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GW2 Design-a-Weapon Finalists and Vote

GW2 Design-a-Weapon contest finalists are here and you can vote for your favorite designs. Top three designs will be made.

We received over 900 amazing player-created designs for the 2017 Design-a-Weapon Contest, and we’ve narrowed it down to 20 entries—now it’s your turn to tell us which weapon you’d carry into battle in Guild Wars 2. The three designs that receive the most votes will inspire in-game weapons.

Congratulations to All of the Finalists!

Click here to cast your vote. The poll will close on Friday, November 10, at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7).

Thank you to everyone who submitted designs!

1. Pistol

2. Staff

3. Dagger

4. Sword


5. Greatsword

6. Staff

7. Dagger

8. Long bow

9. Torch

10. Axe

11. Focus

12. Staff

13. Sword

14. Staff

15. Greatsword

16. Staff

17. Hammer

18. Axe

19. Sword

20. Sword

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114 replies on “GW2 Design-a-Weapon Finalists and Vote”

man, aside from the staff with the arcing blade on top and the torch with the hands, this stuff looks… fine, I guess?

#5 is just bad-ass with the dual sides. #12 and #13 are pretty killer as well. Whatever wins I’m sure they’ll manage to make it too big and unwieldy to be fun.

#13 looks ok, everything else max BLskins..
no warhorn skins at all

edt. longbow could be unbelievably great without this head on handle :<

Number 9. hands down. I’ve been wanting a nifty torch, and we got too many greatswords and swords already. :O

I’d go so far as to say that number 2 IS infact the holy priest artifact skin, or atleast combining the second tier and the mage tower challenge appearance

But…most of them don’t even have particles to work with.

They are very generic-elonian themed weapons

Give arenanet enough time and all of these (or very similar) weapons would be released anyway

The issue I’ve had with GW2 fashion is that most of it can’t be seen when you not zoomed up close. So for me the divine balance is finding that thin line between having distinct armor pieces and not looking like a neon depiction of a Christmas tree.

The torch has a cool silhouette and a flame which would match a mesmer extremely well – plus the symbolism of hands reaching for a flame fits really well into the illusion theme.

Not much here that looks unique enough to really set them apart from normal weapons we already have or be immediately eye catching. I feel like they missed the opportunity to be truly creative with this.
#16 could be beautiful with some polish and if Anet can actually pull off the type of cloth physics it’d need to fulfill that design, which is something I’ve actually wanted them to do with all forms of cloth… and has the potential for some cool effects with the eye and glowing symbols. It also looks like it could be something out of Elona’s history.
I can see the Pistol is really trying and actually has a Legendary-ish theme but still seems too impractical when I try to vision it.

5 would have been a great dagger concept. Having half a greatsword with the special ability to turn into a full greatsword on demand doesn’t do much for me.

Lord i wish we could just have it all. I really like 13 and even i have to admit compared to other others its a very niche (elonian) type of look i really want a kopesh type weapon. I’m surprised we don’t already have a 1h sword type kopesh with PoF. My vote would be 5 and 12. Fingers crossed for more melee staff specializations with unique idle/combat animations.

None of these is really different from what ArenaNet already creates…meh.

Sorry for the artists,but really,these will sell for a fortune ingame and they are nothing special.

Sword 4 is LITERALLY a tonned down version of GW1’s Emerald Blade.

Someone could pass by me dual wielding these swords and I wouldn’t notice he one of the most expensive swords in the game (because any of these weapons will be expensive)

Ugh I hate to sound like a hater,but these are some really underwhelming weapons. People need to take this opportunity and try to make things that ArenaNet would never release otherwise.

Like some staff with wings (I know people are not fan) or whip-blade,or daggers made of wind etc…They should have aimed waaaay higher than these standard weapons,almost all of these could be sold as PoF themed weapons with the expansion and people would never have guessed they were made by fans

Im the one behind sword #4. Never played GW1… well, played once at a friend house, for maybe half an hour, but you get the idea: never saw before that sword you mention. I’ve just made a quick search and the only similarity I find is the overall shape and fuller. As a matter of fact I just took some nordic swords as a reference.

By the way, Anet stated in the contest rules that the weapons couldn’t be legendary stuff or incorporate “the kind of effects expected on a legendary weapon”, so I guess many of us took the safe road and went for less “over the top” stuff.

Another thing worth noting is that mine is the only design that is stretched and deformed if you open the vote URL on a smartphone or tablet… lucky me XD

PS: I voted for the torch

I thought the idea of a design contest would be to create something over the top or something that would never make it to the game depending on the devs.

Because you know…it is FANSERVICE

But yeah,if the fans want some boring as hell weapons like the overrated Bo Staff then I can’t complain.

But if I’m paying gems or 500g++ on something I at least expect it to not look like a Lv1 white-rarity Weapon

ok so 20 is dope ,17 is dope 13 is dope 10 and 7, all the rest of them just look like shit people copy and paste from Deviant art. Not really creative or pertaining to the World of Tyria. Anyone can just google search images.. I was hoping for like Skritt themed weapons and such. like these weapons were suppose to be based on the next legendary’s right? Why not something whacky and creative ? Shooshadoo is probably the best Legendary there is so far. Thats just my opinion.

Yeah, I’m surprised by the lack of more wacky designs. I would have assumed anet just went for the serious designs, but after looking at the rejected designs on reddit, they seemed to be equally serious, expect from one shield, that felt too close to Shooshadoo.

I ended up voting for 6, since it’s really thematic to the game, incorporating the Djinn design and architecture we saw in PoF. The rest, while not necessarily bad designs, are either generic enough to work in any fantasy game, or a pile of particles with no clear identity.

Remember, your taste is subjective. The simpler designs are probably catering to the number of players who complain about “wacky” designs and want something simpler or at least a little bit more authentic. 10, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18 all look like they could be part of Path of Fire thematically.

It’s not necessarily my taste, as I like simpler designs. It’s about the lack of variety, more than anything. Yes, some complain about wacky designs, but that doesn’t mean we needed 20 serious designs.

“10, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18 all look like they could be part of Path of Fire thematically.”

That’s entirely the problem right here. What’s the point of having players submit their deisgns if they look like what anet would release by themselves?

I voted for #20. It’s the least retarded looking design. Unlike the 95% of the people who play GW2..I have a high standard for concept and it’s because of this standard of mine that kept me from playing GW2 as a main game.

#20 is decent but I don’t really like the guard. It’s kind of pointless but everything else looks fine but it looks more like 2H sword than a 1H sword because of the grip.

High standards. I lol’ed. 😛
Personal taste is personal, but holding up #20 as the “least retarded” design when there are weapons that combine a fantasy-look with far more realistic proportions is hilarious.

It’s not preference for my case. There are standards-atleast if not “high standards /s” it’s the minimum universal standards that defines something that looks attractive.

When in a community the majority fine nothing wrong with something it shows that they are one of mind. This leaves no room for critics like me to make a point because these folks are already bias.

To criticize is to give different perspectives on deny a critique is to close your mind to “potential” changes. A community would deny those who are critical if they’re content with what they have.

So if the standard aren’t improving..are you sinking or climbing? or maybe just inactive and staying stagnant? my standards to yours? If you like this stuff and don’t judge other things to broaden your horizon..are you standards higher than mine? Those who have played many other games and aren’t focused only one game like GW2 would disagree with you.

One last thing, don’t give me that realistic bs when you’re playing a game where bipedal beasts can speak “english” and use rifles. This is concept art, not a blueprint to creating a real weapon.

Having a minority opinion has nothing to do with having higher or lower standards. If you think it does in the best-case-scenario that just makes you a hipster.

If you think calling things that don’t tickle your fancy “retarded” is even close to valid or even valuable critique that makes you a misguided hipster.

If you think that realistic weapon proportions should not be a thing because we are talking about a world with monsters and magic that makes you a misguided hipster with no clue about the laws of physics.

And if you think that your personal sense for aesthetics is both universal and more important than combat effectiveness that obviously makes you a misguided hipster with no clue about the laws of physics who in a pinch would rather die beautiful than live.

And you know what? That is absolutely fine and your prerogative. Just don’t try to tell anybody this is because of your “high standards” and call weapons that would effectively work better for their purpose than the one you chose “retarded” if you don’t want to be laughed at. Because you will. Repeatedly. Like now once more. 😀

The reason why they are among the few is because they don’t think the same way as the mass so their standards are different. I mentioned universal attractiveness because I’ve played many kr/ch/jp mmorpgs that most people in the west haven’t even played or heard of yet. I believe that I’ve experienced more games than you and obviously I’ve come across many different armor/weapon concepts than you.

When I play these games I begin to see a trend. As you know…Asian MMOs are quite popular globally. Their success is more than the features or battle mechanics of a game. It’s due to the visual aspects as well like the concepts armor/weapons they’ve introduced to the audience. This is a huge factor in MMOs. The mass likes the types of concepts that Asian concept artists provides. So I’m basing my judgement on the agreed norm that most players are pleased with(asian mmo) rather than just from ONE game(gw2).

A frog inside a pond won’t know anything beyond its dwelling. Are you going to tell me that a frog knows more than an eagle that can travel far and endlessly to see the world from above? This is the thing with casual players..we don’t need to devote ourselves to a game and defend it because there are no strings attached. My arguments are objective for I have no bias against GW2. For people like is what it is.

Oh, this is getting better and better. Thanks for confirming my guess about you being a hipster.

But first things first: I seriously have no clue from which place in your strange, strange brain you take the ridiculous assumption that I only play GW2 or that you have experienced more games than I. The latter might be possible, but given the fact that one of my first computer games was Bubble Bobble for the C64 I find that a bit unlikely.

As for the rest, you might want to get your arguments straight. First you try to tell me that your allegedly high standards put you in the minority, because people like you think differently; then you make a sudden U-turn and go for the usual argumentum ad populum and defend your taste as universal by saying that it is shared by most players. Both arguments are not only fallacious but also mutually exclusive. Just pick one and go with that. If nothing else it will potentially halve the number of laughs. As it is the ridiculousness is dialed a bit high. 😉

And for good measure you throw in a straw man argument as well for a nice little fallacy trifecta, so congrats for that. At no point was the GW2 weapon design even part of the topic, and trying to put me in the spot of the defender of GW2 weapon design would be a gross misrepresentation.
Just a quick reminder: we are talking about player-created designs and how you called your pick the “least retarded” one which is a poor choice of words if the design that satisfies your allegedly high standards is objectively less suited for combat than several other designs. It is not the worst, mind you, but the best it is most definitely not.
This might not be the deciding factor for you, but suitability for combat is something that, other than personal taste, can be determined objectively. You know, that is where the physics come in that I mentioned earlier.

So, fly where your heart leads you, little “eagle”. I am quite happy as a human. 😛

1. There’s no need to use ad-hominems. Make a better case instead of labeling me.

2. In the context to our discussion your judgement should be based off diverse gaming experiences to give a more well-rounded and credible perspective to the topic. Diversity is not decided by the first game you’ve played but by quantity and how far you’ve traveled from your pond.

3. I have been expressing that I have a different perspective unlike the majority of the players on GW2. There’s a reason why I kept on emphasizing that I’m in the minority and that my standard is higher. You pressed for answers and I gave them to you. You’re being intellectually dishonest if you’re going to deny my answers claiming that I never intended for this.

4. I responded to you to prove to you how I have a higher standard in defining what is attractive based on an objective criteria compared to the player base, the 95%. You on the other hand think that it’s a matter of a personal taste just because I used the word “retarded” to express how I feel about the concepts. Let’s put it this way…if I was to judge based on my preference I wouldn’t even bother playing GW2. You know WoW? Never played the game. Why? My “personal taste” got the best of me. This is me being true to my personal taste.

5. Yes we all know that you’re a human and your mom is a woman. Shall we continue being obvious? 😀

1. There is at least some need for ad hominems since you leave me little else to work with. I have already pointed out your fallacious arguments, but I guess I shall continue being obvious then and explain why objectively your pick is worse for combat than other designs.

2. We are not talking about diversity here. And if diversity was decided by the first game I have experienced – let’s pretend that the word “diversity” makes even a lick of sense in this context which it really does not – I would strongly prefer weapon designs that are basically slightly elongated pixel clumps. Obvious remark: I do not. As a matter of fact I am not even limiting my perspective to gaming experiences, but throw historical weapons into the mix as well, you know, since we are talking about swords and there existed quite a lot of those in reality.

3. You keep insisting on having higher standards, but so far I have seen nothing that would justify that assumption. You are being intellectually dishonest if you think you have said anything so far that was not obviously fallacious no matter your intentions.

4. Yet you still have not proven anything since you just keep repeating the same fallacious arguments. But hey, we have found one thing we can agree on: I found WoW’s art style to be atrocious and the game design to be exploitative. Never liked it. But by the same note you should be able to notice your own fallacity. If your argumentum ad populum held any water it would definitely apply to WoW as well. WoW had so many players that with the same argument you use for your universal attractivity criteria you could make an ironclad case for WoW as the pinnacle of taste for its time. Wow, I just cringed from the obvious absurdity of that claim. 😀

5. Hey, it is not me who brought the zoo into this. So, now that your are human again we might even stop talking about ponds and other flimsy metaphors. Swords and ponds do not mix too well. How about getting really obvious: an objective comparison between your pick (#20) and a weapon that I would call “least retarded” if I had any inclination to summarise my findings in such an inane way (#4).

As a ground rule I would say we should assume that both weapons are made with the same level of craftsmanship. Also, let’s assume that the overall length of both swords is roughly equal since that is how it would be if both weapons were implemented in GW2.

Let’s start with #4:
Its overall proportions remind me of an Oakeshott XIIa, although it is not strictly a cruciform sword with its lionhead guard. The guard is not quite as wide as would be expected with such a sword, but since we are talking about a one-handed weapon this is not much of a problem. You can always guard your hand with a shield or similar off-hand if no shield is available, and the guard looks good enough to stop a blade sliding towards it in any case, especially if we look at the shape of the blade that should catch some weapons even before the guard comes into it.
The blade has enough meat in it for some cutting, but not so much that it would be too tiring to wield for a reasonable amount of time. From the look of it I would say it is quite excellent for thrusts while still being reasonably well suited for cuts unless we are talking about armoured opponents in which case a sword would not be your best bet anyway. But if you had nothing else a thruster that you could work into the gaps of your opponent’s armour would still serve you better than a cutter, so all in all this would be a fine sword.

And now to #20:
The proportions are not close to anything historical, and with good reason going by the drawbacks of this design.
The very long grip leaves not much blade length wich either limits your range quite a bit or brings you in the awkward postion of hitting quite a lot with the guard or even grip portion of your sword if you decided to grip it close to the barely existing pommel.
We have a rather broad blade here which would make this weapon quite heavy for its short blade length and would indicate that this was mainly used for cutting since this would interfere with thrust penetration.
I find it really remarkable that this sword has an insane amount of mass near the guard section, further exacerbating the weight disadvantage of this sword, but still manages to have quite the weak effective guard. Actually it looks like the shape of the blade might deflect an opponent’s blade sliding along it right past the guard and into the wielder’s forearm which, to be obvious, is not where you want your opponent’s blade to be.
Also, this big hunk of mass in the guard section brings another problem with it. The point of balance is probably somewhere in this mess which means your broad cutting blade will lack the kind of impact you want from a cutter. So, you have the blade of a cutter combined with the balance of a thruster which makes this sword quite a bit rubbish at both. No guard at all might have been better for the design than this paperweight.
In order to make some sense of these proportions I would guess that this was originally a two-handed sword that broke at some point, and the owner decided to grind the blade down to the length of a significantly shorter sword. It is still better than nothing until you can get hold of a proper sword again, but compared to such a proper sword it is really, really not good at all.

These are just my opinions on each one, so don’t take it too seriously. I mean, unless you’re easily angered, in which case these are undisputable laws and your opinions are wrong!

#1- honestly, I’m not 100% sure what’s going on with this gun. Like, why does the front close like that? I assume it opens where ready to fire, but it’s shown both ways when wielded.
#2- looks a LOT like the staff from Wow’s Burning Crusade expansion from the Aurindon – Arrakoa side. Think it was the staff of Skethis or something?
#3- it’s fine.
#4- there was a Skyrim mod for runed nordic armor/weapons, and this feels a lot like this. Not that I’m complaining – I effing LOVED those. Also, there’s a glowy and not glowy rune picture – would it only glow when wielded?
#5- despite also being a rune greatsword, the crystal theme kind of devalues it to me. Also, I like my runes blue for some reason. Not bad, but there are better.
#6- It’s fine. Doesn’t seem like anything really special, but it’s decent enough.
#7- definitely fits the theme of the expansion, but I don’t think I’d really use it much. Maybe on my elementalist.
#8- great if you’re a revenant or a charr who likes a red-black color theme.
#9- I really like the idea of hands holding the flame. I’m not much of a torch user, but it’s still pretty cool!
#10- Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the old legendary axe, but with a different color scheme?
#11- Yeah, that’s neat. Wish we could color our weapons or decide on the glow to match our sylvari!
#12- Pretty sure this was taken straight from Mists of Pandaria.
#13- it’s simple, and I like it. Not the best weapon here, but certain a solid design.
#14- Is that a staff with BLADES? Perfect for daredevils, though I suspect most staff-based classes won’t choose that. Cool idea, though.
#15- it’s a nice design, but (and this is my personal preference) I like my weapons to also look like they are supposed to be used. This looks like you’d craft it, sit back and admire it, then hang it on a shelf forever. I can see other people using it, but after seeing this runed swords this one is clearly not the top contender.
#16- another situation where I personally wouldn’t use it, but I can see others who would.
#17- While it looks cool, the idea of hitting someone with clouds doesn’t make me think ‘legendary badass’. More like a determined tickler.
#18- honestly, there’s maybe a bit too much going on here. Maybe in motion it would be more clear if the laces are bouncing around, but in 2-dimensional still art it looks like this axe almost has 2 sides for swinging it with.
#19- I think this is one of the only designs here I actually consider ‘bad’, at least in a functional state. I mean, the second you hit something with it, those wings would snap right off!
#20- Basically #2, but cooler. That said, this really needs to be a greatsword instead of a 1-handed one. Yes, I have twilight already, but I’m oddly obsessed with rune weapons. You could make every single weapon on this list rune-based and I’d vote for them all. I… I have a problem…

1. Is cool, though I don’t like the colour. Its like the creator tried to make copper/bronze. Still very creative.
2. Don’t like it. Not very intricately designed. Looks too much like a Naaru staff, very symmetrical. And I don’t see any way of making this look applicable in game.
3. Like the blade design but its a bit generic. The sharpness of the blade runs thematically opposite to the rocky hilt. Plus I just find crystals on weapons boring.
4. Like the art style but the weapon itself is somewhat generic.

5. Kinda cool but a bit plain. Take away the flashy effects and there really is nothing to this one. Plus these effects look like they over extend the boundaries of particle effects the artists were given.
6. I like this one a lot, may be a bit bland in terms of how visible it would be on an actual character but still looks nice to me.
7. Looks cool, especially like the shape. But the blade material and rocks just looks odd to me personally. Actual art work itself isn’t all that great, heavy, flat black is usually never used in art since its a cheap way to add contrast. That being said, those rock textures are well done. Though that may be photo bashing.
8.This would look great on a revenant. That being said, too many bows look Charr themed as is.
9. Nothing bad to say about this one other than the chains contrast a tiny bit. Point for being unique.
10. Its okay, not a big fan of Egyptian themes.
11. This is kinda cool. Though I have a feeling I would not like it so much ingame but I could be wrong.
12. This one is really well made. Like all the details and asymmetry. Only gripe is, looks like it came right out of MoP. But looking closely at the weapon you can see it is pretty damn well made.
13. Im a sucker for curved sword. But the gold/bronze theme always used on them is super dull to me. Also not digging those blue rectangles. In a way I kind of want it in game, but for the team to change it a lot.
14. Can imagine a revenant liking this one. Little bit generic in my opinion.
15. This looks really cool. Love the eclipse motif. Though the sword shape is very “Seen that before”. Infact that very weapon looks similar to the already exist weapon that was used as an example in the download folder for this competition. Still brill non the less.
16. Looks kinda cool. But Ive never been a fan of staffs with an eye and littered with cloth.
17. Too dull for me to see any detail or fresh ideas in this one.
18. Really like this one, though it looks too similar to the already existing Mesmer one.
19. Apparently this one is not even a sword. Which is good because I had some gripes with the shape of this being for a sword and almost tore it apart. As a dagger however I love the intricate swirls in the centre that build up towards the dragony wing ornaments that spiral around the blade. Not sure what the blue flames are that are around the wings however, think those should be scraped. Asymmetrical as well! Points for originality.
20. I kinda like it. Since it looks like it would pop with some artistic direction from the dev team. But the actual art for this sword doesn’t look like it does the shapes justice.

Hard choose but I think its a toss up between the 9,19 and 12.

Despite me kinda ripping into artists. I have to say. Good job. Don’t feel bad if I didn’t like your stuff because some gw2 dev members did. And their opinion should hold more validity than mine.

totally #8 …it’s just too silly for my Charr CPS to shoot these damn flowers xX

and we still need a generation2 Longbow 😀

For reference, number 19 is supposed to be a Dagger and apparently ANet has mislabeled it. Seems to be costing it more than a few votes sadly. At least that is what the person claiming to be the creator on Reddit mentioned.

Anyways, I voted for the Torch. Beautiful.

12, That staff would be perfect for the daredevil, he can only rock bo atm, in my opinion, some extra “melee” staves would be appreciated.

props to #15 for feeling like it already had a name. I don’t know what anet would name it (if it wins) but my money’s on “Eclipse”

#1 Pistol’s the one I went for. (its a steam punk revolver) It also looks steam powered that’s either the guns engine funnel out the handle or the ammo casings being ejected after each shot possibly both.

#1 is literally a nerf gun. Maverick Rev 6. I can’t believe they might actually put a nerf gun in game.

I voted for 12. It’s not from WoW — it’s based on an asian weapon called a Monk’s Spade. WoW happened to have an Asian-themed expansion pack, but that doesn’t mean all things China are Warcraft.

considering they cannot be legendary or equivalent in quality according to the rules we had to follow given to us by Anet, that would be why.

2. Staff is a “chinese-style” rip off of Muonlines (it’s been a long time I might be a bit off) archangel(bloodcastle iirc) or that aquatic staff (reddish staff with particle effects).

Otherwise it seems like there is no difference between shitty gw2 payroll designers or random community members (maybe they’re one and the same, who knows) – or it can easily be the fact that shitty gw2 designers only choose the styles they like and create them selves.

9. torch is hands-down good looking.

While I’ll admit I could have sworn 18,14,13, 12, 10 and 6 were already in game, I don’t understand how people manage to get so salty about these entries.

Programming, and even story writing in the realm of fantasy, are crafts where the means to do so are simple and generic – and thus when the end result is displeasing I can understand criticizing a dev who failed so miserably with simple tools . Art on the other hand is a craft where the process of reaching the end result is a very personal, non-standard and talent driven process – so even if I don’t like the end design, the craftsmanship in bringing these concepts to life is worthy of celebration.

I voted for 20. Really nice. But I like all of them. Really cool and interesting designs. And not just these but all the ones people have been posting on reddit, designs that haven’t made it to the finals.

2 8 9 & 15 look nice. 5 is alright. The rest are pretty plain and underwhelming.
2 looks more like a polearm, though.

Please state a cool dagger concept which wouldn’t look better as a sword or greatsword. Marjory’s dagger is the only one I’ve seen across any mmo I’ve played that met that requirement -.-

I agree! 8 is the best! as of now there are no longbows that has a dark motif or is towards more darker in coloring (as the legendary Kudzu isnt exactly dark but rather too bright and naturish)

I hope nr 8 wins because then we’ll finally get a nice looking longbow that isnt too bright and not too simple either but actually got a cool look to it rather than all those basic looking shit.

Isn’t #12 from Warframe? Pretty sure whoever submitted that ripped that from Warframe lol.

I think you’re right. This is actually similar to the mythological character Guan Yu I think

I actually had no idea what warframe was until this comment. I based it off of the monks spade (Zen Staff) weapon from Chinese culture, mine looks nothing like war frames other than the fact that it is a spade.

#8. Because right now there are no cool/dark looking longbows in the game at all….

(as Kudzu is way too bright and naturish and all the other longbows that isnt “simple” dosnt look like longbows and they don’t even sit well on the back either + theres no string on them either & as for the rest its just all basic looking… and boring)

With as much love as staves already get, I will be disappointed if yet another one is created because of this.

Half of Your winners brazenly steal the skins of such popular games as World of Warkraft and Diablo 3…It is sad that You do not check.

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