GW2 Balance Patches Arrives on Nov 7

GW2 will be having a balance patch on Nov 7 rather than this week.

A message from the Balance Team:

There seems to be some incorrect information and/or unfounded expectations surrounding the next balance update, so we’d like to shed a light on our plans:

The next balance update will not take place this week; it is scheduled to come out next week, on November 7. The release date still could change due to unforeseen circumstances or shenanigans beyond our control, but that is our plan right now.

  • Taiwan Wolf

    ʞool story

    • dimitri

      i want my power warrior back!!!! :(((((

  • Ra.

    “unfounded expectations” made me laugh a bit. you dont say.

    • Trillium

      so they admit any expectations of Anet fixing anything are unfounded
      such honesty

  • FrycoN

    WvW population will decrease with this long awaited scourge nerf xD

    • Alot

      Scourge nerf. Joko does not approve 🙁

      • Raizel

        Balance patch:
        Scourge get deleted but it gets a new elite spec, Scourge of Vabbi: with it you can control special minions (everybody) and male them suicide at will or right for you.

        • Raizel


        • Mr. Principal

          Or let the Necro raise the dead players and control them for a 2-3 mins..!

  • DD

    They put balance patch the game exact day of new pvp season?!! Are they stupid or what?! -.-‘

    • DD


    • Freee

      why? Back in the days with Guild Wars ArenaNet released always before a PvP event a new balance patch. So players have to rethink their builds + strategy to come up with new things and not always play the same meta.

    • Dijjity

      I mean, they dropped PoF and its powercreeped specs in the middle of the season so nothing can surprise me really.

    • Ayakaru

      Well, it means the season starts with fair change for everyone. Better than balancing in the middle of a season

  • mhm

    And everything will be balanced after patch xD

  • Фролов Денис

    Inb4 necro nerfs.

    • Ayakaru

      How do you nerf what’s dead?

      • Фролов Денис

        Hold Anet’s beer.

      • Isla

        They’ll resurrect it then kill it again.

      • Miranda Scrivener

        “We nerfed Scourge but here’s a 5% increase to power damage on axe. You’re welcome.”

  • Hentai Akuma

    Nerfs on my birthday.. Thanks Anet

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