GW2 Black Lion Mount Adoption License Mount Skins

GW2 Black Lion Mount Adoption License Mount Skins.




Raptor Skins

Canyon Spiketail


Coastal Spiketail




Savannah Monitor


Storm Ridge


Striped Tri-Horn


Springer Skins

Arctic Jerboa


Desert Lop


Elonian Jackalope


Primal Hare


Tawny Hare


Windy Spot


Skimmer Skins

Bright Ringfin


Dajkah Lantern


River Moth Wing


Oasis Skate


Oceanic Ray


Spined Longtail


Jackal Skins

Banded Mystic


Crowned Ancient


Polished Stone






Twin Sands


Griffon Skins

Badlands Stalker


Clouded Corvus


Fire Pinion


Highlands Harrier


Spotted Sylph




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185 replies on “GW2 Black Lion Mount Adoption License Mount Skins”

Really too bad it’s either random or way too expensive for me… There’s a few I would’ve liked.

(Thanks for the overview, Dulfy! It’s good to see how the dyes impact the different looks, especially since now you can see what is actually different between all of them.)

the Random part is just shit, i would think of buying few and deffinetly one for griffon, cuz i dont need them all, but heh. so stupid

Agreed… They might have pulled in a lot from people willing to risk it/buy it all/be happy with any new skin, but for people like us, this way just doesn’t work.

Why ANet… why do you do this to us with the gambling mechanic.

If we could pick what we want, I’d gladly slap down $25 to get a full set of four-dye-channel mounts to play with. But as it is, they don’t get my money today.

It’s a shame, since I really like that the majority of the skins aren’t completely over the top like a lot of skins in this game are, and even a few of the ostentatious ones (Starbound and Stardust) appeal to me too.

agree, that rng-cancer is just horrible. guess NCSOFT is putting pressure on them because of their low revenue, now they have to bring all the asian cashgrab mechanics into the game. as seen with bl exclusive shit already. no money from me then either anet… such a shame.

Why does the video title say 9600 gems? Is there some discount if you buy them all? (‘Coz I’m thinking 30 skins x 400 gems each = 12000 gems.)

But if you manage to convince yourself to lay down the 9600 gems (would be a lil over $100USD) , will you be guaranteed all 30 skins or be stuck w some dups due to the randomizer?

One thing they did do right is that you’re guaranteed unique skins, so even if you do it via the 400/1 skin way, you only get unique skins.

So do people really spend a bunch of money gambling to get what they want, compared to just outright selling each thing and the sheer amount of people who will spend just for what they want? To me it seems the people paying for what they want would outnumber the people with gambling problems and make the company more money. I just cant wrap my head around this practice in games!!!

I find this as a rather nice touch to the game. Why? If you make gold easily on here then the currency exchange will come in handy greatly for this. I already got the Warhound one and its freaking sexy. Did the 400 gems twice and got the flaming raptor and the celestial griffon. Definitely going to work the trading post a bit more with my sales this week to go after more with no regrets!

That currency exchange is the best thing they have on this game 😀

Except today is a really bad day to buy gems with gold… today’s peak was the highest it’s been since August, up almost 50% from yesterday.

If you plan on getting these with gold, best wait a few days for the hype to die down.

I had about 5800 gems saved up from my gold trades on the TP. I don’t normally wait when something I like comes out lol.

and thats another frigging problem of the game that lead anet into thinking those prizes are ok: its way too easy to make gold on the tp compared to normal means aka playing the game. which lead to a few % of the playerbase having tens of tousnads of gold just by flipping shit for a few mins per day. and now anet takes those few % as a measurement for their prices. do u have any idea how long it takes to get those 2000 gems worth of gold by normal farming? let alone the 10k for the whole pack… really wonder how incompetent those economy-department ppl can be:

Just how do you know they take this percentage into consideration? They planned on making bank off of the mounts when they were first introduced with PoF. Its not all the player base’s fault on this nor are the ones that hoard all the gold. I understand that certain people can’t keep up due to things in real life but that doesn’t mean both sides are at fault. ANet is a business that is ran by another business and us players are its consumers. Just like real life, there will always be people that can have better luck than most as others can make more than most. Depends on how that wild card is thrown around in the chance of luck.

That is actually what they are relying on. If people don’t have a lot of gold they have more incentive to buy gems as it is a limited time sale.

Well thats the problem you are rolling against a random system, you got lucky with two tries. What happend if you never got any raptor skin and got rabbits skins instead?? wouldn’t you prefer to pick and choose the skin you want and pay 600- 800 gems instead??

Its just like when you walk into a casino and throw in a few bucks into the slot machines. Don’t know on what you are gonna get. Lucky Number 7 that you are hoping for or that one crappy dollar win. I’d rather take my chances and see on what happens as I’m not greedy 🙂

I wouldn’t know I’m not stupid enough to gamble like you evidently, I spend my money when I get to choose what I spend it on. I usually blow almost $100 a month on gems too.

Either you attempted to claim I’m dunce or you claimed you are dunce yourself. Sit back and think on what you just said there. No matter what, we can still trash post towards each other since our views clash and people don’t get the metaphor that I explained about the casino bit.

If anyone is having problems on following along please raise your hand.

That “Casino” term is the gamblers fallacy they are taking advatange of when it involves real money, if thats the case the game needs a rating of “M” and does not belong in a “T” rated game. So you kinda accepted why it shouldn’t be in this game

That’s not a plausible statement and you know it nor did I state such a fact. When it comes to gambling even schools have this. Why is this so hard for you to comprehend and think outside of the box or are we gonna keep throwing dirt at each other until someone buckles in to the other?

Seriously, think about all of this. Its not hard.

Few people like you support the system at first, then after 10 licenses later, they finally changed their mind.

Do you often go to stores and closed your eyes to buy clothes until you get what you want? I know sometimes you hear some laugh from women, you are probably touching something not belong to your gender with your eyes closed.

People can try to deter me from something that I like just because of their own views don’t agree to mine.

For the clothes, sometimes I like to feel pretty so I normally go in blindfolded and randomly pick. Just how I roll 🙂

Let them cry man, its a nice feature. You can’t have duplicates, so like the mini’s, you can buy a ticket every once in a while and have a nice collection of mounts in about a year without spending real money. People complain to much, I like the mounts now! 😀

I know. Too many entitled people online anymore wanting everything handed to them on their own terms instead of abiding by the game’s format lol.

First of all, these are cosmetic items and not necessities. Had these skins came with stats that boosted your char I’m sure the entire community would be in an uproar rather than speak selfishly like you.

A large part of Guild wars 2 IS cosmetic accessories. Other wise it wouldn’t go by the moniker “Fashion Wars 2”. So, yes this is locking content behind a gamble to win paywall. The problem is that before you had a choice with your currency, whether it be in game or real. When you made that choice it was a “one and done” deal as well. I see a thing I’d like to purchase, I spend ‘x’ currency once and I get what I paid for. No one buying these skins will only pay once, they’ll keep paying and paying and paying until they get what they want.
This adoption mount system system takes the power of choice away from the player. Taking the power away from someones purchase and spending money and “maybe you’ll get what wanted”, ya that’s gambling. As for your comment, yes the entire community is in uproar. It’s on reddit, gw2’s forums and on twitter. So no, I’m not being selfish or “speaking selfishly” as you put it. Maybe you’d care to explain how someone can be “speaking selfishly” when they are talking about a topic that an entire community isn’t happy about. Please, I’d love to know the answer.

Do you seriously expect to play this game for years and years without paying the developers or designers any money? Fuck outta here with your bullshit nonsense

People pay what they can, for content they find worth the price. The average player does not find it worthwhile to dole out $100, or commit weeks of non-stop grind to acquire just a few skins they like. You can bet that for reasonable gemstore items, the community is of course willing to pay the developers.

Not everyone finds money worthless as the CEO of 2 greatly successful companies like you… (Dishwashing Inc., Laundry Folding LLP.)

The first DLC in MMO history is a Horse Armor. It is a “COSMETIC” and many said it won’t get that bad later.

Now these people shut their mouth and some even admit how stupid they are. It’s only take a spark to start a fire, you allow companies to do this, it will go more and more.

The only thing I like about Guild Wars 2 mostly due to NO RNG CASHSHOP BULLSHIT most of the time.

I’m not thrilled about the RNG, but there really aren’t any horribly ugly ones. It’s worth having one of these for each mount simply for the colour channels IMO. I bought 4 and got my raptor, jackal, and griffon x2 covered. Maybe in the future they’ll let me get only bunny or only skimmer packs.

4 outta 5 skimmers are basically the same design(once you dye them- i don’t see much difference) and they are ugly to boot! The stardust skin looks the best on most mounts, followed by the Flame skin. There’s a humor skin too triceratops and pet dog for jackal, & Jackalope for bunny. THERE ARE LOTS OF UGLY SKINS! Unless you like looking at piles of poop all day.

I’m actually rather disgusted with Anet for the RNG aspect of this. I honestly wouldn’t have minded if they had bundled 1 skin for each mount for 1600 like they did with the Halloween mount skins. I’d even pay 2000 gems. Heck, I’d even be willing to pay 800 gems for each individual skin if I was able to choose the specific skin I want. I have nothing against spending real money for cosmetic items, I spend a lot on outfits, transmutation charges, and makeover kits as it is, but if I am going to spend real money on something, I damn well better have the power to choose what it is I buy, without the risk of ending up with a skin I’ll hate and never use.

I was saying the exact same thing. I’d rather pay 800 gems for a single one that I can well choose than freaking 400 to randomly get one. And it’s not even a small pool of skins it’s freaking 30 of them so the chances there’s one you like are almost none
Hell I’d be fine if it where random but for x mount of your choosing. I don’t mind spending money on them because it’s really good content but the greedyness definitely won them over on that one. Not even real adoption locations randomly hand you a pet! I hope they get a backlash over this.

Real adoption places OF COURSE let you pick your pet…. you fool.

Real Talk: “But… Griffons don’t exist! You don’t get to select a GRIFFON, like I said! I misinterpreted OP’s comment on purpose to try to look clever!”

MOSt of the skins are so similar to each other and they’re ugly. Aprat from ther Stardust/ flame ones( which most want) or the funny version(jackalope/ Triceretops) the rest are so close its laughable they were included. It’s clearly a let’s dump them together and make it RNG so people will pay more when they fail the first time at getting the one they wanted. These mount skins coulda been so much better, but remember this is just the beginning, they are saving the better ones for down the road.

Here we go again.

With all due respect (not that you are due any for talking to me in that tone) I’m pretty sure $100 a month is well out side the realm of normal considering most MMO players are used to the industry standard of $15 a month subscription; while I don’t piss my whole life away like some people that are mentally ill I certainly place my self above the scale. So if I’m not a whale then what exactly is that category then, there must be one, and you could certainly have just told me civilly with out making an ass hole out of your self.

100 a month? I drop that every week, ATLEAST 700 a month. Whales don’t cry something is expensive they buy everything that comes up

I refuse to believe you’re an actual person. You have to be an ANet shill. It makes no sense otherwise. Unless of course your life is so fucking pathetic that you equate spending money on meaningless pixels with your own self worth. Which is it?

Why ANet… why do you do this to us with the gambling mechanic.If we could pick what we want, I’d gladly slap down $25 to get a full set of four-dye-channel mounts to play with. But as it is, they don’t get my money today.It’s a shame, since I really like that the majority of the skins aren’t completely over the top like a lot of skins in this game are, and even a few of the ostentatious ones (Starbound and Stardust) appeal to me too.

Same. I don’t gamble either, no RNG for me. It’s why I don’t buy Black Lion chests no matter what’s in them. Money’s a little too hard to come by to waste it on gambling.

By definition it’s not gambling, neither are Black Lion chests, there isn’t a risk of losing or getting nothing…as long as you always get something it’s not gambling(even it isn’t something you wanted).

Exactly the reason they chose to make it rng or else only the starbound, stardust and shiny ones will sell = less profit

I spend a lot of money in the cash shop, on items I choose; it’s a damn shame they screwed them selves out of my money since I would have bought roughly a dozen of these skins.

RNGesus does not save, and will not get any donations from this whale.

With all due respect (not that you are due any for talking to me in that tone) I’m pretty sure $100 a month is well out side the realm of normal considering most MMO players are used to the industry standard of $15 a month subscription; while I don’t piss my whole life away like some people that are mentally ill I certainly place my self above the scale. So if I’m not a whale then what exactly is that category then, there must be one, and you could certainly have just told me civilly with out making an ass hole out of your self.

Perhaps you might be a porpoise or dolphin? Anyways, if you were a true whale you would be buying the pack of all the skins…whales do not pick and choose which items they purchase, they end up purchasing everything, whether they need it or not…just because.

Pretty disgusting move on Anets behalf. They tested the waters with the Halloween skins and saw just how interested the community was in customising their mounts, so they go ahead and pull this trick. I hope it bites them back. Many communities are showing a real distaste for these practices now more than ever but unfortunately there seem to be just enough people buying to support them.

Think this sort of thing will only end once gamers as a whole get so outraged by the increasing amounts of bought loot boxes that regulators reclassify it as gambling.

I so want to buy these but I want to be able to choose!! I would get my favourite 2 from each mount. I don’t even have enough gold so I would be spending real money on them. Please anet if you read this. Make it an option to choose the mounts.

I hate the rng aspect of it as well. I wanted the star ones, just like with Mistlock Sanctuary, I’m a sucker for cosmic themes and I did get the griffon and the skimmer in the first 10 skins, but the damn jackal was literally the 30th skin lol.

Anyway, for me it’s a matter of treating them as “legendaries” now, and simply never replace the skins again. At this point I’ve been around this game long enough to know how good the designers are and I’m 99.(9)% sure they’ll never come up with something that would make me want to replace the star skins on griffon and jackal or the deep sea light skin on skimmer. They could come up with star skins for raptor and springer, but we’ll see.

In the meantime… 😛

PS: Now we’ve seen they CAN add good texture to things… and yet the celestial infusion still has a crappy 2by2 pixels texture… wtf anet… wtf…

If I knew for a fact that these were the only mount skins to be added to the game, I could buy into this rng con. I’ll concede that you unlikely to ever see a better griffon skin then the one you’ve got equipped in the picture but for every other mount I guarantee you will see better mount skins and will eventually land up spinning to roulette wheel yet again.

You can bet they will are are. Also, are you seriously upvoting your own posts? I mean of course your opinion is in the minority but damn, that’s kind of embarrassing.

Ok people stop bashing on anet for something that every multyplayer game has done , be it overwatch cs:go league smite.. you name it .. they all have lootbox systems and they all have rarity based skins . And most of these games dont have a curency exchange . Arena net isn’t exactly the most profitable company out there ,if they made these skins be individualy bought they would’ve made alot less monney since people would just get the skins they wanted with gold exchange .Even if you say that you wouldve spent real monney to buy them seperatly i cant trust that those people that cried when they heard that they couldnt get HoT expac for free if they bought PoF would buy black lion skins mount skins with real monney.
Face it its 400 gems per skin , no duplicate and has 2-3-4 dye channels thats more then te default skins have, you can make the “bad skins” look great witha good dye job but nooo lets cry because i didnt get the celestial griphon or w/e , be gratufull the gold exchange curency exists . Be gratefull for the game you are playing and the content that it provides .

Anet is complaining all the time about time and production costs that making new skins take, yeat they keep flooding gem store with high quality skins and we yeat not have full legendary set that was promised back in Hot release. Also it was announced that Pof release will collide with Living World season 4 release but in exchange we get copy>paste halloween event and skins that we need gamble for. Also loot boxes system is associated with corporate greed and not consummate friendly practice so that is enough right thing to rice alert for. Argument “because every one else did it” is weak at least for me

Not sure about smite but in league and overwatch you generate free boxes relatively quickly. That aside your arguments are plain bizarre.

In the 31 skins in this rng con, 27 are zero effort repaints and 4 would have taken some slight work to alter (like deleting the end of the tail from the bunny mount). No one has complained about the hot pricing model since hot and no once complained about that exact same costing model when PoF came out (which i assume is the more recent example to use in this debate).

The idea that people should be forced to buy bad skins because without gambling no one would bother is laughable. We paying customers. We neither beholder to buy this stuff nor are we beholden to feel grateful about exploitative systems being placed in game.

You are absolutely correct however that there didn’t have to be a gem exchange in game, I’d just point out though that no western micro-transaction mmo is still operation where an exchange was not implemented.

They could probably make a lot more money if they just let people choose. I’m seeing many players who want one but aren’t bothering because of the RNG aspect.

Except those get offset by the people who will buy all of them (unlike those players who would only buy a few), or the ones who want it enough that they will keep rolling the dice until they get the one they want.

For making money, this was probably the best way for Anet. For generating goodwill and happy ‘average’ players, not so much.

They will make SIGNIFICANTLY less money if we can choose, people like me who already bought the 30 pack offsets the cheap people who can’t afford it

And because of fuckers like you which buy those shitty damn lootboxes those shitty devs come in all games with this crap gamble bullshit.

Already bought another $200 gem since you went to bed cuz I got that dough rolling in by the thousands erday

Your poor parents.. I don’t know if they’re feeding your bad habits consciously, or if you have just taken access to their card. By the way you act, I just can’t tell if you are a spoiled brat OR an angsty teen who manipulates his parents. The one truth is that you should be cut off and humbled because you have a very unfortunate personality…

I’d argue that the masses buying smaller affordable gemstore items would generate significantly more revenue than giant pricey packs like this that all but the most dedicated/rich would ignore.

If this were some e-sport game, players might be more inclined to get a giant set like this… But this is gw2.. and the deal is just a group of mount skins for $100+? Even with no boycott, I think this won’t generate much for the anet team.

you would be surprised – mountskins are not a necessity and basically eyecandy. if they were not RNG, people would purchase less, and ANet has a very good idea how much gems are floating around on people’s accounts to actually afford them. Player in my guild had like 22500 gems in reserve I don’t think he is the top end

Good thing the guy is ‘smart’ enough to upvote many of his own troll comments using his main account, looool! Solo Wing… go back to call of duty, and stop ruining what could’ve been a productive comment section with your filth and angst.

I’m not thrilled about the RNG, but there really aren’t any horribly ugly ones. It’s worth having one of these for each mount simply for the colour channels IMO. I bought 4 and got my raptor, jackal, and griffon x2 covered. Maybe in the future they’ll let me get only bunny or only skimmer packs.

Im absolutely disgusted by this…. what a slap in the face…. Ive been eagerly awaiting the release of mount reskins…. and to see this is beyond disappointing. Ive got 10 characters…. My main goal is to design each one of them complete and unique…. Most of them have unique gliders… most have unique harvesting tools… and was even considering mail carriers too at some point…. Over time I have been spending unknown amounts of real money on these items happily as they are building my vision of the cahracters….

I was happy with the system they used to sell gliders and harvesting tools… you could choose individual items or sometimes get packs at a slightly reduced price…. this is fair…. After the Haloween reskins I was feeling optimistic… that they would release themed sets…. and possibly sell them seperately at aa slightly increased price…. I was cool with this…. I wouldve bought sets for 2000 gems all day even if i only wanted a couple from the set

Now they have flooded the game with a bunch of mediocre content… SPAM…. and worse than that you have to gamble to even have a chance at the ones you might want… I want about 40% of the skins released… but there is no way in hell im gonna start rolling for them

I dont have a huge amount of time to play so the idea of buying them with gold is out of the question… I save my gold for ingame items… weapon skins etc…. I buy gems with money coz I spend way more time at work than ingame… I have enough money to buy the 30 pack but refuse to on principle

I really hope that the community gets together on this… boycott these products…. lets ANET know that we are not gonna play along with this…. if we dont then they will continue to roll out these schemes more and more in the future… this is obviously an experiment… ANET is seeing whether people will buy into this or not.. if they can get away with it… we need to say NO for the sake of the future of this game… hit them in the wallet where it hurts

Its well known in Freegame dev circles that about 10% of gamers have addictive compulsive personalities…. many games cater solely to this demographic… so far GW has been conspicuously not doing this…. Im hoping that they are using this stunt to harvest money from all the losers before rolling out a sustainable system for the rest of us…. if this is the future of GW them im out and I dont think ill be the only one

Ive seen over time that ANET is quite responsive to the feedback of its customers… if we give a strong message now… I believe they will listen… They should realise that their real profits come from people like me who are investing heavily and steadily over the long term…. these flash in the pan money grabs will alienate the core customer base and ultimately lose them money

As for people who buy gems with gold…. they dont give a fuck about you… you mean nothing… youre actually losing them money… its the cash buyers who will be heard…were the ones generrating revenue…. We need to send a clear message that we wont tolerate this treatment by not giving money… its the only message that will be heard…. Im not spending a single penny on mount skins until this matter is resolved and a fair ballanced system is put in place… peace

I payed 35€ and got 10 skins, five of them really good looking – conveniently one for each mount. 7€ for one mount (across ALL my chars) isn’t too bad and I’m not regretting it – way cheaper than, say, unlimited gathering tools for all chars. It’s only a bad deal when you’re only liking, say, 2 or 3 from all 30 skins. Then just wait for a better sale – it’s been only one month since PoF came out, there will be tons of more skins and more different kinds of purchasing them.

Except PoF was ridiculously lacking in content, just like HoT was. I’m pretty much done already with the expansion. There are no new legendaries to go for, no raids to prepare for, not even many repeatable open-world boss events to strive for. In essence PoF is even more gutted than HoT, and here we are scrambling to throw more cash for content that should have been part of the expansion?

I’m sure there’s enough whales in the game who are willing to buy gems that most, if not all your comments won’t matter much.

People can attack me for my protest against this move. I don’t care. Do what you want. But 2000 gems for a single mount skin is insane. Then the RNG box. They are playing with the loot box system most games keep adding in. It is an ugly system. The Black Lion Chest is one thing, but this is just overstepping the line. Loot Box systems take advantage of those with gambling problems. It’s an ugly system and not something I will support. It’s obviously a tactic to try and squeeze out more money from players than what someone is willing to spend, just to get what they want.

$120 for all the skins. That’s $4 or 320 gems per skin. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal yeah? Well the problem is, you could easily end up spending $50 or so just to get a single skin you wanted. You end up with a bunch of skins that you do not want. So ultimately, you ended up paying $50 for something you wanted that would otherwise cost you $10 if they had just sold these skins separately and given the players the choice of what they wanted. It’s a dirty system.

And this is coming from someone who actually likes some of the standard looking skins in this chest or whatever. For example, I like and want the Polished Stone skin for the Jackel.

Instead of making craft or drop system for mounts or simply let ppl choose on what they wonna spend money/gold you made this.. really disgusting move Anet.
What happend to “client is most important, and we wonna reward those who are devoted to Gw2” ??

How do you expect the developers and designers to get paid? You think everything is created by santa’s helpers and unicorns for free?

Oh you can fuck right off with that attitude. RNG Loot boxes are a shitty cash grab no matter what the game designed to squeeze more money out of people than they intended to spend. This is 100% a shitty move.

dude, they would make more money by not making it RNG and letting people buy what they want, how would you feel if you went into a restaurant and ordered something and they were like “oooh, today is random day, u pay us the whole menu and get to eat something we decide for you”

Unfortunately sales tell a different story. “Loot crates” are all the rage among MMO developers nowadays, because they’re lucrative. It plays into the same part of people’s brains that makes gambling so addictive, with all the associated logical fallacies.

In this case the sunk costs fallacy is even stronger, since with every skin you buy and remove from the loot table the odds of getting the one you actually want become ever so slightly higher.

well at least you _have_ a chance to finish the collection (instead of getting doubles and doubles and doubles) since the skins are wardrobe unlocks – once you have one you will always get another yet unknown one and it is a limited number.

Also – I absolutely dislike the propagandistic fallacity that this is “120 Euros to complete”….if you take the 30 skins box for 9600 gems that will run you roughly 5×2000 gems (by gamdcard) for 5x19Euros.: 95 euros is still a lot an this is just fashion,.. Not Pay to Win ( say through better commanders /items) like most EA boxes
And besides a lot of people still have the 4k gems from the PoF “get it all edition”..friend in my guild has 22500 gems lying around

And no one has to finish the collection by tomorrow… just buy another skin everytime you have the fancy (and roughly 100g to purchase 400 gems )to get an alternative look. which is the marketing genius at work here

The same way they get paid so far.
Funny thing is that you create account just for this topic to counter all negative comments, makes me wonder who is paying you?

You could apply that same terrible logic to anything…

“The game will from here on out have a $15 a month subscription”

Well… how do you expect the developers and designers to get paid??

Rly, game community went from “i want to make a guild, play with them and play like a comunity” to a weekly “oh, i will go play gw2 maybe” and then they have to do this to live and keep gw2 running, sadly

All of this whining is needless. Go farm Silverwaste, be patient, and then buy enough gems for a 10-pack. You’ll get something awesome.

It would be nice if there was anything new to do for gold farming. Instead we’ve been playing in the same content for that for the past… 2.5 years.

Instead of assuming we’re arbitrarily whining, why not look at the reason being that RNG as a method to sell individual skins is a CS method of making money because it either forces people to spend far more gold or RL money to get a skin that they actually want, or we have to gamble and spend less and maybe not even get a skin we were looking for. It’s jacked up and dirty.
As a 911 EMT I neither have much time *or* money, but I would love to support the game and buy a skin–that I want.

Very few of us are 911 EMTs so we have plenty of time to farm. I’m sorry the world isn’t tailored around your particular needs.

Very few of us live with no direction, getting by off our parents’ money.. the rest of us people with goals don’t have the same time to farm SW endlessly just to get 38 mounts they will never use, and 2 they like.
Real, reasonable working people who are grounded in the workings of the world understand what is a good business model that appeals to the avg. player and can still be profitable. Too bad you wouldn’t understand that, too busy farming to learn logic.

As a real, reasonable working person, I might flip a burger to eat after work, and mow my lawn. I imagine a spoiled brat like you has never done an ounce of yard work in their life, too busy farming SW, yelling at your mom ‘Go away! Its an online game, I can’t pause it!!” and trolling the web…

Its not about being able to afford gems, its about making a cost-benefit decision.. as much as I like many of the skins, I’m not spending ~$100 for all 40 of them with my hard earned money just to get the select few I like.

10 pack is about 1100 gold isn’t it? How much gold do you get per hour farming silverwastes –
never tried it personally.

This was a pretty bad way to introduce more skins, sucks but if they keep this up I fear that their business methods for fucking will become worse in the future.

You’re in expert in business it appears. Please inform us how your successful gaming company is so profitable.

Why are you defending such a shamelessly trolly argument by Talindra? I know you are against the community’s complaining on mounts, but you chose a really odd person’s side to take on this matter…

Ok. 1st: I agree that 2000 gems for a skin is way too high a price even for such a dramatic skin. I like the design, but hope they can achieve similar result without the huge price-tag. If 2 skins are worth the price of an expansion, that doesn’t say good things about the organization at a gaming company.

Second, although I thoroughly dislike the “loot crate” method, I agree that they are likely to make more money this way. However, I think there is a fundamental flaw to how ANet released this content. In many cases where RNG boxes are introduced, the provider also includes some way to acquire the lottery ticket other than grinding for a money conversion. What do people think about placing these tickets as an uncommon or rare drop in the Black Lion Chests?

“If 2 skins are worth the price of an expansion, that doesn’t say good things about the organization at a gaming company.”

I guess you’re not aware that Blizzard is selling $25 mount skins while selling their expansion at $40.

Fair enough! Never played WoW. Do you have anymore information on their sales (if you play, do you see them often in game? Are they well recieved?)?

Yes. In fact, I use the store mount in WoW as birthday gift. The hysteria over the GW2 mount skin is laughable. While WoW sells a single skin for $25, GW2 sells a skin for $5 (400 gems). $3.87 per skin if you buy the bundle.

Don’t forget, most mounts in WoW are obtainable by real-life-currency ONLY! Why do people keep forgetting that?!

No, they’re not. Having played WoW, you can acquire at least about 200 in-game without spending a cent in the cash shop. GW2, on the other hand, has 31 out of 35 in the cash shop.

News flash. Those 200 skins in game was pre-paid by your sub fees. I can buy 3 skins in GW2 per month with that money.

EDIT: Not to mention, many of those skins are just recolored. If you count the recolored mount in GW2, well that you depends on how many dyes you have unlocked.

Also, this method is flawed this system is used long-term. If they simply continue to contribute to this “mount skin pool,” it will only become less likely that a person with a ticket will get a skin that they want.
With the seasonal releases they use to market gliders, you can wait for a sale/save up for the skin you want and watch the market. This though, encourages large-scale spending upfront and plays to the rush of gambling.

Not against the skins, but wth Arenanet, this isn’t a gatcha machine you can earn money from. I seriously hate it that every damn game needs to have the lies regarding lockboxes and other crap that used to be in the game by default. I couldn’t care less what kids today are used to, they have no sense of reality regarding the history of games and how big companies seem to be keen to mess those up by adding lockboxes and other micro transaction crap. It completely ruins the sense of actually working for something and feeling happy you finally got to that stage. You shouldn’t ever have to buy something to have that 5 minute of happyness in your life

And you can’t work towards some mount skins with in-game currency? I am totally with you on the micro-transaction now a days but, people should NEVER complain when it is perfectly possible to have all mount skins eventually without spending a Dollar…

No, things like this would never make it into a game in the past. The development cost would not be worth it if it were included by default. The options would simply not be offered.

@nagato_no_kami:disqus I take it you are not that old yet? It would explain your answer and misinformation about the subject.

@madeleineleroy:disqus It would take ages to get that done, you will likely lose interest before reaching that point. I rather see the old system being placed back where you needed to actually get in gaming time to get something instead of micro-transaction bs.

Consume, Obey, do not question authority. How very noble of you to inspire others to simply ignore anti consumer behavior.

Still more crying. Vote with your wallet. Just don’t buy. Simple. Stop wasting your time posting comments like these.

Guild wars is a great game because we have open communication with the devs, they listen to our comments, wishes, feedback and weigh their decision based on their goals balanced against our needs. If this didn’t happen, they’d make poorly calculated decisions and we just wouldn’t buy the game… and the game would crash and burn, because we ‘voted with our wallets’.

Call it crying all you want, but even Anet listened to our feedback and has rethought their methodology. This is a GOOD thing, whether or not you agree with it. By communicating on forums, it had an EFFECT, and anet listened. so our time wasn’t wasted posting comments like these. On the other hand, people like you would rather shut down this vital link of communication because you construe it as whining? There are many other, less successful games where the devs don’t listen to the consumers.. Go tell THOSE people to stop wasting their time posting comments.

And the only way to get mount skins is to pay 2,000 gems, when a Glider+Backpack was only 700. Tell me how that’s listening to the community. They’re listening to sheepy whales and the wallets that are pouring cash into their micro, no, MACROtransaction system and slapping the rest of the players in the face. Why can’t we earn mount skins in game? Why can’t we earn outfits in game? Why are there no achievement base dyes? Why are individual armor pieces that are worn by RAID bosses not part of the RAID rewards? I’m fine with a microtransaction system for a freetoplay game, but at least make the in-game reward system halfway worthwhile. The gemstore has become the only way to obtain thematic items. PoF is a prime example of this, very few cosmetics from actually playing the game and most of it going into the gemstore. Bungie is getting called out on all this bullshit, and GW2 gets away with it scratch free. A shameful mindless ball of sheep this community has become.

Just 1 big question: why tf did they put all the skins for all 5 mounts in 1 box??? I would have bought at least 1 skin for every mount even if it was random skins… But now that you could get 5 skimmer skins and none of the rest I’m not going to get the rng stuff at all!
Compare to gliders that you will use permanent for 700 gems 400 for 1 of 5 mounts you are switching all the time would be a very reasonable price imo (but 2k for 1 is a king thorn kind of joke…)

Came back to add that I was wrong. The new reskins are not in the 30 pack according to the wiki. I thought I got the reforged hound, it was the crowned hound. That’s just what happens when ya get a mount ya don’t even want several rngs later.

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