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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 21 – November 28

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 21 – November 28

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27 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 21 – November 28”

The things they remove at random are confusing. Be nice if they could mention when things are time-sensitive outside of the weekly changes.

I know because they reset the weekly sales early I missed out on the sensuous dress as they stopped it 24 hours early, now its back to the same time it used to be.
They need a count down timer on how long items will be on sale for.

A note for impulse buyers: The “Senya Tirall’s Lightsaber” isn’t the lightsaber like the CM claims, rather; it’s the pike (dualsaber).

Yeah, they need to clarify this and refund people, I know of two of your guild members who but this unknowingly and aren’t happy.

I was staring at the picture on Dulfy, and thought that looked like the Pike rather than the saber. Thought they might have made a mistake on the picture, but good to know.

Don’t worry folks, they only just smelled money. Like EA, and if they do something about it pap EA will kick our balls even more. But this time we won’t even notice that.

Has there been any announcement on Black Friday sales? Is there going to be a 50% off on collection unlocks?

Edit: Nvm, just answered my own question.
Looks like 50% off unlocks and a daily sale. I miss the flash sale that they did a few years back where they had a new item every hour (or was it 2 hour), and had things that were 75%-90% off.

Oh. I didn’t realize it was daily. :/

Shame, I was hoping to finally get the Akk Dog.

On the plus side, I snagged the Bold Hellion outfit instead.

I love the idea of daily sales, along with the weekly that should give EA some revenue to pay for the lawyers they are needing for the whole BF2 fiasco.

what about the sith recluse armor says 25% off i havent logged on in over a week. and i have 8 minutes to see how much it is, cause its not on this website. and WHYYYYYY does the senya pike saber have to be like 40 bucks

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