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SWTOR Game Update 5.5.1 Patch Notes

SWTOR Game Update 5.5.1 Patch Notes.



  • United Forces is now live! With this update we’ve united players on five new servers, expanding your connection to our galactic-sized community. This allows players to discover new Guilds, new friends, and jump into multiplayer content more easily.
  • Login between 11/8 and 11/27 to earn the “Mini Mogul NM-1” mini-pet. This item will be delivered to all eligible players on 11/28.
  • Earn the merciless Darth Hexid Companion by completing three PvE activities in Group Finder or three PvP Warzone matches. Darth Hexid will be delivered to all eligible players on 11/28.


  • The default character slots per server has changed for all players:
    • Free to play: Now 4 characters per server (up from 2)
    • Preferred: Now 12 characters per server (up from 6)
    • Subscriber: Now 24 characters per server (up from 12)
  • All Legacy Family Trees have been reset.
  • The maximum amount of character slots a player can have via paid slot unlocks has been increased to 100 (up from 52)
  • If having multiple Legacies combined would cause a player’s Legacy Storage to become full, they may now access the Legacy Storage Overflow stash. This interface can have items removed from it, but no new items may be placed inside.
  • Players may now begin earning progress towards the “United Forces Group Recon” Achievement. This Achievement requires completing three PvE activities through Group Finder.
  • Players may now begin earning progress towards the “United Forces Warzone Recon” Achievement. This Achievement requires completing three Warzones matches.
  • Reminder: Please review the United Forces FAQ for any questions following today’s update.

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So long, Shadowlands. It was nice knowing you.

Just curious. I’ve pulled everything from my strongholds, GTN, mail boxes, etc although I’m leaving what’s in my banks in there.

Anyone else have a plan for the day before?

man im not gonna resetup my SHs, i’ll need weeks for them. hope EA not messed up in this.
BUT i take pictures of my legacy bank slots so to know what i have in case ive lost them.

I hope those joining star forge realise the dominant population is rp and none of the toxicity of harbinger exists there. It was a huge mistake not merging EH and BC to put similar mindsets together … guess we’ll see how things go.

They should have done that, along with the PVP RP server.
That is why I played on BC and EH, while I do not RP, the people are much better than harbinger.

As someone who WAS main playong on Ebon Hawk. I will say that the people are nicer, however they are also a lot more incompetent players on average. On EH you can almost never get good groups for MasterMode flashpoints let alone HM/NiM operations

Well too many KDY runs on harbinger during the old 2x xp days put me off doing group stuff, so not a problem for solo player like me.

What do they mean with: “the merciless Darth Hexid Companion by completing three PvE activities in Group Finder or three PvP Warzone matches.” Do you need to complete 3 Planetary missions or 3 Flashpoints?

You get the companion as a reward for either doing:
3 PvE GF activities, as in (probably) uprisings, flashpoints, operations
3 PvP GF activities, as in warzones

I wish they’d touch on that a bit more. Queuing for three flashpoints is fine, but I’d rather not have to deal with an operation if I can help it.

My understanding is only credits and unassembled will go legacy, stuff like Iokath shards will stay as they are, even though they said they would go legacy too.

Well I guess I will miss out on Darth Hexid, 3 group things, no chance of that now thanks to this shit, my pings on EH the other day was from 300 to 1101.

Even with all that lag, shouldn’t you still be able to at least get your ass kicked in three warzones after queueing? 😉

If you don’t practice something you can’t get good at it, given I do not to pvp, I am clearly not good at it, don’t fly planes either.

I’m not encouraging you to switch to PvP. I’m just saying that you can participate in 3 warzones via GF, which should fulfill the requirements for Hexid.

I’m not a PvPer, myself, but even losing 3 warzones seems a lot easier and less time-consuming than 3 FPs or 3 OPs for getting Hexid. I’m also pointing out that it may be a more viable option in your situation with the lag issues.

Hey, I resent that! I play with 50 to 60 ms on The Red Eclipse… And I STILL get my ass handed out to me when I pvp!!!


Yes true, one thing, if you were a pvper, would you want someone on your team messing it up for you because they keep lagging out.

I doubt you making 3 legit attempts is just going to ruin someone’s day. For all you know, they might have the same lag issues.

I don’t ‘hate’ WoW but i’m not inclined to play it because I just have no interest, i’m just giving them a pat on the back because they give their players a lot to do, while swtor leave their players to repeat the same ops/fp for years with maybe 1 new one every four years. It’s fucking gross.

– The Burning Crusade
– Wrath of the Lich King
– Cataclysm
– Mists of Pandaria
– Warlords of Draenor
– Legion
– Battle for Azeroth (upcoming)

I’d say that’s more than four, and they were all full expansions with multiple dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, dozens upon dozens of quests, new (full) landscapes/continents to explore and new items.
EA merges servers and calls it “content”. I think it’s pretty clear who’s objectively better at producing an MMORPG.

Was there ever a question? I mean, I was around when TOR came out. It was supposed to be the “WoW Killer”. It never amounted to that. Not even close.

In it’s worst period, WoW reportedly lost close to 5 million players. I doubt TOR EVER HAD 5 million players.

And I am NOT a WoW fan. Never was, never will be. But that’s completely besides the point.

I’m not being exact but I was just saying how much WoW is better in overall creation, content, etc. Swtor need to pick up their game because this is disgusting the way they’re going. Too many fixes, too many this and that and no fucking content. I’m triggered and so are many others when they come on here, it’s cancer. I’m pretty happy I don’t play swtor anymore though because I was pretty invested into that game. Bf2 pls.

I couldn’t be more confused by this… I thought the merge was on the 8th and I was playing all morning on Progenitor and Bastion. When did the switch happen?

Ahhh thanks, I thought I lost a day somewhere between this morning and now hahaha. Haven’t done that since the 80’s.

At this point I don’t think anyone will be surprised if Bioware manages to delete someone’s guild, legacy or stronghold.

I expect issues but at the same time I imagine they will not insta-delete the old server data just so that they can in fact fix some of the mess ups. Of course nobody wants to be one of the recipients of something like that, but yeah, I expect as well that some stuff will go wrong.

Something that has no use at all will be reset.
Are there people who care about the familiy tree?
Therer is no difference, if you just have the family tree in your head, or in your SWTOR software.

To be fair since your legacies from different servers are merging it makes sense that they are reset. And you know that if they hadn’t mentioned it some people would’ve been upset at them not mentioning it.

I’m wondering how many players they lose after this, because they end up messing up players toon names and such from people that’ve been here since the beginning. They should’ve used some kind of account name that went across everything, much like other MMO’s use. Then, this wouldn’t even be an issue. Oh well. Crossing my fingers.

Fingers crossed indeed but we don’t know exactly how they are resolving the name conflicts so I hope that they take this into account. I already lost most of my character names in the original server merges in 2012 and I’d hate to lose the few names I have left from the beginning days.

Subscribers have advantage over rest players and if names collide, win character that have more played time.

He does play, but i won’t tell the names of his toons, don’t really want to get banned. All i can say : all his toons use slutty dressed Kalyio as a companion and all of his toons are bitchy and arrogant.

In the livestream they said they didn’t give out the full details about name collision, so it’s not quite as simple as that. I would hate for it to be purely on played time because you could have a a character for 6 years and lose the name to a person who played 2 years but doesn’t have a job and doesn’t play alts. So I do hope that it’s not just played time they look at.

exactly. I have some characters I had since launch, but haven’t played as much in terms of sheer being online. its not that they weren’t played, just not as actively as say my main. losing their names would suck

I know if I lose my names I’ve had since launch that’s it for me. They screwed me over on names before; if they do it again then that’ll be the final straw.

I hear that loud and clear. I’ve been wanting to get back into the game again a lot more than I have been. However, when I heard about the server mergers, I stopped playing altogether. I feel the same as you about the toons I’ve had since launch. I didn’t want to get really deep back into it again, then lose all those toon names. Because, like you said, if they do that, then I’m done with the game.

My personal bet is if a name is being used twice or more, both players lose the chance to use that name again ever…

This is make or break for me. I’ve had some actual character names since day one… Nihilus, Talon, Karrid, etc… and went through a lot to perfect the looks to go with the names. If I lose more than 1 or 2 of them I’ll be pissed enough that I would terminate my sub and quit the game.

Who needs 100 player characters with this new CXP system?Peoples barely playing with their alts anymore.

Doesn’t take anything away from you so there’s not much reason to be against it. Some folks just enjoy coming up with new characters, if for no other reason than to make use of all the customisation options 😛

And that’s fair enough. But it’s good to have the option there, for those that want it.

Damn.. Ridiculous… 😀 Ah well maybe EA Overlords wearing their Fancy Suits know that there are 1000+ half Blind Fanboys & Fangirls who Barbie & Ken Dress their manyyy Alts. Doing it with the Outfits received by Feeding EA via Cartel Market. So it’s a good new way to get more easy bling bling $$ :/

I have one of each class on one server, and only three of them are level 70. I just recently finished all class stories, which I had been putting off for too long. I barely play most of my characters. I have absolutely no idea how people manage 20, 50, even 100 different characters.

They don’t. Not with GC. But that’s not the people’s problem. It’s the game’s.

We used to have an alt friendly game. The game itself encouraged the making of several alts, because you couldn’t complete certain achievements without at least all the classes. For instance, if you wanted to complete the Jaesa Willsaam achievements (Light and Dark Jaesa), you had to make two Warriors.

GC changed all that. I stand at a respectable 26, and before GC it was certainly manageable and FUN.

This. My main has about 100 days of playtime in. While my next most played alt has about 8 days and the other 14 characters have like 2 or 3 days each which is largely a reflection of not playing them post SOR.

I had 52 characters on all EN/EU servers for a long time, that means 156 total now on Darth Malgus, actually i’m playing only 8 of them.

All you can do with that, sell off what you can and move all the credits to the 8 you are going to play. Good hunting! I am on United, they gave us snacks and a extra carry on bag for this flight. 🙂

If this would be contest who can create most chars with level 1 or under max level then yeah. But main point is most of those who have over 20 toons will struggle to focus on one/two often. Its not about quantity but quality and Bioware made sure players will get this message – playing alts is just insane now.

So, question.

What’ll happen to my guild? My guild’s dead, but I still sub and log in to keep it due to sentimental/nostalgia sake, and the fact that I spent years putting blood, sweat, and tears into it. I won’t lose my guild on these merges, right? Last time we merged, the guilds didn’t come with us.

It is supposed to come with. If another guild has the same name they are supposedly going to append your former server name to the end of it.
IE “Vae Victus – Begeren Colony”

Thank you. So, we are waiting till they have the new servers linked up? I am not an IT person and I have never changed the oil in my car myself.

The new servers are in place. They are hopefully just ironing out the kinks in transferring everyone’s characters, legacies, SH’s and the like.

They are moving everything to the new servers that have new hardware and software. This is not easy nor simple. I saw all over where they said 12 hours at least with possible more down time. This is more than a download it is a complete overhaul on their end of moving everything off of where it has been stored and played to new and improved servers and fewer ones. I have worked in IT and in offices where such things take weeks. So mellow out. We are getting more than what we pay for and I am sure well worth it.

“We are getting more than what we pay for and I am sure well worth it.”

I didnt know Keith’s dad was reading dulfy. Wait no, even Keith’s dad will laugh his arse off at those words

I am actually shocked that is only extended for another 6 hours tbh. But then its not over yet. If there was a way I would give 20-1 odds that we get another extension.

Say what??? Now we have to wait till 10 PM est??? I want more than another silly pet that I will never use. I rarely see ANYONE with their pets out. It’s the dumbest thing EVER. How about a Legacy weapon or Legacy armor? Something we can use. Not some blob that annoys the crap out of me.

Do you know where that baby video is? Are there more gifs? Seriously. I have people in a chat channel that LOVE that face.

the day they give free CC to you, you better talk to god, because you more than likely dead and just dont know it yet.

How about getting the game being run on shiney new servers and new updated software. They are putting in some serious money and time into this game and trying to make it even better to play. So hooray for the downtime to make such awesome improvements! I am so glad I am subscribing and paying so that they do not just let this game die and not update the hardware and software. Stop complaining. This is better than free armor! Better game play!!!

With new servers and software, it should be. In theory. I am sorry about complaining…I just want to play. My usually numbers are around 58ms and sometimes jump to 1500ms. I used to think it was my connection to the server until yesterday. I have two processors on my laptop, integrated and High Performance. I seriously thought my laptop would use both at the same time and I would have great graphics all the time. D’OH! So, last night I opened the launcher with the High Performance processor and my lag was stable at 58ms.
So…with new servers and software, maybe my numbers will improve.

well a low FPS issue could possibly be fixed by a better processor upgrade( as well as graphics cards, memory,motherboard upgrade, better cooling and a few other items) Lag however is totally network related, its either your pc’s connection, your isp, the game server or your location compared to the servers location. But either way your new processor upgrade should help too 🙂 ENJOY!!!

I believe it’s probably all of those. Mainly, my ISP and secondly my location to the game server. “It is what it is.” Thank you the info. Good hunting!

Is that what people believe, that there has been an investment of ”serious money into hardware and software” for this game?
You’re nuts if you buy that PR lie.

They are downsizing the amount of servers they owned to save money due to lack of future investment and lack of player base.
Their putting everyone thats still around into 3 servers to give the illusion the galaxy is busy and active.
It’s a fog screen to blind you from the fact very little is coming in the future and to keep you spending.

There are 5 servers and it is making game play better. Perhaps you need to understand the full scheme of things a bit better. If there are fewer players on other servers who aren’t getting queued up into groups and missing out, then yes merging them is a wise decision. Plus they can spend more money on better hardware and software on the bigger and better servers they have. Wow, don’t play the game and move on if you are so upset and not familiar with business and IT.

HAHA I understand business and IT just fine.
You’re the one buying the business lie that this server merge or NEW EXCITING UNITED FORCES CONTENT as they call it is nothing more that cost cutting.
They had 17 servers and now down to 5 that’s not a investment for the future if anything it makes the future look bleak.
It’s waaaaay cheaper to run 5 hamster wheels in 2 locations than the 17 they had previously.
You being Mr Robot will understand that people that were on the old west coast servers are now having to connect to the east coast server and will get lag no matter how fancy the server is?
For all we know they are using the old servers, we have no actual proof other than their word that it’s new upgraded servers (EA/Bioware wouldn’t lie, would they?).

This game wouldn’t have needed the server merge in the first place is that had actually INVESTED in new content aka AAA MMORPG sized Expansions rather than 3 years of drip content that caused a mass exodus of the population but they didn’t did they?
No because that would actually cost MONEY!

Have you ever considered the fact that if they are squeezing everyone into these 5 servers it’s admitting defeat and they have no intention of trying to entice the population back?

I hear they have a genetically created hamster with an internal steroid pump. if this is the case SWTOR HERE WE COME. Was so tired of waiting for them to hit the pet stores during down times to buy a new one. Lets wait and see if this new genetically designed hamster can deliver !!!

Not to rain on your parade man. But that would make absolute sense, and I’d be here in my little corner of the corner clapping away at how shrewd you are.


You are forgetting that there was a thread not that long ago with people that play this from the APAC regions that were not happy campers. Moving a West server East is not making it better. It’s making things worse.

And look: I don’t care either way. I’m not active in the game, nor am I playing on US servers. My toons are on The Red Eclipse.

I’ll tell you what I told someone on that thread when Dulfy published it here. I hope they are able to somehow defy the laws of physics and provide a reasonably high quality service to all the people that STILL play this. I really do. Because a server merge is not a sign of things getting better. Not here, not anywhere else in the gaming world. It’s not content, it’s not a sign of the game being in good health. If it was in good health, there would be no merge!

This is like going to the doctor with a terminal disease, and the doctor wants to treat with with band aids. That’s what this is: a band aid for a game that since KotFE lost maybe more than half of its playerbase.

yea I agree totally, just I have been accused of being to negative here in the past so thought I go try and be a bit optimistic lol. But your thoughts almost mirror mine.

I’ll tell you what I always say when I’m accused of being too negative:

I just hope BioWare can prove me wrong. I REALLY do. Just for once, gimme a solid, strong slap in the face and prove me wrong.

I’d really like that…

I agree about APAC players. I am a bit of a network guru as far as local stuff. I run a few cloud/ftp and voip servers but as far as inter-national I dotn really know all that much. But you would like using something like Kemp tech, or something close to that would help those guys out and they should look into that for sure.

well you need to understand most of us are just tired of giving the benifit of the doubt to them. I play EVE Online and ESO, what they promise there they deliever and for EVE anyway they listen to to player base all the time, if this was one of those games i would be a bit mose optimistic. Granted I hope this is all new shiny hardware that will allow content to be played better and faster grouping due to more people on. But most of us got shafted too many times to take anyones word for it. I for one hope SWTOR can get back to where they were in 3.* days plus have a better way of fixing bugs. Thats just a pipe dream though. But here is to hoping this new hardware is what they say it should be. Just dont hold your breath

So here is how Servers work in the modern age.
You get a great big server with lots of RAM, hard drive space and processors with a bunch of cores. Then, you install a virtualization software such as Microsoft’s Hyper V or vMware so that your 1 big massive server can be 10+ smaller servers. As your need for more servers inevitably decreases you consolidate services on to fewer and fewer servers until you reach a point where your massive server is now running just a few software based virtual servers.
I doubt they have invested much money at all. They may have swapped in some new RAM into one of their existing servers, maybe a replaced a couple hard drives in to an existing RAID array and possibly swapped out a few processors for newer ones with more cores, faster speeds and a larger L2 cache, but I doubt they have put down a ton of cash on this venture. They shut down, upgraded, reformatted and are working on importing all the data back into the “new” virtual machines.
This method of hosting servers allows them to make up any kind of BS that they think folks like you will buy so that you think they are still investing millions on this game.
The last time I monitored my game play I transmitted about 25mb of data during a 4 hour SWTOR session, I ran 2 raids and a bunch of flash points. I could build an application server that could handle the kind of traffic they are likely dealing with the old servers that I just replaced this summer at my job.
Don’t buy their BS, this is a down grade and overhaul due to the reduced stress on their equipment.

Plus Think about it if they were cheap, they would just shut down to a few of the old servers and just keep using the same old hardware and software and downsize. That is what REAL downsizing is.

Then how do you explain moving the West Coast server East? Isn’t that downsizing? Having both the US servers in one location, cutting down on facilities, maintenance and work cost? I bet those two US servers are sitting on the same shelf, right next to each other…

Oh, and let’s not even get into the way they did that. By LYING to their customers. No, let’s not even go there…

Popcorn and I spring cleaned my ignore list, as I have a feeling it will be a big longer after server up time lol

I thought the unassembled componenets were being added to the Gallactic command packs today? Or is that next update. Thx. Dont see any info about that in patch notes unless I missed it

Love that everyone with nothing to do is bitching here. I’ve cleaned windows and given myself a pedicure – so I feel morally justified to lash out. Oh – and west coasters whining about ‘lag’ – I and every other APACer have been doing NiM at tier on 240-300 MS for years – so get over your imagined issues.

Haven’t read all the patch notes regarding name change(s). Does anyone know exactly how that’s being handled? If I’m not mistaken, the last merge was a first come, first serve basis.

Gotcha. Obviously the Subbed players have an advantage, which I am. So I’m guessing it’s still a first come, first serve basis. Log in and log in your alts.

Its subs first, then the others. On a tie its most active (no specifics how they determine that). Also any non-subbed player characters below level 10 that have not been logged in for 90 days lose name.

More than fair. Even if Subbed players have alts and never log those characters in, names should be lost. Unfortunately games aren’t real life where common names are the norm. lol Good info Steve.

yea even if your a sub and only have 10 hours on that alt you should be able to keep it over a ftp with a 100 or more hours. We pay and keep the game running. If someone cannot afford a $15 sub they sure cannot afford $50 in a CM purchase. Subs are the ones the spend the money to keep this battered boat afloat. In other words we pay for the bilge pumps so we dont sink lol

Great metaphors John. lol I repair boats for a living. Totally agree with you. Subs should always get preferential treatment.

On the last merger, those on server being merged into had priority, after that it was based on sub and tenure. I lost many names due to losing my server. Being a founder, I quite possibly lost out to new subs, Not whining about it, been over that for many years now. This system, this time is much more fair.

Indeed. I remember that. People ‘were merged’ into other servers and forced to change their names, no whining, completely understand. This seems like a free for all and the people that log in first, get their names. Thankfully this game does allow ‘alt character letters’ for people that are being left out, so to speak.

I could be wrong but as far as I know it has nothing to do with who logs in first. It has to do with sub>FTP, then the more time your char has in time played > than another char with same name with less time played. As far as multiple legacies on different servers if you have 2 or more maxed legacy levels its a coin flip. But if 1 legacy is leveld more than others you will retain the higher leveled legacy name

everyone,realy EVERYONE BUT YOU, get on all 5 Servers a CHARTOKEN-TOON named like your ERASED mainchar, so u never ever get your name back ! ! ! ! ! for that Q

Well can at least log in to the down servers now lol Since they made both star forge and shan servers east coast It will be interesting to see how ppl will feel as i’m guessing BW messed something up

Careful now… Darth Jinx is likely to call you “whiny and entitled” for making a comment like that… he did so to me. BW’s personal cheerleader wants to see a smile on every face… no matter how you get screwed 😀

The dumbest part about that – that is what the name changes from before were supposed to fix in the event something like this would ever happen.

Just another shitter move from Bioware.

Name changes for character, legacy, and guild name are ….on sale 70%. which is good i guess… but if they mess it up transfering that i didnt sign up for shouldnt it be free?

Anyone else just itching to log into the game and watch the flame wars that will light up Fleet Chat. Only reason I have the game installed at this point, heh heh

I already have popcorn and bubbly ready for the occasion. I also have a wet suit at the ready, in case flooding occurs.

Just logged into European server. They added new species which I was not aware of. Mouse, Dogs, Ducks just for example. Also Fleet is different too and is different on the map as well.

An imp-side duplicate (that I created about two months ago) of one of my Republic characters (that I’ve had for over a year) got to keep her name while the original had to rename.

I feel sorry for anyone who got shafted on one of their mains. The priority system, shockingly, didn’t work properly.

I had to rename most of mine after the first set of mergers. Hopefully I don’t have to rename the whole lot again.

In your situation, couldn’t you scrap your duplicate and quickly log into your main and choose the freshly-abandoned name? Assuming your duplicate was nothing worth keeping and was only there to hold the name?

Keeping the duplicate for RP, but I’m not too fussed. Don’t have much invested in the character, and I got lucky with my mains. Just had to throw in an alt code letter to get around it.

Oh look!

Character Rename – 300 CC
Guild Rename – 900 CC
Legacy Rename 300 CC

How nice of them to charge 300cc to change names of your characters who don’t have a matching legacy name anymore. That’s kind of like the surgeon sewing up his clamp inside you and then charging to remove it. Why do I feel like COD WW2 suddenly seems so appealing?

I actually will buy the legacy rename as mine hasn’t changed since 1.0 and the name is pretty lame :))

I hope you’re not serious. The only reason this dead game still has servers on is cause people like you have more money than brains. Stop supporting EA’s funding for other games. That is all you are doing when you buy crap off the Cartel Market. If people would quit buying these colored pixels in the shape of various objects the servers would be shut down for good and people can move on and complain about another game.

Hey folks,

Upon going live we are seeing an issue affecting a handful of players.
However, due to the sensitivity of today’s update, we are going to
suspend further logins to EU and hold on bringing NA live until we know
exactly why the issue is occurring // address it.

I will pass on updates as I have them!




Why they didn’t just say the servers would be offline for 24 hrs instead of 12 hrs baffles me…. I mean it’s Bioware, of course they are going to fuck up on this.

Someone mentioned something to do with legacy storage from different servers. One of those things that Keith said wouldn’t be an issue in the thread on what to do to be on the safe side. :p

Amazingly enough I didn’t lose any character names. Both my legacy names were replaced by lower legacies from dead servers that I didn’t even have characters on anymore.

Anyone else having problems with the game locking up on startup? I ran file repair twice and I can’t get it to work. Not happy.

Buy now you should have realized that every major patch to the game will need a hotfix to work properly with everyone.

Damn, as one of the few that never wanted the merger in the first place and had been against it since they announced it I just gotta say… why me??!?

i had the same problem, but i was lucky – i restarted launcher and it worked.. but i had no doubt something like that will happen lol

I’ve done four different flashpoints of both veteran and master mode and none are going towards the achievement :/

Am I doing something wrong?

You need to be eligible for daily reward, so if you want to do all 3 PvE missions today you should do an OP, an uprising and a flashpoint.

Yes, or jump to different toons and do some FP’s through GF. Not that grindy at all.

You do need to have ALL FP’s selected in GF, though. Because of the Daily reward.

I used group finder, but I didn’t know about the daily reward part. I
didn’t even know a “daily reward” was a thing. I was just picking and
choosing FPs that were fastest/easiest.

How do I tell if it has a daily reward or not? Is it a “bonus” under the galactic command?

The daily reward is when you select all flashpoints and let the GF pick one randomly. As the name suggests it works only once a day (well, twice if you do one before the reset at noon GMT and one after it.) Also at the end of the flashpoint you will get one additional reward besides the one for finishing the flashpoint. Also if you look at the GF, in the right corner there is one small square saying “daily reward”. It kinda highlights in green when you’re eligible for it.

So I can’t opt out of any FPs I might hate, I’m guessing I also can’t opt out of master mode either.

Thank you very much for the information.

Nooooo… You don’t have to go Master mode! You can easily do this with “normal” difficulty, if you have more than 2 toons. Just hop between them, do the FP’s in Veteran (is that what it’s called these days???). If you use 3 toons eligible for the Daily reward you’re all set to go.

Remember: the Achievement is Legacy wide, so ANY toon in your Legacy counts for the final result. You don’t have to do them on only one toon.

Unless, of course, you WANT to do Master mode FP’s…

Don’t worry.. even with all fp selected, you will only get Hammer Station on all characters.. or maybe, just maybe Attis. Why? I have no idea.

Well, no trouble so far. 26 toons, Pref player… And NO NAME CHANGES! I guess a dear, dear Romanian friend of mine was right, when we used to play together. He always had a hard time adding me to the “Friends” list because of the weird names I use. He would always go: “How the hell do you think of these names???”


I had to rename one toon and i’m not even subcriber. This tells its quite bad. Servers are soon in coming weeks also light populated pay attention.

Luckily, my only name conflict was between two of my own characters, which were basically the same character on different servers. 🙂

Nice, I had only one conflict and I just changed one of the vowels from ‘e’ to ‘é’.
Easy peasy.
Was hoping for more legacy tabs, got so much stuff but my 2 alts on another server that I never really used had nothing to bring across so no spill over 🙁

Granted, the first screenshot is from 7 am EST this morning. However, I was in ESO from 4 am until that time and no matter where I went I ran into people in the game. Clockwork City especially was humming with activity at 4 am!

Screenshot from now. Yes, servers are mainly at standard currently, but that is still not a good sign for a game down to just five servers. In five years, they have gone from 210 at peak down to 5. How many more United Forces consolidations can they handle?

The Collapsing Star of Destiny update will be amazing! *

* This just means game shut down

Seemed good for me. Got to keep all of my names. Storage was fine. Fleet was so packed it had three instances last night, the chat was flying so fast I could barely read it. Hadnt seen that since 2012 lol

You get the companion as a reward for either doing:3 PvE GF activities, as in (probably) uprisings, flashpoints, operations OR3 PvP GF activities, as in warzones

Anyone having a hard time trying to log in? At 5am i was able to log in, but it is 11am EST and i can’t get in. Oh well.


Looks like they are releasing the Battlefront promo armor to everyone.
Redeem this code: SPECIALFORCES

It actually looks pretty decent with the Technographer helm from the Pubside Iokath vendor. Also, it’s got a new probe droid for its flair. 😉

Even then … its just a reskin of a reskin reskinned many times over.
Is the obviously small meager amount of ppl left at BW not able to do new 3d models?
Have all graphic designers withdrawn and relocated for other games?
Only some core admins left creating some new modules with the existing tool designer?

The United Forces rewards are account-wide, meaning only one character has to complete the achievements to get the rewards.

Did anyone else get a random spillover of crap into their mail? One of my toons had a ream of letters stuffed with low level companion gifts and the grapple thing. Assume it was my legacy spillover as I had legacies on 2 servers … cept my legacy vault wasn’t full.

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