SWTOR Server Transfer To be Available with 5.6

Bioware will reenable server transfers with Patch 5.6 assuming everything goes to plan.

Still no ETA on Server Transfers? | 11.22.2017, 12:19 PM
Alright folks, here are the updates as I mentioned yesterday!

  • Timing: We are in the final stages of testing and assuming that all goes well, we are going to bring transfers back online on Tuesday with Game Update 5.6.
  • Pricing: By popular request, we are going to bring transfers back at the pre-United Forces pricing (90 // 150CC) for a limited time. After that time they will go up to their new standard pricing of 1,000CC.

I will let you all know on Monday if we are still on track for transfers to go live again on Tuesday and the exact timing for the sale pricing.

Thanks everyone.


  • Mr. Wednesday

    I server transferred the game off my computer

    • Malgus

      Cool so if your done playing why post here???

      • John Kosto

        First of all, you’re*

        Second, why, is it against the rules?

        • JediJulius

          He never said it was against rules, he was just genuinely curious (as am I actually) as to why if someone uninstalls the game (is done playing it) why post on a SWTOR page and tell us?

          • Annoyed30something

            Because he’s a goddamn hero

          • Dr-Waffle The-Third

            I’ve uninstalled. I check back here to see if there is something that interests me enough to play the game again.

            • Malgus

              Interesting another closet SWTOR fan that’s mad Enjoy your hate 🙂

              • gua543
              • Malgus

                Ahhh Field of Dreams light side Jedi with no calm Break your Chains embrace the dark Enjoy your hate 🙂 LOL

              • frickenWaaaltah

                Lol if all the people who hate the current state of this game quit playing, the game would fold overnight.

                So many people play SWTOR because it USED TO be good. They have a bunch of leveled characters they don’t want to say goodbye to, a guild that is still doing Eternity Vault and Karagga’s palace on raid night and mostly just socializing the rest of the time, and they just can’t bring themselves to give up on it.

              • Malgus

                LOL Embrace your HATE!!! Honestly what say has some truth to it about the game But for me I have played other games which I have max toons on I’m just bored with them or do not like the game any more Break your chains Welcome to the dark side 🙂

              • Fred Garvin

                I liked you better when your name was Fallen.

              • Dr-Waffle The-Third

                Closet SWTOR fan? I quite blatantly said “i check back here to see if there is something that interests me enough to play the game again.” I’m like many others, I want to see something that was once great, great again. oooo you got me good though lol

                Also, can I just point out how Ironic it is that you’re complaining about my complaining, right after I just mentioned that was my fetish? thanks for the boner i guess

          • John Kosto


        • ZestyM8

          Coming from a guy named ‘Malgus’ I take it he’s only butt hurt, no rules on here what so ever.

          • Malgus

            LOL Never said there were rules Chains are broken But you must be a nice follow the rules Jedi enjoy your day 🙂

            • ZestyM8

              ‘enjoy your day jedi’ yeah you’re fucking retarded kid.

              • Malgus

                There is nothing like culus to show just how brilliant they truly are Enjoy your time of being a stultus at it’s best

              • ZestyM8

                Yeah you’re still fucking retarded kid.

              • Treek’s Zesty Anus
        • Malgus

          never said it was and i’m not a grammar cop 🙂

    • Snarf

      Can I have your stuff?

    • Whitedragon
    • Rykker

      Cool story, Bro.

  • Havik79

    Cheapskate bastards, really still fucking 90 cartel coins.
    I had 30 toons on BC, was happy playing there and on EH, no fucking way am going to play on SS with all those trolls fro harbinger.

    • Mara

      Lol Thought that the old Ebon Hawk server was with the most Trolls 😀

      • alpha

        You are completely delusional or never went to EH if you believe that. It was Zen compared to Harby and by far and away had the best and vital atmosphere on fleet.

        • Marrks

          ebon hawk was the most decent server in mmo’s

        • Malgus

          Well insane be a better word since I was on Harb found chat boring EH was entertaining to say the least But who cares Fun is what we are suppose to be having now…. So embrace the Dark Side Your Chains are Broken!!! Enjoy being Sith 😀

  • Phoenix

    3 Governments Declare Loot Boxes Gambling! EA called ‘Predatory’ By USA!!

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      OMG! A single state senator and an unelected justice clerk are getting their 15 minutes of fame!

      In other news, a street cop sets international trade laws!

      • Kubrickian

        Their kids had their credit cards at home and rang up a 900 dollar bill most likely.

      • Drivan

        2 Countries have also stated that loot boxes are gambling. This is actually a big deal, it means that companies like EA may have to completely overhaul loot boxes, do away with them or shut down the games that have them. For SWTOR this will change the cartel market significantly because every cartel pack is a gamble. The cartel market is a game of chance that asks folks to pay real money for the chance to get something desirable.

        • Mike van Renterghem

          It’s only for loot boxes that give you an advantage above other players , the pure cosmetic ones are regarded harnless

          • Bryan

            Which I’m totally fine with. Games like Rocket League and Pre-CXP SWTOR are fine with cosmetic loot boxes you have to pay for. I’m also OK with loot boxes for leveling in games that are F2P as long as you can play and level 100% without buying ex: Marvel Puzzle Quest. But paying full price for a game (or a subscription) and then having all/most of your progression gated behind pay walls & RNG is absolutely ridiculous.

            I hope more states/governments push this and this isn’t just another thing we laugh about later.

          • EyesOfGehenna .

            I don’t believe that’s true. I’ve read and viewed a fair bit on this the past week or two and I haven’t seen that stipulation. Perhaps you could be so kind to post a link to an article that specifies that, because as far as I know they also investigated Overwatch loot crates which are cosmetic.

            • Mike van Renterghem

              I’m the kind of person to write that on a brick and smack it in your face but the problem is I can’t remember where I read it , I have seen so many article’s on so many sites about it I’m not even going to bother :/ it’s not even worth it imo , if I stumble upon it one day then I’ll provide it to you happily 😀

          • Drivan

            I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Cartel Market like loot boxes are lumped in because they are still a system of implementing a game of chance. From day one you (or someone) have payed real money for a chance to win something cool

  • Whitedragon
  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    Having said and read all of this, I will say one good thing about all of this.

    My GTN sell thru rate is back up around 70-80%.

    Hasn’t been that high in over a year.

    Of course the guy who loves discussing rape in general chat is still around and loving his bigger audience it appears.

  • Marrks

    satele sucks so much to the point they put a server with her name it’s the worst

  • Phoenix

    Swtor Is not pay to win, but it is pay just for the servers stay alive.
    No new content, nothing.

  • Ermagerd

    so much for letting us know on Monday…jerk

  • Star Forge or Nothing.

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