narbutt

      Because it’s not just server merg. There will be a bit of story behind added to the game.

      • Yes indeed lil bit of story added after months break “Prev. Bad FP with some of it not included” & it comes Nov. 28th. That is 3x weeks after Servers Finally Merged. That is made about 1,5 – 2+ years later than should’ve happened. Sad Fact is that Swtor’s Eaware Devs are smirking in back of their heads that “United Forces” means ppl being more in touch with each other cause of no more Ghost Servers.

        Those few who wandered alone & kicking dustballs on some servers now see population & will be dazed. Y many who didn’t want to pay even that 96 extra cc’s for transfer when was on sale. This isn’t meant as offensive msg towards you, but stating sad facts. New Lead Designer Keith can Sugar Coat his writings even better than Poker Face Ben ever could.

        Keith must’ve been tripping on some good stuff when he wrote Autumn 2017 Roadmap that had about 15+ paragraphs too much content. Lots of BS included & patting own & dev team shoulders for almost no work done in 2017.

        Some funny things that Keith Wrote to Roadmap:
        “Made huge changes to improve the balance across our Classes” <– Balance yeah right.. More like simplifying gameplay even more to Amoebas lvl.
        "Made the (GSF) space combat experience even more rewarding" <– Sure just couple pointless moves & still unbalanced MM on it & no Joystick support.
        "Revealed a traitor in your Alliance through a new Flashpoint" <– Yep so obvious char & no creativity to pick some that is more unknown for the crowd.

        Kind Regards: Subbed not long ago after received that email about bonus sub. Was 1st sub this year cause i unsubbed in early Dec 2016. That Sub was active from Dec 2011 to Dec 2016. Y i know i had it like one year 2 long time cause Basically no Mmo Development for AGES. Wish good October for all & remember to make your voices heard so Eaware understands. Kind Regards: Mmo'er since 2004 #EawarePleaseGetRidOfEA

  • James Shaw

    I cant believe people play more than 8 characters tops. TOPS. Makes zero sense to me.

    That guy with 156 characters, like honestly mate what is the point???

    • fistrodisco

      They could be meant for ingame RP or for screencaps. Or for crafting.

      • James Shaw

        Ok that makes some sense. Even so…..156????

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      There are 8 classes with two roles. If you don’t want to swap gear and respec, it’s easier to have 16 characters. For group play where operations can be done once a week, having 3 sorc healers for example is beneficial because you can do the same operation 3 times in one week. Think also of conquest. Alts are useful there as well. It’s all a matter of what’s interesting to you. So I have 21 characters and I don’t even RP.

      • James Shaw

        So literally all you do is play SWTOR?

        • EyesOfGehenna .

          No worries. I am pretty efficient with leveling and gearing and I’ve been playing since the game came out (original beta). I have taken 4 breaks of a few months each as well and I do play other games but no other MMOs. I do have sort of bursts where I play a lot of SWTOR for a bit. I still have a full time job and a wife so I really don’t just play SWTOR.

          Between some crafting and runnings ops, I really don’t need much time to gear up a toon to make it HM ready. I also only have 2 characters on 300 Command (sage and sorc for the good that did me) and I own a grand total of 6 248 pieces. So really, I have a lot of 242 gear and 236 and augments are easy to make so I can get geared without spending a ton of time.

          Running SM ops is quick and EV and KP HM is also not generally time consuming. I sometimes have to keep myself from falling asleep healing that stuff but it does get gear for my account. To be fair I didn’t play for about 5-6 months this year cause I hate GC. But I’ve played the last couple of months and well, just before getting new toons to 70 they do 3-4 ops already to get them to 70 and this nets about 8-10 pieces of 236 gear. So at level 70 buy 230 pieces for the slots you don’t have yet and add augments and presto they are ready for HM.

          Basically getting a toon from 50-70 takes me less than 10 hours and about 20 mins to gear them up as described above. Pugs often don’t care about 236 gear and with guild ops I can get 242 stuff easily cause most of em have 248 gear already heh.

          I suppose when you’ve played a game for a while you know a lot of short cuts to leveling and getting gear (not cheats, just efficiency).

      • Paulo Gomes

        Shit!!! For all the time I spent playing this game, that strategy NEVER occurred to me! Of course! Having 3 of the same type of toon would allow me to do MORE Ops… I wish I was playing the game, I would be right back at character creation. LOOOOOOOOOOL…

    • Frigi

      I’ve been disappointed with the direction of content (very disappointed with FE, haven’t even bothered starting ET; I severely dislike the new FP; I can’t stand uprisings; really only the new operation has seemed fairly interesting to me, and it’s not even halfway done yet), aside from the low amount of it, over the last few years. My many characters have been my new content.

      I can spend hours getting a new character to look just right, and once I’ve done that, they make playing EV and Athiss and Black Hole all seem new and exciting again to me. My characters aren’t just a gameplay mechanic to me, they’re the sole reason I still play the game. If I could have only 8, I would’ve been gone years ago.

      • James Shaw

        Ok now this does make more sense to me now.

        I have to admit that one of my favourite aspects of SWTOR is customising my characters to look exactly how i want and there are many tools to achieve this.

        However that can only really stretch so far and as you say the content is far too thin to justify many characters.

        I am a founding player and i have barely touched the latest season of episodes. Its just all a bit dull and repetitive.

      • Paulo Gomes

        That’s a great strategy. You took interest in something in the game, and made your playing revolve around that.

        I always say that the beauty of this type of game is that you can play it any way you want to. Doesn’t matter if you don’t do Ops or pvp. There isn’t a protocol for what you should do, or what you find interesting in the game.

        I too did that, to a certain extent. Not like you do obviously. But although I don’t really RP, I sort of build a backstory, a mythos to all my toons. And I agree, getting the perfect look is essential to the identity of a character. Yes, we raiders like to look nice too! Sometimes it doesn’t take something really expensive from the CM. Sometimes something simple does the trick.

    • Shawn Hargrave

      Hahaha 156 hahahaha

  • Burritos

    I have 24 toons on Red Eclipse. Can i make few more toons after the update…or i have to create 1 new character (right now) on a different server that will be merged along RE, so i might be able to access 25 after choonz november.

    • Frigi

      If you are a sub and are at your cap now, it means you have unlocked 16 slots on top of your regular 12. The base number for subs will be increased to 24, so you would have 40 slots post-merge.

  • Przemysław Narbutt

    The legacy gear and copies of characters strikes again.

  • Fred Garvin

    Why would anybody believe anything they say at this point?

    Just wait until the servers go live and see what you get. If it isn’t what’s stated in that post they’ll just say, “Well, Keith just informed me that I misunderstood my TPS report and stated the unilateral ascension of character slots sub-optimally. We waited until the servers went live to give you the unprecedented opportunity to experience first-hand our latest buffoonery and delivery some well deserved feedback for our circular file bins.”

    • Shawn Hargrave


    • EyesOfGehenna .

      They forgot to mention that these extra character slots can only be 3 of each main character class including mirror classes. So you can have 3 inquisitors/seers for example.

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