Destiny 2 Power Progression Guide

Destiny 2 Power and Gear Progression Guide.

This guide is pretty similar to the one I wrote in my New Player Guide but I redid it here for easy reference and add some additional notes for the power levelers.

Level 1-20, Power 0-200

Leveling Progression

  • EDZ: EDZ: Start off with the story campaign in European Dead Zone. Hit some adventures that give uncommon gear/upgrade points, Lost Sectors or Public Events.You want to be level 5-6 before leaving for the next planet.
  • Titan: Do the story campaign, if you are not level 7-8 after then do some Lost Sectors or some Public Events.
  • Nessus: Finish off the story campaign, make sure you are level 11. If not, do some Public Events/Lost Sectors.
  • Io: Finishing the campaign here should put you to level 15. You will get sent back to the Farm and unlock a bunch of milestones. Make sure you acquired your two subclasses by then. If not, loot some chests. You can buy scouting reports from Cayde at the Farm with glimmer.
  • EDZ: You will finish the rest of the story campaign on EDZ. Don’t worry about doing any adventures/public events. Just rush through the story. After you finish the story, you will get a huge boost of XP that might be enough to level you to 20. Just make sure you talk to every NPC at end of the campaign as the last NPC you talk to will grant you the XP.
  • Post 20: Grab your Sparrow from Amanda on the Tower. Go to Eververse and claim your free Bright Engram. Go to the Postmaster and claim any preorder bonus like the Coldheart rifle. If you are not power level 200, go to the vendors on any of the planets and buy some uncommon gear for glimmer. They should all be power level 200.

What to Save

  • 5 Scout rifles of rare quality or better. You need them later for an exotic scout rifle quest.
  • An exotic engram since these are hard to come by. You will need it for another exotic weapon quest later on.
  • Save any reputation tokens you get from doing stuff on the various planets, you need them later on.

Power 201-259

This is the first main grind you will encounter in Destiny 2. Your goal here is to reach 259 power level or as close to that as possible without turning in any reputation tokens for Legendary engrams or complete any of the milestones for Powerful Engrams. The reason for this is that rare (blue) gear softcap at 260. Once you reach power level 260, they won’t drop above your power level anymore.

  • Blue engrams and blue drops decrypt from anywhere between -2 to +4 Power level from your base power level, up to a softcap of 260.

Make sure you got plenty of scouting reports from Cayde 6 to detect the chests around you. Equip Ghost shells that help you locate caches (chests) around you in 30m range. Do everything on all the planets – Adventures, Lost Sectors, Region Chests, and Public Events. All the Adventures that give rare gear can be done here. Save all your reputation tokens.

Do your 2 strikes for the Milestone but don’t turn in until you are close to 260 as this rewards a Legendary engram. Same for Challenges and Patrols. Do not turn in any Milestones that give you Powerful Gear.

Power 260-264

Depending on how much Reputation tokens you have saved up, this step can be pretty short or drag out a bit. Rare gear won’t help you here, so your goal is to turn in all the Reputation tokens to all the vendors on the various planets to get legendary engrams. Legendary gear engram softcap is 265 so once you are power level 265, legendary gear engrams won’t drop above your power level anymore. Do not turn in any Milestones that give you Powerful Gear.

  • Go to EDZ, Titan, Io, Nessus, turn in all your reputation tokens to get legendary engrams
  • Do Heroic Public events you encounter to get better shots at engrams.
  • Turn in your Milestone for Strikes, Patrols and Challenges to get legendary gear.
  • Go to Ikora Rey in the Tower and complete two Meditations to get enough tokens to get a rank up.
  • Go to the Gunsmith and turn in your Gunsmith Materials to get legendary quality weapons.
  • Go to Cayde-6 in the Tower, purchase Treasure Maps with Glimmer and do these Treasure Maps. You want to be close to 265 as possible when you do this as these treasure maps have a chance to give you exotic engrams as well.

Power 265-300

This is the real grind of Destiny 2. Unless you are a super hardcore player, don’t expect to get to 300 in the first week. Most of your rewards here comes from weekly Milestones that can be done once a week for Luminous Engrams (Powerful Gear) and one time only exotic weapon quests. Luminous Engram doesn’t have a softcap

Week 1 (October 24-31)

  • Make sure you have joined a clan as you can get a Luminous Engram when you contribute enough Clan XP.
  • Go to Titan and start the 220 Power Quest Enemy of My Enemy. This is the quest for the exotic weapon Rat King. You won’t necessary complete this weapon this week but it is good to pick up early so you don’t have to repeat some stuff later on just for this quest.
    • Complete three Patrol missions with at least one other guardian in your fireteam
    • Complete two Public Events with at least one other guardian in your fireteam
    • Complete two Crucible Matches with at least one other guardian in your fireteam.
    • Complete the Nightfall Strike with at least 5 minutes remaining (this part can be difficult depending on the Nightfall)
  • Go to Io and start the 240 Power quest Dynasty. This quest will give you the legendary Fusion Rifle Man O’ War, which is handy to have later as a vendor stock for post 300 boost.
  • Go to Nessus and start the 240 Power quest Exodus Black by Failsafe. This is the quest to obtain exotic handcannon Sturm which will also reward you with a Sidearm Drang. You will need 5x Legendary Engrams and 1x Exotic Engram for this quest and the last step requires the completion of a 3 player strike.
  • Complete the weekly milestone Flashpoint from Cayde 6– This requires you to do a number of events on a specific planet in return for a Luminous Engram
  • Go to EDZ and start the quest Enhance. This is the quest to obtain exotic Scout Rifle MIDA Multi-tool which will also reward you with a legendary submachine gun. You will need 5 scout rifles of rare rarity or above to disassemble.
  • Complete the Crucible Milestone from Lord Shaxx.
  • Complete the weekly Clan XP milestone from Hawthrone and receive a Luminous Engram. Note that you can only earn Clan XP by playing Strikes, Raids, Public Events, Story Quests, Adventures, Patrols and Crucible. Lost Sectors do not grant any Clan XP.
  • Do the Nightfall Strike, hopefully your Rat King quest is completed up to this step and you can knock out both in one go. Beware that the Rat Ring quest requires you to finish the Nightfall with 5 mins remaining.
  • Once you reach power level 280, you can exchange your rare mods for legendary mods at the Gunsmith. Use this to put mods on any gear without legendary mods to boost your power level.
  • Make a second alt character to help boost your power level further with Exotic quests and Nightfall drops (see section below).
  • Weekly reset is at 2 am Pacific/5 am Eastern/10 am Central Europe on Tuesday

Week 2 (October 31-Nov 7)

  • Do your weekly milestones – Cayde 6 Treasure Maps , Clan XP, Nightfall, Crucible, Flashpoint.
  • Leviathan Raid will be available, do that as well. Beware that you will need to beat the entire raid to spend your raid tokens. Raid will require a power level of 260-280. 260 is the minimum requirement but you will struggle with just 260. You will want to be 270+, with close to 280 or above for the last boss.
  • Trials of the Nine will be available starting on Friday and is your chance to get some gear from PvP.

Power 300-305

Prestige Nightfall and Leviathan Raids will open up here but they are fairly time consuming and do not offer much upgrades.

However, the good news here is that past base power level 300, there is an easy way to max everything and get to 305. The planet reputation vendors refresh their stock every 30 minutes at 30 minutes past the hour and also on the hour. You can turn in your tokens to one vendor but don’t acquire the engram. Check to see if the engram is at power level 300. If it is at 300, then buy everything from that vendor as all the engrams he/she sells will be at 300. If it isn’t at power level 300, then try another vendor.

  • Also check the Drang sold by Tyra Karn at the Farm, Man O’ War sold by Asher Mir on Io, and Mida-Mini Tool sold by Devrim Kay at EDZ as they could be 300 Power Level as well.

Alt Characters

There are some debates on having same class alts or different class alts to help increase your overall Power. Each have pros and cons

Same Class Alt

  • All Powerful Engrams are nerfed. They will drop at your base power level and won’t help you increase your power level.
  • Nightfall drops and Raid drops are unaffected.
  • Exotic weapon quests are unaffected.

The advantage of having a same class alt is that there is no downtime once you get the alt to 20. You can immediately transfer gear over from your main and start doing Nightfall/Exotic quests right away. Some people do this and then delete the alt character and repeat.

Different Class Alt

  • Powerful Engrams are not nerfed but you can’t use another class’s armor so will need to reacquire some of the gear. However, it is much faster to gear up compared to your main since the game takes into your highest power level character on the account.
  • You can transfer over the weapons
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