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SWTOR Spoils of War United Force Pack Preview

SWTOR Spoils of War United Force Pack Preview



Enigmatic Operative’s Armor Set – Gold



Revered Master’s Armor Set – Gold



Zakuulan Security’s Armor Set – Silver



Unyielding Stalker’s Armor Set – Silver




Nahut’s Heavy Cannon – Platinum


Nahut’s Heavy Sniper – Platinum


Scorpion TK Assault Cannon – Gold


Scorpion TK Blaster – Gold


Scorpion TK Offhand Blaster – Gold


Scorpion TK Blaster Rifle– Gold


Scorpion TK Sniper Rifle– Gold


Scorpion TK Lightsaber– Gold


Scorpion TK Dualsaber – Gold


Scorpion TK Shoto– Gold


Scorpion TK Electroblade – Gold


Scorpion TK Electrostaff – Gold


Beskad – Silver


Mantellian Frontline Assault Cannon – Silver


Mantellian Frontline Blaster – Silver


Mantellian Frontline Blaster Rifle– Silver


Mantellian Frontline Sniper Rifle– Silver


Mantellian Frontline Lightsaber– Silver


Mantellian Frontline Dualsaber– Silver



Holo-Rancor – Platinum


Vectron Raptor – Gold


Vicious Drakag – Gold


Oberle Banshee – Silver


Republic Guardian’s Dais – Silver



Advanced Teal-Black Color Crystal – Silver


Advanced Gray-Red Color Crystal – Silver


Creature Companion: Krakjya – Gold


Emote: Cartwheel – Silver


Emote: Scare – Silver


Model Umbaran T-20 Fighter – Silver


Juvenile Experimental Varactyl – Silver


Repair Droid Weapon Tuning – Gold


Honorable General Dye


Revolutionary Dye


Force Trainee Dye



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55 replies on “SWTOR Spoils of War United Force Pack Preview”

Not a huge fan of the weapons (except for the cannons, for once), but the gold armor looks great and the silver looks serviceable at least. I wonder what the Grey-Red saber looks like in game.

The armors in this pack look remarkably and surprisingly good. Except for the Unyielding Stalker one. That helmet just looks… wrong, like most helmets in this game. The Operative and Zakuulan armors look nice, the Jedi armor is a must-have if you play a female. Not so much if you plan on dressing up your male Jedi lol….

Funny, the Unyielding Stalker is the one I like the most from the pack. Never been a fan of coats that reach the middle of your legs, either go all the way down or don’t go below the waist. For me the best un-armored Jedi set coming from the CM remains the Relnex so there goes the new Jedi robes. Zakuulan Security would look good if it didn’t have the
giant shoulder pads. You could build a pretty decent trooper or bounty hunter outfit with the majority of Unyielding Stalker set, the exception being the boots and the gloves. Then again, almost none of the recently released sets have good boots or gloves.

It doesn’t look terrible, I could make something out of it if I replaced the helmet with something else. It’s just the helmet, I just think it doesn’t go down very well with the armor.

I have the Relnex. In fact I have most of the Jedi sets in the game. At least from when I played it as a sub. I agree, the Relnex is a great choice. And for armored I always use the Valiant Jedi armor set. Nothing beats that one, to this day imho.

Heh, I think the helmet is the best looking part of it 😀

I’d have to go with vanilla sets as the best armored Jedi sets in the game. Polyfibe (, Beryllius Armor MKII (, Veteran Elder Blade ( RotHC brought some really good sets too – the underworld knight set ( and Ablative Turadium ( The Valiant Jedi is pretty good, mainly because it doesn’t have a hood, but idk, it’s just so generic.

I really should start getting some proper screenshots of my chars and post them on tor-fashion, I’m really proud with some of the combos.

Starting off with the Relnex set (only the chest and legs really):

Then we go to Valiant (it may be cliche, but it’s still pretty good), I found out I dig it more with the Uniform dye:

Then the underworld set, but with the hood off (back when the gear from the level 65 char tokens wasn’t BoP but BoL), dye is dark red/light brown or something:

The chest of this set is actually called Sith Blademaster (used to drop from Maelstrom Prison exclusively), looks pretty good without the dye too:

And this one I’m really proud of, since I haven’t seen anyone else ever using Lucien Draay’s chest (using primary gray dye here btw):

Damn, that’s some really cool stuff there, congratz… You should really consider uploading it to TOR Fashion.

It was a white/blue dye, I think. The belt comes from one of those Legacy sets you can get doing Star Fortresses, I put it in there because of the Republic sign. But the boots were a nightmare, because for some reason most boots never took to the dye. They always had some horrific tint I could not understand. Even tried a dedicated dye just for the boots. To no avail… I finally found some green boots on GTN that really looked white and blue.

I tell you, I wish I didn’t get rid of all this stuff you mention. Stupid me, I sold all the stuff instead of storing it somewhere. I remember that Sith Blademaster, it looks awesome. But back then there was a shortage of space, and I didn’t really get into the cosmetic side of things ’till later.

Anyways, nice change of pace for me, to actually talk about things I love in this game, instead of dishing out on it most of the time… Thanks!

You’re right, the Valiant is pretty generic. But that’s what I like about it. It takes me directly to that “Deceived” trailer we got when the game launched. That Jedi that dies by Malgus’ hand is wearing pretty much THAT outfit…

You could swap the leg piece with “exiled masters” and it would be an exact alec guinness robe if youre concerned about the legs.
I think it is the best effort theyve done either way.

Damn! Those deco’s are the nicest thing I’ve seen in a long while. I just might break my rule of not giving them any money for cartel coins but those are some sweet decorations.

Agreed – armours not so fussed about, but would like an elctroblade and all the furniture and environmental decos I can get my hands on.

What about the chrome dye people were talking about. That not in the pack?

After decorating my strongholds to get the 100% conquest bonus a year or so ago I rarely visit or add to them however there are some really nice deco’s in here, depending on the price on the GTN I might buy a few.

Dont hold back. You know very well after you buy/get them from CC and place into your stronghold you will look them every day just for the sake of it. And lets not forget others want to come and visit and check your new decos every time you are online.

There will be huge interest to check everyones strongholds often….

/irony out

unless everything not just fountains is super common? they will be, cause these deco’s are the first actualy good looking, not to mention somewhat unique decorations in a long LONG while.

Absolutely love the Scorpion swords, but as usual the bloody staff is far too short. If there is an issue with that make it collapsible like the “classic” dual-bladed weapon.

The beskad also makes me genuinely wish we had a tech-based melee class.

Well then. Wanted a specific silver armour set, thought silver would drop more often.. cx

instead I get bombarded with gold and a platinum item I dont care about.

Yay me ._.

Really nice pack, nice armours, loving the weapons although i’m not too interested in what will be the stupidly expensive Nahut weapons.
The Assault cannons look a bit flimsy imho, I like mine a bit beefier.

Now all I need is Chiss npc decorations. Happy with new FP decorations as well.

Glad we can dye fully new jedi set, was afraid they will ruin upper armor. A shame I see not every datamined item (Therons set(?), flairs)

“Now you’ve done it…”
*Hands Peter protective gear*
“You might want to start running before the (toxic) mob gets here…” 😉

Looks like the Jedi robe is actually platinum rarity rather than gold despite what it’s marked as, based on the listings on the CM. Either everyone who gets it is keeping it, or the drop rate is right up there with other platinum items.

I doubt it’s full platinum rarity. The speculation I’ve seen is that the credit exploit is allowing people to gobble up very pricey items to hold onto them and/or gain a monopoly to raise prices. Either way, its highway robbery on the GTN.

If it actually is a platinum rarity set, I’ll be pissed.

This is typical trade manipulation. Because a lot people added their thoughts BEFORE release of this set on forums the whales or old credit exploiters who have billions of credits can manipulate easily. They buy all those boxes spend about 100-200m and then relist with higher price. This also works well for Bioware. People will open their wallets hoping to get items. They will be dissapointed spending a lot and not getting desired item.

Nothing changes until people stop spending and boycott CM.

I dotn play this game anymore but it amuses me how easily they can be manupilated.

The drop rate for the robe is abysmal. Who can afford armor at those prices, come on. The complete armor set is on the gtn for 750 million credits. Get real.

Saddest part is that the robe should have been a direct sale item. Folks have been requesting it since launch. But no, that’d require them having an ounce of respect for the people keeping them in work.

People are idiots and think that the upper set should be 10x the amount compared to the lower and supp. I can’t believe any of them would think they’d be able to sell it for over 60mill.

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