SWTOR Cartel Market Hypercrates 55% OFF for Black Friday

Most of the SWTOR Cartel Market Hypercrates are 55% OFF for this Black Friday with some exceptions.

The latest couple Hypercrates are not at 55% OFF but all the rest on the Cartel Market should be.


  • Guest

    Maybe in the (hopefully not so long) future the gambling crates will disappear – I would much prefer that they offered one quality item each month that you could buy from the market directly. I hoped after the hole battlefront stuff EA would hold back on all it’s bad habits at least for a day or two? Oh well… Maybe in future I will be happy with EA’s services, wouldn’t that be great?

  • Fuck these fucking sluts and their fucking gambling. I hope they all die of AIDS and Zika and Ebloa and Cancer and Bird Flu and SARS all at the same time.

  • ZestyM8


  • Relethis

    Are they really doing this shit after Battlefront II?

    • ZestyM8

      Are you allergic to positivity?

    • MTCason

      There is NO comparison between this and Battlefront II. In Battlefront you could essentially buy power with their lootboxes. Everything in SWTOR is cosmetic. You have no advantage over any other player from anything you pull out of a cartel crate. That’s the difference and it leaves no justification for your attitude.

      • Dr-Waffle The-Third

        Yes, the cartel market and battlefront are SPECIFICALLY different in their micro transactions, but at its core it is no different. they are both micro transactions in the favor of the OWNER, not the BUYER/PLAYER. And even after they were called out for it, by basically the entire internet. they will do it somewhere else just because the consequence is not the same. Its like a parent punishing their child jimmy for punching his brother, hell apologize and say he wont do it again, but will do it outside of his house because jimmies parents aren’t there to punish him. he learned nothing, he just knows not to do it around his parents. EA is jimmy. It shows their lack of shame, ethics, and its disgusting. So yes, the comparison is almost black and white. dark dark dark dark gray vs white if you want specifics.

        people can chose to have whatever attitude to anything they want, they don’t need it to be justified. The way I feel constantly is justified by the fact that my brain physically allows me to feel that way.

      • Raccoon Army

        When your goal is to have the best looking Strongholds or the best looking armors in the game so that you can be most fancy (especially for RPers) while melting faces, then people buy RNG crates most definitely have an advantage.

        Not everything in SWTOR or even other MMOs is about killing the hardest raid bosses or owning other players in PvP. Cash shop RNG-gated items such as decor, weapons and armor skins is one of the biggest reasons I unsubbed, especially since players weren’t even listing the things I wanted on the GTN… which was super frustrating. I decided I had to stop giving EA my sub money when I couldn’t access all of the content I wanted without giving them even more money beyond my sub for a CHANCE to get what I wanted. Fuck that noise. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit old school, as my first few MMOs had no concept of a cash shop and everything could be purchased/acquired through content and quests in game. The first cash shop items I saw were only services like character renames and server transfers in WoW.

        At some point I fully expect these types of account services to also be RNG. Hope you you were lucky enough to get the name you wanted and hope you happen to land on the server wanted to transfer to… Didn’t happen? No worries! Buy another 5-pack of RNG Character Rename and Server Transfer Crates… on sale now!

  • Annoyed30something

    No shame…

  • Louis Brogan

    why not just throw these as random loot in ops and master mode flashpoints, rewards for completing weeklies?

    • Amodin

      Then BW/EA won’t be able to screw the consumer hard enough for them to bust a nut in someone’s wallet.

      • Grumpy

        EA is just going to keep doing it till they are forced not. Hopefully it will be players not buying the packs that does it, and not a government.

        • Paulo Gomes

          That will take a long time. And sadly it may take a game shutting down, like this one.

          The day this game shuts down, and people realise they spend hundreds, maybe thousands on pixels that really don’t exist outside the servers in the game, maybe they won’t repeat that. But that’s a really big “maybe”. Chances are they will engage in another game and do the exact same shit all over again…

    • Xandryah

      I agree with you… random rewards of good quality for completing ingame-activities and achievements (rewards for hanging around in-game) maybe for subs only, so the devs are also earning real money. And for the ingame-shop, there should be exclusive items to shop directly, which is the normal and most fair one. Maybe that’s a good balance in MMO’s and an endgame-engine to make it worthwhile hanging around in-game for some players. Fact is, i believe, that most/many players don’t care about beauty/aesthetics/achievements/housing, so the ultimate reward for those players are gear and killing other players for the ultimate ego-boost… which swtor has well under control , i think… i know one real horrible game that does not provide good pvp-experience^^ 🙁

      • Ben Gimson

        “i believe, that most/many players don’t care about beauty/aesthetics/achievements/housing”

        Aesthetics are the things players care about the most. That’s why cash shops sell precisely that sort of stuff, because people love it and will pay stupid money to get the newest clothing/armour/weapon skins etc.

        Overall it’s a mixture (no point having a good looking character if there’s nothing to log in for) but saying most players don’t care about aesthetics is just flat out wrong. That’s why swtor gets away with drip-feeding tiny amounts of content, while spending most of the year selling aesthetics. This game -survives- because of aesthetics.

    • Drivan

      Because they want money and there is no money in giving away colored pixels for free…

      • Snarf

        it wouldnt REALLY be free though. Have to sub to play those 3 years old ops after all…

  • Whitedragon
  • LordTsurugi
    • Sotos
    • MTCason

      Every MMO relies upon cosmetic transaction sales for revenue. It’s the only way to keep one afloat these days. There’s nothing to be mad at. This doesn’t affect you. It doesn’t impact or impede your gameplay experience. Unless, of course, your objections are based upon petty jealousy which seems to be the case with most of those who want to rant about SWTOR cartel crates.

      • LordTsurugi

        You seem to be under the general assumption that most people are jealous about loot crates. I couldn’t be jealous of this game as I pity it more than anything else. I can see the developers put a lot of heart and soul into the class storylines and I’ve seen them put effort into these expansions. However, most “content” these days are now being sold in a Market that preys upon the weak minded who are starved for the next shiny piece of cosmetic gear, mount, pet, etc. So, they will happily open up their wallets and spend as much as they have to to get that thing they want so bad. It’s people like this that feed the microtransaction Hog that is EA, Ubisoft, Activision, and so many other corporate video game publishers.

        MMO developers have to rely on a online market in their game to stay afloat. I understand that all too well. However, that is the strict principle for F2P MMO games found mostly on the mobile phone market or Indie developers. SWTOR is a game that was made by a triple A industry world renowned for their RPG and storytelling skill, but fell short early on. And SWTOR is not and has never been F2P and you can try to argue that they did go F2P a couple years ago, but let’s be honest here, the F2P part of this game is so stripped of it’s bare components that it basically forces you into a corner to either pay for a subscription or buy unlocks for the game in the market.

        So, no, fuck that. You can enjoy this fuck fest all you want, I won’t be apart of this machine. I’m just here to point out stupidity when I see it.

        And right now? It’s everywhere. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/48dae7314ebefbfbcb22c62f026b897250fd046f84e8ebb08d5cc82fa40d17ef.png

        • fubarz

          I like what you post till the when you decided to insult those that play still for what ever reason. Then it becomes the same old same old BS of I’m right you are wrong

          • LordTsurugi

            I don’t dictate myself to being right or wrong, it is simply my opinion.

            Personally, I don’t see the point in telling people it’s okay to play something that’s cancerous to the gaming industry, In fact, it’s not okay. It has never been okay. It’s their choice to play the game true, but they play a part in what will cause the second coming of the gaming industry crash. Whether they see that or not is their own problem. I just call it as I see it, so what I mostly say is my opinion and if people don’t like that than that’s their problem; not mine.

            • fubarz

              lol k

            • Drivan

              These days people think that everything fits neatly into the right/wrong categories. If they agree with you then you are right, if they disagree with you you are wrong. If you are wrong then you are the enemy and you are likely doing something illegal or at the very least what you have done should earn you some sort of punishment. Opinions cannot simply exist and no one is allowed to have one unless it fits a societal definition if “right” or “good.”
              Hence this person feels you are “wrong” and felt that they must point out your “wrongness.”

              • fubarz

                Opinions can simply exist and differing ones make debate happen. You like red,I like blue, but you do not is cool Then call me a dense MFer for liking blue is ok ? Does that not fall into category of someone saying right or wrong?

              • Drivan

                Thing is, no on called YOU a dense MF’er. You took the meme as a personal insult when you read the words on the picture. He didn’t even use the meme as a reply to you, fubarz. You inferred an insult, that is on you.

              • fubarz

                Did not say he did. I was using the word me and you in the text for a point of view nothing else. You decided that. I was talking to you a about a general sense of what you were saying about right or wrong

              • Paulo Gomes

                People were always like that. The difference these days is that they have the perfect vehicle to vent their opinions: the internet. In the old days, you would go out to get a coffee, get in a conversation with someone and say your piece. These days people sit at their keyboard, and say things they would NEVER have the balls to say in a face-to-face conversation. Hence the “keyboard warrior”.

                I have this rule of thumb in my internet interventions: if I’m posting something, I make sure I could and would say the same thing to that person in their face. Works like a charm.

            • MTCason

              Now it’s descending into ad hominem territory. There’s nothing ‘cancerous’ about microtransactions and there’s no signs of a coming ‘game industry crash’. The MMO market may be more narrow in terms of choice these days but that is how all industries develop. Look at MP3 players. It used to be there were dozens out there. But now? It’s essentially just an Apple monopoly. Computer hardware has gone the same way, with only a couple reputable brands. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. We would have no iPads otherwise. We would have no current gen graphics cards. Those companies with ideas that endure weather the storm and carry on. Those that don’t die. Microtransactions will always be popular from a sales perspective. For every detractor there is someone else out there willing to spend more than enough money to cancel them out. Choice is the most enduring quality in successful industries and microtransactions enhance choice. No, they’re a healthy development and the primary means by which the MMO market has endured over the last 20 years.

              • Paulo Gomes

                You make a good point. And I’d like to add something to it. I know it will be an unpopular one, but to hell with that.

                Microtransactions were the way companies found to fight piracy. And I’m talking single-player games here. We’ll get round to MMO’s later. The fact is that all the people that complain about it forget that the gaming industry went through a very rough period because of piracy. Hell, hours after a game was launched you could go to a torrent site and download it for free. Companies tried everything to prevent that. To no avail. The guys cracking these games always found a way to bypass that.

                So in a way, the players are to blame. Yes, there are consequences to every action you, as a gamer, take. I’m not talking YOU personally, of course. But the community.

                The companies then found people would spend a lot more money on these than on the game itself. A LOT. And applied that to MMO’s. Because there is a lot more doe to be made on that than on a subscription, for instance. 3 Hypercrates are roughly the price of a sub on TOR. How many Hypercrates do people buy? I know of guys that bought a lot more than that.

                I did my part. I stopped subbing, and boycotted the Cartel Market in TOR. I don’t spend money on any EA product. But I’m a grain of sand in a desert. My actions don’t mean shit. but hopefully someday in the future more people will start thinking like me. And then we’ll see a change in gaming.

        • MTCason

          You fail to see the purpose of the Cartel Market the same way so many rushed to judgment on Battlefront II. In both cases, the purpose of these microtransactions is to fund the game’s development. SWTOR would not be alive today if it weren’t for the Cartel Market. In a single stroke, that took SWTOR from a failing game to the role it has consistently occupied in every EA earnings report since: the second highest online revenue source for the company. Maybe you’ve moved on. I haven’t. I still love this game and don’t want to see it ruthlessly shuttered by Disney the way they’ve just done Marvel Heroes. I’ll happily open my wallet for that purpose. If you choose not to, fine, but yes, it smacks of jealousy when the only argument presented against the Cartel Market is one that can always be reduced to ‘The Haves vs the Have-Nots’. Whether we’re talking about exclusive armor sets or EA’s revenues, it is a matter of jealousy.

          • HMH

            This game has the biggest ip in the industry, good management and production could have kept it around just as well and as long as the cash shop has.cx

            • Paulo Gomes

              That’s the billion dollar question, isn’t it? Why, oh why a Star Wars MMO needs to resort to this sort of thing to keep afloat. And how other companies with “lesser” IP’s make successful, creative, engaging games without doing so…

              • The “billion dollar” question is even after you whine about this game, why are you still playing?

              • Paulo Gomes

                I’m not, who said I was? Not me, I’ve made it abundantly clear in my comments here that I’m not active in the game. Haven’t been for a long time. Maybe you missed that. That’s ok, I’m informing you now, whoever you are.

                And to cut this short, yes I comment on a game that I don’t play anymore. So spare me your “why do you comment if you don’t play” rhetoric. I’d be more than happy to get out of your face and stop ruining your fabulous playing experience in TOR if only you’d be so kind as to point me to the next Star Wars MMO currently active out there. You see, I whine about this game because I have no other option if I want to play a Star Wars MMO. There isn’t any. And this one is a poor excuse for an AAA MMO title.

                So please, unless you have anything relevant to say, refrain yourself from entering an argument with me. I really have no stamina left for that. I thank you in advance.

          • Drivan

            SW:BF2 allowed players to buy crystals, which in turn could be used to get star cards that provided players with direct advantages over other players. This was a pure Pay to Win scenario and teh reason why people got really heated really quick. Basically who ever was willing to buy a butt ton of crystals for the chance (gamble) of winning a great star card had a better opportunity to win.

            In SWTOR players can pay money to buy a gambling crate that could have an incredible item in it. The SWTOR cartel crates are akin to lottery scratch off tickets. Buy a scratch-off and you could win a big prize, a medium prize, a small prize or just get junk. Like a slot machine, swipe your card, place your bet, click the button and see what you won.

          • Meelis S

            Rushed to judge BF2 case???

            What the hell go read again. EA just delaying microtransaftion with loot boxes and hopes all cools down. Probably Disney didnt like how bad reputation they got BEFORE major new episode release very soon.
            EA is all B out money by ANY MEANS and its literally so with every game.

          • Dr-Waffle The-Third

            “All it takes is a little effort.”

            “So no, there’s no gambling involved. ”
            FALSE, you sir are in denial. You dislike this system, but you’ve found these “loopholes” where you find this to be okay because you find something you like out of it. And over time, this “loophole” of you getting everything you want, has made it okay. but deep down, you know this system is fucked, and you know it could be so much better. But hey, you’ve coped with it, because you think you don’t have a choice but to make do with this game, and because you love it, and cannot leave your baby for something better.

            “Maybe you’ve moved on. I haven’t.”
            You said it yourself.

      • John Kosto

        It actually impacts the quality of the game. A quality that if it had been higher, it would have drawn more subscribers to the game. Ironic, and sad at the same time.

        • MTCason

          Impacts the quality how? No resources are being pulled from other areas to make Cartel items. There is and has from the start been a very small team dedicated to that purpose. More diversity and choice in how our characters look is a negative thing?

          • HMH

            So you believe having a small team dedicated to Cartel Market items only is not a drag on the games resources? How? Are they on a different budget than the rest of the game? Are they working for free?

          • John Kosto

            You answered your own question. There should be more resources to content development, not to the CM. More diversity is pretty cool, and it could have been offered for far more reasonable prices than the ones on the CM. There are weapons and armor sets out there that cost as much as entire games. Ridiculous. Oh, and I don’t know about you, but so far what I see in game, is more than 70% of the available armor sets to NEVER be worn by even a single person. That also says something about the quality of that diversity.

            • Even after all of this ranting you have done, you probably still buy hypercrates

              • John Kosto

                If you had actually read my posts, you would see that I only buy hypercrates when my free Cartel Coins accumulate enough. I have only ever paid $20 for Cartel Coins throughout the 5 years that I have been playing this game, and I most definitely regret that. I personally consider ALL money spent on Cartel Coins as wasted money.

      • Amodin

        The problem with your analogy, is people are buying items specific to what they want in MMOs that offer this type of system. The loot boxes in this game, for a chance at something sucks and thus, the point of the problem. The issues of “gambling” brings up a good argument here, frankly.

        Spending money for the possibility to win? Check.
        Addiction? Check.
        Favors the house rules? Check

        Do I agree with the “gambling” regulation attempt? Not a chance in hell, but I see where they are coming from.

        The Cartel Market also took away the ability of crafters potentially making it worthwhile to actually craft in game, but have been pigeon-holed into only making extremely specific items, out of the entirety of the trade-skill(s). CM took that away from the crafters and put it in the hands of almost solely the developer – another huge issue for a lot of players.

        • MTCason

          That is the entire problem with your perspective: cartel crates are not gambling or even a chance. I can GUARANTEE you will get what you want. How? Yes, it requires a little more than just buying a crate or two, but if you really want something out of each shipment you’re willing to go the extra mile. Buy a hypercrate. What you don’t like out of it, sell on the GTN. You will always find the contents sufficient to make enough credits to buy what you want. Every single time. I’ve bought every shipment since the first and this is how I get the few items that interest me out of each. Without exception, I can always afford what I want. All it takes is a little effort. So no, there’s no gambling involved. You can have what you want from every cartel shipment.

          As to the supposed impact on the crafting market, just the opposite. By making more credits from selling unwanted items from each shipment, crafters have more financial means to make and sell their goods. Some of the highest priced items on the GTN are crafted items, not Cartel cosmetics.

          • Ben Gimson

            “cartel crates are not gambling or even a chance”

            They’re literally gambling. Everyone knows they’re gambling. However you feel about them, good or bad, they are gambling. Businesses might use loopholes to have them not be classified as gambling, but corporate types tip-toeing around the law doesn’t change the fact that -everyone- knows the loot boxes are gambling.

          • Meelis S

            Are you complete idiot?
            Just look official forums about tons of threads how people bought cartel coins to GABMLE and didnt get item they looked for. Always same scenario in the end – they regret buying cartel packs and few weeks later it all starts again.

            It is gamble plain and simple no question about it. It doesnt matter what those packs eventually reward, the motivation is behind them same – EA wants money doesnt matter if its a kid or mature player who has gambling issues.

          • Annoyed30something

            I am speechless due to the amount of idiocy in this post lol……

          • John Kosto

            Hey, I can also prove to you that any card game in casinos is not gambling. Or even the roulette. Using the exact same logic you used:

            Bet $1 on your first try to win. If you win, all good. If you lose, the next time bet $2. If you win, you are now $1 up. If you lose, the next time bet $4. If you win, you are now $2 up. If you lose, the next time bet $8. And so on. Every time, bet DOUBLE of what you lost before. This way, you will certainly win at the end. But hey. People don’t have unlimited resources and money.

            If you tell me that in order to win I “just” have to buy a hypercrate, I will tell you that I would never ever spend that money to buy a hypercrate, for stupid digital pixels. I only buy hypercrates when I accumulate enough free Cartel Coins. Also, how is that not the definition of gambling? It is 100% sure that you will win sometimes at a casino too. Play long enough, and you will most certainly leave the casino with an empty pocket. Same thing with SWTOR.

          • Amodin

            I think you need to learn the definition of gambling, because you just spent so much time arguing against it, you completely skipped the fact of how much you described it after saying the crates aren’t a gamble.

      • ConcernedGuest

        I would gladly spend CC’s – even buying them besides those got from the sub – for getting codex entries fixed, bugs fixed, glitches fixed, stucked story quest lines that cannot be reset or abborted

        instead of each tickets answer from support:
        “we are sorry but can only grant achievements, nothing else, for codex/bug/glitches/mission corrections you have to wait for a patch”

        but these are errors mostly in the game since release and even now, years later, not fixed.

        • ConcernedGuest

          my tickets are ignored by support, postings on the swtor webpage are ignored, just nothing is happening.

  • Shawn Hargrave

    Lol i dont know how you guys take whats left of this game seriously smh

  • Don Loco
  • Axel Carneiro

    So can someone tell me what cosmetic set is this?

    Thanks in advance and sorry to post it here

    • Than Ellen

      Reaver ops and pvp armor set back from the shadow of revan expansion pack. Can’t get them any moar fam x

      • gua543

        I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

        • Axel Carneiro

          so … can we get them or nah?

          • gua543

            One of the Revanite sets, I think it was the bh/trooper one, will be up for direct purchase from the CM so I’m assuming they’ll release all of them in the next month or two.

  • Meelis S
    • Eban

      haha that’s epic, pinching this one.

  • EricMucuso

    It’s adorable EA would even have the tauntaun nuts to put SWTOR’s version of a gambling box on sale. Especially considering the blow back from SW BF 2 and the damage control they ran on Need for Speed.

    Seriously Disney, please aim the multi-billion dollar Death Star replica laser at SWTOR/Bioware headquarters next year and get it over with. Put the poor thing out of its goddamned misery.

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