GW2 Gemstore Update–Reforged Warhound and Wild Magic Glider

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Reforged Warhound for 2000 gems and Wild Magic Glider as an uncommon drop from BLC Chests.

Reforged Warhound – 2000 gems

  • This is the skin for the jackal only and it costs 2000 gems.


Wild Magic Back/Glider – Uncommon BLC Chest Drop

  • Not dyeable


  • Ainseland

    dammit dulfy, i used 50keys already still i haven’t got Wild Magic Back/Glider

    n look at u, u already got it feelsbadman

    • Shane Phelan

      I spent 100 keys and didn’t get it :

      • Zenith

        That’s why they keep putting this crap out. Because people like you will gamble happily for their wallets.

      • Shaggy

        i understand spending a few keys, but even on something you REALLY want, dont spend more than 20 bucks on it. its literally not worth it, and it tells them its okay to put stuff with such low drop rates.

    • Nick Peterson

      i used one form map got it first go :3

    • Stephen Yiu

      76 key here o/

    • Trillium

      what’s so special about it to warrant such expenses? just for collection?

    • Ainseland

      dammit gw2 RNG

      well at least we r nut alone!

  • Wolfdragon

    $25 USD (2000 gems) for a Mount SKIN makes me want to cry.
    When they are selling other random Mount Skins for 400 Gems. (or less if you get one of the “bundle” deals)

    Maybe bc it is on fire? differ graphics? *shrugs*

    • Trillium

      Others are retextures, with minimal geometry changes and some stock SFX slapped on top. Very easy to make once you have the base model.
      This one, while using existing assets (forged bits, texture, jackal skeleton) is still a completely new model that takes time and effort to make.

      • Zenith

        It does not take enough time and effort to be almost the cost of an entire xpac that made many,many more models and the 5 core mounts to begin with and the PoF collections/content for $30.

        • Trillium

          None of gemstore items are priced in proportion with expansion cost, otherwise you could buy all gemstore out for 30 quid. So that point is irrelevant.

          • Zenith

            What a silly non-sequitur. The point is that this “effort” you keep drumming about cost a lot less to produce by their pricing of the xpac.

            It is people like you that give rise to these casino fests in gaming and the shitty ass DLC first day pre-order cultures. Justifying the price of a single model as being anywhere near worthy of comparison to the game itself.

            It is not priced even remotely close to justly. If GameStop put a box out and the only thing that came with that box/DLC for $25 was a mount remodel, people would not buy it and metabomb it to hell as it deserves.

            Imagine The Witcher or Dragon Age Inquisition selling a single mount DLC for $25 bucks, what a scam.

      • BloodyArrow

        You can spend your 25$ for a skin that took time and effort to make or you can spend 20-25$ to buy any game that came out in the last few years that took much more time and effort to make and is not only one skin but a full game with over 40 hours of game time ( examples Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Dishonored 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider ) and many more for even less money.

    • visher

      You can buy a f-ing skin or you can buy a game (or several games even). tpotThonk

  • Mental

    I don’t get it… it’s 2000 gems for 1 skin? What are they thinking?? Freaking Skinwars.

    • Cuong Nguyen

      They are testing the water. they want to see how much people willing to pay and do it from time to time just like very other companies.

    • Alot

      They want to skin you. Ha Ha Ha -.-

  • Neo_Genesis

    I really want both of these but one is locked behind RNG chests and the other is 2000 gems… Hopefully they are around for a little while because I can’t afford them right now. 🙁

  • Alot

    The fact that the rng mount skin model has just cost me all faith in Anet aside, the jackal skin is really cool.

    Heres my issue though. If Anet sells you a 2000 gem (120$ apparently) skin, can they ever create a new map where you aren’t able to use your 2000 gem mount? I’d assume that after charging you such a ludacrous amount they’d be obligated to let you bask in it’s glory at all times – though after this rng con I guess I should stop assuming anything about gw2 -.-

    Plus kudos for giving the legendary mount skin to the least useful mount in the game. Not the fastest, can’t jump, can’t fly and cant cross dangerous terrain – but ca now look awesome if ever used.

    • Razyiel

      2k gems is not 120$ but the point is valid nontheless

      • Alot

        Apologies. Think i got confused between the cost of the jackal skin and the 30 mount discount package. Thanks for pointing that out.

        • Nick Peterson

          i think 2000gem is $25 so if u want the 30pass its like $135 i dont really understand there pricing tho its very greedy

  • Razyiel

    I agree that a few of the skins are kinda cool…but 2k gems is just…too…much…
    And for the random licences…only 400 is okay…but…you could end up with all skins for one mount and none your the other if you are unlucky…
    The third option for the 30 tickets for more than 100 € …is not an option at all…

    when did they start to get THIS greedy? …everything more than 1k per skin is too much for me to support…

  • Victor Maze

    i personly am exited (even thougth i find they could have relesed this 2 and the bundles at different times to spread it out a littl) as this gives the promising future of possibl aureean skin for griffon 😀

  • Дмитрий Куликов

    Who ever dropped the skin of Wild Magic Back / Glider? Has spent 25 keys and in empty: (

    • Stephen Yiu

      76 key here

      • Jens Wiebusch

        did my weekly chestfarm and got it

  • Voonith

    NOT paying 2k Gems for 1 skin.

  • nadrian3k

    Looks cool but the price is beyond retarded

  • Alastor999

    Really the only appropriate response to this, other than not buying it, is to say “Fuck you Anet”. Crass? Yes. But they recently just sold 1 skin for EACH mount as a packaged deal of 1600 gems for Halloween… Anet wants me to believe this 1 skin for only 1 mount alone is worth 2000 gems??

    Whoever at Anet thought of this should go fuck themselves with a rusty spoon infested with flesh eating bacteria.

    • Narottam Zakheim

      Not buying it is the only message that will be heard

      • Alastor999

        You wanna know what’s sad about this whole thing? I was so excited about mount skins and when I saw all the jackal skins (my favorite mount), I was willing to buy ALL of them (only the jackal skins) at once and I would have happily paid even 700 to 800 gems for them individually. Now? I’m not going to spend a single dime on this nonsense, because 1) to protest the RNG crap, and 2) I don’t want to end up with a skin that I don’t like, for amount I don’t like, and therefore, will never use.

      • Alot

        The only issue is that if 1/5 potential buyers still buy it they break even -.-

  • Narottam Zakheim

    2000 gems per skin is too much… thats a pack price…. 400-600 max…. ANET is seriously trying it on here… we gotta say NO or they will only just continue… DONT ENCOURAGE THEM >:(

    • Narottam Zakheim

      btw.. the glider skins is cool… too bad its BLC RNG

    • Lockheart

      2000 gems for a “remodel” that poorly fits on the jackal animation rig is just an attempt to create the illusion of a base market value for the 30 or so RNG mounts.

  • Czan

    Why the fck they can’t make a good skin that i can drop or farm for mount or anything? we can only make weapons, armors and backpacks and even then we doesn’t have that much of a options in them

    • writinwater

      maybe because aNets employees need to earn some wages as well ?…just a though.

      I agree on 2000 gems being horrendously expensive and overprice for this.. but then again so is every Rolls Royce, Bugatti or Ferrari

      • minion_condi_necro

        Except every new skin they release is some money-milking microtransaction bullshit. At this rate I’d rather pay the 15$ monthly fee, which seems hell of a lot more worth it than 10-15$ for a single skin or two.

        • Sonja Nachtbringer

          Maybe you would, but I’d be forced to quit the game if it ever became subscription-based.

  • Chow

    they release a lot of new mount skin 1 month before christmas, really well done anet

  • Robert D Milne

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Eg: unlimited use harvesting tools at release 800 gems (600 gems if on sale) then when HoT added now 1000 gems (800 gems on sale) now things added for Hot will slowly rise in price now Pof is going.

    • Alot

      There has definitely been a slight increase in item prices over the years but they have always been tied to an understandable justification.

      Using your unlimited harvester example, when harvesters were originally released they were bound to the character that purchased them and when they became account bound their price increased by 200 gems – to which there is logic. Items like the lawless skins each cost 300 gems individually while an old gem skin set like zodiac cost 800 gems, which was again an increase in price justified by the convenience of being able to buy individual pieces – a standard which has held all the way to recent items such as braham’s wolfblood shoulders. Gem store skins with fx effects cost a further premium with items such as chaos gloves or foefire wrapping costing 500 gems each.

      So yea, logical price increases. While I consider the rng mount skins scumbag behavior I can’t make up my mind about the warhound skin. It definitely uses the same base model as the jackal (as there is slight clipping between the jackals two front feet using the warhounds larger foot size (and you will never be able to unknow this fact EVER AGAIN)) but it is a detailed reskin with a new mesh added for the head (which are two added “features” we’ve never seen a price worth attached to as its never been done before). Add 200 gems for the “convenience” of being able to be able to buy it individually and the added fx effects, probably another 200 gems for the extra two pallete colours and an unknown amount of gems for the new red swoosh every time you teleport (which replaced the sandy swoosh and is a skill-type replacement only previously seen on legendary weapons, certain bows, pistols and marjory’s dagger (which did not cost extra in that instance)) and add these “novelty costs” to the base cost of what normal mount skins usually cost.

      The issue is its debatable what base mount skins should normally cost. As the Halloween mount pack would give an implied discount for buying in a bundle (and this was 1600 for 5 mounts (of which most people would only ever get 4)), I’d assume this would put the base worth of a gem store mount skin at 600 – and with all the added sparkles of the warhound skin, perhaps around 1400 gems (or 1500-1600 just because inflation)?

      Honestly don’t know. This is how I view the price increase debate though and whether or not GW2 is justified in the massive price increase, I definitely see it as a notable divergence from their sales principles up to this point.

      • Lockheart

        The jackal skin was a smoke and mirrors game to increase the baseline market value of the 400 gem skin gamble.

        • Alot

          There some great articles and youtube pieces out about how EA has handled these marketing strategies with Star Wars battlefront two. Battlefront’s pay to win is a different beast entirely to mount skin rng in GW2’s reward scarce late game fashion meta but they are implementing the exact same marketing and psychological strategies in justifying their scummery as GW2 is.

          That said, I don’t really mind the price of the jackal skin. The oddest part for me is that the forged gauntlets and helm just released are being sold underpriced by 100 gems by their previous standards. Perhaps they’ve hit enough whales with their rng mount stuff to fund everything else in game -.-

    • nadrian3k

      2000 gems mean 25 $/€

      This is beyond retarded for 1 solitary skin. Even in your compare UTILITY items that are actually useful, with a skin.

      This practice should NOT be normal and should NOT be encouraged. It’s disgusting.

      • Braghez

        For how retarted it can be, lots of people are used to those prices :/ I mean…WoW ones go for 30 bucks…AND you pay a monthly fee too, lol.
        TESO go for 20 bucks iirc. Neverwinter still 20+…it seems like it’s the general price for MMOs for a mount skin.

        • nadrian3k

          Those are some of the reasons i chose not to play those games.

        • Lockheart

          Difference here: Majority, aka 90% of wow mount choices are available in game through player driven activities.

          the “Sold ones” are limited. Often a reskin/reuse of another model available in some form to the player. ((not 100% of the time, but considerably more than guild wars with its 0 available beyond stock))

          Its really the thing guild wars screwed up on here, they showed us that they did 30 skins. Many of which are slight pattern shifts and small detail additions like horns or fins. But couldn’t be bothered to offer any of them for something players did. Rare drops from dungeons, reward tracks from pvp, content that needs a boost in attention anywhere really.

          Also Wow does not have a montetized cash shop for bank slots, bag space, and other traditionally standard “in game” features.

          • Braghez

            I know, but they always monetized personalization like any B2P game….it’s easy to compare it to WoW. A game that to just play you have to pay around 150 bucks per year to just play, plus boxes. They can afford to put everything in game since they already have a fixed income from people playing. It’s actually quite ridiculous that WoW have a store at all…even more when at begin you weren’t able to buy the currency with in game gold.

            Compare it to a BDO or a TESO. In that case you will see that the model is the same. All the customization is in the store because it’s the only thing that can appeal players without turning the game in a P2W.

            Plus…eh. You say that GW screwed because it did 30 reskins that values 400 gems, aka 5 bucks each, when you just said that WoW sells you reskins for 30 bucks ? ok…sure there’re plenty in game, but 30 bucks for a reskin is the screwed one imo. The only think where GW2 screwed up was the random component of the reskins. That’s all….if they didn’t do so, people wouldn’t have whined about it at all.

            Plus for GW2 everything is obtainable in game in the end. Every mode right now is profitable gold-wise. Some a bit more, some less, but in the end you can easily just buy everything with gold. Know plenty of people that made legendaries by mainly playing WvW or PvP….and in that way you can also buy those skins in game.

            This is very valuable in GW.
            Let me tell you a big truth about many GW2 players 😀 Most of them are huge whiners. Very few people in GW actually know how old style MMOs were and are waaaaay to used to the spoonfeeding they receive now in games.
            They do not want to put too much effort….if you put something hard to obtain in game, they whine…I mean, they whined about legendary armors and the exclusive stuff in raids.
            They do not want stuff in the gemstore, because they don’t want to pay, but at the same time, as i’ve said before, they do not want to put effort to buy it.
            They do not want exclusive stuff. Because they want the legendary WvW backpack, but do not want to play WvW….nor PvP…nor PvE harder than dungeon…let alone challenge mote fractals and raids.
            It doesn’t have to take too much time, they want everything now and it better be cheap too.

            So in any way you will add content…someone will always whine. It’s almost boring.

            • Lockheart

              2/3rds hyperbole, 1/3rd anti consumer behavior.

              Are you an arenanet dev?

              • Braghez

                3/3rds bad argument as answer because you couldn’t find anything better.

                Think what you want, but the big truth is that no one gives you anything for free. Be it Anet, Blizzard or any other studio out there.
                And for the anti consumer part…well. Just take a look on the reddit every time they add something (but this kinda works for every game, not just GW2). You may say that i’m anti consumer, but the objective proofs are right there to read :p
                I still remember the day when people whined that with HoT GW2 became too hard for them, lol….when “hard” was actually a passage from “I can clear every content by bashing my face on the keyboard” to ” I need to know what my class do and how to use it”. Because yes…there’s quite some people that left GW2 for that, but…yeah. I’m just anti cosumer.

    • lithlius

      The 1000 gems one where account bound unlike the 800 gem ones. and those pay out in the future

  • aimasira

    i believe they need to rework there prices. i wont say they are expensive, but some are preventing me from buying more skins even if i will use them once.

  • Kiriko Kiama

    2000 Gems is roughly the price of an expansion.
    A-Net, if you want me to spend money on 2000 gems, make another expansion, i would buy that.
    But a single skin? Fuck off!

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