Black Desert Epheria Frigate Event and Guide

Black Desert Epheria Frigate Event and Build Guide.

  • Gathering Period: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 12/20 Before Maintenance
  • Exchange Period: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 12/27 09:00 UTC

During the event period, [Event] Serbianca Voucher  can be obtained everywhere through Gathering.

Exchange these from NPC Serbianca for Logs to help build your Epheria Frigate!

[Event Details]

  • Gather the special item [Event] Serbianca Voucher during the event period!
  • Go to NPC Serbianca in Trent and exchange [Event] Serbianca Voucher x2 = Log x1

Period: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 12/06 Before Maintenance

Explore the expansive seas looking for long lost shipwrecks that can be found on the seabeds within Black Desert Online. We’ll provide some hints below as to where to find these locations.

[Event Details]

  • What to do: Discover 5 of the 7 points of interest and gain their Knowledge to earn rewards.See guide here on the locations of the points of interest.
  • Event Prize: Design: Epheria Frigate x2 and Jade Coral Ingot x5
    • The rewards will be sent via in-game mail in a future maintenance.


  • Knowledges of the points of interest above can be obtained if you have not obtained the knowledge before. You need at least 5 out of 7.
  • If you already have the Knowledges above, you does not need to obtain the same knowledge. It will count as having obtained the Knowledge for this event.
  • Since deep underwater diving is needed, we recommend to have a costume fit for diving and elixirs. Typically, we recommend items like Agile Seal Elixirs, Magic Crystal of Infinity – Underwater Breathing Increase, Hard-Boiled Shellfish,  and we also recommend Tranfusing crystals in helmet for Vision boost and armor for Gathering boost.
  • While exploring keep a keen eye out. Once you get close enough to one of these points of interest, you’ll notice a light, and a button to Interact (R) with it will become available. Another factor to consider is your breath gauge, should it run out, your character will automatically begin to swim up to the surface.
  • Be sure to check out the SCREENSHOT EVENT post <Here> in relation to these 7 beautiful spots of awe.


Here are the materials and processing methods required to build your own Epheria Frigate:



  • Enhanced Flax Fabric, Jade Coral Ingot, Standardized Timber Square, and Pine Coated Plywood may be purchased from Marketplace, but Design: Epheria Frigate is not available via Marketplace.
  • Design: Epheria Frigate can be obtained by completing daily quests given by NPC Philaberto Falasi at Port Epheria. You will need a character with Professional Lv. 5 or up in Fishing to accept the quest.
  • Besides what’s mentioned above, Logs and Pine trees can be Gathered typically from Trent to west of Clapheon, Coconut can be obtained from Areha Palm Forest, Titanium Ores from Mining in various Exploration Nodes (like Crescent Shrine and Gavinya Volcano Zone), Melted Titanium Shard from Rosar weapons, Coral Piece with a Hoe underwater (especially around Tinberra Island, Lerao Island, Oben Island), Emerald from stoneback Crabs, Flax materials from Exploration Nodes (like Costa Farm, Moretti Plantation, and Kamasylve Temple), and more to find out yourself!
  • Make use of your Workers to gain timber and ore.
  • This expansive ship fit for naval battle comes equipped with 4 cannons.
  • Epheria Frigate can be built at Port Epheria 3-5, a Tier 3 Shipyard.
  • Epheria Frigate will take a long time to make! Though there is no set period to build the frigate, we suggest you start building now to prepare for the colossal naval monster to arrive!

[Event Caution]

  • [Event] Serbianca Voucher can be obtained through all types of Gathering except for gathering with bare hands.
  • [Event] Serbianca Voucher can be exchanged for Logs until 12/27/2017 (before maintenance).
  • For the Underworld Exploration event, Knowledges of the points of interest MUST be obtained with a character who has not obtained the same knowledge.
  • For the Underworld Exploration event, Knowledge of at least 5 out of 7 events must be obtained in order to receive the rewards.
  • Reward items given out during events can be bound or not depending on the items and some cannot be Moved nor Restored.
    • Please refer to the individual item descriptions for more detailed information.
  • Event period may change with a future notice.
  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game event may result in restriction of your account.

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So, basically, for the exploration event, it’s the exact same event as for the Epheria Sailboat, but it must be done again on a different character?

This article states:
For the Underworld Exploration event, Knowledges of the points of interest MUST be obtained with a character who has not obtained the same knowledge.

Unfortunately, this is impossible, because knowledge is account-wide. So what do we believe?

Hi I just made the Jade Coral ingots & you can use any of the resplendent gems , with the gathered corals , I made most of my jade ingots using Twilight Red coral

It does work I’ve made almost 600 of them. Raw coral plus ruby makes red, red with resplendent makes the twilight, twilight with titanium shards (melted not ingots) gets the ingots you need. There’s a ruby mine over by altanova but it gives damned few rubies per day but fortunately there are generally tons on the market I have no clue how somebody got that many rubies out of that mine unless they’ve been stockpiling them for two years and perhaps they’ve got the mine node at ten as well. If you use yellows you must use topaz if you use blue you must use sapphires etc.

Wasn’t my experience but I gave up a few days after writing this post and just bought all my ingots of the market. It was far quicker buying 5 stacks of 20 a day than farming all the coral pieces. Getting coral was slower than farming logs.

But diving for coral is a lot less boring than endless lumbering to me anyhow. I don’t know where you were gathering, the places in margoria are in shallower water but they don’t respawn as often. There is an island east of lema island (where you trade in the bowties from pirates) called Al Naha about midway between lema and al naha there is a deep trench with lots of coral and about 8 giant pearl oysters and it respawns fairly quickly especially if you change servers. Now the water is pretty deep so you’ll need the shark suit and then get three pieces of luck armor of fortuna for the movement speed plus, put two water breathing crystals in the boots, vision increase crystals in the helmet and I put luck crystals in the gloves and gathering crystals in the chest piece, you need Cats or the Bunny rabbit to help you find the corals and the hedgehog makes your life easier too. I also use agile seal potions for extra breath holding and boiled shellfish (made from pearl oyster flesh) for extra time. If you’re a witch cast that spell that increases movement (blue ball also increases spell point regen) and the event tbone steaks give plus two movement speed and don’t have a cooldown so you can use them on top of the boiled shellfish. Don’t leave your boat in the middle of the water there is a water spout that spawns here fairly regularly park close to al naha shoreline and swim out I got up the island change servers swim back down and by the time I’m at the end I can change servers again.

Yeah I tried that place too. But even with the shark suit and other things it just takes too long. That and the anchor for gathering some water objects is buggy as hell and makes it harder to gather despite having the cat mark the exact gathering location.

Would also be nice if they added an option to make already gathered items be translucent or something someday.

I do agree that chopping is boring but it requires vastly less time and headache.

Now im just waiting on some blue whale tendons to finish my sails.

Okay so what exactly do I need to make enhanced flax fabric? I’m artisan 7 processing and grinding flax fabric + shining powder isn’t working.

must be my issue as well but I don’t get how you can have master processing and somehow not have skilled grinding, lol.

the logs aren’t the problem it’s the damn coral 🙁 I can feel this coral grind taking way longer than the logs did on the first ship.

Nope, there’s lots of daily quests in Kama that reward you with all other mats (coral ingots are still the best choice though).

I’ve been mistaken, there’s only one daily quest by Philaberto Falasi that rewards you with 10 ingots. You need a harpoon and a fishing boat.

However, there’s two Kama quests in the black spirit Kama chain that reward you with 20 ingots each.

That would be great if everything in Kama didn’t eat my lunch. They don’t one shot me but I don’t have enough AP so most of the monsters in the heart give me the monster finger when I hit them.

I got nearly half the timber squares with the vouchers and a few hours of lumbering. If you’ve got any kamasylvia blessings laying around or are willing to spend the thousand loyalties it keeps your energy up and you can gather for hours on end and the hedgehog helps with the drops as well. i find lumbering a lot more boring than underwater gathering.

Hi guys just to clean some wrong info about this guide.

jade coral ingot facts:
You dont need neceserely green stones. u can use 5x golden sun, daybreak blue,twilight red corals+ 25x melted titanium shard aswell to get the ingots. also its processable with beginner 1.
its possible to gather 1k coral pieces in 3 hours without hedgehog.

enhanced flax fabric:

the powder is the rare proc during alchemy.
and u need skilled grinding for it what u are obtaining trough lifeskill quests

open bddatabase for further infos. i hope it helped a bit

I had a heckuva time finding the mission for the skilled grinding, go to your missions tab and go to recommended missions and find the certifications tab. It starts in Trent you make plywood then Behr for a hide then you can finally go to the city and talk to the materials vendor to get the gemstone quests that end up giving you skilled grinding. I could not make the sail material until I got it was sort of maddening to figure it out. I don’t know for sure if you have to do all the black spirit quests but I did them.

Yeah they were dropping too much ticked me off when they turned it back on didn’t get anything like the same number of drops thank heavens I put my nose to the grindstone and gathered coral till my fingers fell off and got about a thousand before they shut it off and another wad before the event ended.

Hey I finished my frigate but im finding my sailors can’t be used with it (figures since we can’t use the previous accessories) But it seems Tirol doesn’t have a separate employment contract for the frigate. Has anyone found where the new sailors can be employed?

Hi! Yes Bravant doesnt have one and i havent find any available sailors for frigate on bddatabase. High chance that there are none for it available in-game

I had the same question thanks for the answer. I will hold out hope that they simply allow the originals to work on the frigate they were expensive they should work on either you can only sail one ship at a time anyway.

I really, REALLY hate how hard it is to find out about these events. I’m new to this game, but play ESO, WOW, FFXIV and there is always a really obvious notice given – not so with bdo.

A few things I learned mid-frigate:
–There’s some misinformation that you have to be Fishing Professional 5 to start getting the Frigate blueprints. You don’t. I’m not sure of the level, but I was able to get the quest at Fishing Prof. 2. I didn’t check before that.
–There is a TON of coral available out by Oben Island and the islands around it, and it’s fairly close by sail to Port Epheria.
–Coconut is a pain. The production nodes by Arehaza Town are just so far and slow. I’m having better, faster luck just pre-ordering it on the market-it sells pretty regularly in amounts of 500 for about $800 ea.

I think the biggest pain in the ass are the Jade Coral Ingots. It would take what feels like forever to get even a tiny fraction of the Praire Green Corals. Any suggestions on how to ease up that process?

While your recipe for Jade Coral Ingots is technically correct, you need 5 Prairie Green Coral and 25 Melted Titanium Shards at a time to make Jade Coral Ingots, which produces 5 or 6 ingots. You can’t just make 1 at a time, which is kinda dumb. Also, you can use other colors of coral, which can be made from other gems – like rubys and topaz.

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