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SWTOR Copero Short Story Blog as a prelude to Patch 5.6.


Pova took the datapad she was offered and keyed in the planet’s name. The device’s light cast a green glint across the shadowed alleyway, reminding her of home. The looming cityscape of Nar Shaddaa was nothing like her homeworld’s endless seas of grass and plains.

Passing the datapad back, the light shifted, and she caught a better glimpse of her contact’s face. Handsome, but tired, with cybernetics wrapped around one eye. He tapped a few times, presumably searching for Copero in a galactic map. She shook her head. “Ascendancy planets are never marked right. You won’t find it with normal star charts.”

He started to smile, caught himself, and kept his now-stern focus on the datapad. “These aren’t normal star charts. Who’s your source?”

“Anonymous.” Pova glanced toward each end of the alley cautiously. “Unless the fee doubled when I wasn’t looking?”

“Double? I should’ve known the new jacket would make me look too well-funded.” The contact scratched at the back of his head idly, but said nothing else as he continued reading.

“What you’re paying me now is enough to hide myself after. If I tell you about the source, they’ll have to hide too. Double the disappearances, double the costs.”

“Disappear together. Cuts costs, and much more fun.” He looked up and met her eyes. “It’s what you were planning to do anyway, right?”

Pova shrugged as nonchalantly as she could, turning to stare down the alley and avoid his victorious grin. He forgot to hide it this time. “Two people, double the meal costs at least. Plus I have to stay in nicer places, or she won’t be impressed. Us spies have a reputation to uphold.”

“That we do. Impress me first, and I can do an extra fifty percent.”

Pova made a show of considering the offer, then turned back to meet his gaze. “Her grandfather was in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, back when they first made their treaty with the Sith. His team was assigned to get some extra collateral, in case the relationship went sour.”

“And the ‘collateral’ matches the specs I gave you?”

“I had to do long-range scans from a resort a couple of klicks away, so I can’t say I laid eyes on it. But yeah, no chance it’s anything else.”

“Works for me. Files say the Mitth family runs things on Copero. Is that right?”

Pova shook her head again. “Their shipbuilding business has hit some hard times. House Inrokini bailed them out with a huge investment, so they’re the real power these days. Not that Mitth advertises the fact, of course.”

“Sounds like I need to make some friends from Inrokini, then.” The contact tucked his datapad into his coat, then checked a chrono on his wrist. “How’d you two meet?”

Pova didn’t even try to hide her look of surprise. “What?”

“Your source.” The contact tucked his hands into his pockets and casually leaned back against the building behind him. “I’m a sucker for a good romance. How’d you meet her?”

Pova scowled a bit, but acquiesced. “We rode the same train route on Corellia. Made each other as spies, chased each other around town, took a few shots back and forth. You know how it is when you meet someone you like.”

“Apparently not.”

“Well, once the ammo ran dry and we were down to knives, we got to talking, and figured out we weren’t specifically ordered to kill each other, so we agreed to go our separate ways.” Pova smiled as she checked that the alley was clear again, then turned back. “Next morning, I hop my usual train, and who’s there, bandaged up almost as bad as me?”

“Same taste in clothes. Always a good sign.”

“Obviously, we weren’t supposed to know each other, but the bandages were the perfect cover for striking up a conversation. She gave her fake name, I gave mine, we told each other our made-up stories of how we got injured. We both missed our stops, we were laughing so much. Things just went from there.”

The contact straightened back up but kept his hands in his pockets, turning a bit toward one end of the alley. “Speaking of missing your stop, I’ve got a ride to catch. Luckily not a train this time.” He gave a brief, respectful nod, and started to walk away. Pova turned to leave in the opposite direction, but heard him speak after she’d taken a few steps toward the street.

“Must’ve been hard.”

She turned back and saw him looking over his shoulder toward her, his expression inscrutable. He continued. “Different jobs, different goals, loads of secrets. Hell, you’d nearly killed each other.”

Pova considered the question for a moment. Droplets of oily rain started to fall, spattering and pinging off metal and glass all around them. “When you know something’s right, you do whatever it takes.”

The contact looked off into the distance a moment, then nodded thoughtfully. The rain picked up as he disappeared into the dark alleyway. Pova turned and set off toward her ship, threading effortlessly into the crowds navigating Nar Shaddaa’s sea of rain-slicked durasteel and glimmering lights.


  • Travelering_swordsman

    i would love that palace, or temple for a stronghold :3

    • HMH

      I hope they work out the shadows for you cuz in that pic they’re all over the place.

    • f

      I would hate it.

      • sdasd

        I’d kick it’s ass.

  • Deewe

    Amounts of new assets in this new planet ≈ 0


      Kinda like CM releases? 😛

      TBH, though, BW does have a history of reusing assets far more than they sometimes should.

  • Toheen

    ahh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Darth Ji’inx

    That Chiss in the pic appears to be the third FP boss Valss.

    Excluding the pants (and maybe the lightsaber), he’s wearing a completely new outfit. It could be “Ascendancy Outcast” or “Ascendancy Soldier.”

    • Harston

      Looks like new hair too.

  • Fred Garvin

    Looks like Makeb.


    That bit at the end… we goin’ back to Nar Shaddaa?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I’m thinking it’ll eventually be Ord Mantell based on the datamined names of some upcoming pack weapons.

      • MKDAWUSS

        I haven’t kept up with the dataminers recently

  • deletebioware.exe

    Copy paste Alderaan mountains. Copy paste Rakata Prime palm trees. Copy paste Maked buildings.

    “Boss, Copero the Chiss world is ready!”

  • ZestyM8

    Another 10 minute story that will turn into a god forsaken piece of shit flashpoint?
    Not excited at all, nor will I probably play it lmao.

  • Ben Gimson

    Decent enough story. Even more hints that Theron isn’t really a traitor. But then I suppose we all knew that already XD

    • Vadim Karpov

      Of course he isnt, he just double agent who joined to them to reweal their plans, location, resources etc to bring this information to commander.

      • Ben Gimson

        Yeah, although why he neglected to mention his plot to either Lana or the Commander I’ll never understand.

        • MKDAWUSS

          Punchline: Lana will have known the entire time, while the Commander had no idea.

          • Ben Gimson

            That… would actually be quite good tbh XD

            • gua543

              That would be quite predictable.

              • Ben Gimson

                I’d say not. The rest, sure (Theron not really being a traitor), but to find out that Lana’s entire reaction to his betrayal was just a convincing act would be quite a surprise, specifically because it’s Lana. She’s not a professional spy (as Theron pointed out on Rishi, IIRC) and she goes pretty Sithy when Theron betrays the Alliance, so I’d be -very- surprised if it turns out she knew all along. Her entire reaction just felt really sincere.

                That, and Theron never really trusted Lana. If she did know, that’d be some pretty decent (albeit subtle) character development for both of them. Theron trusting Lana and Lana being less shit at spy-related stuff 😛

              • Fallen

                If Lana knew and not say something then she is going to enjoy some droid parts as will Theron for not saying a word 😀 I can be nice lol

              • Ben Gimson

                Lana could burn children and I’d forgive her <3

              • Kaelin

                Its nice not to be in the wrong end of someones evil deeds, right?

          • Kaelin

            They both will die if its true

        • Guy

          Because the less they knew the more successful, and less chance of being revealed

          • Ben Gimson

            But given the massive resources and influence of the Alliance, not telling anyone puts him in an incredibly difficult position. If he worked with Lana and/or the commander, they could put on a good show of looking for him while providing opportunities for him to slip through the cracks.

            As it stands, it’s one man against the entire Alliance. Obviously he’ll slip by them because plot, but it seems like he’s made life unnecessarily difficult for himself.

        • Vadim Karpov

          To make their anger real. More real amotions – easy to joing oppose side.

          • Ben Gimson

            Yeah, but that also means their reaction would be genuine, and given the massive resources they control Theron telling neither of them the truth means that their search for him would be sincere- that adds a -huge- risk for Theron’s plan.

            In their search they could actually find him, ruining his plan and then leaving him in the position of being unable to justify his actions. He could try to convince them of what he was planning, but since he’s trying to infiltrate the ‘order’ it’s hard not to assume they aren’t secretive and possibly not even on the Alliance radar, beyond Theron’s knowledge. “I only did it to try and infiltrate a secret organisation that I can’t prove exist” would be a fairly shaky defense.

            I’m hoping it’s as MKDAWUSS suggested below; that he actually did confide in Lana and she’s just been acting the whole time, and since (presumably) she deals with the day-to-day order-giving side of things, she could create windows of opportunity for Theron to make sure the Alliance didn’t catch him before he finished the job.

    • Disqus this

      Doesn’t really matter. I’m killing him anyway just because of how he continued the drama of one traitor after another. Caused so much strife within the alliance. I don’t need that guy on the team going off and doing his own thing. So, he’s a dead man. I got tons of companions to take his place.

      • Ben Gimson

        Eh, I can’t hate the guy. I pity him. He’s got mummy and daddy issues, big-time, so I can’t help but feel sorry for him.

  • Horton

    I don’t have strong feelings about EA, Bioware, or the financial policies that people decry or support re: SWTOR. But you all might appreciate this:


  • Destroy RP servers then drop a Fiction piece as a lead …

    • very unhappy

      ikr – I remain pretty shocked by what has happened to EH – my escape from harbinger’s epic nastiness where I raided but never lingered.

      • BW fucked the big spenders

        Killing the rp servers instead of merging BC and EH was also economic madness. The rp’ers have some of the greatest sub longevity, the biggest SH and gear portfolios, and are forgiving when it comes to the endgame shortfalls because the majority are not pursuing ops play in any serious fashion.

  • Darth Gnaw
  • Spoilofthelamb

    Maybe they’ll finally bring back The Bulwark vibroblade?
    If we’re implementing unused assets now, that is. It’s been unattainable since the loot tables changed in the Rakghoul flashpoint years ago. :3

  • lolipop

  • Anca Gaspar

    I think we will never get Theron back,we will get romance-able Arcann instead :S

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