GW2 Gemstore –Resplendent Avian Skin and Elonian Landscape Dyes

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Resplendent Avian Raptor Skin for 2000 gems and the Elonian Landscape Dye Kit.

Resplendent Avian Raptor Skin – 2000 gems



Elonian Landscape Dyes – 125 Germs, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems


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61 replies on “GW2 Gemstore –Resplendent Avian Skin and Elonian Landscape Dyes”

Expensive, but rather lovely raptor. Considering that raptor is the mount that’s the most useful for getting around, I can see this being quite a status purchase. At least its not random chance to get it.

At 2000 gems for ONE friggin’ mount, I’d take my chances on the random and get 5 distinct looks.

This isn’t WoW. There is no need to have a $25 mount.

Bro with 5 rolls you have a 29.8% chance of not even getting a Raptor skin at all. Loot boxes are so shit that the 2000 gems is a better deal.

the only reason they put these things at 2k is not to “pay the artist” or some other bullshit like that. Its to increase the base market value of the skin gamble.

Pretending they don’t have a stock model that is already rigged to the skeleton that they tweak in zbrush or whatever is nonsense. 1 skin is not worth 2k regardless of its “set odds”

No, it’s not worth anywhere near 2k gems. I just said it’s better than the loot boxes. I’m still not buying either option.

So these skins are premium now? Odd, don’t remember any of the re-meshed gliders with dyable particle effects and unique sounds being branded as “premium”. Or sold for 5 times the price of other glider skins.

The aspect of these mount skins I find most interesting however is that 2000 gems is outside the range most people will ever grind for in game. I used to grind gold constantly and could sum up 100 gold (for 400 gems) in a few weeks – or with prep time, amass 800 gems for a large purchase. I dont think many people will ever be able to save up for gem items which cost similar amounts to precursors – and they certainly wont do it often or happily. Anywho, not predatory gambling, just mid-tier scummery, nothing worth ranting over.

They definitedly cost a bit too much, but overall one of those mounts must be more work.

From modeling to special animations, summon animation, footsteps/trail, special idle interactions and in theory sounds and so on too.
Generally gliders do not have all that stuff bundled together at once…more like pick 1-2.

I get it…but 2000 gems it is around 25$ rmw while expansion itself costs around 35$. As much as I am trying to believe that “this cost so much cuz of workload of our graphic” I just can’t.

Eh, i know. As i said it’s too much, but my main guess is that it’s just the common price for such stuff in games…even WoW makes you pay 30 bucks for a mount…in a P2P game 😐

They should cost more than a glider imo, but yeah. 2000 gems is too much…more like 1000 or little more.

Sorry, but that’s quite a dumb statement.

First off, you don’t need anything. Be it a glider or a mount’s SKIN.

Second you can’t base a price on that. An item is priced based on the market value/situation and the work needed to make it.
At that point what ? A Ferrari should cost less than a pair of shoes because i actually need two of them ?

That is what I don’t get. If it is 3-4 times the work of a glider then by all means charge 5 times the price. I just don’t see how these are 3 times the work of a glider.

If there are new idle animations then thats something we havent seen before buy i don’t think the summon animations, trails or glue on animations take much time to produce at all?

Gliders are very easy 3d mesh with sub-par particle effect in a linear trajectory. Mounts on the other hand, requires creating a new mount with different design, animation, rigging, visual/particle effects, sound effects and a lot more different factors. I can vouch as a post grad game developer that it will take WAY more than 5 times the effort to produce a mount than a glider.

Based on the slight clipping of the warhound mount’s front two feet when stationary, it seems they used the exact same rigging and running animation for the underlying mount as was done for the jackal and then just applied a new look on top of it.

Perhaps your unnamed factors make reskins of existing models very time consuming to produce but i cant see how the particle effects, trailing particle effects, sound effects or reused riggings would be any more time consuming to work on then a completely new glider.

A new glider wouldn’t have a static/stowed animation nor would it require hard lines of code since it will automatically be stow upon contact with an object. This means that the only requirement in creating a glider is the mesh that was simply created in zbrush or even simple programs like maya with minimal effort. Although some of the gliders I’ve seen had particle effects that were decent, every single one of them follows the same algorithm in composition/layout and has VERY little details. Because of the lack of detail, it can be created in a few days with their design team. For example, the view from the top and bottom will be almost identical and thus, designed primarily from the top view (the side view is just silly and takes no effort) While as for the mounts, perspectives of every different angles, shadows, contours, and animation must be carefully thought of and applied.

Mounts on the other hand require WAY MORE careful design and detail since people will be viewing theirs closely with high resolution. Gliders do not need to pass the resolution test because it will never be shown in a static form and always be stowed on contact. This makes the artists and designers work 5x more or even 10-20x more compared to designing gliders. Every single line of contour on the mount needs to look good when against a light or shadow. Every little rigging and movement the mount makes needs to pass without causing the graphics to rip. Mounts have unique animation while standing still, walking, running, jumping, using skills, stowing and wielding.

You don’t just simple slap on a zbrush design on a basic rig to make a mount work like you think. Lots more planning, designing, testing went into creating a single mount compared to a single glider. Yes, I think 2000 is a fair price compared to a 700 glider.

You know this is good in one way , i know exactly how many gems i need to save now to get these skins. Though i don’t like this one i am pretty sure Arenanet will come up with one i do like 🙂

“The aspect of these mount skins I find most interesting however is that 2000 gems is outside the range most people will ever grind for in game. I used to grind gold constantly and could sum up 100 gold (for 400 gems) in a few weeks – or with prep time, amass 800 gems for a large purchase.”

I feel like you’re making an assumption here. At least based on the giant sample size of 1=me, I’ve been sitting on 400something gold with up to 1k gems in the wallet, waiting for interesting sales. When I’ve been actively trying to get gold, I went up to 600 gold before I spent some of it. And that with never spending real money on gems, and never really farming anything. Though I know that still doesn’t tell anything about the majority of players.

Its definitely an assumption though its one I’ll happily stick to. Quick question though, while I’ve accumulated up to 3000 gems before or 200 sitting gold (though never at the same time), it has always taken me ages to do. How long do you think it would take you to obtain 600 gold from scratch if you felt motivated to do so?

Reasonably priced glider skins. We didn’t know, we could not have seen. Welp, yet another “premium skin” that I will not buy. 2k is too much, until anet changes that, won’t even pick up gems.

Welp, you guys asked for it! Mad at a not so bad rng box mount skins this is what you get. 1 skin every few weeks at the cost of 2000 gems. I hope the community is happy. LOL

400 gem skins never looked so good.

Apparently we should be thankful for them being slightly less of a greedy buttfuck under the disguise of lootboxes.

gamble nor overpriced have ever looked good friend. if no one makes a purchase they will either cater to us or the game will go under. time will tell.

I’ve seen a very profession game data analysis that says the whales will cover about 30% of the profit ANET makes while rest of the people who spend a little money here and there will add up the total. Thus, people not making any purchases or just playing for free won’t even matter.

400gem RANDOM mount skin
2000 gems yes its way too much, but if i see one that deserves the amount i will think about it

The first 2000 gem Mount Skin debuted at the same time as the box mount skins. This greed grab is not a response to the reaction on the random boxes. It does, however, show they didn’t get the message on mount skin greed.

Because for 1 most of the focus was on the boxes instead of the 2000 gem mount skin. To make things works anet responded by saying they wouldnt do that again but instead release a few here and there which would no doubt be a t a higher price. Or specific set skins like the halloween pack. Because players didnt want to pay up some credit for the rng skins that you couldnt even get twice they have pretty much locked us all into less skins being released at higher prices less frequently.

So of course they didnt get the message for 2000gem mount skins no people focused more hate on the rng boxs

Yeah, no thanks. I bought the occasional glider skin because they were fun and reasonably priced. This is obnoxious, ugly and is worth almost as much as all of the content in the Path of Fire expansion, apparently.

All I can say is, Aurene better not be some gold-sink Gem purchased skin for the griffon. If that turns out to be the case, F-ck you Arenanet.

“400 gem skins never looked so good.”
Which is exactly why they made fixed mount cost 2k gems; To lure people back into gambling.

I swear it’s like talking to a drug addict. Some people’s minds are so fixated on this imagined “great deals” without realizing the comparison itself is purposely done by Anet. There’s something telling if a virtual skin on an ingame mount cost similar to an expansion. For almost the same price they gave you at least 3 new maps, several armors, a story and elite specializations. Yet when it comes to mounts you just turned blind and can’t get your mindset out of stupid RNG gambling, which is in fact more expensive if you want less than 3 specific skins. At least do the math first if you want to act like you know cost-efficiency.

They really, really, really, need to put mount skins in for what they priced gliders. If they have to have 2000g skins they should be like the fancy outfit combos that come with various things. In no way shape or form is that price acceptable for a /skin/ dude.

Besides being overpriced, I kind of hoped it’s Peacock-feather would go up while you rode it. Shame, but it does look great. I’ll skip it like the Warhound.

On the gem store picture they show the feathers going up and it looks a lot better than them dragging on the ground like they do.

Well, that’s a very unique looking mount. But 2000 gems is FAR too much to spend on a cosmetic skin. I’ll pass.

Another overpriced mount 🙁

Thankfully I dont want this one anyway…. wouldnt suit any of my chars… Guess ANET is sticking by their guns…. Absolute shit…. I got 10 chars…. was hoping to get them each unique mounts as I have done with gliders and harvesting tools…. was happy to invest in this over time as different sets came out…. but seeing the way things are being handled… I dont feel like spending a single penny

To be honest I dont like most of the random mount skins…. I think they have overall ruined the look of the game…. now the world is filled with garishly dyed mediocre mounts…. trash really. Has really lowered the tone… The few models i do like are trapped behing RGN and I dont want to gamble away money to try and get them… would be pointless for me anyway to get them without being part of an over all design strategy.

I am definitely more interested in the new model mounts but at 2000 gems I dont even want to bother… if I were to get each of my characters unique mounts it would cost over £1000… completely out of the question… and the idea of generating that much gold… similarly out of the question….

Of course some would use vanilla mounts and some might repeat but still the cost of doing even that would be astrronomical…. unless ANET seriously changes their strategy here Im gonna give mount specialization a wide miss…. from what I can see… many other people are feeling the same.

I hope they realise what they are doing is a bad idea…. potential suicide for the game…. weigh up the actual cost of this business model both in money and good will from the community and change their ways. Ive been a big advocate of GW business practices up till now… feeling everything was being done in a fair and decent way…. ANET is losing my trust fast.

If these prectices continue and become part of future developments…. I will leave the game… would be sad coz ive been playing since start… but im not willing to tolerate this shit…. if the game wont give me what I want… ie: a good structure to develop and customise my characters…. then i will leave… simple as

You wanting ALL DIFFERENT mounts for fucking 10 characters is your sad pathetic choice in life, you can’t always have everything you want you spoiled brat. Please leave, no one would care, simple as that.

Obviously you can’t read or deduce logic. Why would I care if he leaves? Just because I posted a response to a stupid comment? Fuck outta here scrub.

Yea this guy’s been rolling around the forums like a bumbling idiot :/ He should be the one that nobody cares about =P

I’m just hoping ANET makes the next unique griffon mount 8000 gems so I can see more of these High School/College kids crying.

Not going to show off the idle animations for the raptor? Seriously? I have heard they are a little bit different, with the alert making the tail go up and spread.

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