SWTOR Double Event Pushed to Patch 5.6.1

Bioware is pushing the double event from 5.6 to 5.6.1 due to a scheduling conflict ingame.

Double Event – Bad News and Good News | 11.27.2017, 05:08 PM

Hey folks,

Quick update on the planned double event which was to start tomorrow with Game Update 5.6. First, the bad news. We hit a scheduling issue within the game and the double event will not go live tomorrow as intended. Now, the good news. As a make good for this missed opportunity, we are going to run the double event with Game Update 5.6.1 coming on 12/12. As an added bonus this will be an extended double event as we will run it from 12/12 – 1/1!

We apologize for the change in date, but expect you will enjoy 20 days of double time through the holidays.

Thanks everyone.


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41 replies on “SWTOR Double Event Pushed to Patch 5.6.1”

Well first of all this is the middle of the work day in the US and the tail end of it in Europe so I’m gonna guess not many have read the post yet.
Second there aren’t many players left playing SWTOR right now, which is what helped spur the server merge.
Finally, the players that are left are probably fine with the event starting 2 weeks late since they are going to get 20 days of the event now instead of just 14.

This doesn’t make Bioware any less incompetent, it just shows that it happens so often that players aren’t really suprised that they screwed up. And it happens so often that Bioware has learned what to do to make up for the mistake and is being proactive to try to keep what is left of their playerbase happy.

Well, speaking for myself, I unsubscribed a long time ago, when we went a year without new Ops, despite these wonderful guys at BW telling us otherwise.

And I think people are just expecting them to screw up. Yes, it’s that bad. Nobody even went overboard when the Op bosses were behind schedule, because everyone and their mothers were expecting these guys to fail. And fail they did.

BW has done a great job of lowering expectations over these last few years. It’s nothing new. We, the “hater” section of the game, have become comfortable with it.

Same old, same old…

My raid group … our raid group … is just dying this days. Two members left for WoW, raidleader and his buddy. The last foodhold of myself the last few months … so sad, I think it’s over now.
If the group is dissolved. no idea if looking for another guild, or canceling the sub and getting F2P for this or that round of GSF or maybe running planetary stories left with this or that char.
The only problem for me … the attachement for my chars … this powerful trooper, that dark and zynical sith lord, and over there scemeing and ploting my beautiful sorceres

I feel your pain man, I really do. Same thing here. The only attachment I have to this game, besides being Star Wars (and Kot** was anything but Star Wars) are my toons. My Operatives and Snipers, those are the ones I love the most. Devious little bastards, plotting to save the galaxy from an unknown power. Pity there’s so little for them to do these days…

This most recent server merge was the final step this game took before falling off the cliff. All the game’s pro players are gone, and what’s left seems to be RP weirdos, casual “I like Star Wars” players, and total noobs to the game & MMO genre. Sure, the remaining servers have higher populations than their predecessors. Doesn’t matter much when the population consists of mostly bullshit gen chat, and just maybe the GF op of the day. Good luck finding a successful and/or dedicated HM or NiM raid group nowadays.

People who have only been playing SWTOR are doing the Plato’s Cave thing. Games like ESO and Destiny 2 are constantly mixing it up in their games on a bi-weekly basis. If there is a grievance from the fanbase/customers they respond thoughtfully practically the same day as did Bungie with it’s diminishing XP, as soon as some folks noticed they made a hard change to the game. Bioware Austin would ignore it for a few months then acknowledge the problem over a three month period, declare a future announcement to address the situation in another three months and then at the end of the year actually fix it.

Because most of us have left the game for other, better games and simply don’t care that much about SWTOR anymore. Also, hearing that BW messed something up with the game is like learning that a dude with poor bladder control wet his pants again. TOR news entertain me in the same manner that a disaster movie with some comedy tossed in does….

would be cool if they made it 2x unassembled components too… But that would have to be in an alternate reality where EA cared… :/

It’s always something. How about instead of “hey we messed up but its okay because we’re giving you X now instead which is better”, you actually just deliver something you said you would on time?

*Mind Blown*

Why don’t you take your childish sexism/objectification (which has zero relevance to the whinging of other dickheads here) and get a life you repulsive mouth-breather.

Yeah, quit being childish… that means a lot coming from someone named “Get fucked moron”.
Also, please explain the “whinging of other dickheads”… sounds kinda kinky.

Your body-shaming language is just as bad as anything, why don’t you call him a neckbeard while you’re at it? You ever think that maybe some people have serious trouble breathing through their noses due to poor sinuses or deviated septums?

That time when there was a major bug in the game, and all the kiss asses bitched to the dev team to ban anyone “exploiting” The Ravagers?

I will be away from the 17th to the 27th…. and most people will be away for at least a week, if not more, during the holidays. So that “double event” is bullshit. Not surprised. They should just run it from 12/12 to 01/12 for a whole month if they cared.

After the update, they will run into complications, no double xp. Nothing will get done because they will be on there Christmas break.

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