• Trillium

    Now people too lazy to run CoF can buy CoF skins for gems!

    • Cloudz

      To be fair there’s not much point in running CoF for anything but the skins. Better ways to earn gold for a long time now.

  • Taiwan Wolf

    does it come with invisible shirt/pants

    • Thomas Samolovitch


    • Alot

      The joke is that invisible shoes are one of the most expensive items on the exchange ^^


    • nadrian3k

      That one is cooler.

  • Alot

    Non-symmetric and filling the same niche as the hellfire gloves. It was probably sales figures like these that pushed them to the rng boxes -.-

    • Talindra

      You complain about everything. Literally everything.

      • Hllb

        Maybe he is french.(always doing that joke about my french flatmate-he says so as well)

      • Alot

        Please lay out what I’m complaining about in this post as I think in this case it’s more your inability to read then my inability to make cheery comments -.-

      • I found a troll

        You and your buddy Solo Wing… cough cough… I mean Real Talk (gotta acknowledge that throwaway account) have never added an ounce of discussion to this forum.

        If you think ‘complaining’ is bad, all you’ve done is make this community forum a toxic wasteland. Instead of comments above, maybe you can have and share an original thought? Start a discussion? Meh… not sure the capacity is there…

  • Emil33

    I really like this helmet on a Charr ….

  • nadrian3k

    It’s so/so….one of those skins which u either love or hate. Helm is interesting..gloves are…meh (better alternatives)

  • IchbinVol

    So I got the gloves, coz I was sold when you could dye change the fire… and come to find out the material doesnt match the forged armor. As someone with ocd it just annoys the s**t outa me.

  • wow wow

    Had to buy 3 of those unbound gathering tools on my alts

    • nadrian3k

      I think it would have been easier and cheaper if u had 3 universal inventory slots in which u could place them and equip them. I have 2 of them from HoT and PoF

      • shortorder


    • Jon -USADA caught me on PCT- J

      The same amount you spent on the tools you could of just converted it to gold, you probably will never make the amount back via gathering if you think about it. Or at least it will take a very long time. The animations are cool though.

      • Ezpz

        I dont buy them to farm, if i need gold i just buy gems. Its just for convenience for me

  • izzntme

    anyone able to post the link for the both the helm and the glove skins? cant find them in game

  • Scutilla

    I’ve been really hoping for some sort of “reptilian” mask/helm for a while now, as my ranger is lizard-themed. This isn’t quite it, but recent out-there stuff like this and the Zaishen helm gives me hope that someday they’ll make something suitable. (A raptor helm would be perfect, hint hint.)

    • Victor Maze

      isnt therer that one dragon helmet at the lauren guy from the first year event that also gave the holowings?

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