Destiny 2 Iron Banner Event Guide

A guide to the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event. This event is running from Nov 21 to Nov 28.

Getting Started

This event will run from Nov 21 1 am Pacific to Nov 28 1 am Pacific.

Iron Banner is a weekly long PvP event in Destiny 2 where Guardians can play a specific game type in the Crucible to earn Iron Banner Tokens that can be turned to Lord Saladin in the Tower Courtyard. To participate you must meet the following requirements.

  • Be Level 20 and completed the main story campaign.
  • Speak with Lord Saladin in the Tower Courtyard to begin the Iron Banner Milestone


After that, navigate to the Crucible and select Iron Banner playlist. There are also daily challenges/milestones and seasonal milestones to complete. While the daily challenges/milestones are character specific, the seasonal milestone is account wide.


There is only one game mode for Iron Banner (Clash for this round of Iron Banner). There is no power level advantage and it is 4v4 PvP like rest of the Crucible.

Earning Iron Banner Tokens

Here are the ways you can earn Iron Banner tokens.

  • 5 tokens per win
  • 2 tokens per loss
  • 15 tokens for completing the daily milestone.
  • You can complete daily challenges as well to earn additional tokens.

Iron Banner tokens can be spent at Lord Saladin for Engrams containing the weapons and armor below (20 Iron Banner Tokens per engram).



The Forward Path – Auto Rifle destiny-2-the-forward-path destiny-2-the-forward-path-2
The Time-Worn Spire – Pulse Rifle destiny-2-the-time-worn-spire destiny-2-the-time-worn-spire-2
The Guiding Sight – Scout Rifle destiny-2-the-guiding-sight destiny-2-the-guiding-sight-2
The Steady Hand – Hand Cannon destiny-2-the-steady-hand destiny-2-the-steady-hand-2
The Fool’s Remedy – Sidearm destiny-2-the-fool's-remedy destiny-2-the-fool's-remedy-2
The Hero’s Burden – Submachine Gun destiny-2-the-hero's-burden destiny-2-the-hero's-burden-2
The Wizened Rebuke – Fusion Rifle destiny-2-the-wizened-rebuke destiny-2-the-wizened-rebuke-2
The Day’s Fury – Grenade Launcher destiny-2-the-day's-fury-2 destiny-2-the-day's-fury


Iron Truage – Titan (Restorative)


Iron Truage – Hunter (Heavy)


Iron Truage – Warlock (Heavy)


Shaders & Emblems

Iron Battalion Shader


Iron Wolf Shader


Shades of Radegast Emblem (Seasonal Milestone Reward)


  • Jalen Dmello

    So this seasonal reward, how does one earn it? does it require completing daily milestones everyday , participate in at least one match or token turns in ??

    • earn 10 turn ins (so 200 iron banner tokens)

      • Jordan

        can you earn more then 10 iron engrams or is that the cap for each character?

        • Yeah you can earn more than 10, not aware of any cap actually.

          • Joshua Myers

            Possibly 30, the same as the Faction engram limit. If the same then after the first 30 you only get the shaders.

  • Emile Caitan

    I thought they change it so you can purchase the armor individually.

    • Not until season 2

      • Emile Caitan

        Well that’s disappointing

  • Talosaurus

    Thanks for the coverage Dulfy. Can’t wait to see the changes that season 2 might bring.

  • Kubrickian

    I’m having so much fun doing the group activities and the missions I’ve only dabbled in PVP. The AI for the NPC’s is never dull like other games. It’s nice these weapons are legendary. This is one of the most addicting games I’ve played in years.

    • Zenis

      Oh don’t worry mate. If when choosing pvp mode says “Level Advantages Disabled” everyone is scaled to same power lvl. Currently all pvp modes have this option enabled. Thing is to find good or decent weapon combinations you feel comfortable using and don’t forget some exotics can give you slight advantage. In the end it is all minor difference.

      My younger brother who has amazing aim went with me having fresh warlock at around 220 power with blue leveling weapons and was moving down players like nothing.

      And last thing find sub class that gives you most advantage in pvp (grenades can be especially potent)

  • thelusive

    ive turned in atleast 800 tokens and i still dont ahve a full set of titan armor, this is ridiculous.

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