GW2 Gemstore Sales and Free Items for Nov 22-26

Arenanet is making some new sales and free items for the week of Nov 22 to Nov 26.

Of note are the free stuff on 23, 24 and 25 where you can get one free heroic booster, 5x free transmutation charges, and 1x free Black Lion Mini claim ticket.

By Dulfy

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17 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Sales and Free Items for Nov 22-26”

It’s gonna be only this week, or there gonna be another weeks with different stuff?
I’m kinda want to get magitech armor, but if later there is strider one, it’s gonna be sad.

You get quite a few transmutation charges from pvp tracks. I guess they useful if you change clothes constantly but hardly a gemstore balance to the recent rng stuff.

Hope they have a sale on those previous mount, but it looks unlikely now given the previous statements and reaction from the public.

Well . . . here’s to hoping.

i usually check dulfy every couple days, but of course the one time i dont check for longer, theres a sale and i only just catch the last day.

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