SWTOR Master’s Datacron Instant Level 70 Boost Info

Bioware has released a new blog post on how the Master’s Datacron will work.

Starting with ’A Traitor Among the Chiss’ (Game Update 5.6) on November 28th, there will be a new item introduced to the Cartel Market called the Master’s Datacron. This item will allow you to take any non-maximum level (70) character on your account and immediately move them up to maximum level. One unique thing about this boost is that it doesn’t progress your character’s story at all, meaning this is a great way to play through the classic Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ storylines without worrying about your character level!

The Master’s Datacron also comes with the Eternal Commander Equipment bundle. Once you have boosted to max level and chosen your character’s Discipline (more on this below), you can use the equipment bundle to have a full set of level 70 gear for your character. So, whether you are boosting a new level 1 character to play through the story, or you just want to get right to 70 to jump into group activities with your friends, the Master’s Datacron has everything you need.

Since this is the first time we have offered an item like this, find out more about how the item works below.

To start, you will need to acquire the Master’s Datacron and Equipment Bundle. You can purchase it directly from the Cartel Market for 2,000 CC, or you can check the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) to see if another player is selling one. Once you have them, you will need to ensure that they are moved to the character that you intend to boost. As a reminder, the Master’s Datacron will not work on an existing level 70 character.

Opening the bundle will grant your character two items, the Master’s Datacron and the Eternal Commander Equipment box. When you are ready to boost your character to max level, go ahead and right click on the Datacron in your inventory (make sure you are using it on the character you want to boost)! This will begin an eight second cast timer which says, “Promoting to level 70.” With the cast bar complete, you will receive two pop-ups confirming that this is the character that you want to boost. Note: This decision is final and irreversible.

Once confirmed, the screen will fade to white and you will be transported to your player ship, which you will be granted as a part of the Master’s Datacron if you don’t already have one. For those players who want to experience unlocking their ship naturally through the story, you’ll still be able to do so. While on your ship, you will notice a Mission in your log named “Master’s Datacron” with the text “Increasing level.” After a few seconds, that Mission will complete and your character will become level 70.

At this point, you should head to your Discipline window (default shortcut key of K) to choose your Class’s Discipline if you haven’t already. This is important as a Discipline is required to use the Eternal Commander’s Equipment box.

With your Discipline selected, head to your inventory and right click on the Equipment box. This will grant you a full set of gear, based on your chosen Discipline.

You’re all set! Your character is now max level and ready to roam the galaxy. You can see any Missions you were on previously in your Mission log. Feel free to continue your existing Missions or explore the galaxy!

  • Vadim Karpov

    Same as Cm character boost but tradable?

    • SideshowBob

      No, not exactly the same as the Cartel Market Character Boost. The character boost is used to create a character (at the character select screen) that will instantly be either level 65 or 70 once it enters the game for the first time, and it bypasses ALL class story content (you will be unable to go through your class’ story on the starter planets).

      This item is different. You must first create a level 1 character (or use any previously created non-level 70 character already in existence) and the use this item to instantly level that character to 70. The difference here is you still keep your existing mission log and all the quests you normally would be eligible to do as a regular character, including the class story beginning on the starter planets.

    • sentientomega

      The Outlander Character Token allows starting at 60 or 65, fyi, not 70.

  • JerbhEU

    Full 248 set?

    • Nomad

      i’m guessing 240 or 244

  • Farlas816

    Why play the game when you can just give EA money instead?

    • Ben Gimson

      Tbf, as someone who’s leveled close to a hundred characters over the years this is a welcome addition. The current character boosts don’t let you access essential titles, so this’ll be nice.

      Not that I think I’ll buy any at this point. Still, it’s good that it’s there.

  • burstdragon323

    I love the icon.

    “I’m so weak…..”

    “I love my shiny armor accents!”

  • Havik79

    Awww no freebie for subs, they did with the 2 outlander boosts.

  • Xandryah

    i wish guildwars2 had such a thing…

    • Craig Chopper Kreskay

      it does, you even get exotic gear

      • xandryah

        But only if you buy the game itself or one of the two expansions, right?

        • Craig Chopper Kreskay

          it comes with either expansion yes. 20-30 bucks gets you an expansion and a lvl80 booster for free.

  • Xandryah

    I wish Guildwars2 had such a thing…

    • Yeah I might actually attempt to play it then…

    • Mikey Moo

      it does

      • xandryah

        But only if you buy the game itself of one of the two expansions, right?

  • Jiří Dobeš

    since it only boosts my level and keeps me able to do story etc. i assume i will not get daily planets like oriron automatically unlocked – and therefore have to do questline first like we have to do now?

    • jaydog

      I think you will be able to. Oricon is a stand a lone.

  • Meelis S

    These instant level boost to level cap are introduced when mmo is about to go under.
    Typical last stretch money grabbing. Be alarmed…

    • Fallen

      Oh well then game goes bye bye can not control what the idiots that run EA do Guess I will check out wildstar Really is a shame this is a great game 😀

    • Mikey Moo

      Um….No it isn’t lol. Lot’s of games that are doing spectacularly well do this after a certain age. Guild Wars 2 is a great example, World of Warcraft is another.

      • Meelis S

        And how many subs has WoW or how well does GW2? Yet another example how you failed. While this game did 3rd round server merges. There are no merges possible anymore just to give you example.

  • Ben Gimson

    Make sure to stamp in as many outfits as you can/want before using the boost, since the cost goes up with your level.

  • Amodin

    And for only $19.95, you too can suck in a shitty game at max level!
    – Already a subscriber and feel like you are getting the shaft? BOOM! Buy that level 70!
    – Just want a top level character with free gear, and absolutely have no clue how to play it? BOOM! Buy that level 70!
    – Want to impress your friends? BOOM! Unsubscribe, play for free and BOOM! Buy that level 70!

    *Void where prohibited, purchase IS necessary. Operations, Flashpoints and anything determined as “fun” not included with purchase.

  • Frigi

    Ever since the instant-60 tokens I’ve seen many people asking for something like this (not something to skip ahead to new story, but a way to quickly get to endgame while still having access to the nice stories), so I’m not surprised that they decided to introduce this.

    I don’t really understand the point myself, though, what with leveling being quick and easy as it is. But if there’s people lining up to pay for something like this, they’d be foolish not to sell.

  • Are we (subscribers) gonna get 1 of them for free, like those instant-60 tokens from back then ?

  • Shawn Hargrave

    look at this i hope ea takes it up the ass

    • Drivan

      I just looked this up. This is the real deal, they really are going after the practice of selling loot crates in video games! They are siting it as predatory and calling it out as gambling since you pay money, real or fake, for the chance to win something…
      This could be very interesting…

      • ZestyM8

        Hahaha, EA are fucked. Look at this, they didn’t expect this but I am loving every bit of this, i’m kind of glad my preorder was cancelled and i’ll never touch this game. I don’t care how pretty it looks, if you watch videos online, it doesn’t actually look that good, it kind of looks boring and dull. It’s just got the star wars label, which makes it seem interesting, but it’s not.

        • Drivan

          I just finished the story in BF2, It’s compelling and the game play is not only very smooth and natural feeling, but animated beautifully as well. The story is set up for more content to be added later, which I’m guessing is going to happen after Star Wars Episode 8.
          They don’t have a cash shop in BF2 anymore, so going after SW:BF2 isn’t going to get them anywhere. This will only, possibly, help to keep EA from putting the cash shop back in to the game. However, going after SWTOR and other such games that have a cash shop for gambling boxes that will put a hurting on these titles that depend on their gambling boxes to make most of their money. I hope more states and countries jump on board with this.

    • Fallen

      LOL EA will pay a fine and have their hands smacked while saying Sorry we were bad boys and will not do it again The problem will be for the gamers as same SJW people will realize that playing games can be considered an addiction also And then take action on that

    • Fred Garvin

      What’s with all these goofs they stuck in front of the mic? If you want to go after EA for this dirt ball attempt at gouging people I’m all for it but spare me the religious Pop-pop, the out-of-touch mom, and the new-daddy “gamer” speeches…lol.

  • Don Jackson

    They’re going to kill SWTOR like SWG, when you have to merge all the servers to get more ppl on and give more F2p goodies, all are lost!! Just play it on Xbox or PlayStation. This is way too easy…..take the time and learn the game.

    • Ben Gimson

      Whatever SWG’s faults, it never got as bad as swtor.

      • Dookie

        I miss the fuck out of that game. Sure, it was flawed and had serious problems with management and direction but hot damn. SWTOR doesn’t even come close in my opinion. I miss the hey-days when cities were packed with people. The EMU seems so empty in comparison.

        RIP SWG, you are missed.

  • ZestyM8

    Pay to win BRO

    EA had to take them out of Battlefront (temporarily) and they said “let’s put them in swtor”
    Don’t buy this you schmucks. I have to say though, what CUNTS this company are.

    • Adam

      I admire your passion but in this case that is not true. The only way this would be pay to win is if your lvl 70 character pvped against low lvl players. However lvl 70 characters only pvp against other lvl 70s, this there is no advantage. The most this does is allow some players to skip right to earning cxp via story which is not a advantage. Still, you can go lvl 1 to 70 in like a day anyway so this is pretty much a complete waste of money.

      • ZestyM8

        I’m not referring to crappy pvp. The pvp in this game is broken and complete trash. I was simply just making a sarcastic joke towards Battlefront. This is pay to win in some context, that being able to skip the entire grind. I really don’t care to be honest with this game anymore, I just come on here to shit on it because it’s pretty dead.

        • abaddonsmummy

          I can see the hate you have for EA and Battlefront, but this is Swtor.
          It certainly ain’t perfect but it ain’t Battlefront bad.
          Wow has the same option for grind skip.
          However I see this more as a cry from many posters to do the story as a lvl 70 which sounds more fun.

  • Guest

    Why do that when you can quickly level up to 70 by playing flashpoints all day? I did that with all of my characters. And Its FREE (well, mostly free. Had to buy a few EXP boosts but its still cheaper than paying 2000 cc).

    • Deshik

      So you don’t get the major XP boosts from doing story?

      • Guest

        Oh I do. I just dont want wait till I complete a mission to get the boosts. I just buy them from the Market and get started.

  • Jonathan Parker

    I just don’t care, honestly. I have all eight characters up at least above 50, I don’t need to pay to level up. There are so many level 70s running around, it’s not like anyone will be getting an actual advantage above anyone who’s leveled up before. The only thing I’m kinda worried about is these fresh level 70 characters showing up in endgame content. I already dread random groups, and now they might not be anywhere near ready for endgame content.

  • jaydog

    I dig it. I like the idea that i can play the story now at max level. I feel like they should have did this rather than have the insta 60 and 65 tokens. Least this way you can play the story if you want to. It does make me wonder if there is going to be a cap increase soon…

    • John Kosto

      You can still play the story at max level. Just level to 70, then play the story. How hard is it?

      • abaddonsmummy

        How would you level without doing story then?
        That would take a while.

        • Ben Gimson

          Heroics. Takes a couple of hours in total. I leveled up a Sage that way before she’d got any further than the temple on Tython.

          • abaddonsmummy

            Wait it took you a couple of hours to level a toon for level 0-70 doing Heroics?
            How did you unlock the planets to get there?
            Can you just do it via the fleet?
            I’m not saying it’s not true but I cant see how even with max boosts it’s possible in a few hours?

            • Ben Gimson

              As long as you can get to the fleet you can do heroics on any planet. Not sure if it’s been fixed yet, but the heroics used to reset after an hour or two so you could just keep doing easy ones (excluding the bonus mission, which reset weekly as intended).

              Wanted to be able to wear the Oricon armour on Tython for screenshots. As long as you knuckle down and crack on with it it can be done, it’s just boring. I PvP to level nowadays though. Burnt out on heroics.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Interesting way of doing it.
                I remember a few years back Kuat Drive yards was the quick way to level, burnt myself out on that :P.

              • Ben Gimson

                Yeah that one got dull fast :’)

              • sentientomega

                So did I, back when I had just 66 characters, most of them were KDY runners, and it’s quite possible that as a result, I’ve gone insane. 😛

            • Dookie

              You can also just burn through the starter planet real fast, then as Ben said, go on from there just through Heroics. I had a Sorcerer that was level 65 in no time due to that. In fact, you can entirely skip planet quests and just do story (if you want) and Heroics without touching any of that slog.

        • John Kosto

          Really? Side quests, pvp, flashpoints, and when you reach level 50, operations and hard mode flashpoints.

          Besides, with level sync on planets, give me ONE good reason why someone would necessarily want to do the entire story line at level 70 and not at level 40 or 24 or 32 for example.

          • abaddonsmummy

            I’ll give you 2 sir.
            You get all of your abilities and you don’t have to get/craft new gear every 5 levels or so.

            • John Kosto

              1. Abilities have been dumbed-down so much, that by level 20 (which is very very fast to get to) you pretty much have already enough abilities to power through

              2. With level sync, gear does not matter a bit. I do not ever craft gear for my low level toons, nor do I even wear any gear at all.

              • abaddonsmummy

                You always had enough abilities to get you through story at each planet that was never a problem, it’s just more fun imho to have them all at your disposal.
                Yeah gear doesn’t matter as much with level sync but I always still gear every few levels to maximise my alts power so this is no longer an issue with the datacron.
                I guess it’s all down to preference, some will love it some will never use it, I know from personal experience I rushed through most of the stories to level up as quick as possible at the beginning, many years ago, and would now like to go back again with an alt that I can do op’s with to get cxp and do the whole story from the beginning without having to spend a week or two first to get to lvl 70.
                This isn’t a game changer, it’s just a small fun option.

      • Rob Smith

        Exactly, you can still play the stories just at max level and max gear so you can now simply focus on the story, Flashpoints, Ops, etc. and use those credits for anything the level 70 gear set doesn’t give you like relics, implants or even augments for your gear.

  • Fred Garvin

    Please witness the player on the left. This poor bastard realizes this joke of a game has released only 3 ops bosses over the last 3 years, zero open-world explorable questing areas, and is a wasteland of sadness.

    Ah, but in contrast the player on the right is someone who is excited to realize there are other MMOs out there that do release lots of content, including endgame instances, on a regular basis (such as WoW which has released 63 raid bosses in the same timeframe! 63 > 3.)

    How can you become like the player on the right you ask? Use the new “SWTOR Ultimate Experience Token” which you can see in the bottom right hand corner. It costs NOTHING! Just pick one up from a re-skinned droid on the Fleet, activate it, and SWTOR will be automatically deleted from your PC. If it is detected that you attempt to reinstall the game at any point, two large men with rubber hoses will be sent to your address to persuade you to reconsider.


    • Amkosh

      Seriously whacked to threaten people, even in jest.

      What does it hurt you if someone else wants to play SWTOR? If it does, then I suggest seeking professional help for your mental health problems.

      Let people play what they want and pay for it how they want.

      • Fallen

        He is one of many that like to troll here Guess all the other games Fred mention must be boring to him Or he would not have time to post here if he was playing them all

        • Fred Garvin

          You guys must all work from the same dumbass playbook. Newsflash: it took me less than 5 minutes to post that at the end of the day after enjoying the games I play that actually have things to do in them.

          • Fallen

            LOL so your saying you are a closet playing SWTOR fan do to the fact you still post here Or is trolling this site is your true fun time instead of those other games 🙂 And i do like the game But far from defending the idiots at EA Enjoy your day Fred 😀

            • Fred Garvin

              You’re not even original enough to comeback with a different slam, you just again say a dumbass comment insinuating that it takes a long time to post a comment here and that it must be a full pastime. Silly rabbit, go farm CXP.

          • Diadas

            You come here to insult peoples intelligent because they play this game that you clearly don’t give a shit about and yet you come back here to reply with the same old shit? give it a rest

          • deezman

            then why are u here if ur having so much fun playing farmville and other games??

            • Fred Garvin

              Did you consult the nearest 12 year old for that comeback? Wash your face and try again.

        • abaddonsmummy

          He’s only here for the attention.

          • ZestyM8

            He’s not here for the ‘attention’ lmao. He’s simply offering his honest opinion. And his opinion is the realism of this game and what it’s become. You have no idea how to reply other than saying ‘troll’ or ‘attention seeker’ because your argument is to defend this game, saying it’s still good, when it’s not good and it’s just become a money grab to ensure EA finances. You can sit there and try to reply something dumb but I really don’t care, nor will probably reply again, but you have to realise how incompetent the devs are with this game, there’s no passion, there’s no care for it. That’s why swtor will die very soon. Just look at the server merges, they did that because player base was low and because no one is playing this game anymore. It may have players still playing, that’s fine, but it’s the emptiest it’s ever been, and you can’t tell me otherwise.

            • abaddonsmummy

              Actually I’m all for sensible discourse of the game, but i fail to see how the above post offers any insight into making the game better or improving the experience.
              Or can you tell me how “If it is detected that you attempt to reinstall the game at any point, two large men with rubber hoses will be sent to your address to persuade you to reconsider” is offering sensible discourse on the future of the game.
              There are plenty posters on here that will do so, Fred is not one of them.
              I hated Kotfe and Kotet but I see them now listening to players thanks to the genuine players who complained sensibly about the game and is giving us what we wanted, server mergers, more QOL improvements, more flashpoints, new planets, new dailys, new warzones, an even easier CXP experience.
              Oh and all companies make money from their MMO’s it’s not news.
              It’s not pay to win like other EA games.
              My comment still stands.

              • ZestyM8

                I love the new flashpoints and warzones they added in. Only took them what? 3 years to make a new flashpoint or something like that. Man your comment still stands, man great job. I don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about but sure, your comment still stands 🙂

                I’m wrong and you’re right, that’s how the internet works apparently.

              • ZestyM8

                Took them like 3 years to make one flashpoint. What the fuck are you talking about nigga?

              • abaddonsmummy

                I’ve seen your picture zesty mate you ain’t from the bronx nor are you african american therefore “What the fuck are you talking about nigga?” does seem a tad inappropriate. 😛
                And where are you getting 3 years from?
                If you are getting it from here it’s untrue.
                We had over 2 years of well advertised and publicised story play, which I and many endgamers hated and was at the expense of our endgame, and that was their focus, not ops, they heard the anger and refocused at the start of the year on group and endame play.
                So it’s one year.
                And it that one year we’ve had a lot of group/endame/pvp/story content, considering they were starting from scratch.

              • Rob Smith

                Yea, we really are getting a lot of good stuff finally with server merges to help servers that were either completely dead or very close to it and lots of other QOL stuff. I hear we’re even getting a “Credit Bank” of sorts at some point that allows us to bank credits in and all characters on a Legacy can use it so no more having to mail credits from one character to another. 🙂 I think it’s coming either after 5.6 or later on after that.

              • abaddonsmummy

                I’ve been wishing for a legacy credit bank for a while now, really hope it comes in this next patch.
                You will see people jumping all over server mergers here, but is a great boon for all the poor sods that were stuck in the dead servers, it was a necessity and a good call..
                New flashpoint too is very welcome as is the new chiss storyline and the Marauder/Sent changes etc.

              • David Manson

                I want to agree that it appears that they are changing a little at bioware… The problem is it’s taking them forever to bring out new content which makes it appear like there budget was cut and or programmers removed for other games due to ea’s bullshit.

              • David Manson

                It used to only take them a few months to bring out one whole ops/raid but in that time they would release new daily’s and a flashpoint or two then we would see a new xpac meaning they were bringing out all that plus working on next expansion if there working on one at moment and thats why they failed to finish that ops/bosses then all they have to do is release a statement that there working on a new xpac that took more of there time than they thought it would. ect. I was never against those chapter based stories I just didn’t like the complete one player story it should have been both or… some of it was single player and rest was flashpoint rather than what they actually did..

              • abaddonsmummy

                Yeah totally agree with what you said there, there were so many opportunities to break up that huge single player story with flashpoints or other group based activities.
                Star fortresses should have been flashpoints, were an awful grind in solo, along with the excellent but badly under utilised Eternal Championship.
                The Eternal Champ would have been a great flashpoint, it encouraged different tactics, some of which were well thought out.
                Other top AAA titles do a xpac then apart from maintenance disappear for a year or two to bring out their next all singing and dancing xpac however because of the hostility (rightly imho) from it’s long established player base of zero endame for 2 years throughout Kotfe and Kotet they decided rightly or wrongly to gives us regular monthly/bi-monthly.
                It’s worked in part that we are getting content regularly but it appears piecemeal and imho they have killed that poor God of the machine OP by doing it in this manner.
                And then they made it a GF Daily OP for christ’s sake lol.
                2 Bosses !! XD

              • abaddonsmummy

                Yeah I can’t disagree with anything you have said there, we’ve heard a lot over the past few months about how few staff they have left and people being pinched from Swtor for other newer projects, we are getting new content but it’s piecemeal and the less said about the new Op’s the better.
                Ea is calling the shot’s as far as resources go and we ain’t top of the pile that’s for sure.

            • The only thing worse than a troll are the reply-to-a-troll trollers. Wait for trolls to do their shenanigans, wait for someone to inevitably take them to task, and then attack that person pretending to be high and mighty. Disgusting…

              Here’s a free suggestion. Feel free to follow in your father’s footsteps and leave forever 🙂

              • ZestyM8

                Lmao. Your mother should have gotten an abortion because you are a waste of life bruz.

              • Malgus

                But it can be so FUN!!!! Trolling a troll 😀

            • Rob Smith

              I have to admit, the game DOES feel like it’s gone down in quality ever since Bioware introduced their “F2P” option which was and still is a JOKE in and of itself. That said, let people play and pay for what they want to but still post your own opinions about things.

              Hopefully that makes sense.

        • Annoyed30something

          My God… he made a joke about uninstalling the game, get over it. Go back to playing Battlefront 2 or even worse, SWTOR…. ewwwww

      • Fred Garvin

        Of course…because anyone who posts something against this limp dick game must be mentally unstable over it…lmao. You and Fallen must both have “How to Defend SWTOR for Dummies.” Get past the first chapter because I’m tired of seeing you guys pos the same tired stuff.

        I’ll update my post just for you to make you feel better.

        • tbmanswtor

          shut up pussy

          • Fred Garvin

            Go wash my car, Biff.

    • HMH

      Watch as all the ‘Im only here to discuss the game’ posters jump on you about your attitude and ‘threatening people’ over this joke.

      • Lifelessonloser

        Watch as the troll defenders slide from under the fucking rock to rally round the biggest troll of them all.

        Quick one of our trolls is being attacked for trolling.


        Gimme a fucking break and get a fucking life.

        • Eban

          Heh I thought you were called Ebore!
          Awww he names his guest account depending on who he’s attacking,
          And I thought I was his favourite 🙁

          This isn’t going to work out, all you do is hurt my feelings.

          • Lifelessonloser

            This first troll to assemble is this guy.

            How many more parasites can we gather, it’s going to be warm in the deep south tonight and it always brings out the insects here.

            Or are you all the same person because that was pretty fucking quick.

            • Eban

              LOL are we all the same person?
              How many of these guest accounts are you? Lifelessonloser or Ebore or Fallen or Deezman or any other guest poster below.
              So many guest accounts can’t keep up.

              And I bet you 10$ you have a real account that’s already commented on here too.
              Don’t be scared, come out to play.

              And don’t act you don’t like the attention, you’re loving the trolling, just use your real account.

            • HMH

              The guest account hopper accuses actual account users of being all the same person. Boring.

        • HMH

          Case in point

      • Fred Garvin

        A few SWTOR Justice Warriors have indeed been rustled out of hibernation (i.e. acceptance of SWTOR’s fail status) by this post with the same accusations as usual: they think it takes hours to make a post here, they mistake smartass digs at the game itself to be directed at players, and they laughably try and disparage other MMOs that offer 100x more content.

    • Vanechka

      WoW put 63 raid bosses. Yeah sure, They put an eye patch to an ogre or dragon previously released and the cattle (followers), get overexcited for the new “content” keeping one of most dumbing down games still going strong.

  • Kubrickian

    If you have a set of that legacy 6 piece DvL armor from summer of 2016 combined with an XP boost you will hit level 70 with a level 1 character by the time you get to the 2nd or 3rd planet.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Earlier than that if there’s a double xp thingy going…

  • Amkosh

    Not something I want, or would buy. I’m not playing much SWTOR, tho I’m still subbed for another few weeks. If you want this, then I’m happy for you.

  • d8xC0

    There is this kind of new SWTOR players… the come from WoW and think skipping to level 70 is a clever thing.

    They think they are skipping the boring part and there is exiting endgame.


    • Meelis S

      Let them try that “endgame” with rng command crates 🙂
      They realize soon enough how that feels and probably will still play class stories as its more fun at least first time for sure. But in big picture EA just wants more money and its perfect way to cash in who think this is instant win 😀

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      Your spelling mistake actually makes it even funnier.

  • abaddonsmummy

    Great idea, people have been asking for this for a while, get all your abilities at the start and play through the great stories.
    And if you want play ops with guildies on the same alt.
    Smart move.

  • Hawke

    Looking forward to this one, being level 70 will make the replay much easier, especially since you can queue in groupfinder with all your skills & decent gear.

  • blah

    I just feel like this is so unnecessary. I started in 1.0 and just loved the character stories. I didn’t even look at endgame till I had 3 level 50s and in those days it took a good long time to get there. Why skip that? Why push to 70 at the start when the play has already been modified to such an extent that you can coffee in chapter boss fights? I actually feel sad for those who didn’t experience the early years of this game when you had to work for your gains – or even that next taxi point. New players now are being spoon fed and progressing too quickly and can barely drive the toons they have. Having multiple 70s was only necessary when alts were necessary to farm ops. I’d be more impressed if I had the option to punch one toon to command rank 300 now … since that grind is the real shit side of the game as it currently stands.

    • abaddonsmummy

      I hear what you are saying and it makes sense but I see it from a slightly different angle.
      Many endgame players want to be able to re-play story with a lvl 70 char without having to worry about abilities, gearing up etc, and just enjoy it and from that point of view it’s going to be fun imho.
      I find the cxp grind stupidly easy these days, I took a lvl1 cxp alt into Dread Palace last week and with all my boosts and the cxp boosts drops in the cxp packs I got from the OP I got almost 30 levels with one ops.
      Do that for ten days (a bit more maybe as it tiers) and you’re there.
      And with the new weekly CXP heroics boosts you’ll be there in no time.

      • rolalinii

        Wasn’t last week double xp?

        • Fallen

          Some posted here that double xp was going to be back next week Not sure on that

  • Mattador

    I’m kinda surprised people still bother complaining at this point, I think it’s going to do as much good as the last few hundred times.

  • Ezpz

    This game’s quality looks like a joke, is that 2nd picture character how people really look?

    • Aaron Bachstein

      No, not really. They don’t look too bad in game.

    • deeman

      u look like a joke troll

  • Paulo Gomes

    I would never use this. The process of leveling a toon for me is all about getting to know the Adv class as I progress. Having all my abilities from the get go defeats that purpose.

    Having said that, there are very few Adv classes I don’t know how to play. Also, being Pref I seriously doubt 350K is going to let me buy one of these lol…

    But all in all it’s a good move. Doesn’t hurt anyone, if you wanna use it, use it. The fact that is lets you play the Vanilla part of the game is a plus, since it’s the part I like the most.

    Not a major thing, but not a negative thing either. Nice move for those that want it.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I would assume that it’s more geared towards alts.

      • Fallen

        Honestly I think RPer’s would love this as it gives them the feel of being the most powerful

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Maybe, but most things are level-scaled these days.

      • Rompe Himself

        Or the utterly lazy or utter scrubs.

    • Anca Gaspar

      I like to re-play the BH,SW and JC for the stories and companions – it’s awesome to re-live the moment when i recruit Torian & Zenith or when the LS Jaesa uses her power and sees the true nature of the LS SW.


    So why have a leveling system at all then?

    • Ben Gimson

      Some people only play for endgame. I have no idea what abuse they suffered as children that resulted in them being that way, but they do exist 😛

      • Rob Smith

        True, I’m only interested in getting this because I’ve already leveled up all of the stories so for me, the leveling part is pretty much just a formality. Tho I suppose getting a boost plus a full set of level 70 gear is nice for those who want to relive the classic SWTOR Class Stories but not deal with the grind to level 70 again? 😛 Personally I think I’d rather just have the level 70 gear set and pay 1,000 CC.

  • Yallida
  • Paradigm_Shift

    A insta command level 300 boost would be better.

    • Rompe Himself

      Give it time, when they run out of finding ways to recycle the same old content, then they will start selling Command level 300 boosts.

  • Alan Lockwood

    Fuck you Bioware. Fuck you.

  • I figured it’d be on the expensive end.

  • lolipop
    • lolipop

      • Fallen

        Well honestly all companies are Greedy Mo money to spend on their fun time But EA has Idiots running it so…..

        • Rompe Himself

          Nah I wouldn’t say EA has idiots running it (After all, they make an insane amount of money so they are doing something right), they just have zero fucks to give with their tactics and are shameless in what they do. When you have zero fucks for your customers, it makes it easy as hell to make money when your customers are idiots.

  • Swtorbodo

    I like it!

  • ConcernedGuest

    Buyable level 70 gear ? hopefully full set of 248 raid gear … only then worth the amount of CCs they won’t.
    Hoped for this for years.
    Now only thing left … some raid group pulling me through some NiM mode operations I’m still missing … MUHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Meelis S


    Maybe swtor will actually close down sooner 🙂
    At least some EU countries are making it as a law soon to end digital gambling with online games. EA has huge money on that especially with this game. It wont survive if they have to take down cartel packs for EU or maybe for US also.
    The only way they could be allowed cartel market is direct sales only. But that would mean everyone can buy exactly what they want and not gamble.

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      I love how folks keep quoting a single state senator from Hawaii and a non elected justice clerk from Belgium as though they set national and international policies.

      What’s next? The cop writing a speeding ticket sets trade laws?

      Oh and just for reference, we went thru this a few years ago with STO getting called out by South Korea and (I forget the game) being called out by France.

      • Make the same point in every thread, eventually some of will care. Oh wait, they won’t. You’re so bad you can’t even log in and post your nonsense. Log out of life pls <3

      • Phillip Chappell

        but sti was never investigated. bf2 is actively being investigated. and it correct ion on yopu assertion on jusge clerk it is actually a minister of justice. as for hawaii. i dont think it idiol threart. loot boxes have been awhile. ea crossed line this time and it was a matter of tiime

    • lolipop

      The way i see it. Government just sniffs and smells money from it. If they tax it, the corpo like EA will just rise it’s prices that you’d never notice that, and they are good at it… belive me.

  • Whitedragon

    2000 Cartel Coins plus be a subscriber? “PASS”

  • Swtorlolz

    I hope this gear is min. 242 ilvl and with set bonus.

    • Fallen

      Most likely 220 or 228 no set bonus

    • Ann Nonymous

      Don’t see how it could be 242 as this is given by HM ops.

  • Rompe Himself

    Got to give credit where credit is due. Bioware Austin are amazing at coming up with new ways to recycle the same old content. Now be a Lvl 70 and play the story? WTF is the point of that? For the total scrubs of SWTOR? Shit, with all the xp bonuses (Guild, XP Boost etc), you can finish the first planet at lvl 15 or more (depending on how much you do and kill). And the companions can smash things on their own just as easy once you get them as part of the story (or if you have Treek or HK unlocked across your legacy). If only BW Austin applied this much effort with recycling as they do with putting out new stuff. What a game SWTOR would be.

    So is it safe to assume that once BW Austin can no longer come up with new ways to do the same old content, that will be the day SWTOR is shut down?

    Oh and a tip for all the scrubs who need a lvl 70 boost:


    • Malgus

      The day will come when this game is shut down no doubt Idiots at EA started the down fall from day one and Revan’s xpac began the slide But my question is where will you go to complain when the game is done So embrace your anger will you can Chains are Broken lol

      • Rompe Himself

        Complain?? Nah, just an observation, an opinion is all I offer here like many others. I don’t sit here trolling for a reaction like some clowns. I once complained to BW Austin when I was subbed and then unsubbed when the disaster of 4.0 fell, and like everyone else, they ignored my feedback and kept turning this game to shit. Thankfully, this is not the only game in existence. There have been plenty of both old and new games that have filled the time for me. Disappointed in how SWTOR turned out? For sure. Hence my opinion. It is a game I once loved and it truly amazes me how often idiots/trolls/fanbois need to have explained to them, the reason behind why people who no longer play this once great game, express their opinions/feelings as they do.

        My question to you Malgus/Fallen is where will YOU go to troll and speak utter dribble when the SWTOR thread on Dulfy becomes as dead as the BDO or ESO thread on this site? If no one listens, does a troll starve?? Do you eventually troll yourself? Rhetorical questions, I actually don’t care.

        A pic for your efforts Good sir. Sums up how this thread feels about you I think. 🙂

        • Fred Garvin

          Haha…you caught on to the similarities in those posts as well, huh? Show me 10 fanboi guest posts and I’d bet that you’re only showing me 3 actual people.

          • Eban

            The fact that the dumb shit keeps taking the time to create new names for these guest accounts like it’s fooling anyone is what makes me laugh.
            Maybe it is actually Musco (only a Bioware dev can be this thick)

            • Rompe Himself

              Or that dumb fuck EA rep who posted that Reddit response that made it the most downvoted reddit comment ever.

              • Malgus

                Some times it’s just boring reading the same crap said differently about the game yea EA is greedy and full of idiots and screwed the people who play the game But I have fun with my post also And as you say do not care what you think also

              • Rompe Himself

                Happy to see you finally admit you are pretending to be multiple accounts. For what purpose? Who knows. But retardation is a skill you clearly go over 9000 on.

    • Spartan Thirteen

      Must pay even more to find new and better ways to be am even bigger loud mouth, like seriously dood is it really that life altering to you? is your reality crashing in on you? perhaps the sky is falling and your just angry little kid in mommys basement? They might be scrubs, however sir you just made your self queen of scrubs and this is an absolute certainty congrats!!! now stop leaving scrub drivel all over the forums for someone with a singular working brain cell with something of value to add.

    • Fred Garvin

      The other thing that I didn’t even bother to mention in my smartass comment that riled up the white knights: I have no issue with a game offering a character boost, particularly when it’s an older game that has increased level cap multiple times and each increase offers more zones and endgame content. But aside from the fact that SWTOR doesn’t do the latter with its cap raises, who in the hell creates a graphic about their boost that visually sends a message of “Our early game experience is miserable and you should just boost to max level to enjoy doing the story?” Lol…nobody does that except EA/BioWare. They consistently find ways to look like the biggest morons in the business. It’s the sole reason I keep coming back here to Dulfy occasionally. I’ve played GW2, ESO, and FFXIV but even though I quit playing them just like I quit SWTOR, none of them are a clown shoes dumpster fire like this game.

      Oh and that’s got to be my favorite loading screen tip…lol.

      • Rantao

        Question: Why do you think EA/Bioware care what you have to say? do you work for them? are you on there company roster? in the grand scheme of things does it affect your life what they do or dont do with the products they own? I think not your a joke and not even a laughable one at best at worst you deserve pity, to think your life is above the value of foreskin when it comes to commenting on company’s you don’t own and only play there product to poke at it with a sharp stick cause you are a sad little man in a sad little world. I will let your village know they lost there idiot and should be picked up asap before he hurts himself. I would continue to comment and make fun of you and people like you, however playing in traffic or cryogenicly freezing myself sounds like more fun then dealing with idjits and fools who think there opinion of a company holds value, though the same can be said about what i say to you, but like i said before you arnt above the rank of foreskin its the other people who will read and think what a joke you are. have fun with existence!!! though at this point i seriously doubt you have much of one.

        • Fred Garvin
        • Paulo Gomes

          I have two words for you: “grammar”, and “punctuation”. Get out of Dulfy, open a new tab and google that. You OBVIOUSLY skipped that at school, but it’s never too late to write in proper English…

          • Rattataki

            Well, English might be his 2nd or 3rd language. Maybe he hasn’t been at it long. Or maybe his first language was something like Ethiopian that wasn’t even similar to English sound and structure so its a huge struggle. You don’t know.

            • Paulo Gomes

              Well, “his” first language might not be English. It’s not mine either. But if it’s not “he” should not be using complicated terms to discuss these matters. If you can’t box don’t get in the ring. You might hurt yourself.

        • Rompe Himself

          Rantao/Malgus/Fallen/Spartan Thirteen, I am curious. Putting aside yet another idiotic, piss weak response from one of your many alias, just what is the point of you commenting under different alias, when everyone on this website can tell it is all you based on the sheer stupidity and “style” of response? Are you trying to make it look like people agree with you by posting under different alias or are you just that retarded? Stick to the one name and post whatever you want to say but have some balls and stand behind everything you say, not hide like the little bitch you are by pretending to be different users. No one is being fooled.

          Also, I’d wager that many more peeps on this website respect and will listen to what Fred has to say over a sad sack of shit jackass who hides under different guest user accounts like you. Just saying………..

          P.P.S. Rantao/Malgus/Fallen/Spartan Thirteen trying to be a keyboard warrior:


  • Whitedragon
  • lolipop

    Look at that second picture. Isn’t it great? I mean, just look at it. Guy with rised fists. Cheering confident stance, goofy greedish smile. Perfect representation of what EAware corpo are, they are so fucking happy that there are so many idiots which keeps buying this shit. Just unbelivable. This is so great, yay. MONEEEEYYYYYY $$$$$$$$$ !!!1111oneone. On the contrary of what second char looks like. Sad, obedient stance (in front of that corpo guy!) surely it represents those idiots, whom eventually buy anything that this corpo guy throws at them to be so much cool, and “oh ah” like they are but in gaming terms of understanding. Really… my imagination needs to stop thinking.

    • Alex G

      First of all, do you need help?

      Second, would you say the same about the level 100 boost that WoW has?

      • Totallynotaspy

        Wows boost is more like the outlander character token tbh though

  • Anca Gaspar

    Bad idea. We don’t need more lvl 70 newbies killing everyone in flashpoints, i’ve had enough bad experiences in KDY trying to explain the degaussing to a clueless team.


      Whether they used an insta-70 item or played out the grind to 70, they still don’t know how to run KDY… until they run KDY and someone explains it to them. Besides, I’m betting most players wouldn’t consider paying to jump to 70 on a character until they already have at least one other character at 70 so they’re not newbies… they’re altoholics.

    • 平賀才人

      Not all are “newbies” I know the fps and still I usually do that just for the fun of seeing people piss off.

    • This is really a nonsense complaint. There are people that grind their way up to max and still don’t know how to play their class.

  • Keep it 1000000

    This is great for people who hate the grind like me. I’d like to just be able to get into end game content, but its great I can go back and do the story if I wish. I’ve been waiting on this for a long time.

    Now just add a multi-select tool that allows us to delete a bunch of items at once.

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