GW2 Gemstore- Evon Gnashblade Package & Mini Kormeerkat

GW2 Gemstore updated today with Evon Gnasblade Decorative Package & Mini Kormeerkat for 3000 gems and 350 gems respectively.

Evon Gnashblade Decorative Package – 3000 gems

  • 1x Black Lion Weapon Arsenal – Pick a weapon type and receive a random black lion skin of that type.
  • 1x Makeover Pack (1x Makeover Kit & 5x Transmutation Charges)
  • 1x Black Lion Key Set (10 BLC keys and 1 Golden BLC Key)
  • 1x Black Lion Universal Outfit Ticket (choice of any outfit released before Awakened Zealot, not including anniversary outfits)
  • 2x Dragon’s Watch Dye Kit

Mini Kormeerkat – 350 gems



  • Braham’s Heavy Armor – 640 gems (20% OFF)
  • Phoenix Light Armor – 640 gems (20% OFF)
  • Magitech Medium Armor – 640 gems (20% OFF)
  • NoxInfernus

    /Cough cough
    That’s one pricey Package.

    Not too keen on the random BL skin. If I pick sword, is there code in the RNG that prevents getting a BL Sword skin I already have? Hoping so, but guessing not.
    10 BL keys and a choice of outfit is OK, I guess.
    More RNG with the Golden key.
    Dyes, Make over kit and trans charges – meh

    • Ayakaru

      Of course, just like the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock, you don’t get the item, you get the unlock in your gallery. So you’re guaranteed a skin you don’t have yet

    • Trillium

      plus with my luck I’ll get something like Glittering or Immortal or some other useless crap

    • Michael Horskin

      With the weapon skin you can get an item you already have, but you get the item not an unlock. I got a plasma sword skin which I already had, but was able to sell it on the trading post. Overall, that by itself made it seem kinda crappy.

  • Peter Pennekamp

    than odin for adblock
    dulfy req 12inch penis growth pills

  • RKC

    Why does the Kormeerkat look like a Felyne from the Monster Hunter franchise?

  • Jalen Dmello

    Whats a golden bltc key ??
    If they want us to get what we want then give us what we want, not more keys lol

    • Zenamez

      It guarantees an uncommon (or higher) drop from BL chests.

  • Mr. Principal

    Seems like there are some RNG thing here.. Oh this is gonna be fun.. *brings popcorn & waits..*

    • Razyiel

      BLC have always been random since release and nobody ever complaints about that… if that happens now it’s just silly…

      • Hawke

        I send messages with my wallet. I don’t mind spending real money if I’m sure what I’m getting, but I’m not going to waste it on gambling. No BLC for me, no matter what pretty stuff they put in there.

    • Alot

      RNG loot boxes full of things long time players could have (at some point) obtained directly for about 50-80 gold a piece. I’d be surprised if many people complained about it.

  • Nirya

    Bought 2 packages, dyes and weapons alone gave me enough gold for 2k gems. Used 10 keys and got the glider skin. I’m kinda happy with that.

  • nadrian3k

    Last week ANet: “we are sorry we created a RNG system that is against our vision for the game”
    1 week later ANet: “1x Black Lion Weapon Arsenal – Pick a weapon type and receive a random black lion skin of that type.”

    • Apple Salad

      Can’t avoid RNG in life tbh, there’s always a chance of getting struck by lightning, bird poop landing on you and so on. Question is; how one deals with it.

      • nadrian3k

        Well yes i agree with you…but there’s a difference between intentional and unintentional results.

        • Shazzbott

          They never said that RNG was against their vision for the game. They said microtransactions that never resulted in paying for more power were their vision, their way of monetizing for the continuation of their servers. RNG for cosmetic upgrades isn’t against that vision, so be aware whether you talk about paying for more literal playing power (like pay us $10 and you can have gear that gives +100 Power & Precision) versus paying for looking great (pay us $10 to give your existing mount and armor a colorful makeover).

          • Atlas

            You didnt get the point.
            Its not about their vision, its about the disrespect, which those RNG mechanices implicitly show against the loyal fanbase.
            There is no isse in making cosmetic items available in a Pay2Play/Free2Play MMO, but not to be able to chose, for what exactly you spend your money, is the fastest way to loose the players.

        • Apple Salad

          What Shazzbott said is true. Plus I tend to look at things from all different angles instead of only focusing on whats the disadvantage of it on me. I will the Mount Skin Contract for my example. Firstly it’s not forced and it’s natural to have people interested in it, and there’s a choice to get it or not. It’s a cosmetic and like a legendary weapons, I consider it as a long term goal to obtain it as I’m not going to spend (money for shortcuts) and within a possible range as it is or close to a legendary weapon cost. Not fully RNG since you won’t get repeated skins for the purchase.

          It’s just a mistake on Anet side in marketing side by being lazy or did not package the product in a good way. They could separate the mounts by types Raptor box, Skimmer box and so on… that when one gets the type of skin they want they can move on, lowering the chance of getting different skins on 1 mount while retrying to open for a specific.

          Plus RNG for the mount skins gave me a positive feeling instead. Yes, I do agree it sucks not getting the desired skin but it made players in game riding various mount designs + dyed differently. Altho some may feel its forced, I like the variety of mounts flying around as it made me felt mine special for being different (I’m not a fan of those astral mounts) and you will be surprised with how different dyes in slots will effect the mount colors.

          That said, its better to suggest ways or alternative on how to solve it, rather than getting Anet to spoil us. Find it awkward finding one saying “willing to die for it”, but unwilling to work for it?

  • visher

    Aw, looks like they dropped doing those announces from Evon perspective in their news. I really loved them.

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