SWTOR Upcoming Content

SWTOR Upcoming Items for Patch 5.6

SWTOR Upcoming Items for Patch 5.6. Some items are part of the upcoming Spoils of War pack while others are for direct purchase.


Pack Images



Revered Master Armor Set (Spoils of War)


Zakuulan Security’s Armor Set (Spoils of War)


Enigmatic Operative’s Armor Set (Spoils of War)


Unyielding Tracker’s Armor Set (Spoils of War)


Deep Cover Operative’s Armor Set (Direct Purchase)


Calculated Mercenary’s Armor Set (Direct Purchase)


Restored Columi Smuggler’s Armor Set



Entropic Dualsaber (Direct Purchase)


Entropy Lightsaber (Direct Purchase)


Beskad (Spoils of War)


Scorpion TK Rifle (Spoils of War)


Scorpion TK Sniper Rifle (Spoils of War)


Scorpion TK Vibrosword (Spoils of War)


Scorpion TK Lightsaber (Spoils of War)


Scorpion TK Dualsaber (Spoils of War)


Scorpion TK Short-Blade (Spoils of War)


Scorpion TK Double-Bladed Vibrosword (Spoils of War)


Scorpion TK Blaster


Scorpion TK Offhand Blaster (Spoils of War)


Scorpion TK Assault Cannon (Spoils of War)


Mantellian Frontline Blaster (Spoils of War)


Mantellian Frontline Sniper Rifle (Spoils of War)


Mantellian Frontline Assault Cannon (Spoils of War)


Mantellian Frontline Blaster Rifle (Spoils of War)


Mantellian Frontline Dualsaber (Spoils of War)


Mantellian Frontline Lightsaber (Spoils of War)



Chiss Talon Interceptor (Spoils of War)


Oberle Banshee (Spoils of War)


Vicious Drakag (Spoils of War)


Vectron Raptor (Spoils of War)


Republic Guardian’s Dais (Spoils of War)


AC-5 Broadcast Infiltrator (Direct Purchase)


Merry Ice Tromper (Direct Purchase)



Advanced Gray-Red Color Crystal (Spoils of War)


Advanced Teal-Black Color Crystal (Spoils of War)


Mini-Mogul NM-1 (Login reward for Nov 8-27)


Juvenile Experimental Varactyl (Spoils of War)


Model Umbaran T-20 Fighter (Spoils of War)


Copero Jubilee Miniprobe (Direct Purchase)


Emote: Scare (Spoils of War)


Emote: Cartwheel (Spoils of War)


Flair: Snowtacular (Direct Purchase)


Flair: The Old Republic


Repair Droid Weapon Tuning (Spoils of War)


Creature Companion: Krakjya (Spoils of War)





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181 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Items for Patch 5.6”

Oh, Yeah, apparently its only for Chiss, Human, Cyborg, Mirialan and Miraluka
They would have looked good on Rattataki too though.

It could be because they use a specific style of tats, are bald, and only have pale blue or white to black eyes.

That’s funny, I don’t see the emote “cheer with a sense of pride and accomplishment” I was so sure it would have been here as a platinum item

Columi set looks like it will be part of a pack, as it is labeled with “mtx.​armor.​season10.” which has to do with pack items (season + number), while the Deep Cover Operative (Direct sale) is labeled with “​mtx.​armor.​storefront” which means direct sale (storefront).

Calculated Mercenary keeps reminding me of Darth Jadus. Not that that’s a bad thing mind you.

Zakuulan Security’s chest-piece looks serviceable as well.

Wow, the the majority of this pack is actually decent AND non-recycled stuff, including the ranged weapons. It would have been even better if they were available as drops from in-game activities, but hey, can’t expect the CM and design teams to cover the work of everyone else, right? Assuming there are other teams, of course.

Nice stuff. Shame the Jedi robe isn’t direct purchase. Having it be insanely expensive after we’ve had to wait so long to get it seems… well, standard for EA I suppose.

Or Twi’leks. Forums have been asking for them everywhere. Like the new human hairstyles, but seriously they need to do something for the 2011 races gathering dust for 6 years.

It is a “customization bundle”. It includes:
2 Unisex hairstyles
4 Female hairstyles
5 Makeup options for female Chiss, Human, Cyborg and Miraluka.
4 Complextion options for Chiss.
1 Complextion option for Human, Cyborg, Mirialan and Miraluka
3 Eye Colors for Human, Cyborg, Mirialan, Cathar

same, I mostly play Human & Chiess, but I hope after this they do a bundle for Twi’lek, Rattataki, and Zabraks next. They’re all in desperate need for new options altogether.

A minigun-style assault cannon that isn’t too big or too bulky? It has a simple design with rotating barrels? No weird attachments, giant things sticking out of it, or gigantic crap thrown into it? Can it be?! A minigun that is actually just a minigun?! THANK YOU, BIOWARE! It’s about fucking time!

can i vomit on how bad armor sets are becoming bring some cool armors for once this look like money milking pfff bring out valkorion orginal armor set some cool zakuul decorations and zakuul pallace stronghold pfff

Yay! More content locked behind a paywall. The fact people actually accept this as an acceptable form of practice is just pathetic.

Da faq are you talking about? None of this is behind a paywall. Unless you buy it off the GTN, then it’s more of locked behind the wall of players who charge way too much.

All of it is behind a paywall. Just because you can spend credits doesnt mean someone else didnt pay to obtain an item so you can.

It is a case – if somebody didn’t pay for that gambling pack the item would never make it to gtn. just because you don’t spend your $ doesn’t mean it’s not spent at all.

Just because u do not like to pay for something, Doesn’t mean others shouldn’t. I personally don’t spend on Cash shop, I pay the sub… So I typically can afford stuff without spending nothing but that. I don’t know any mmo that doesn’t hav a cash shop…

Right, because you NEED that that deep cover operative set to beat nightmare Terror from beyond. 🤣. “Paywall”, Ha! A paywall on what? Looking good? Ah, you’re killing me.

Get over it. Take a part-time job, go grind credits in the game and buy it off the GTN instead, wait until your birthday and ask for CC points as a present, but don’t call it a paywall unless you’re talking about a pay-to-win model, which SWTOR isn’t (unless you count the artifact unlock, which is kind of a questionable choice).

Always gonna be one person complaining about COSMETIC items being locked behind a paywall. This is fine, no in game advantages.
Or you know as any other logical person would do, buy it with in game credits if someone decides to put it on the GTN.

This perfectly ilustrates that dulfy comments of swtor are just a cesspool of people so dejected by their past experience they’ll flame anything related to the game. Bar the unyielding tracker’s set (ymmv) all the other sets would in the past be the super rare sets in an otherwise crap hypercrate whose sales are only driven up by people wanting that particular armor. Yet you still get moaners about the quality and reskins lol.

I think if TOR released 10 operations at once people here would still find reason to moan.

This site is the nesting spot for a cluster of epic moaners. The game remains a wonderful creation with amazing vistas and some great stories. The whiners don’t seem to remember hat it’s like to finish a book or a console game. They forget to move on when they finish the (ample) content despite being unhappy with the lack of spoonfeeding. I mean no one flames GTA when they finish the game and there isn’t a frigging extra disc available a month later. I just feel like some people are complete addicts who’ve lost perspective about what they’re consuming (and that BW cannot cater to their personal needs for constant gratification.)

Wow it must’ve taken them months to make up all this stuff (gotta admit it’s like the first time that I actually like the new designs) so no wonder that we can’t get any real game content

With the number of designers working on this it should’ve only taken a few weeks at most. As a post grad game developer ONE student should’ve been able to do all this in 2 months TOP. Quality of this game is very lacking, they need to replace the current designers with some fresh minds

Wow! Its been forether since I wanted so much of new items and new options for character customization are always welcome.

Agreed – customisation means more to me than gear. There’s already plenty of jackets. Pls keep dishing up other features, BW.

i’m fucking shocked ppl find this stuff good. are you freaking kidding me? do you seriously think these armor sets are fresh and cool? i can immediately name dozens of sets that look EXACTLY the same. i don’t remember the last time i’ve seen something new in a pack, open your fucking eyes and LOOK at this shit, it’s just like any other stuff in game, literally. do you honestly think any of these sets or weapons look UNIQUE? enigmatic operative is fresh? zakuulan security? unyielding tracker? revered master, ffs? is that what you call fresh? mantellian or scorpion blasters? i envy you. honestly. being able to eat the same shit for years and enjoy it, denying reality… just WOW.

Why do you care what other people like, and why are you so angry? Why do u even bother if u dislike what’s going on in swtor?

think the main reason people call the game “trash” is because theres barely anything to do once you’ve done it to a satisfactory state. Most people aim to do content once, not grind it out.
Me personally, i love swtor but theres just nothing to do, I tried running with a HM premade who wanted to do Nims but ultimately they were scared mainly because leader kept pressuring them unnecessarily instead of letting the game be the teacher.
The new content im super dissapointed with, I expected the new chiss world to be a planet, not just one flashpoint… which means theres near no chance of dailies, grind, secrets and lore is drastically lowered, and probably no new world boss of any sort. It breaks my heart, and I’m not gona theorycraft on potential budget on a company who spends the majority of content trying to bootleg new stuff onto the Cartel Market.
So unless I can get a Nim team there’s nothing new for me to engage in. 🙁
That doesn’t mean I think the game is trash or anything of the sort, but sometimes I simply have to be realistic. If there’s nothing to do, I’m not gona play the game /shrug

This game ain’t p2w but p4SHIT – mmorpg whit amazing potential, but incredibly shitty engine, 0 content (PvP, PvE) spit on your face rewards and for everything they want only $$$$$ (compared WoW – Open World, Flying Mounts, Amazing Engine, Mounts-Gear Drops from Bosses, Dugeons etc….) In SWTOR what u don’t buy u don’t have. FUCK EA, FUCK BIOWARE. I’m really missing my toons especially my main CRYPT’killa used to play on Red Eclipse as PvP/PvE vengeance JUGG, but i am really not in to this game anymore with this politic. THIS GAME IS DEAD

Because wanna say my attitude? Or need somekind of lovely person who will be protect that game even when this game is piece of p2p crap?

You are strange (not in a bad way, do not take it as an insult). The moment I stop liking the things happening with the game I’m stopping wasting my precious time on that game or anything that have something to do with that game.

correct … logged into the game yesterday evening for the sundayly raid … only our raidlead in teamspeak or online and he told me he left the game, switched over to WoW. Also his friend, also in our raid group, left with him.

So … it seems it’s over. Will wait until end of year, but it this is it, I will finnally end the sub. So sad.

For the most part, I agree. That Revanite Merc armor is great tho. The Revanite sets were probably the best looking sets in all of the game. So glad to see at least 2 will make it back.

Denying reality…..China, Russia, NK …..Trump, Hillary ….CNN, Fox all the same basic BS that been there for years….Think i will continue to deny reality Thanks 🙂

Yeah, I recognized some re-skins an I’m only in this game for just over 1yr. The last one is Hoth Defender (i think) but with some changes and and the spaceship looking mount just saw in pictured in the visionary hypercrate currently on sale.

I wish the complainers would put the existing armor set in their rage posts, at least I’ll know what to hunt down in game, maybe they’ll be cheaper 🙂

Looks like it was originally supposed to be called “Dark-Force Commando,” which is more suiting to its appearance if they want to avoid the original Revanite or Dark Reaver names.

They actually made a vanilla Jedi outfit? Wow, there’s a surprise
the hairstyles look pretty sweet too


yea alot of stuff that i want. to bad i dont have any money.

weapons is good. 2 armor sets and im interested in the new facial features and possible one new haircut?

“Appearance Options: Expanded Selections

Unlocks a massive amount of new customization options for Human, Cathar, Cyborg, Chiss, Mirialan, Sith and Miraluka. available at Character Creation or via the Appearance Designer.

2 Unisex hairstyles
4 Female hairstyles
5 Makeup options for female Chiss, Human, Cyborg and Miraluka.
4 Complextion options for Chiss.
1 Complextion option for Human, Cyborg, Mirialan and Miraluka
3 Eye Colors for Human, Cyborg, Mirialan, Cathar”

Nice to see Twi’leks got the shaft with this one. Not sure how they can exclude Twi’leks yet include Miralukas and Mirialans :'(

I think they’re focusing on the human recolor races. I’m not that upset about the lack of Twi’lek options, I’m justed bummed that the almighty Purebloods aren’t getting these new eyes. :/

All races should be getting the eyes. There’s no legitimate reason to exclude the other races :'(

Unless they’re releasing another customisation pack further down the line, in which case I’m happy to wait, but if it’s another arbitrary Bioquirk it’s very annoying since my main is a Twi’lek -_-

Even Miraluka? 😉
I think Purebloods, Zabraks, and Cathar are excluded because they each have unique eye models. Rattataki tend to have only have black, gray, white, or blue for eyes.

Update: I got the pack. Other races like Pureblood and Cathar can use the hairstyles. I don’t have Miraluka and I didn’t check Mirialan, but I would assume that they also have it.

Meh, no bothered about the hair tbh. It’s the eyes I’ve been waiting for. Thanks for the update all the same.

The only species that have no new customization options from this pack are both Zabrak types, Togruta, Rattataki, and Twi’lek. Only Humans, Cyborgs, and Mirialans get the new eyes.

Note: I don’t have any Miraluka, but I’m assuming that they at least get the new hairstyles.

All that’s been datamined are its Collections pics. I’m sure someone could mine the model, but they’d have to be asked specifically.

So many recyclated SHYTZ. The one and only thing what seems interesting is Flair: Snowtacular (Direct Purchase)

But really dunno that price

I don’t think you know what recycled content is.

Literally everything in this pack barring two sets (which are re-releases of armor that was removed from the game – as in, you can no longer get them) is new and unique. Two out of SEVEN are recycled, and one of those two has not been available for like four years. People complain about those armor sets being removed, but when they’re put back in, there’s people like you who complain about it.

Every time I look at these new packs I see people bitching about them being ‘reskins’ even though by and large they usually have no/little reskinned content. Do you people even know what a reskin is? Taking an armor set that is available to players and just adjusting the colors somewhat (like putting in a dye) is a reskin.

what kind of bullshits are u trying to tell me? I used to play this game since 2013, spent a lot of fuckin hours, nolifer became from me and now some noname telling me that i can’t recognize reskinned shit? Go sleep and rather never react on someones comment about these RESKINNED CRAPs

I’ve been playing since the Beta.
Exactly two armor sets in this pack are being rereleased, both of which being currently unavailable to players as they were removed from the game.

Of these two, only one is a reskin, and that’s the commando outfit, which was originally black and red instead of black and gray.

Would you like to tell me what other things in this pack are reskins? Because there aren’t any.

It’s totally fine if you don’t like the pack, or don’t like the game, but do us all a favor and don’t just make shit up.

I like the enigmatic operative set but it looks a lot like Calo Nord and that tan set that is also very similar to Calo’s (sorry I can’t recall the name at the moment). I have both of them. However, it gives ideas for me at least on applying different dye colors to the ones I already have. This armor set is just a color variant of what is already in the game.

Speaking as someone who occasionally frankensteins models from different games, I can tell you with some confidence that they probably did use the Calo jacket as a base for the Enigmatic Operative jacket – but then removed stuff from it, and made new models to apply to it as well. It’s more a case of them not really needing or wanting to make an entirely new jacket from scratch when they had one that already fit the dimensions they were looking for – it’s to save unnecessary aggravation and wasted time. That way, they have the general shape of the jacket already done and can focus on moddifying/adding things to it to make it more unique and in-line with their idea.

If they only put 1/4th of their time spent on cm into the endgame, maybe, just maybe they would have kept their promise of a conpleted raid before maintence mode.

If the CM Team only put 1/4 their time into the CM, then the game would probably lose microtransaction revenue, while the Dev Team would still struggle to put out more endgame content.

New hair, Chiss Talon Interceptor, Snowtactular & Merry Icetromper 🙂

And finally nice Jedi armor.

Some good deco’s too. Looking forward to this.

Is there any update on the next raid boss? I wouldnt be suprised if they delay it at this point as they usually take all of Dec. Off.

If I’m not mistaken, we will have Nahut with 5.6. New pvp map will come a little bit later.

The thing I really dislike us the fact we will not have a conplete full op by the end of the year, like they promised

I will admit that some of this stuff looks cool…. sure wish I could complete challenges in-game in order to get it and not spend real life money like an RP casual loser…

Are they now? I am not trying to be annoying but I’d like to know where you find those non-casual RPers that actually do HM/MM ops few times a week. I am asking because it takes a effing miracle to find good progressive guild on Darth Malgus.
Or to find any active guild at all. Too many “conquest guilds” where most people don’t even care about each other and all they do is stick to their own business. No teamplay, nothing.

Doing ops =/= non-casual.

You’re not likely to find RP guilds that do ops formally, though. Some guilds advertise as RP/PvE but they’re liars; guilds are either RP guilds or not. Only guild I could recommend for raiding would be Potentiae, small guild that I used to be part of before moving almost full-time to Prog. Pretty sure they’re still around and you’ll get a friendly experience with them.

But if you’re looking for an RP/PvE guild I doubt you’ll ever find one. Most that claim to do both are just trying to widen the net to get more members and those rare few that actually try to be both tend to fail at being both too.

Best way to go about things is to have raiding toons that you don’t use for RP and get them guilded with a PvE guild. Get to know people who raid, then you know who to talk to when you want to raid on your RP character.

Okay, thanks for all the info.
Also, upvoting because of: “Some guilds advertise as RP/PvE but they’re liars; guilds are either RP guilds or not.” That’s exactly how I feel whenever I see such adverts on chat. 😛

I don’t do any of those things? And the person I was replying to specifically said “RP casual loser.” What’s wrong with people who choose to do that?

Nothing. Except that huge amount of RPers that came to TRE are now in huge need of RP outfits which made armor sets prices skyrocket. I suppose he is salty over RPers because thanks to them armor sets will be expensive af.
More than that, game is barely alive at the moment and people don’t have the time to grind mils of credits for some armor set that is expensive only because of RPers high demand.

Do people really need that expensive gear to play the game? I’m not a RPer, but one of my favorite sets is crafted (and do not cost millions), other earned for DvL tokens or from ops/raid boss. Some nice sets drop with GC gring (most of them do not cost a fortune on GTN).

They do, yes. I do not deny that and I never will. I don’t use most expensive sets either, I am totally fine with Xoxaan set I bought really long time ago combined with Revan Reborn pieces. Still, there are some people who can’t imagine not having those shiny Sith Recluse parts. Makes them feel special.
Like hipsters, you know? So original they are actually mainstream while denying that. 😛

I don’t consider myself an RPer. I try to come up with creative names that sound Star Wars like not some goofy names like I have seen in the game. Although occasionally I like the funny names. My friend for example plays an Imperial Agent and named him Orange. I find that funny and also creative even if it isn’t a Star Wars name.

Regarding gear though, I have practically all the popular sets. Mostly because I bought them all a long time ago when they were cheap on the GTN. For example, Satele Shan’s set I think I got the whole thing for about 250k credits. Thana Vesh was pretty cheap too. Jolee Bindo’s outfit was really cheap. I could go on but you get the idea. I combine all the set pieces to create looks. But I don’t consider that as someone who RPs. Either way, there is nothing wrong with people wanting to play the game that way.

Playing a Jedi or Sith in an MMORPG isn’t enough make-believe for you? You have to actually pretend you are that character? Lol…. grow the hell up.

And yeah a lot of RP folks utilize the CM with real life money I am sure, emboldening Biofail to put all this new gear and mounts behind a pay wall instead of completing hard challenges in the game… I mean why would you want to actually play to game to get cool looking gear, am I right?

But, I don’t RP. I don’t feel some urge to actually pretend like I am that character. Thanks for assuming those things about my character.

I just don’t understand some people’s (such as yourself) significant problems about how others choose to play the game they play.

Aye, but at least this is something that’s currently unavailable. I’ve got plenty of toons that I’d like to use pieces from this set on that I didn’t have at the time. I can’t really object to making old sets available again, especially since most reskins are of stuff that’s not that old and wasn’t rare to begin with.

If this set gets released multiple times with bits tacked on, I’ll agree with you. But I’ve been waiting for them to release the old Revanite sets for a good long while (and tbf, they’re nice sets).

I wanted them to release Dark Reaver set too, it’s just I expected it to be a set that needs to be farmed/bought by in-game currency. I really didn’t expect them to put it on CM for real money, which is really stupid imho.

I think most of us would like that, and for the majority of armour/weapons. Not sure EA understand that games aren’t just virtual shopping centers :/

It was a PVE set too, both of which being unavailable these days. Is it a reskin? Yes, which means everyone who had the original PVP/PVE versions keep their unique versions while granting the models to people who wanted the appearance on a new character. Relax, holy shit.

To be fair, they somewhat established this precedent with the vanilla endgame reskins in the Nightlife and the Stronghold Packs.

Offtopic question, because I can’t find the original article here on dulfy anymore, but for United Forces: Group Recon, do each of 3 actions have to be DIFFERENT, like one master, one veteran flashpoint and then an operation or uprising? Because I did 2 different flashpoints and it only counted as one in the achievement log. Or maybe if I did one flashpoint on different characters it would count?

On the topic, cute flairs! And yay new cosmetics. Some of those mounts look pretty neat, too.

Okay, so I could do it on different characters or on 3 separate days. It says the event will last until 29th, but isn’t new patch coming live tomorrow?

The event ends with tomorrow’s patch. If you’re worried about missing out on rewards, just do 3 PvP missions through GF before the servers go down. You’ll earn Hexid in under an hour this way. All you’ll miss from not completing the PvE achievement is a measly title.

I did complete the PVP, yes. Too bad I realized there’s the PVE achievement too late. But thanks for clarification and help!!

I would love to buy some of these staffs and swords. But my companions can no longer use them, as they did before.

Let lightsaber wielding companions use them again, and you sell much more of these items.
And make vibroswords and techsword /-staffs the same weapon class. Keeping them seperated makes no sense at all.

Yeah. Why not just allow any companions to use any weapon? They are all streamlined now anyhow and the weapons purely cosmetic.

The teal crystal looks nice. I also like the Deep Cover Operative set, and the Smuggler Columi Set. I really wish they would come out with a bandit type mask without the head covering though. Just the mask and not a re-breather.

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