GW2 Living World Season 4 Starts Nov 28

The first episode of Living World Season 4 will start on Nov 28. Here is a teaser trailer.

There is only 7s of new footage from 1:10 to 1:17.

  • Z.DRAG0N

    That was quicker than i expected

  • Tsar CUBE

    A gripping teaser… though with almost no new content. I feel this would have been better as a teaser for GW2 in general rather then the next living world update though. Hopefully we get something more substantial soon, otherwise I fear we will have Wooden potatoes talking for over an hour describing those seven seconds :p

    • lithlius

      lol joke aside this sint uncommon, we are 2 weeks away, we get a teaser (works for us a s a teaser and a franchise trailer for outsiders) with a bit more than just ” A loading screen picture” then next tuesday we get a proper trailer. every release has been like this.

  • lithlius

    Well SHEEEEET!!! That Looked like Vlast’s Model so im guessing Kralkatorric has a new General that looks less crystal than The shatterer

    • Suan

      That was a branded wyvern.

      • iqValentin

        Or maybe branded teenager Aurene?

        • Suan

          Nah, when you stop the video you can clearly see that it’s a wyvern. It only has 2 legs plus 2 attached to it’s wings. Dragon’s have 4 legs and wings on their back.

          • Victor Maze

            aside of dragon vs wyvern the face remindet me of aither destroyers or partly of the forged jackal skin shape wise with a singl eye orb in the middl

  • Ayakaru

    Wow.. that video was almost pointless

    • Mr. Principal

      It’s a teaser trailer.. mostly a recap.. there’ll be another proper trailer..

      • wQnxy

        its not a teaser and not a trailer
        its showreel of what we already know
        know the difference, also ask anet to learn the difference

        • Mr. Principal


        • PrincessFilth

          I mean… it like by definition was a teaser. Also recaps before a new season of something are really common.

    • Alot

      Most release videos are about 30 seconds to my memory, so the teaser segment was about average length to me. Congrats on spoiling every major event in the game though. I’ve got friends I convinced to come back who are playing through the content and hopefully dont watch that -.-

      • Mr. Principal

        lol I convinced a friend to join the game.. & he already knows the “tree guy” dies already..! xD

      • Brian Miller

        What was spoiled? You can’t tell whats going on in almost any of that. That Trahearne cinematic could be anything happening to him. The Eir cut scene, again revealed nothing except that she was in danger. Save the histrionics. The only way any of it makes sense is if you already know what happened.

        • Alot

          They haven’t played since vanilla and are replaying the base story from scratch. They still dealing with a living traherne and Eir – plus seeing scarlet die, traherne die and the order of whispers lass die right afterwards gives a pretty good idea what happens to Eir on being snuck up on there. Biggest issue is showing Aurene being born and Omad’s (how ever that was spelled) machine nuking an elder dragon. Seeing as the Muursat isn’t directly tied to the current arc either, not sure why they had to give away its existence either.

          I’d stress that the story of GW2 has been extremely cryptic and slow moving. Not knowing these things in advance (while convenient for sales) makes a big difference to story telling.

          • Scutilla

            Unfortunately there’s a statute of limitations on spoilers- you can’t talk about PoF at all without spoiling the biggest Season 3 reveal, for example. And if you actually play PoF, you basically get every previous story arc spoiled in one particular story step.

            When I find a new story- movie, TV show, game, whatever- that’s been out for a while, I generally try to consume it as quickly as possible without looking for stuff about it on the internet until I’m done, since ruining spoilers are kind of a big deal for me. Big, unexpected plot twists are one of the most satisfying bits of a story, and it really sucks the fun out to learn about it in advance.

  • Alot

    Well guess they scum now, but they proficient and delivering scum of immaculate quality. Releasing an episode so close to the Wintersday day event is an impressive show. Seeing as they had time to plan this expansion in advanced I reckon they either completed this episode (or had a large portion of it done) before PoF even shipped – which I have absolutely no problem with as their living world scheme is all about forward planning. If this episode was planned in advance then the biggest give away would be the appearance of missing ascended recipes appearing for PoF stat combos – which again I have no problem with.

    On with the show people.

  • Trillium

    Oh no, Branded water leaks! Branded casino coins! BRANDED CHOYA PINATA!


    • iqValentin

      The best part: Branded Confetti Infusion!

  • Trillium
  • Александра


  • Slow down Arena, I need a new computer. I haven’t even played Path of Fire.

    • Miftahul Ichsan

      lol me too. i’m not even understand the whole plot of GW2 yet and i need a brand new computer

  • Darak

    Slow down ANet, still have 7 characters who haven’t finished PoF yet (well ok, almost 6 but I’ll never be done by the 28/11, don’t have that much vacation time).

  • Razyiel

    With the ppl who are new to the GW2 Universe and started with PoF, that’s a quick and dirty recap of how the plot evolves…for a veteran…nothing new – not even the last shot was new, if we take into concideration that we already knew that kralk is on the move from the last story cutscene.
    nontheless it’s nice to have a date for the LS and i’m looking forward to it 🙂

  • nadrian3k

    That’s cool, i wasn’t expecting LS to start off till next year. Nice surprise.

    I hope they don’t show more then this (or very few extra things) till the episode they keep the element of surprise.

  • wth honestly

    aaand of course they had to add all character deaths to the trailer 🙂
    …. when you’re as emotionally attached to fictional characters as me then that really stings. Wtf Anet.

  • guest20151008

    I have to echo what a lot of saying. After HoT, was months before LS started again. This happenned so much quicker. Wonder if this means the next expansion will also be accelerated.

    • Zavos

      The development team is pretty much split between xpac and living world. While both groups collaborate, such as using lessons learned from reception of living story to design xpacs, both groups are also somewhat seperate. This way they can deliver both on a regular schedule. It also means the next xpac is already in development.

  • Steve

    With the EA storm going on, we should at least appreciate that for a one-time fee, you can have a fully maxed character and a continuous stream of new content. It’s not always perfect, but by contrast I’d say it’s pretty incredible.

  • Narottam Zakheim

    I for one am really looking forward to LS4…. after being a bit underwhelmed by the second half of LS3… and quite disappointed with the finale… I was brought right back in by the POF story line…. thought it was rly exciting and engaging…. I love how they switched it up and now leave Kralkatoric as the main subject of the LS… new desert maps…. and new masteries…. and best of all… new content!!! After getting griffon mount… and Greiving Armor Achievements…. ive found little to draw me back into the desert… I really hope they also release an overhaul update and put some more engaging and rewarding content into the beautiful desert maps… At first the HOT maps were a pretty desolate place to be…. now they are thriving and very profitable… I hope to see the same with POF maps in the near future…. besides the whole mount skin debacle… Im rly happy with where the game is atm and am looking forward to future developments 🙂

  • Daevic

    I’m pretty excited for living world season 4 can’t wait to get my deadeye back out into the action. 🙂

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