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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 28 – December 5

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 28 – December 5

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You get to level 70 immediately, but you don’t advance in the story. It could be considered p2w if you look at it this way – people will be getting cxp from the moment they start playing their character, compared to leveling for 30-40 hours. IMO the whole CXP system is still pretty shite – better get your gear from warzones or ops – so I don’t give that much thought into it.

They will get a full set of level 70 gear… so it’s not exactly NOT pay to win…. I just hope the gear is Tier 1 or Tier 2 at most.

Ah, I did not know that. Hopefully it doesn’t even go above the gear you get from the KotET storyline. 230 gear isn’t exactly being handed out for free.

I mean.. why are people getting stuck on lvl 70 token that comes with starter gear and having to do the entire class story, when for years now we had tokens that came with finished class story, acess to the latest expansion chapters without haven’t to play through prior ones and set of starter gear. are 5 levels really such a big deal? given how quickly you can sprint past them to max level? really? NOW we are upset?

We’ve had character boosts with the Outlander token since 4.0, so how exactly is this one different, except that it boosts to 70 instead of 60/65?

You did get starter gear with the Outlander token, too. Just like with this one. 230 gear can be bought on the fleet.

If you consider this “Pay to Win”, than literally any Character Boost in any MMO (World of WarCraft had those for years now) is also “Pay to Win”.

Not pay to “win”, but EA has a bewildering practice of expecting people to pay to not play their game. The part that truly baffles me is how many people do it.

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