GW2 Upcoming Items from Nov 28 Patch

GW2 Upcoming Items from Nov 28 Patch. Chat codes taken from that_shaman’s thread.


Upcoming Gemstore Items

First Follower Desmina Outfit – [&C0gAAAA=]


Choya Finisher – [&AgH9TgEAAA==]


Astral & Stellar Weapon Skins

Astral Weapons

Sword Hammer Longbow Short Bow
gw2-astral-sword gw2-astral-hammer gw2-astral-longbow gw2-astral-short-bow
Axe Dagger Greatsword Mace
gw2-astral-axe gw2-astral-dagger gw2-astral-greatsword gw2-astral-mace
Pistol Rifle Torch Shield
gw2-astral-pistol gw2-astral-rifle gw2-astral-torch gw2-astral-shield
Focus Warhorn Scepter Staff
gw2-astral-focus gw2-astral-warhorn gw2-astral-scepter gw2-astral-staff

Stellar Weapons

Sword Hammer Longbow Short Bow
gw2-stellar-sword gw2-stellar-hammer gw2-stellar-longbow gw2-stellar-short-bow
Axe Dagger Greatsword Mace
gw2-stellar-axe gw2-stellar-dagger gw2-stellar-greatsword gw2-stellar-mace
Pistol Rifle Torch Shield
gw2-stellar-pistol gw2-stellar-rifle gw2-stellar-torch gw2-stellar-shield
Focus Warhorn Scepter Staff
gw2-stellar-focus gw2-stellar-warhorn gw2-stellar-scepter gw2-stellar-staff

Raid Weapons & Minis


Axe – Flesh and Sinew Hammer – Sledge of Red Witch Shield – Voice in the Void
gw2-flesh-and-sinew gw2-sledge-of-red-witch gw2-voice-in-the-void
Sword – Ender of All Dagger – Touch of Dhuum Greatsword – Final Death
gw2-ender-of-all gw2-touch-of-dhuum gw2-final-death
Staff – Oblivion


Mini Desmina


Mini Broken King


Mini Dhuum


Misc Weapons and Minis

Legendary Focus

The Binding of Ipos – [&CuMeAAA=]


Ars Goetia – [&CqoeAAA=] The True Name – [&CrQeAAA=] Mark of the Unnamed – [&CrEeAAA=]
gw2-ars-goetia gw2-the-true-name gw2-mark-of-the-unnamed

Misc Weapons

Asef’s Brew [&CsYeAAA=]
Barud’s Blunderbuss [&CtQeAAA=]
Darkspear [&CtAeAAA=]
gw2-asef's-brew gw2-barud's-blunderbuss gw2-darkspear
Randa’s Eviscerator -[&CqEeAAA=]
Sunscythe [&CukeAAA=]
Sunspear [&CrYeAAA=]
gw2-randa's-eviscerator gw2-sunscythe gw2-sunspear

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40 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Items from Nov 28 Patch”

I feel like those Stellar weapons would be really cool if they focused on the purple glow theme (similar to the Celestial weapons from Factions), but combined with the yellow orbs from what I assume is the precursor set it just does not look good.

is there something you have to do to change the Astral longbow into the Stellar longbow? or are both versions available?

Given that the Stellar weapons seem to be upgraded versions of the Astral ones, I’m guessing that this may be a new weapon set that’s either going to be available via LS4, or possibly through Fractals.

My understanding is that they use the Shrowd Ult Necros get for his skin, pretty under whelming. That and the story basically ends any chance of story archs for Dhuum.

I actually really like that there are some ultra special weapon skins locked behind raid content! It gives them a sense of value and rarity, that they could only be acquired by surmounting a challenge. I just wish that there were other really cool skins locked behind challenging content across game types, it definitely seems like raiding/gemstore gets a disproportionate amount of cool skins.

So, others less skilled people, that can’t operate much with screaming, insulting and demanding beyond imagination people to do raids, because they want one skin LOCKED behind something they simply can’t do?

Cool story, cool story.

Players: “We want in-game rewards”
Also players: “I don’t wanna play the content for the rewards”

Cool story, now tell that to every player that has learned to raid from scratch.

I’m trying really hard to understand what this meant, between the poor sentence structure and overt sarcasm, it really doesn’t make much sense.

Here’s my attempt at translation: ‘People who aren’t skilled enough for raids demand that others help them to get a skin, because they can’t do it themselves.’

I still dont get your point

Its a bit of an awkward issue to deal with but I’m wondering if the mini’s for raids shouldn’t perhaps be put behind spoiler boxes with these summaries. Its more work but Dulfy usually avoids putting in story spoilers and nothing quite ruins the narrative of a full on mystery tour into the underworld as a fully animated Dhuum mini holding a scythe -.-

You know what ? I will prepare my power-reaper and get into raiding.
You did it Anet, now don´t make the items/skins to grindy to get.

Are they ? I don´t know and i don´t care, I just set up my own group in the lfg , then I can figure it out how the raid works together with other non-meta ppl.

Still patiently waiting for a raid along the lines of Urgoz, where most people can enjoy instead of a few. Make some hard but one easy fun raid would be nice.

I have a feeling the Sunscythe and Sunspear/Darkspear will be NPC only like the Katana style (Belinda’s GS) dagger and sword. Which were only used for the HoT Tengu.

So… ArenaNet can’t put in the manpower to create some new in-game armor skins.

But they can put in the manpower for dozens of gemstore mount skins and new gemstore outfits.

Just a wild guess – but I’d say the key word here is “gemstore.”

Only the outfit here is a gemstore item. Also there are 4 new armorpieces that you can get from the new raid. 🙂

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