SWTOR Appearance Options: Expanded Selections

Preview of the SWTOR Appearance Options: Expanded Selections available in the Cartel Market for 240 CC.


One Unisex Hairstyle


One Male Hairstyle


Five Female Hairstyles






Five Makeup Options (Female Chiss, Human, Cyborg and Miraluka)


One Complexion Option (Human, Cyborg, Mirialan, Miraluka)


Four Complexion Options (Chiss)


Three Eye Colors (Human, Cyborg, Mirialan, Cathar)


  • John Kosto

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    • Acknowledge the good

      I like it – girl with chopped locks and a touselled look. In reality, cuts with shape and movement are the most expensive to get and indicative of a lady with some panache and individuality … 😉

      Ponytails are safe, y’know, and safe isn’t always good.

  • Drew

    Wait… Is that ACTUAL sith yellow eyes I see in #2 (not just the flat yellow previously available) and is #3 Valkorionn, Arcann, and Vaylin eyes from the the Eternal throne? Won’t be able to tell until a cut scene…

    • Zeus Fagervold

      They fucked up the eyes. Retextured them and now they really look like shit. You will be very disappointed. They’re now lifeless.

      • Drew

        Damn, and here I thought they were finally giving us DS eyes like the movies (been requested for years) and Eternal Throne (fire?) eyes like I know I’VE wanted since seeing them in cut scenes. Oh well I’ll save my 240cc!

        • Darth Twinge

          They retextured ALL the eyes not just the new ones. My Glowy yellow ones were a dull olive color at log in. That said I think the new ones look pretty good. check it:


          • Drew

            That #2 or 3?

            • Darth Twinge


          • infamous

            I was tempted to go the 3#. Maybe I’ll try 2 on all of my Sith and keep one of them on 3. But I ain’t changing anything until they fix those awful eye texture mess. I am sick and tired of BW messing this up. The hair is still green! I want black/dark hair?!

      • Mattboy19

        Yeah, those eyes aren’t exactly great. Oh well, it’s not the first time something got fucked up.

    • Popo

      I’d take these over the plain yellow any day

    • Frost

      Unfortunately we still don’t have the canon sith eyes with the red rings around the yellow iris. They’re already in game (Lana, Zash, etc.) but they don’t want to give them to us yet.

      • Drew

        Its almost like they made it LOOK like they tried to give us those 2 eye options but just couldn’t get it done. Only close. Maybe the re-texturing “bug” from today is the culprit but somehow I doubt it…

  • Vincent van der Laan

    for real yet again female get more hairstyles then male 🙁

  • Ben Gimson

    Pity they’ve fucked up the eyes. Do they still have a test server?

    • gog

      They got 5 actually: Star Forge, Satele Shan, Tulak Hord, Darth Malgus & The Leviathan.

      • Paulo Gomes


      • Ben Gimson

        Heh, too true, too true :’)

  • cal

    Some of the cuts are giving me 1940s femme spy/nightclub singer vibes 😉 Where’s my superbly tailored Chanel suit to go with it?

  • Havik79

    I was happy to see 5 female hair cuts, should have known they would not be unique, same fucking style just 4 different ways.

    I wish they would hire a woman, enough with these ugly emo short hair cuts.

  • Hey, finally some more long female hairstyles, woo 😀


    MMO content lol

  • Of course these worthless assholes make a tiny little change and wanna charge extra for it. OH BTW your SUBSCRIPTION IS DUE. Pieces of shit.

    • TheCulprit

      I love you man

    • TheCulprit

      So, is this all you do, just shit post on every SWTOR post that appears on Dulfy? The oxygen you used could’ve saved an African child.

      • Ben Gimson

        Are the African children suffocating too nowadays? XD

        • Risqu’e

          Yes, we’ve been sending them plastic bags

      • TheCulprit

        wtf…I didn’t say that! Did someone hack my account?

        • fubarz


      • Casual Dar

        Didn’t realize Africa was lacking Oxygen

    • Djangus Roundstone

      Agreed, this shit ought to be free

  • 平賀才人

    Its always nice to see new content like this, I don’t like those curvy female hairs but I really appreciate their effort to deliver more content that is actually needed in this game and I’ll definitely buy it to show my gratitude and support so we can see less retarded content such as ops and more of everything else.

    • TheCulprit


      • 平賀才人

        Nah I’m serious.

        • fubarz


  • TheCulprit

    “Unlocks an massive amount of customizations….”

    Doesn’t feel really “massive” to me, maybe ‘a few new options’ no one will actually notice.

  • Florent

    They are working at EA and they are not able to make a correct 3D haircut. Pls give me that job !

  • Craft Beer Brewer

    These new hair styles lately have a very cheap look to them. They don’t look like they belong on the characters. The coloring, texture, look is just so fake looking. Like cheap wigs.

    • Kaelin

      I can see few lazily done unimportant details with new hair styles, but fail to see how old ones are better.

  • Jeff

    nowadays male characters even get shafted in a game where it isn’t a vast majority playing female.
    would be nice if they had long hairs for both genders, even females could really use less short styles..

  • Banadano

    I wish that first female hairstyle was unisex too.

  • Zefram Mann

    I like the new changes, especially to the eyes, but why in the world did they make David Tennant’s hair for women only?


  • Meelis S

    Cant belive we are almost in year 2018 and character haircut looks like back in 2005 or so.
    That hero engine beta still rocking and people buy that crap 😀

  • Don Loco

    Content? Nope. Barbie dress up stuff? We have TONS! Step right up and be a wiener!

    • abaddonsmummy

      5.6 just dropped Nahut (the new and best of the new ops bosses imho), new Flashpoint Copero along with new Chiss story to go with it, new starfighter map and overhauled group finder and numerous small QOL improvements, so we got content too.
      Some people yes, just like this ‘barbie’ stuff but a great more enjoy all parts of the game.
      Not just for…’wieners’, but I do love a hot dog 😛

      • Don Loco

        If you can call that content then all I can say is how far this game has fallen. As always enjoy if you can, but it still saddens me to see it become such a train wreck.

        • abaddonsmummy

          Content? – Yes it is.
          Do we need/want more – Hell yes.

        • Peter

          Having a bad day?

          • Don Loco

            No little one, are you?

      • ConcernedGuest

        – destroyed the previous setting/style of dye’s for Jedi Stormlord Robes
        – augments linked to wrong crafting jobs (shield for armstech? alacrity for armormech? wtf)
        – pvp comms made legacy (good) put still inside the currency tab (why?)
        – haven’t found more bugs for 5.6 in the 1 hour I was online yesterday, just out of curiousity, but there are more …
        – INSANELY AMOUNT of codex entries still bugged

        • JediJulius

          I honestly don’t even know how they messed up the Jedi Stormlord and Resolute Guardian sets as they did. At least on Reddit, Eric Musco said they were looking into them.

        • abaddonsmummy

          It appears the Jedi Robes are being sorted, and I’m sure the rest of the bugs will be sorted in time, the major ones all have previously in future patches.
          Not sure about codex issues but they’ve never stopped me playing.

        • Ben Gimson

          The gloves for the Bionic set that was released a pack or so back aren’t displaying correctly either. Not getting my hopes up that that’ll be fixed, outside of a lucky accident 🙁

    • Peter

      Pathetic people always have to complain about something I guess. Go cry and cancel your Subscription and be an edgy kid.

      • scaredtouserealaccount

        What happened? why you not using the N word in this attack?

        • Wagner schmit

          WTF you on?

      • Dr-Waffle The-Third

        oh no, someone isn’t excited about something not exciting, and they have an opinion differing with mine. time to get Offffended, and complain about their complaining, changing nothing, except for providing me with a sense of pride through the act of name calling. i have brought justice to this world! my world! my small small sensitive world!

      • Don Loco
    • infamous

      Are you really going to complain about added cosmetic hairstyles and the Sith eyes people have been begging 6 years for? Boohoo you didn’t get another fucking generic robot Iokath Operation. Poor thing…..
      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…………. _.·´

      • Wagner schmit

        Can’t level up to lvl 75 right?

      • Don Loco

        No little one, I haven’t bothered playing this train wreck for two years now. NOTHING I have seen in all that time has given me the slightest urge to start up again. Same shit, different label and the sheep just keep gobbling it up like mana from heaven. Last I checked I had the same right as you sheep to write what I wish about what I wish.

        • Exirion

          If you haven’t played TOR in 2 years, then why are you here? Seems illogical to visit a site telling you about a game you obviously lost interest in.

          • Don Loco

            Okay, I’ll go a little slower for you as you seem to need it.
            I post, write, read, visit, etc whatever websites that strike my fancy, same as you. I don’t need to agree with the games direction to hope the company might possibly pull it’s head out of it’s ass but so far that hasn’t happened. So there you go little one. I know it is hard to understand but perhaps if you ask your mommy she might help explain it so you can.

    • Zefram Mann

      What’s wrong with playing dress-up?

  • Kubrickian

    No walk thru of the new flashpoint Dulfy? “Solo” and “Story” are buggy.

  • Shawn Hargrave

    • Ben Gimson

      Read about that earlier today. Good news. I’m doubtful, but let’s hope EA learn something from BF2 and do better in future. And let’s hope governments finally start acknowledging that lootboxes are a form of gambling.

    • Paulo Gomes

      This is great news. Not so much for the fact that government is looking into it, but mainly because EA were called on their bullshit by Disney themselves. Getting a reprimand from the boss is never a good thing.

      And yes, I think EA are the bane of video games in general. I was suspicious of TOR because it was an EA product, and I was right to be so. I hope they burn in hell, and all those smaller creatives studios they dismantled come to haunt them for eternity.

      It would make me incredibly happy if they lost the rights to ALL Star Wars games. No Christmas present could make me happier. Well, Ep VIII might, if it’s any good lol.

      Burn in hell EA. Surrounded by little burning loot boxes. That’s my Christmas wish for y’all.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        fingers crossed here it would be the best if they lost the star wars contract i dont understand why tor hasnt gotten any attention tors gambling and loot box crap is a 10000000 times worse then bf2 is i dont get it

        • TheCulprit

          agreed, it’s is much worse, but almost no one plays it, so, you know, small splash.

      • Ben Gimson

        “Not so much for the fact that government is looking into it”

        That’s the best bit imho, and I hope the various governments actually do something. Otherwise, as said in the video, self-regulation in the game industry leads to corruption. Didn’t know until I watched that the game ratings people actually had connections with EA. They can’t be trusted to behave so they shouldn’t be given the flexibility to misbehave.

        No surprise that they said they don’t consider gambling to be gambling -_-

        • Paulo Gomes

          I’m very wary of government involvement in things. That’s the only reason why I’m sceptic. A similar thing happened in the 80’s with music, with the PMRC. They went forward and put stamps on cd’s, the “parental advisory” thing. That actually worked in reverse: people started putting more controversial material in their songs JUST to get the stamp, to be “cooler”…

          Now if they intervene in a harder manner, hey I’m all for it. I have 3 children, 2 teenagers and a 10 year old. I want them gaming, not gambling.

          We’ll see where all this leads…

    • Wagner schmit

      Hope this impacts the gaming industry and hope DLCs (ones with story from an incomplete game are next)

    • lolipop

    • Amodin

      It’s frankly too bad that the players in SWTOR won’t do the same thing.

    • Daniel Jeyn

      I have a friend who has worked in the video gambling industry for years. As in, she’s worked for the company that makes the games you seen in Casinos, with some branching off some into apps. But make no mistake, video gambling is huge revenue. The companies that make those games for those annoying video poker and video slot machines do so because they are being thrown money to do it.

      I hate all the gambling that has gone into regular games. But these companies are feeling the pressure from all the suits to not leave money on the table they know they can get. If they get a billion downvotes on Reddit, but still make money, that alone won’t do it.

      I’m glad to see actual real pressure, as in actual loss of customers, to show that people will turn their backs on tasteless cash grabs. It’s the only thing that the companies will listen to.

      • Andi R.

        May I ask if you know someone working at EA?

        I’m looking for a game-tester job. Would have a few questions for you.

  • Dr-Waffle The-Third

    I have that exact first female haircut. thanks for deciding my GENDER BIOWAAARE. (triggering ensues as he flails his phalanges)

    • Scott Bakula

      Yeah there are a bunch of hockey players that have hair like that haha. Should def be unisex.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Are you Tilda Swinton!? O.O

      • Dr-Waffle The-Third

        I’m not female lmao. I have a penior senior

    • Adam Haynes

      Hahaha totally, I like how the “unisex” hawk isnt male but the first female one which I’ve literally seen on both since the 80’s isn’t unisex. Smh.

  • Wagner schmit

    Too little too late.

    • Kaelin

      Why are you here?

      • Wagner schmit

        Waiting for the fp story to get uploaded and it is now.

  • Darth Twinge

    Has anyone else noticed the cheap lvl 1 and lvl 2 gift vendor on fleet now has lvl 5 purple gifts for 960 credits per unit… good time to level up hexid and raina? 😛

    • Adam Haynes

      Cool, thx for the heads up!

    • abaddonsmummy

      Great spot, never knew that.

    • Petan

      They were actually free, and people were exploiting it and selling them for credits back to vendors. So the 960 credits price is after BW made an on spot fix. And it’s ok to buy them now (not considered an exploit). BW will fix them with a patch (those are supposed to cost gift fragments) at a later time.

  • R315r4z0r

    I like the new options… but disappointed in no new Miraluka masks.

  • LucasFaun

    i like the new male haircut. and think that the woman haircut 2 could be unisex tho.

  • Overall I like these new options. I just wish we could get more headdresses for Twi’leks and more masks for Miraluka.

  • Mark Lodl

    No love for the Zabrak *sigh*

    • Vyro The Virus

      Barely anyone likes Zabrack. So bland.

      • Mark Lodl

        Exactly why they need some love lol

    • Will Stevens

      Same with the Miraluka. I’ve been kinda hoping for more options for the face masks.

  • Terry G Roberts

    Cathar eyes are different

  • James Colby

    Love that dew! New hair is cool! Get your swtor mousepads in xxl size here: https://www.gityershopon.com/products/star-wars-mouse-pad

  • Rey927

    Very nice!!!

  • Igor Lopes de Oliveira

    I have a question: if I buy this pack, I have a free change to these hairstyles or it just unlocks the permission to change to them but I have to pay again?

    • Mark Aronov

      You would have to pay again to change it. It’s a small charge but wished there was no charge at all.

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