SWTOR Game Update 5.5a Patch Notes

SWTOR Game Update 5.5a Patch Notes. This patch will be deployed on October 31 after maintenance.


  • Corrected various typos in the United Forces Achievements.
  • The Command Experience (CXP) rewarded for the following planetary [Weekly] Missions have been greatly increased:
    • Iokath now rewards 10,000 CXP
    • Oricon now rewards 6,750 CXP
    • Makeb now rewards 8,000 CXP
    • Yavin 4 now rewards 9,000 CXP
    • Black Hole now rewards 6,750 CXP
    • Section X now rewards 6,750 CXP
    • CZ-198 now rewards 5,625 CXP
    • Ziost now rewards 5,625 CXP
  • The Conquest reset now happens six hours later than it did previously, the new reset time is 6PM (1800) UTC.
  • I’m glad they added this. I may actually subscribe. It just feels like there’s too many damn CXP levels of nothingness to get to the next gear plateau. Gear grinding hasn’t been this bad since they had two PvP commendations to grind…

    • Zeus Fagervold

      This is only for the weeklies. Meaning once a week. Hardly anything to cheer about considering you got more than these combined on two planets alone before they fucked it up again.

      • Mark Lodl

        Whine, bitch, moan, and complain when someone else finds something they think is a good thing. Seriously if you ppl hate it so much go the fuck somewhere else and complain. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c918d5ab7a5e653e236fc4ba65fdb3bce2e286da18ec1432c28d26ea5b934eda.jpg

        • Zeus Fagervold

          Get off your high horse hypocrite.

          • Mark Lodl

            All I see is when someone has something positive to say, or is satisfied or greatful, they get torn to shreds lol. If you don’t like my horse GTFO of my way.

            • Don Loco

              Apparently you are blind then as there are many a post in which people say “glad you like it but it isn’t for me any more due to reason x”. Perhaps a trip to the eye doc might be in order?

              Edit: Obviously not tied to this Dulfy post alone but you will see what you wish to and no more.

        • Fred Garvin
          • Mark Lodl

            Haha ok ok Fred I just got excited.. mmmm moist!

      • You gotta take what you can get when you get it, bruh. Anything that puts me back at the correct gear level and helps competitive PvP I’m down for.

  • Lithari

    Well, even if Iokath gave 50k CXP per daily quest, i still wouldn’t go to that piece of shit world, it was annoying enough to control the giant droid during the Eternal Throne, i play the game to be a Jedi, i refuse to do anything that requires control of a damn droid.

    If you want people to control a droid, release a story arc where you play one from 1-70…but that is too much work for you, so you won’t, instead, you come up with these crappy quests instead and then give insignificant rewards for doing them….moronic to say the least.

    What you should do Bioware, not that it matters since you will simply ignore it, but any quest that is NOT repeatable should give 2,000CXP before bonuses instead of the pitiful 75cxp, are you not supposed to be encouraging people to do the optional crap when you reach level 70 ahead of time? cause right now 75cxp per quest is just an insult and i am surprised you haven’t discovered this yet, i am sure you will feel like morons once you do realise this.

    • John Kosto

      I don’t know why you say that doing missions on Iokath REQUIRES to control any droid. It does not. Only some of the missions do, you don’t have to complete those ones.

      • Emon McCullen

        He’s talking about the Iokath STORY line I suppose – not the dailies

    • Anca Gaspar

      I don’t do Iokath either, had enough nonsense on that planet already.

  • blah

    Is the mekeb weekly a 2 week thing? I recall it had some trick to complete *dim past*

    • CraigMitchell

      It was a Staged weekly and required you to do some missions in a particular order to be able o do other missions.

      But now it’s just a pack of missions from the Staged Weekly, 6 IIRC.

  • This is a solid compromise to the boost we got when dailies were “Broken”. Though there’s no point in doing them all except once per week, per toon.

  • Together it’s exactly 58,500, which translated to 10 crates on command level 300, making these weeklies (with CXP 100% boost on) should give easily another 10-12 crates. 20-25 crates per week for a casual player like myself? I’ll take it.

    That said I still believe this RWD system is silly.

    • Arvolenn

      ill take it as well i enjoyed doing the dailies i still do ops for gear but this makes it so much easier since im an altoholic

  • AbnerDoon

    Here’s some extra CXP for the love of god please stop complaining about your connections to the East Coast.

  • ZestyM8

    How about fixing the classes. Sorcs need a buff since they’re completely useless now, and i’ve been playing them for 3 years now. I know what i’m doing.

    This games all about money, sales and has VERY little to no content release compared to other mmos or games. Say what you will about swtor but you’re thicker than concrete if you think this games is good to its players, shut the fuck up. This game is about a company feeding you nothing and expecting large cash in return. RIP swtor, you lost me as a player.

    • Adam Haynes

      Unless you’re all at 300 command level this makes leveling and gearing easier thus helps you with your Sorc deficiencies.

      • ZestyM8

        i’ve been 300 for a year now.

        • CraigMitchell

          Well, I’m happy for this change and couldn’t give 2 fucks about Sorcs. 🙂

          • ZestyM8

            I couldn’t give 2 fucks about your opinion, cuck.

            • CraigMitchell

              >calling someone a cuck without knowing their political opinions
              wew lad

    • EatshitBW

      Sorcs had their time of being OP for how many years? They can take a seat now.

      • lolwut

        Give me one season where dps sorcs were top tier in group ranked.
        One season.

      • ZestyM8

        how about making the classes balanced? Just because even if they were OP which I don’t think they were, doesn’t mean every fucking class should be op next. That’s fucking stupid. You’re one of those dumbshits that play this game and are oblivious to just play it like a zombie, cuck.

  • Gail Loman

    This is one of a few ‘slight’ improvements since the last time I played. Just recently resubbed to play around on a new Marauder since Bioware/EA nerfed Bounty Hunters (Mercenary). The grind when the Galactic Command/CXP was first introduce was horrid. Took over a month for a regular player to grind one character to the rank of 300 w/o the aid of boosts (after quick fix of exploit was found), Uprisings were bugged, rng of the crate system was crap, and before you can trade Command tokens in for free 230 gear. Since deciding to just do all the quests on each planet I visited and buying certain unlocks via Legacy I reached Lv. 70 earlier in the story, currently rank 79 in Galactic Command and playing the Revan story series, have a full 230 set, and decide to be casual for once. I think Bioware is aware of their unhappy playerbase w/ some of changes they have made I do believe that EA is putting restrictions on what, how, and when certain content/fixes can be release/sold. Is it slow? Yes, but if it is too infuriating you can always take a break from SWOTR and play a different MMO for a month or two.

    • Vanguard

      Yeah, I wish we could just wipe the floor with game publishers in general. I like to think BioWare is trying to maneuver corporate and player needs together, but I don’t see it working at the pace they’d want.

    • Errtai

      ” but if it is too infuriating you can always take a break from SWOTR and play a different MMO for a month or two.”

      I did exactly that; but not only took a break from SWTOR but from MMOs in general. SWTOR just burned me out. I just can’t do that end game grinding anymore.

      On the other hand, I’m a diehard rpg fan and thank the Maker we have Divinity Eternal Sin 2 now. Literally killed all my social life (there wasn’t much to begin with, hehe).

      • Paulo Gomes

        Precisely what happened to me. Been getting the bug to do some group playing lately. But I won’t do it in TOR.

        • Errtai

          At the moment SWGOH feeds my online-social needs (large guild with 50 ppl who are at least as nerdy as me :), constant chat on Discord, lots of brainstorming for the next best team tactics etc…), whereas Divinity keeps me busy with its mind-blowing rpg gaming.

          I also think I’m getting a bit too old for old school MMOs. Tried almost every MMO out there in the past; some were really good actually but at best they kept me busy for a few weeks and that was it.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Tell me about that! Being 45 , a gigging musician and music teacher, married, with 3 kids (one is not a kid anymore, plays some mean guitar, daddy has to keep his chops up or else!)… I couldn’t pull the hours needed to get something out of TOR even if I tried…

            • Errtai

              Bah, you’re 1 year older than me and have 2 more kids than me. Okay, I give up, you win :).

          • Gail Loman

            That’s how I was when I tried FFXIV’s Stormblood expansion; leveled DRG to max and got bored when they introduced Deltascape for raid content. Played GW2: Path of Fire Expansion; ran my Soul Beast through the story and completed all the new maps in under a week. Only thing left I can do in that game is make another Legendary weapon and wait for my story content to be released. I guess when 2018 rolls around I can give ESO a shot or endure all the bad criticism of Bless Online when it comes to Steam.

      • Wayshuba

        That’s what I did. Took a break in November of last year and started ESO.

        Playing ESO, and the content cadence put out regularly, made me realize just how much I was getting screwed as a customer for the same money. So I deleted SWTOR from my hard drive and never have plans of going back.

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      I’ve gone back and started to work through my GoG collection.

  • Adam Haynes

    Nice! More cxp for the longer grind planets instead of the same across the board… I guess my usual nightly Cz198 and Ziost will be put to rest. Im still gonna be pissed if I lose a bunch of names on MD (merge day) but at least here’s is something to be positive about.

  • drT.1

    I will still only do CZ-198, because it doesn’t take forever, it’s quick and fun, and not a pain in the @$$ like Sektion X or Yavin 4.
    Black hole is ok, with a stealth class.

    • Emon McCullen

      CZ takes forever if there’s more than 3 or 4 players doing it at the same time. The respawn timers suck big time and people usually can’t be bothered to team up to speed things up for all.

      • drT.1

        I that case I switch to the pvp layer. PvE people are afraid to go there. There is nobody.
        Not even a single guy hoping to get some easy pvp kill. Sadly.

    • Galolus

      Ziost is as fast as CZ-198, it is a matter of practice 🙂 Black Hole and Oricon are also fast. Iokath is hell (because it is ANNOYING, and you can’t finish it in one day if you do not want to do stupid pay-per-play quests). Section X should be valued more, as it is the longest of all, with the bloody H4 and self-healing bonus boss.

      • isthisracist

        you can finish the H4 without killing the boss.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Yes, but even getting to the boss takes time. So many mobs… Unless you play a stealth char, of course.

          • Petan

            Actually, you don’t have to be stealth. Just waltz through them while they go after your comp, /stuck and respawn in the final room, throw the ball. Done and done. Personally though, I like to kill them. Boss included. 🙂

            • Paulo Gomes

              Hummmmm… Never thought of that. Good thinking.

              I used to kill them all, get to the boss, throw the thing and leap into death. I did kill him a couple of times, but it was boring and time consuming.

      • pixum

        Just walk around the H4 boss. You don’t have to fight him.

    • Paulo Gomes

      I think Oricon is pretty fast.

      And even if it wasn’t, I couldn’t care less. It’s AWESOME, BW at it’s best. I’d go there just to stare at the scenery.

    • DerpDude

      CZ-198 was just perfect.
      Was my only planet fast travel on my hotbar ^^

  • zIli

    The Conquest reset now happens six hours later than it did previously, the new reset time is 6PM (1800) UTC.

    a) What is “The Conquest”. Are they talking about “Galactic Conquest”? If you talk about Galactic Conquest, write Galactic Conquest.

    b) It would be better to move Galactic Conquest by 1 whole day. So Monday would be the last day, Tuesday would be the day off, and Wednesday would be the new start day. I get it, moving it by 6 hours is to prevent that maintenance downtimes are happening when Galactic Conquests starts. But moving it by 24hrs is the much better solution for exactly that problem.

    • That Guy

      You still knew what he meant. Are you Autistic?

      If so then i’ll understand, if not Learn some common sense.

      • Lopo K.

        Sir you are an asshole!
        This has nothing to do with autistic people.
        You use the term “autistic” to insult other people.
        I hope you get an autistic child one day. This may ground your arrogance.

        • Don Loco

          Don’t wish such a horrible thing on a child.

          • Stan

            by “horrible thing” do you mean autism or having him as a father?

            • abaddonsmummy

              You should be ashamed of yourself making these comments.

              • Stan

                Wow really? Youre going to defend the guy randomly not only insulting others comments but also calling people “autistic”?
                Autism is not a joke. In recent years they have expanded the so called “spectrum” to include people that barely have aspergers-like symptoms but for real, a lot of people cant even communicate or form complete words AT ALL, meanwhile people like him spew shit all over the internet.
                So no sir, it is he and you who should be ashamed.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Actually I thought you were all the same person (that guy, Lopo and stan) and you were calling Don Autistic too. (I upvoted Don and Gog after all which would make no sense if I wasn’t defending them)
                I have a nephew who is autistic and it’s no joking matter I can assure you.
                A bit of a miscommunication here I think, I misread. (I upvoted Don and Gog after all which would make no sense if I wasn’t defending them)
                Apologies stan.

            • Don Loco

              Horrible having such a person for a parent.

      • gog

        Don’t use autistic as an insult unless you really want to make it clear to everyone that you are a worthless piece of shit and an utter arsehole. I mean, learn some common sense…

    • I agree. Monday is currently a dead day. It would be great if conquest guilds were instead feverishly fighting for points every Monday. It would also free up Sunday night for more fun stuff instead of Conquest grinding.

  • Whitedragon
  • Noomi

    I honestly think this is a step in the right direction. However they still need to up the base CXP gains of heroics and dailes. 75 CXP is still ridiculously low.

  • specialsnowflake

    omg omg! I can start with CXP grind again, those measly rewards were so demotivating, felt like I was working in the quarry with a knife and fork

  • Darth Ji’inx

    “Corrected various typos in the United Forces Achievements.”

    United Forces achievements confirmed. 🙂

    Note: I only care because they are indicators of “event” progress (I want my Darth Hexid companion).

    • Ben Gimson

      Oh goodie. DvL version 2. Because the first one was such good fun :’D

      • Darth Ji’inx

        This one doesn’t sound NEARLY as grindy. Based on the blog post:
        -Log in during “event” > Pet
        -Complete 3 PvE activities through GF > PvE legacy title & Darth Hexid
        -Complete 3 PvP matches through GF > PvP legacy title & Darth Hexid

        • Ben Gimson

          Hadn’t seen that. Doesn’t sound too bad, in that case. Still a chore, but at least it the full-blown DvL joke again. Hope ‘PvE activities’ means anything, rather than being something that’ll be narrowed down when it’s live.

          Really cannot be arsed to run ops again :/

          • Matrim

            Well it says pve activities through gf so that narrows it down to ops, fps and uprisings

            • Ben Gimson

              Yeah, but what I mean is I hope it’s any combination of PvE rather than ‘complete one operation, one Flashpoint and one Uprising’.

          • Darth Ji’inx

            “-Simply log in to play to get the new Mini Mogul NM-1 Mini-Pet, inspired by one of our classic Operation bosses, Karagga the Unyielding.
            -Earn the merciless Darth Hexid Companion when you complete three PvE or three PvP missions through Group Finder by the November 27th deadline!
            -Plus, unlock the new ‘United Forces Group Recon’ achievement when you complete three PvE Group Finder activities and get the new ‘United Forces Warzone Recon’ achievement when you complete three PvP matches through Group Finder!”

            Second bullet point says “three PvE or three PvP MISSIONS.” Third bullet point says “three PvE Group Finder ACTIVITIES.”

            “Missions” vs “activities.” It might not be a discrepancy. The “missions” part might just be attached to the “PvP” part rather than both “PvE” and “PvP.”

            Language aside, I agree with you about hoping that it’s not too narrow.

  • Disqus this

    Makeb is broke.

    • Galolus

      Yes, it gives only 195 for me. Took over an hour.

      • atari360

        Next time… (or if they ever fix it) do only the “short” ones… do them over a couple of days. That is the only way it is worth it.

  • Bang bang

    This is just there way of saying, command creates are really awesome and we going to be extending by another 100. So do some dailies and extra command xp

  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    Hmmm, not a single bug fix outside of typos.

  • Drivan

    So much fail, so much lameness….
    SWTOR used to be awesome, now it’s terrible.

  • Don Loco

    Same crew of clowns in charge, same dumpster fire. Turning another year and not a new thing to be found with this game but fail, fail, fail. To those that still love this game, enjoy while they keep the fires lit.

  • Naefas

    https://youtu.be/J8RloGi271M Happy Dead Day 🙂

    • Davrel Kex

      Oh my god, I forgot that lame ass band existed lol

      • Yeah & that lame ass *Keeping up with the Valkorians” semi ugly Cgi vid madeby Eaware.

        • abaddonsmummy

          Nah I still absolutely love that CGI, in fact all the blur movies are amazing, it’s such a shame that Kotfe and Kotet didn’t live up to what they promised, a decent fun story :(.

          • HMH

            Idk, the second part that has Vaylin lookin like an ugly dude is pretty bad.

            • abaddonsmummy

              Actually your’re right I’d forgotten about that one, it was pretty awful.

          • Kubrickian

            All I see is 3 million that could’ve gone into playable content.

            • abaddonsmummy

              I suppose it’s the old speculate to accumulate, they saw these as the great saviour of Swtor, the way forward, and this advertising campaign with Blur was going to bring in more funds than was spent.
              Never lived up to this sadly with the horrible Kotfe/Kotet that stalled engame for years 🙁

  • Dragon’sFlame

    Anyone getting these new “increased” CXP’s? I’m not.

    • Havik79

      Makeb is stuffed, but with all legacy unlocks, 25% legacy boost from level 300 toon, and 100% CXP boost, I got just over 21k CXP from doing Yavin on my sin, and 13k from CZ198.

      • John Kosto

        I haven’t been able to log in yet… but do you also get CXP from completing each mission separately? And how much is that? Negligible?

        • Havik79

          Only the weekly reward has changed, the dailies still give the same old amount, I forget what as I have a 100% CXP boost, legacy, and the 300 legacy boost, so I get 178 cxp for each daily, I think its like 70cxp base or close to it.

  • Old Newbie

    When do these “new “increased” CXP’s? end? is it just for this week?

    • Havik79

      Its forever.

  • Yuleium123

    Hey guys u can use this referal link for goodies, http:www.swtor.com/r/STQ58Q

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