Black Desert Server Issue Resolution and Compensation

Black Desert Online is providing compensation for players who had disconnect issues over the past weeks.

Greetings Adventurers! First off, we would like to apologize to all adventurers who experienced difficulties playing Black Desert Online because of the disconnect issues.

We used all means and methods to find the cause of the recent server problem. However, it was not easy identifying the issue since it was only occurring in the NA and SA servers. Whilst we thought it was an external issue, we kept an open mind to all possibilities as we searched for a solution. We found and fixed all suspicious areas, but the problem was not completely fixed until the issues with the ISP was resolved.

All in all, we are truly sorry it took such a long time to resolve the problem. In the future, we will make sure to communicate openly regarding these types of problems.

In addition, as a form of apology, we will be giving the following compensation, along with a 2 week-long 24-hour hot-time event. This includes compensation for the in-game losses (crystals, etc.) suffered during this period.


  • Value Pack (7 Days) x2
  • Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) x1
  • Life EXP +10% Scroll x7
  • Kydict’s Crystal – Adventure x1
  • EXP Boost Event (24 hrs) (for 2 weeks) – Combat EXP +50%, Skill EXP +20%
  • Extra Mount EXP +10% event will be extended one more week.

Although the issues were predominantly experienced by NA players, we haven’t forgotten the EU side either. So, we’ll be providing all EU players with:


  • Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) x1
  • EXP Boost Event (24 hrs) (for 2 weeks) – Combat EXP +50%, Skill EXP +20%
  • Extra Mount EXP +10% event will be extended one more week.

Words are not enough to make up for your frustration, but please accept this small token of apology that we wish to give to all adventurers who trusted us and played through this difficult environment. We promise that we will do everything in our power to swiftly resolve any future server issues.

Improved Communications
Your feedback has been pivotal to bringing Black Desert Online to where it stands now. Black Desert Online matures with every weekly update which is based on this feedback. However, there would be times when miscommunication or misjudgment in the development process caused disappointment for users with some of the updates. We will work further to reach you with better communication.

1. Developers will discuss with GMs and CMs on how to better communicate with the community.​

Our desire is to deliver improvements as soon as possible and we wish to maintain this by developing updates every week. Information regarding current issues on the live server and our future plans will be shared through more efficient communication. We will not be able to disclose everything, but we will further strengthen the partnership between Pearl Abyss, Kakao Games and the community, to help alleviate your discontent as much as possible.

2. We will try and fix the bugs as swiftly as possible.​

We would like to apologize for the fact that small and big bugs are being built up for which we are truly sorry for. Our development team has been concentrating on optimization and during this process, many bugs have occurred as a side-effect. We are aware that our response to these bugs may be unsatisfactory. So, for a while, we are going to put all our efforts into fixing these bugs. We will also review and improve the overall process to ensure that the bugs, no matter how trivial they may be, are fixed on a regular basis.

3. We will enlarge our window of communication.​

We believe that communication with the users has to be the main foundation in order for us to keep our current stance. So, we will strive to work together to provide more open communication routes.
One of the basic things we have to do as a developer of a MMORPG is creating new areas and classes. We cannot be stagnant. We have to continue to move forward and do our best to meet the expectations of a diverse group of people. The game is not designed around predatory monetization but creating content that is engaging for our players and also commercially viable.

And Finally,
We are opening the 5th slot for Pet for this update. Also, as we previously announced, we are working to reveal the hidden details of items. As part of our ongoing effort, evasion and damage reduction information will be displayed in the item descriptions.

We are listening; we are keeping our eyes on all of our player’s comments. We are well aware that we are not perfect and believe that the feedback and interest of all users are critical to improving the game. With that said, we are also preparing answers to all other issues our players have pointed out and we plan on issuing a Developer’s Letter on a regular basis to better communicate with our NA/EU users. We will match the passion you show in both your compliments and criticisms, with our dedication to develop a better and more enjoyable, Black Desert Online.
Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games team.

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