Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Reveal #2 Livestream Coverage

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Reveal #2 Livestream Coverage.

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Exploring Mercury

New Public Event

New Public event created just for Mercury. The event is called Vex Crossroads. You can go to different areas during the event that are normally not accessible otherwise.

Vex Gatekeepers (hydras) will spawn periodically and they drop keys (arc charges) that you can dunk. Vex cannons will also spawn that allow you to move quickly to another area for the event after you dunked all the keys. The event area is a series of islands and some of the islands are only accessible via these cannons that are active during the event.

The final boss of the event is a Gate Lord that goes immune periodically and requires you to kill more Vex Gatekeepers to disable his shield.

Two chests will spawn at end of the event (heroic), making it more rewarding. The loot is same as usual (blue gear + mercury tokens).


Infinite Forest and Adventures

Some adventures will take place inside the Infinite Forest, exploring different timelines of Mercury. Infinite Forest is basically a Vex reality simulation machine where they play out different timelines of Mercury in the past, present, and future with different scenarios.

Infinite Forest is like a LEGO building blocks, there are different random set pieces and different random enemies that you will encounter each time you enter it. All of the combatant races are available in the Infinite Forest (i.e. you can fight Hive mobs in there).

All the adventures have a theme. The Up and Up for example, features a bunch of platform jumping.

There are milestones for completing specific adventures.


New Endgame Rewards


Lighthouse is more optimized, so you don’t have to run around everywhere. There are mysteries you can solve inside the Lighthouse.

Heroic Adventures

These are very challenging adventures with different modifiers each time you play it. 

Prophecy Verses/The Forge

Brother Vance will have different Lost Prophecy Verses for sell (11 different verses). Buying one will start a mini quest where you need to collect certain specific items. These items can be acquired from strikes, heroic adventures, public events etc on Mercury.


Once you acquired all the items required by the Lost Prophecy verse, you can take it to the Forge interface on the Lighthouse and it will forge you a new weapon.


These weapons all have the theme of modified Vex tech on top of our existing weapon tech. All of the weapons were designed with perks and stats chosen carefully.

New Strikes

Two new strikes added. You first get introduced them to via the story campaign solo and once you have completed the story campaign, you can play them in your strike playlist. There are two versions of these strikes, a solo version integrated to the story, and a regular strike version designed for 3 players.

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