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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 13 – November 20

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 13 – November 20

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72 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 13 – November 20”

You must feel very happy that your barbie doll toons look amaaaaaaazing in this sad relic of a game that used to be great.

Hes gonna look sooooooo cooooll in game nooowww omg!!!
Pls show me your malgus armor in game because you must be rellyy cool now!!

Nah, that can’t be me. I don’t keep a record of winning arguments against people who have already lost before the argument even starts.

Or say the same old tired shit day after day at a game you no longer play to get the same upvotes from the same crazy haters.

twenty four bucks for the mount. Absolutely disgusting. EA, you fucked up Battlefront on Launch, and you’ve ruined swtor.

Ps. Anyone else love the downvotes EA got on reddit? Fucking felt amazing to downvote those nigas.

I feel wrong for buying it. But I couldn’t be bothered grinding credits to the inflated whales on GTN for 200mil. I wonder how long I’ll have left to enjoy it before they pull the plug.

Yeah, I shouldn’t have procrastinated so much, but would have been nice to know they were changing things.
So much for it supposedly helping to reduce prices on gtn, 24 hours after the sale on SS it was about 100 million for all the parts.

You know, that’s about all I spend mine on anymore. However, I can’t remember the last time a half off sale took place, nor it being announced. It’s usually one of those things you have to look for, or hear via word of mouth. It’s annoying.

Last half-off unlock sale was around Christmas time last year. I think it’s reasonable to think they will do the same thing this year…just depends on how greedy the decide to be.

50% Collection Fee unlocks definitely happen the week of May 4th and Black Friday. Otherwise it’s Twitter or word of mouth, and that’s annoying. :-/

You know… I never really understood why people get so pissed off about CM sales…

It’s almost like there are people who actually, willingly, BUY things off the CM. That’s completely absurd, though.

Who are you talking about in these comments that is ” so pissed off about CM sales…” or are you just making nonsense arguments against hypothetical ‘typical’ Dulfy posters in the Swtor comments again?

What has reality passed you fucking by or is it your first time here?
Yet I’ve seen your name loads on here so who’s making nonsense arguments now?

Cartel day always brings the crazies out. We all know this.

The people complaining about sales, for various reasons. Such as the prices of items being too high, for example.

Microtransactions are microtransactions. Expensive or cheap, it makes no difference. So I just find it funny that there is any room to complain.

Now, complaining that they only make CM items and not spend more time focusing on game items, that’s a whole other story and a very valid argument.

The majority of people complaining are people that have supported and played this game for years. I for example am one of those players. I used to play this game because of the depth and story, but sadly, there is little to do anymore, i’ve been running the SAME flashpoints for 2 years now, so that just proves that there’s nothing to do in this game. Yeah sure, grind all the characters you want, but I don’t play 10 characters, I play one. And I am not investing my time in another character when this game becomes dull at Level 70. Also you have no valid argument to say that us, the players can’t argue about the microtransactions. We can if this game, we’ve spent so much hours and money on to stay subscribed are only getting cartel market items and no content, what the fuck is the point in playing? I am not playing repeated flashpoints over and over, then going to happily ignore the cartel/microtransactions being added because….It’s fucking gross. You are too thick (dumb) to realise this apparently. Thus you excuse us as ‘complaining’
Fuck out of here you anime dweeb.

It’s just like the people who howl and whine about every Star Wars movie, book, comic, TV show: I spent my money and enjoyed myself immensely, they spent their money and were disappointed or outraged, so who really lost out?

I wouldn’t say that, honestly. I’m more or less pointing out that everyone and their grandmother bitches about microtransactions… and yet here is everyone complaining that they “cost to much.”

I just find it funny. Don’t support microtransacions, but then complain as if they WOULD have bought them if they were cheaper. :

If it weren’t for people buying these pixel items off of the CM the servers and lights would be off for good. But as long as there are people with more money than brains to buy this crap and support EA’s funding of other games they will keep putting out these pixels in the shape of something out and running sales.

More Money then Brains…… Yet by your name you would like people to buy your product …which is at best is a few hours of rental before literally being pissed away At least the pixels last longer So let people spend their money how they want it’s not hurting you or anyone else

heh The people who think it’s their god given right to spout out hate in general chat are finding one another and trying to out hate each other. It’s hilarious.

I have to say, it’s great. Wz’s, FP’s and ops pop within 2 minutes tops, populations have increased but not to the point that planetaries are more trouble than they’re worth and every guild im in has seen huge growth thus there’s always someone to play with.
My only criticism is that BW needs to update respawn times for planetaries and heroics to accommodate 50+players on any given planet at any given time but otherwise I give the whole thing a solid B+.

Which new server are you on that ops are popping “within 2 minutes tops”?! I’m on Star Forge, and ops queues are in fact popping. However, I tend to be waiting in the queue for about an hour on average while doing other stuff

I’m on the new malgus server and last night they were popping every few minutes on imp side with 3 full instances on fleet but on the rep side only one full instance and much less pops.

I play on Satele Shan, Star Forge and Darth Malgus. The main one I’ve been playing is Shan and that’s where I see wz’s popping every couple minutes. I also find that Darth Malgus pops often during the appropriate times which with my weird work schedule on the US west coast seeems to work out about right.

Doesn’t seem all that different. Warzones pop a lot earlier in the morning, but yesterday I was waiting for a pop on my level 25 gunslinger for about 10 minutes at 9:00pm, and then all I got was arenas, so I don’t know.

It really is just the same. Still doing old stale content. Seeing an even bigger push to the cash shop.

While the server was a much needed event that should have happened earlier. How bioware did it with deception and lies by killing off the West coast servers hurting all west coast players and APAC gamers is some terrible big business getting in the way of good gaming from bioware.

The game hasn’t changed much for the better other than to say, now you can run the same old, stale content with new people.

Am I the only one who does not see the hoverchair on the CM, but the black/black dye module for some 2200cc instead?

F awesome…you should have legend reputation to BUY and RIDE this chair (buy a lot of packs ages ago), and now they sellin it for 2.560…nice job bio (not even 5k+). Sell peacemaker’s lightsabers too then.

If you get it earlier did you at least was happy riding with it? )
I doubt fleet and planets will be filled with this mount after this sale. For example when they release Togruta race people was afraid that every player would use it, turns out it not higher percent then rest races.

This is completely OT and I’m sorry, but I have to vent somewhere!!!!

My sub was due to end on Dec 11th and I removed my CC due to changing banks, a couple of days ago I get dropped into Pref status?? I email support (because now I can send an in game ticket, can I).
I call them last night and get told that the account page isn’t always correct??? Pardon, it’s an ACCOUNT page, what’s the point of it if it’s not correct? Don’t you have a duty to make sure it’s correct all the time? I even have a screen shot of the account page showing an end date of Dec 11th.
Lots muttering at the other end, and again the same line and, ‘I see you’re sub had expired and that’s it’!
Ok, it’s not a lot of money, I’ll admit, but why the hell should I have to pay twice for the same thing?
I work as a fraud investigator in the UK, if these jokers were based here I’d take legal action against them.

Rant over, sorry to have taken your time. . .

whilst it is nice that they are not making people gamble for the stuff they want to buy. what else is bio ware doing? Is this game purely a star wars dress up game, with a few side quests?

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