Destiny 2 EDZ Cayde Treasure Maps Guide

A guide to locating all 5 treasures for Destiny 2 Cayde-6’s European Dead Zone Treasure Maps.

To be able to see these treasure chests, you will need to purchase Treasure Maps from Cayde-6 at The Tower. They cost glimmer and five maps can be purchased once a week (weekly reset is at Tuesday 5 AM eastern). Each week it is a different planet. These chests can yield anything from blue gear, emblems to chance at legendary/exotic engrams.


Video Guide

  • EDZ Treasure Map #1 – 0:00
  • EDZ Treasure Map #2 – 0:29
  • EDZ Treasure Map #3 – 1:32
  • EDZ Treasure Map #4 – 2:24
  • EDZ Treasure Map #5 – 3:11

EDZ Treasure Map #1

Once you are in the ruined building near the chest marker, jump up to the upper floor and you will find this treasure chest.


EDZ Treasure Map #2

Just on the side of the road on a broken semi trailer.


EDZ Treasure Map #3

Off to the side of the road on top of a small hill.


EDZ Treasure Map #4

Near a broken building off to the side of the road.


EDZ Treasure Map #5

On the path to the Dark Forest where you go to acquire your subclasses.


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