GW2 New Fractal Teaser for Living World S4 Ep1

Arenanet has released a teaser for the upcoming Fractal with Living World S4 EP1.

The trailer is unfortunately pretty dark and short so you can’t see much. It does look similar to Cliffside in design.

  • wQnxy

    No sound :c

  • Dosko

    oh hell yeah, pls add more jumpingpuzzle-shit with enemiees that constantly knock u into oblivion while u are infight and slowed down. already isnt fun in the existing fracs, y would it in a new one… i really hope they dont pull crap like that again.

    • Darkye Rhiadra

      Lots of people: Anet the harpy fractal is annoying AF!!! With the stupid harpies knocking you over and over…
      Anet: Ok, we hear you and take it into consideration!
      Anet releases Chaos fractal, with GOLEMS who knock you off platforms over and over…
      Anet: Is this better?

      • wQnxy

        so true 😀

      • Mr. Principal

        Yeah the Harpies can be annoying with their knockbacks.. Still I find it somehow fun to go up against them..! Personally.. it doesn’t bother me.. but I hope they don’t put things like this in every JP or Fractal..!

        • Darkye Rhiadra

          The diversity of the fractals is actually one of its best features. As long as they don’t do more recycle/repeat, like with Chaos, I pretty much enjoy them.
          Well, as long as mechanics actually work… old fractals could really use an update (Urban most of all, with its weird npc behaviour and unique scripted stuff flying everywhere).

      • Rehjo

        I can’t say I completely disagree with you. Not just Uncategorized and Chaos fractals, but almost all of them have unnecessary “tasks” to be done before reaching the last boss. Some people do not enjoy jumping puzzle routes, it’s a fact and respected. However, is it really so hard for you to use blocks, stability, invulnerability or stealth to climb up? In the case of Chaos fractal, specifically, only one person is required to get to the checkpoint, then everyone can /gg and respawn in front of the Anomaly.

        • Darkye Rhiadra

          My comment was, obviously from how I phrased it, on the lighter, joking, side of things.
          That aside, I wasn’t even commenting on the difficulty of the fractal(s) but rather on Anet’s, at times, humorous disconnect from what seems to be what players generally want. So just wait a second while I roll my eyes.

        • Liberatus Blair

          “is it really so hard for you to use blocks, stability, invulnerability or stealth to climb up?”

          As reaper: Yes

          Though, we have access to a massive amount of stability but after having 10-15 stacks, we have literally nothing to prevent cc for a considerable long time.

          • Eric Y

            Ummm, no.

      • minion_condi_necro

        At least they made the /gg system and the checkpoint system more relevant. I just wish they’d stop using the same format over and over. I hope they make a more gauntlet-styled fractal like Thaumanova for the next one.

      • Raijin

        lol XD

      • Alot

        I believe you are meant to kill the golems from relative safety. Not that I’ve ever seen a high end group choose that faster option -.-

        • Taiwan Wolf

          the golems are just trying to live their lives.

    • Jalen Dmello

      I didn’t find any of the fractals even the harpy ones annoying at all. What i did find annoying was the grind that got me burnt out. After i did the original fractal back-piece way back before Hot, I completely lost interest in it
      I just do the new ones for the Achieves and be on my merry way now

  • Freee

    Maybe a mount based frac?

    • alexandr dumah

      i dont think so,usually fractal dont have much mastery related things,except the mistlock and some minor thing…..maybe a new one?dev said something about mount on the new raid wing but no fractals and no new mastery.

    • Gundam

      Probably not, mount are Pof exclusive feature. Anet would not zone f2p players or ones that own just Hot

  • Vadim Karpov

    9 of 10 JP was created by mentally sick people, it isnt fun, but essential to complet if you want dat mastery points.

    • Vuk Kulvar

      The drone isn’t permanently blocked. And people do care about the camp. I did it everyday when leveling my masteries because I like it and it’s easy to have gold.

      • Vadim Karpov

        Its permanently blocked for me and no any other player in arean who want to clear dat camp. I’m “lucky” as always.

  • minion_condi_necro

    Eugh more platforming 🙁

    • Ayakaru

      Oh wow…
      That’s such a problem in a GAME!!!!
      What’s next? They’ll add mechanics?? Maybe a boss we have to kill??
      Why don’t they just mail me a reward chest when i talk to the fractal gate!! This is absurd, anet, i want rewards, not play your game

      • minion_condi_necro

        Um? I just made a comment that I don’t like platforming? Unless you happen to misunderstand “platforming” to mean “playing the game at all”… I’m not sure where you pulled all this other nonsense you went off about.

        • Answerer

          platforming is a pretty default mechanic of this game. if you can’t stand jumping, maybe you should try WoW or gw1, where jumping is optional, or not even possible

          • KJ

            Devils advocate here — Is OP not allowed to dislike platforming in fractals? I too prefer fractals that provide interesting combat mechanics and puzzles over fractals like cliffside where you need to walk on thin beams and risk getting knocked off if your timing or movement isn’t precise.. That doesn’t mean I should go play WoW, GW1 or the Sims… kinda extreme of a response.

            That said, its still to early to make any judgement on this fractal. I’m looking forward to it, platforming or not.

          • Lockheart

            yeah how dare he not like one aspect of the game. He should be greatful that arenanet even bothers to update it despite his active playtime and purchases. Honestly he should be sent back in time to 2001 and forced to play ultima online like the ungrateful sod he is.

            Anyone who dissents from the arenanet design teams decisions is a heretic and should be banned on the spot.

  • Trillium

    Fall of Abaddon or whatever it was that Gnashblade promised, but got shafted because muh affirmative action?

    • Lockheart

      They don’t want to deal with the old god lore because “muh dragon OC tumblr special needs super hero team can fite”

  • Taiwan Wolf


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