GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Shifting Sands Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Shifting Sands Weapon Skins Gallery.

Shifting Sands Axe Skin


Shifting Sands Dagger Skin


Shifting Sands Focus Skin


Shifting Sands Greatsword Skin


Shifting Sands Hammer Skin


Shifting Sands Longbow Skin


Shifting Sands Mace Skin


Shifting Sands Pistol Skin


Shifting Sands Rifle Skin


Shifting Sands Scepter Skin


Shifting Sands Shield Skin


Shifting Sands Short Bow Skin


Shifting Sands Staff Skin


Shifting Sands Sword Skin


Shifting Sands Torch Skin


Shifting Sands Warhorn Skin


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22 replies on “GW2 Shifting Sands Weapon Skins Gallery”

Very nice set, above average imo.
I dont have any tickets left atm, but I think im close to finishing one, so investment might be worth it.

I’m ALWAYS a fan of staff skins that look like melee weapons, there certainly aren’t enough of them right now in game.

I just might invest in the staff and shortbow for my daredevil.

I love maces in any game. Wish like crazy I had more use for it in GW2. Love the mini hammer. I may get the skin just in case, one day…

so.. besides the ENTIRE concept of the weapon you like them?
I, too, love the ocean, too bad it’s full of water

well, Black Lion weapons are always “over the top” for the lack of a better definition.
There are plenty of ‘simple’ skins available, though.

what bryan means is weapons that look streamlined. you can have a streamlined weapon and still have fancy ornamentation or whatever, but gw2 has always struggled with the concept, and even the stock skins are usually either depressingly plain (like the normal crafted ones) or aggressively flamboyant.
its okay to have a few of each, but they should try for some more variety.
that goes for armor too, of course.

These are really interesting designs. The sand effect is awesome! Best shortbow in the game imo. Wish they had unique sound effects though…

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