GW2 New Raid Wing Teaser

Arenanet has released a teaser of the new raid wing coming Tuesday.

The environment seems to be snowy and there seems to be some ghosts/spirits roaming on the left side of the image.

  • Ardenwolfe


  • Valtanders13

    more raids?
    for what purpose?

    • Talindra

      There are 7 people who enjoy raids. Don’t discriminate.

      • Ardenwolfe


      • Alot

        And I’ve been trying to find them for an invite for ages.

    • Jalen Dmello

      There are like a 5 man dev team that do only raids which is why they take a considerable long time to do anything and why balance is skewed from “Play what you want” to”Play what is needed”, though i don’t see raids as an ideal content for gw2. It just done to please the niche audience

  • Ainseland

    wooo i was expecting a giant santa claus as raid boss with his reindeer and dwarfs as minions

  • Alot

    Please be Jormag. That would be so priceless right now.

  • Ayakaru

    Someone told me the new story would jump back and forth with dealing Braham and the sons of svanir and that the raid would be a sons of svanir themed raid. I kind of dismissed it at the time, but it seems more probable now..

    • Trillium

      They want people to care about Bald Emo so hard…

      • Mr. Principal

        Why not..? Brahm’s a cool character.. If people are whining about him throwing tantrums at us (the Commander..) He has his reason (I Won’t say why for spoilers!)

        • Trillium

          Meh, he’s as pointless a character, as Rox, Marj and Kas. Like Kas he exists purely for fanservice.

  • Raizel

    A teaser for new fractal too please?

  • Trillium

    Hm, Dwarf-themed? Reminds me of those dwarf ruins in Dessert Highlands.
    If so we will probably be fighting angry dwarfs to stop them from chopping Primordus’s head off.

    • Vigil

      I like desserts, yummy!

      • Mr. Principal

        Yummier with cherry on top..!

  • Roman Cheberko

    it’s a pity that some players cant raid cause of lack of time. Cause of the 3rd raid wing i still dont have my legy armor )

    • Jalen Dmello

      You don’t need a legendary gear to do any raid, the group trying to form requires that you do 😛
      The thing is the number of players doing the older raids will decrease even further now lol.

      • a dude that does raids.

        No it won’t decrease, why would it when you’re getting LI for each of the “old” raid boss. If anything it seems that this will slightly speed up the process of getting the legendary armor, that is assuming that the new raid wing still drops LI and not some other form of currency for different future rewards.

        • Jalen Dmello

          Yeah you gonna run the old raids and the new ones? and every-time they add a new raid you gonna add that to your list of raids you gonna do?? No one gonna do X raids per week, time constraint won’t allow you too

          • random

            if you’re good at raiding, 1 wing takes less than an hour. there are only time constraints if you are bad at the game.

  • Taiwan Wolf
  • minion_condi_necro

    Sadly I haven’t even been able to get all of the PoF specs ready because of school :/ Guess I’ll be playing PS warrior again for this next one xD

    • Alot

      They changed druids to give might instead of 10% bonus damage from “Grace of the land” – so if thats a phallanx warrior you got there you may have issues with the stricter groups.

    • Razyiel

      your only Role as a Warrior are the banners now…and as little dps as u can get compared to the full dmg specs

  • Batchie

    Iron Mines of Meladune perhaps?

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