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SWTOR A Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint Guide

SWTOR A Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint and Achievements Guide.[toc]

Getting Started

This flashpoint can be a bit long but luckily you can skip all of the trash before the first boss (Guardian Droid). There are numerous checkpoints along the way if you die and if you make it to the first boss you can just respawn immediately next to the boss.



Bonus Objectives

There are four bonus objectives for this flashpoint. Doing them at least once will complete the respective achievements.

Supply Demand/Good Listener

  • Destroy Chiss Ascendency Supplies: 0/9
  • Plant Listening Devices on Communication Relays: 0/6


Terminal Intelligence

  • Slice Inrokini Terminals: 0/7


Defeat the Operations Chiefs

Defeat the three Operations Cheifs in the A Traitor Among the Chiss flashpoint.

  • Chief Engineer Nil’Duru
  • Chief Scientist Zir’Mai
  • Security Chief Li’Dali

Li’Dali can be found in the Copero city map. The other two can be found in Ship Hull Assembly.

Bosses & Encounters

There are three regular bosses and a bonus boss in this flashpoint. Remember that you can skip all the trash mobs before the first boss. Just run through Copero city and ignore all the trash mobs. If you die there are medical droid checkpoints along the way.

Guardian Droid

TLDR: Ignore the Tank Droids/Security Droids to just tunnel the boss. Watch out for the Mortar Valley attacks.

Phase 1 (100-80%)

Guardian Droid’s signature attack is Heat Beam, a barrage of laser beams focusing on a single player. This is a channeled attack lasting for 5s and deals quite a bit of damage on Veteran+ modes. It alternates Heat Beams with the other ability, Auto Cannon Burst, another channeled attack, and Incinerate, a frontal flame attack.


There are also Security Droids next to the Guardian Droid. They don’t do much damage on solo mode so you can ignore them and just focus on the boss.

Phase 2 (80%-0%)

Past 80%, Guardian Droid gains new abilities. He will summon Tank Droids in a circle around him. These tank droids will periodically cast large yellow AoE circles that will explode after a short duration. These droids have a fairly bit of HP and tend to respawn when killed so it is better to ignore them and focus tunneling the boss while avoiding the yellow circles.


Lastly, Guardian Droid gains the Mortar Valley ability and will cast 3 red circles following a single person. You can easily move out of it and avoid the damage.


Syndic Zenta

TLDR: Kill adds as they get summoned. Use grapple to reach the upper walkways and watch out for the Electro-Magnetic Charge attack. Past 25% either stay up on the walkways or grapple up in time to avoid the static charge attack.

Syndic Zenta is surrounded by Inrokini Enforcers, kill them first to avoid having too many adds later on in the fight. She will continuously summon adds to her aid: Inrokini Enforcers, Assassins, and Medics but their numbers and occurrences are reduced on story mode. There are snipers up on the walkways above you can kill by using the grapple to pull yourself up.


When Syndic reaches 75%, she will teleport up to the walkways above. Grapple up and continue the fight. She will also start using her new ability Electro-Magnetic Charge. This places double circles around the target with the highest threat and follows this person. When the yellow circle reaches the outer red circles, it will explode and damaging anyone caught inside. Players should watch out for this attack and move away from others.


Past 25%, Syndic will drop down to the area below the walkways and periodically channel an attack called Charging Static Probes. This attack causes a massive electric field surrounding her, dealing significant damage. Ranged players can simply damage her from the walkways above while melee need to grapple up or run up the walkways from a nearby ramp. The charging up animation has yellow arrows pointing up as a warning.


Strike Team Walker (Bonus)

TLDR: Interrupt the support droid’s Calibrating Weapon Systems as much as you can. Avoid yellow/red/fire circles.

This is a bonus boss right before the Caves. Instead of going left to the cave, you take the bottom route from Factory Loading Docks and you will land on a circular platform with the Strike Team Walker.


The first thing you want to do is keep an eye on the Support Droid right behind the Walker. This droid heals the walker and also give the walker a stacking damage buff via a channel called Calibrating Weapon Systems. Both the heal and this buff channel can be interrupted. The support droid itself is immune to damage.


The walker itself has three attacks: Orbital Laser, Shock and Awe and Rain of Fire.

Orbital Laser is a cluster of three yellow circles on the ground that are easy to avoid.


Shock and Awe is a channeled bombardment usually on the tank where the walker will mark the area with a red circle and continuously bombard the area for the duration of the channel. 


Rain of Fire is the most deadly attack from the Walker. This attack has no cast or channel and tend to get spammed. There will be a red circle preceding the area of the attack and then the area will be covered with fire. You have to get out of the fire or take massive damage. Luckily this seems to target tanks most of the time so other players don’t have to worry as much.


Ancient Ruins Puzzle

Temple Guardian

You can easily bypass Temple Guardian by using the fruit in front of him and throw it at the Guardian. This will make the boss friendly. However, if you kill this Temple Guardian, you can get a hidden achievement called Overkill. Note that however this may bug out rest of the instance, forcing you to restart. The Temple Guardian has 3 mil HP and hits extremely hard even in story mode.



For the next part you will need to retrieve a candle from the upper right area of the Ancient Ruins. There are three doors but only the left most door contains the candle. The rest all spawn droids.


Once you have the candle, go back to the pipe at the area past the Temple Guardian and interact with it to melt the ice wall blocking access to the next area.



You can easily run through the maze by using your minimap. The lasers you can simply run past them as they don’t hurt. Once you get out of the maze, there will be three pipe objects you can click. Clicking the middle one will unlock the door to Valss.



Phase 1 (100-65%)

Valss likes to start off with Mine Volley, a 17.5s channel where he shields himself and drops mine all over the area. If they are not triggered within a few seconds, they will all explode harmlessly.


The other attack he likes to use during this phase is the Adegan Crystal Powered Shot, an unavoidable attack on the target with highest threat.


Phase 2 (65%-0%)

Past 65%, Valss enters melee mode. He will frequently spawn 2x Whirlwinds and at the same time pull a random group member into an Orbital Bombardment circle and force choke them inside. You can use a stun breaker to break out of the bombardment. The Whirlwinds are immune to damage and will seek out players and pull them to within melee range of Valss.


Past 33%, Valss will disappear unless you are within melee range of him. Ranged DPS will need to stand next to Valss to be able to see him. Valss also have a knock back called Blizzard Bust that will push you away from him so you will need to run back to him right after or he will disappear.


Numerous decorations drops off this flashpoint.

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213 replies on “SWTOR A Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint Guide”

the Order of Zildrog is what he’s joining?

oh boy, what a letdown…they persist with this Zakuul snorefest.

Yep, what a bummer… I was hoping for something different. Please put the Eternal Empire stuff to rest already…

Yep the dragon worshiping street gang from Zakuul. I was pretty disappointed when they said the name of the order. Such a letdown…. And this superweapon stuff is getting old. Next stop Oricon?

10K credits says the weapon is on yavin 4 (again), but safe bet says either Voss, Mon Calamari, or someplace north of that according to the star map in the video. it’s straddling between hutt and imperial space :/. probably going to be another Planet/Flashpoint.

So based on the mail received after the fp story, Theron let alliance spies to intercept the transmission I supposed that’s why he clicked the red button

meh, its Theron…he is a flake, but he in undercover…too many hints about it. he is using himself to flush out the true enemy. he will be back in your ranks next update

FYI, did the Overkill achievement and didn’t bug out the rest of the instance. The FP itself is quite buggy (sounds doesn’t work properly) but this part in particular was just fine

how do you get the first cutscene? it let me go into the solo(?) mission, but i didnt see anything for a scene with Lana
Is Fractured Alliances needed? I have 1 to destroy 25 droids, but im not if that has anything to do with it, finished umbara

I know…. you literally show up to Rish- I mean Copero fight bag guys and…. Oh no, Theron got away again! Oh and he’s obviously a double agent, who is Bioware kidding.

You should have said first pick SOLO, if you do story it is bugged and most people can not finish it, you must do solo first.

You forgot to mention not to try and use the magnet things in the ship hull assembly in stealth or you fall to you death.

This game is going down hill fast, tiny amount of new content this year, and its all gone down hill, Iokath was boring and annoying, Umbara was as bad, and too many stupid bugs, and this is by far the worst.

While pretty for a cross of assets between Rishi Makeb and Alderaan, it was horrible, way too much trash, trash mobs having stuns, everything being a bullet sponge especially bosses just made it so much longer and boring than it needed to be.

Not to mention there was like 2 mins of story, and they made Temple boring as hell and she had almost no point in the story.

It’s not “bugged” for Story, since it’s not meant for Story to progress it. Although the mission objective says to enter Solo, it might have helped if BW listed Solo at the top of the mission list on the FP terminal rather than at the bottom, or better yet, auto-granted the Solo mission upon starting the new story release.

They actually used a lot of new assets for Copero. Old vs. new aside, Copero has nice architecture and scenic views. 🙂

I do agree that the endless stealthed/fire DoT/multiple Strong mobs got annoying real fast. Fortunately, you can get the outdoor bonus achievements on one playthrough, meaning you can avoid a lot of the side alleys/streets and weave or stealth your way around many of the outdoor mobs on any subsequent playthroughs. (Stealth actually works in a post 4.0 story release… O.O :D)

And that’s another Imperial Agent companion returned.

Wonder where Vector is… Returned to the Killiks probably. Think we will get him back one of these days?

Wasn’t there an Alliance alert datamined involving Vector? Thought it would be coming with this update but obviously not.

Correct, but I think Andronikos might be next because his naked model was datamined with 5.6 right before this release.

Note: The list includes Vector, Ashara, Andronikos, and Corso/Risha.

I’d kind of like for them to save the cooler companions for the next expansion (unlikely as it is there’ll be another one), so they can be given a proper reintroduction. Kira, Scourge, Ashara, Risha… it’d be awesome if they came back in a solid way, rather than the shitty tacked-on nature of comps like Temple.

Too late for Scourge.

*enter fanfare music, marking the start of his Scourge rant*

I cannot understand how they could even imagine KotFE/KotET and NOT put Scourge in there. I’ve said this many times (too many???). It doesn’t make sense. What a missed opportunity to maybe elevate that piece of trash story to a higher, albeit not good level.

I will always celebrate the return of Lord Scourge. But he should have been returned to us much sooner.

*music ends, marking the end of Paulo’s Scourge rant*

*you can wake up now Ben*


Yeah, I’m hoping they’ve got a -real- good reason for him not showing up sooner. Like, he’s found out Vitiate had a back-up plan in case he was destroyed or something and he was off fucking that up to make sure it stuck when the Outlander mindfucked him to death.

Knowing BW though… he’ll probably come out with some vague non-answer when you ask where the fuck he’s been. At least now we know that Kira made an effort to save the Knight. That was sweet.

But Scourge has some serious explaining to do. Solid, legit reason or I think I’d rather he never came back and we were just left to imagine the reason.

I like to see dark Jeasa return, her reaction to seeing the warrior romancing Lana would be fun to watch

Eh, yeah, but… Dark Jaesa is such a parody of villain. Kinda hoping she’s less of the 360 psychopath we knew before when she does come back.

And hopefully Light Jaesa won’t be such a tedious barrel of whine too :’)

This is what I’ve found so far:


Nar Shaddaa:
-Zenith (datamined w/ 4.0)
-Corso & Risha


“Alliance Camp” (Odessen?)
-Kira & Scourge

I still preferred the way they handled Dorne/Quinn and Temple over Alliance Alerts. At least they got to be in the story, even if they weren’t that relevant to the mission (Dorne/Quinn especially).

I think SCORPIO got the best treatment out of all the returning companions.

As for an expansion, I think they’re are probably working on one for next year, due to the story buildup from the FPs (e.g. Forged Alliances > SoR). I’m assuming it will be about Eternal Alliance vs. Order of Zildrog, maybe completing the Knights/Zakuul storyline with a trilogy.

Meh, Quinn and Dorne should have been far more important and then I’d agree with you. As it was, it was a weak return for both. Spent more time chatting with Malcolm or Acina than either of the companions.

The post-kotfe chapters got companion reintroduction right.

And I hope so, but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the next big announcement is the closure date.

Based on what Kieth has been saying, the whole traitor story will wrap up in early 2018. I seriously doubt we can deal with this whole Order of Zildrog in one or two FPs. Wouldn’t you agree that Iokath and these current FPs seem like an expansion setup?

I do, but I’ve learned to lower my expectations with BW. They’re consistent in only one respect; that they aren’t very consistent at all. As much as I hope there’s an expansion incoming, I’m not going to get excited/start imagining what it might contain until they make an announcement.

All I can really say is that the Order of Zildrog better be a separate entity from the Heralds of Zildrog. Those pussies were demolished by SCORPIO, so I’m really hoping they’re just the fan club version of the real Zildrog cultists, otherwise I’ll be disappointed before the expansion even starts.

“Those pussies were demolished by SCORPIO…”

SCORPIO isn’t your average droid. Remember, the GEMINI we fought in KotFE was Champion difficulty. I’m assuming if we fought SCORPIO for real, she’d be the same, even though she was Elite for Agents on Belsavis.

Also, you need to remember that the Heralds ran Breaktown long before SCORPIO, and even the Knights would avoid them.

Overall, I think you are underestimating the Heralds’ strength. I do, however, hope that this Order is different. I’m expecting the Heralds to be a wannabe group (“fan club”), a weaker splinter group, or the progenitor of the Order (e.g. Lord Darkspanner’s Revanites > Revan’s Revanites).

Even so, she nuked the shit out of them, including their leader. SCORPIO then dictates to the leader’s son. Essentially she owned them, so neither their combat skills nor their political power were very impressive to me. They seemed more like a local gang, in real life terms, thinking they’re all badass until the military are called in to show them they don’t know shit.

After Arcann, Vaylin and Valkorion… they’d be really pissy villains.

While the Exalted’s son was a wuss, the Heralds were still pretty dangerous. Breaktown is basically a town where the gang (Heralds) is so dangerous that the cops (Knights) avoid getting involved with the town’s affairs, which allows the gang to run the place. SCORPIO’s basically that one extra dangerous dude in town that not even the gangs want to cross. Basically, the Heralds were actually pretty strong, it’s just that SCORPIO and the Outlander are overpowered (skill/plot armor).

But outside of their ‘turf’ they’re just not a valid threat next to everything else we’ve come across in the stories. They’re a gang, while the Alliance is a galactic power. The Alliance is waaaaaay out of the Herald’s league.

That, and I got the impression the knights didn’t get involved out of apathy rather than fear. Like they couldn’t really be arsed to deal with the problem since it was in the ‘ghetto’ part of town.

The more I think about it the more I think the ‘Order’ has to be a separate entity to be considered a threat to the Alliance.

By “post-KotFE,” do you mean KotFE’s monthly chapters (X-XVI)? If so, then I agree with you. Aside from SCORPIO’s constant story role, Kaliyo, Jorgan, Vette, Gault, and Torian were handled the best. Furthermore, Vette and Gault’s story roles were part of the reason that Chapter XIII was one of my favorite KotFE chapters.

Monthly chapters, aye. And yeah Vette and Gault were handled brilliantly. Her reaction when she surprised my Vette-romanced warrior was particularly wonderful 😀

Vector, Ashara, Andronikos, and Corso/Risha were in recent datamined info. That probably means that they’re next, with Andronikos being the closest to release.

Corso is my least favourite comp of them all. I even like Skadge more, if that is at all possible. But at least Skadge has a personality. Corso just gets on my nerves loooool…

My Smuggler rarely uses him. The datamined info makes it sound like Corso and Risha share a mission on Nar Shaddaa.

Or just get rid of ‘story’ since it apparently has zero purpose other than to confuse everyone and waste their time.

Getting in Story mode instead of SOLO is all on you – reading the dialogs (before throwing with your head first on the window) is the common sense thing to so.

The common sense thing would be to pick ‘story’ when you’re doing the story. Otherwise it has fuck all reason for being there.

Agreed, like a basic IQ test. People blaming BW for their own deficiencies is pretty pathetic.

That being said, it was disappointing that for the first play through they didn’t just flow you directly into the FP instead of breaking immersion by dumping you back in the common area. Then you use the ‘launch’ clicky, and get moved a metre to the door. THAT was clumsy.

I had no problem in solo or story. Personally, I really enjoyed it. Did it 3 times in 2 days with no issues and a lot of reward.

Well glad someone is enjoying it, not many are, especially with how ridiculously bullet sponge the bosses are.

The problem is, grinding should be like getting a shower in winter, its not bad, annoying getting out of the hot water into the cold air, but tolerable, this FP is like what most of this game has become like, having a shower in winter, with no hot water, while having to use a toothbrush to clean the shower.

I USED to enjoy it, I should say. They nerfed it hard and now the combat is sadly dull. Disappointing. The game really needs difficulty levels for FPs. Then everyone could be happy.

I did it last night on a gun in 230 set bonus, I had to do almost my whole rotation on a silver, so yeah not been nerfed enough, and there are difficulty levels for all fp.

Like that one better of new fp’s. Boss fights a little annoying, but decorations as reward (may be even cosmetic armors, do not have full sets yet can not tell if I will love them) are really nice.

I’m assuming that the “Ascendancy Soldier” set will look like the uniforms of Syndic Zenta and her Inrokini soldiers, while the “Ascendancy Outcast” set will look like Valss’ armor. I don’t know yet, because I only have the Ascendancy Outcast pants from a single playthrough.

Did you get any armor pieces from other bosses besides Valss (last boss)?

Yes. Have 2 different pieces from 1 run. Will be able to write their names later.

And I would love to have a set last boss wearing (he was too pretty to die like that 😢 I liked him 😭)

At five Imperial Agents total (2 Snipers, 3 Operatives), 3 of them being Chiss, this is exactly the type of thing I was hoping for. Some Chiss gear (my Operatives and Temple have the worst dress-up fights EVER, because I stole her outfit for all my Chiss hehehe). Finally some Chiss gear. Reason enough for me to farm this FP. Once I get round to playing again, that is. AND doing KotFE/KotET with 2 of them. Ran only one through that ordeal… Are they BoP? If they are, I will have to run 2 of my Chiss though that. Omg…

But good news. Excellent news, as far as fashion is concerned.

Unfortunately, both gear sets are BoP. :/

Note: You don’t have to do KotFE/ET to play the recent story releases. Once you are 70, your ship’s mission console will list the first Iokath mission.

Easy and fast flash. Completed firstly in story mode, then solo. Boss fight was easy (assassin) and maybe even buggy. Actually i expected more challenging and complicated boss fights (at least last one). imo
And cant wait to see a new story when we finally kill that traitor.

Credit where it’s due, Copero is beautiful. But outfit drops that are BoP? Come on… thought they were past that bullshit. Story was meh, but then that’s consistent with most of BW’s stuff over the past few years, and sadly the actual gameplay was pretty tedious. Long boss fights and enemies with temporary immunity to damage just to drag out the trash fights. Not particularly creative.

Add to that the fact they tacked on a ‘story’ mode that seems to serve no purpose other than to fuck around with people. They’re still pretty far off doing a good job.

That said, unbound decoration drops (that can be donated to guild, too) was a good call that I hope they do more of. They seriously need to make the gear BoE though. It’s ridiculous that they aren’t.

Agreed. I was really hoping they would stick with the BtL gear vendor precedent, especially with the Alliance Recon Data currency they released with Umbara. Currently, it’s going to take way too many runs for my Agent to get new Chiss-themed gear for his Temple. :/

I didn’t like the Alliance Recon Data thing all that much (very, very grindy and not BtL, so you couldn’t even pick up what you needed naturally by running alts through just the once), but next to what they’ve done with Copero ARD was a stroke of genius :’)

great looking fp, awesome to include decos as reward(also nice looking decos)
also good call bringing decos as reward for solo fp(wanted korriban inc deco for ages but always loose roll on it😁)

So in the roadmap they said there would be a copero vendor that would be selling the purple augments. Anyone know where this vendor is?

no new purple augments. I also remember BW saying new augments schematics would drop from Copero…but they can be purchased from crew skill trainers for around 10k.

There are two new tiers of augments. The golden augments (item level 236) are the ones you mean, and you can buy them from crew skill vendors.

The Copero Flashpoint is supposed to drop Item LEvel 230 purple augments. I am not sure at which mode and rate, but I would assume only at Master Mode, and at a ridiculous low rate.

Can confirm purple 230 augments drop from Copero. Did it in MM (without bonus bosses). First boss and second boss dropped 1 augment each. Last one dropped 2.

The purple augments are mentioned as drops from the Copero flashpoint, but I haven’t done it yet in Master Mode. I would assume that they only drop in Master Mode.

I tried this FP on my lvl 70 Juggernaut Solo mode 230 gear and I was killed by the mobs at the very beginning! Does anyone know what might be a problem?

You can summon Mako as a companion
Also make sure to grab the Solo FP mission, and not the Story FP mission, or you might get bugged

use raina temple but I would recommend going to fleet and buying a bunch of “Imperial memorabilia” gifts. Right now for a limited time on Imp fleet the Level 1 and level 2 gift vendor has the level 5 purple gifts for 960 credits each. Leveling her up to at least 10 influence made a noticeable difference in the difficulty compared to using her with 1 influence.

So far, I’ve only done it with my Sorc (mostly 230) and my Sniper (220/230). Both did fine with a Rank 10 Temple on Heals. I only struggled with regular mobs if too many wandering Strongs joined in and/or I ignored the snipers (constant flame DoTs & healers).

The two places I struggled, in particular, were right off the landing platform where you begin (I triggered one mob on each side, along with a wandering Strong = 3 Strongs + ~6 adds) and the platform before the final ramp that leads up to Zenta’s (second boss) room.

How difficult is the Strike Team Walker bonus boss on Solo compared to the main 3 bosses? I’m asking because the Alpha Slybex was noticeable more difficult than the 3 main bosses on Umbara. Does ignoring the healing droid add make it impossible in Solo?

Also, how difficult is the Temple Guardian in Solo?

Note: I have a character of each of the 8 classes with a mixture of 220/230 gear.

Though I can’t provide all the answers (I skipped over the bonus bosses my first time and haven’t had time to do it again since it’s so damn long) I have a few:
The Temple Guardian took me just under 6 minutes to kill on my full 248 deception sin. I had my companion on heals and it went pretty well – the only big amount of damage you take is from his DoT that isn’t cleanseable, but I only dropped to about 70%. It’s just a long fight because he has a lot of health.
I doubt ignoring the healing droid makes it /impossible/ to solo the walker, but as a general rule of thumb you should interrupt the heals and take damage, since your companion should be able to heal you.

Wow, it took me 15 minutes to kill the Guardian. :/

I was fine completely ignoring the healing probe. 🙂

I’ve done the strike team on my two main tanks (jugg and shadow) similarly geared to you, and with companion set DPS. The three health boxes are more than enough, but a heal companion would make it no problem, just more tedious. I always ignored the droid, but interrupting its cast is a good idea. Haven’t tried temple guardian yet.

It’s pretty easy as long as you interrupt the probe droid in the bubble. You will see it’s heal cast as a beam shoots from it to the walker. I aimed for interrupting that instead of the dps buff. There are 3 adds that spawn off and on. But if you have any knock back you can push 2 of them off the edge and take out the 3rd quickly.

The only other thing is to get your companion out of the stupid from time to time.

I did it. 🙂

I used my knockback on 2/3 adds every time they spawned. I completely ignored the probe droid and Temple’s position. It took awhile, but I slowly beat it down.

After throwing him the fruit to progress the FP, I fought him on that tiny pass between him and the fruit. I had Temple (Rank 10) on Heals and my Lightning Sorcerer is in 220/230 gear. I used my bubble and my HoT skill every time they came up, but honestly, I think I could have survived on Temple’s heals alone. I literally stood in one spot the entire time, slowly beating him down. It took me about 15 minutes. O.O

Now that I have those achievements, I can ignore these two on upcoming runs for other characters. 🙂
(Hopefully, I don’t decide to complete the “Ascendancy Outcast” set) 😉 :/

The walker is good if you’re farming decos or armor. But this really only gets good on a stealth. My shadow has the run down to about 25 minutes and under for all 4 bosses.

On Solo it’s not hard at all. Put Temple on heals and just pound away at it. I didn’t know what was up with the droid and I ignored it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs “fixed” this, but you can skip all the trash mobs by running straight through them and to the first boss. Die once you’re there to de-agro all trash, and you spawn near the boss instead of at the entrance. Only tried this in Solo mode, so I don’t know about other modes. Beats spending 20 consecutive minutes of swinging lightsabers and holding down blaster triggers.

Regardless of anyone’s specific personal preferences about story, dialogue, boss fights and aesthetics, this Flashpoint has something that I haven’t felt in a very long time in SWTOR. It seems that a LOT of work was done on it, as is the same with Nahut, arguably one of the best and most fun operation bosses in the game.

Apart from that, I personally like both Umbara and Copero, and they seem to be on par with the 6 Shadow Of Revan flashpoints, which are among my favorite. And even if the three stages of Copero are reminiscent of other locations of the galaxy, when you are able to use content in such a way, it does make this planet unique at the end. Aesthetically, I thought Copero is pretty solid, and I also liked the dialogue. The story, not so much, because Theron is a really boring dude, but any interaction with the Chiss is fun. The boss fights are ok I guess… nothing special. But I had fun doing this flashpoint, and I had a LOT of fun killing Nahut. The mechanics of that stealth boss are great, and as someone who teaches Astronomy and Physics, I can’t not have chills on my spine with the Black Hole that is being generated while you fight :’)

Yeah, I’m considering a sub to try out this new stuff. Nothing fancy, maybe a 2 month sub to check it out once the full Operation is delivered. But I trust your opinion, if you say the boss is cool, cool he must be!

It’sa a freaking awesome fight, both with mechanics and visually. Trust me, there is no way you’re not going to find it engaging. I have to admit that the entire Gods Of The Machine operation seems to be shaping up really well, it’s sad really that it takes them more than a year to give us 5 bosses (maybe even 18 months when it’s finished?)

I get the impression that after all the feedback about KotFE / KotET, about how people didn’t want single-player content as the only new content in a MMO game, they scrambled to come up with a new operation, and this is how it’s being done. Just one boss at a time while still in development. We’d probably have seen a new, and entirely completed op had they focused on that instead of the Kot** content.

Yeah, I understand that, and this is most probably what happened, but there are no excuses. First, they had a whole year between KOTFE and KOTET to start working on it, and second, even if they didn’t realize their mistake until it was too late, they should have busted their assed to produce these 5 boss fights IMMEDIATELY.

I actually think that this is a marketing strategy at this point. They probably have all the bosses ready by now, they have already started making this operation since the end of 2016, come on, it’s ridiculous to think that they wouldn’t have finished all of it a year later, when in the past they were releasing two completed operations at a time. But releasing these bosses 3 months apart, they keep some of the players engaged.

I wholeheartedly believe the dev team isn’t what it used to be. Personnel have changed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they downsized. I really don’t believe the whole op is ready. If they were that competent, we wouldn’t be having issues with every patch, especially major ones. That aside, it ‘is’ bullshit that they take so long to pump out new content. It’s not engaging enough! Just look how the population tanked from what it was 3 years ago. Hell, it’s not even what it was just 1 year ago.

I have subbed to the game few weeks ago. It’s not in really good shape but still much better compared to pre 5.5 or 5.4. I didn’t finish new FP because I had terrible pug group but I am willing to give it a try. Give me a shout if you come back to Darth Malgus or something!

I sort of have to mate. I’ve made a bit of a fool of myself on a couple of occasions, both involving my good friend John Kosto, where I commented on changes to classes and gameplay in general using my out-dated impressions of the game. If I want to continue criticising this game I have to be in the loop, not out of it.

You might want to wait a few months for bug fixes, content buildup, and (possible) expansion announcements.

I really loved running this 3 times yesterday, I was pleasantly challenged by the mobs up to the first boss and the excitement continued through the whole FP. I have not seen Nahut yet but I am really looking forward to it. Thank you for posting this guide, I did not know there was an achievement for killing the Temple Guardian.

is bioware holding you hostage and or your family please tell us what police number to call if you are in danger

Did you know that there are people that play this game because they actually enjoy it? 😉

In all seriousness, I enjoyed the FP. My only gripe was the tedious mobs (numbers, stealth/flame probe DoTs, and HP sponge bosses). That being said, Copero has wonderful scenery, nice new Chiss outfits/decos, and interesting mechanics.

There is an achievement to kill 100 inrokini soldier or something like that. is it bugged? Because I did the Solo FP 2 times, and it is only around 10/100. Or what I have to kill? Because on my first try I killed everything :/

I believe it is bugged at the moment. You only get credit for the Gold/Elite ones. They have at least one bug report on this.

You get credit towards this for the adds on the Syndic Zenta fight. Did it over a bunch of tries at Master Mode. 😛

In Story/Solo/Veteran mode only the elite mobs count for it, its like 4 mobs, but if you do Master mode almost all count for it, so youll be done in 1 Master mode run with this achievement.

To be perfectly honest, I was more excited about the decorations than the story by the time it was over. I assumed that this group Theron is part of was the Zildrog guys ever since I saw the guy in the mask and the black robes, and I also assumed that he was undercover. He’s a goddamn super spy, for Christ’s sake! It wasn’t really a surprise considering they didn’t even try to disguise the fact that light side and dark side amounted to the same exact thing. Oh well, at least we finally got to see someone use a backhand lightsaber in SWTOR. Hopefully they’ll let us use that without making it near impossible to get or worth a fortune in both real money and credits, like the pikes.

I seriously doubt we’ll ever be able to wield a saber with a reverse grip due to how the ability animations work.

I know you’re right, but I still hope it’ll happen at some point. Valss was just using the normal dual-wielding animations with the off-hand in a reverse grip, and that worked well enough apparently, but if players were to get their hands on it, they would definitely need to redo the single saber animations, maybe even the dual-wielding with a normal saber, definitely if you could dual-wield two reverse sabers. Sad, I really like that fighting style, from Starkiller in Force Unleashed and Ahsoka in Clone Wars.

I’m assuming it’s the Gravestone (Zakuulan pantheon/Iokath precedent) or a Force Entity if it actually exists.

Well, the only point I found was using them on the 3 pipes. It shows the middle one is the good one, while the other 2 aren’t.

BioWare head of develeopment: Guys how can we make this new Flashpoint annoying?
Developer #3: Where ever the player stands, he is standing in some AoE.
(There are only 3 devs left, but #1 is busy with Minecraft and Facebook.)
BioWare hod: Ah, great. What else?

Developer #2: Let’s give the bosses a fuckload of health…
Developer #3: and force the player to kill so many adds, that there is no time to do damage on the boss.
BioWare hod: Amazing! I think we have a run! You have earned a bonus!

Can confirm that the Temple Guardian requires the fruit to be thrown at it to progress the flashpoint. HOWEVER, once you do that, the boss becomes a passive yellow NPC. Attacking it and killing it after the fruit is thrown WILL GIVE YOU THE OVERKILL ACHIEVEMENT

I don’t think so. The issue is that the FP requires you to give him the fruit to progress, which is why it’s bugging for people that kill him first. Basically, you can fight him either way, but you need to give him the fruit first if you want to complete the FP.

That’s incorrect. I hadn’t bothered with the fruit, killed the sucker for the bonus achievement and was still able to finish the FP successfully.

Apparently it only glitches sometimes if you don’t throw the fruit, but it doesn’t glitch if you throw it.

Nice looking FP but design is a total cluster fuck.

Everyone in the place seems to have a stun for flash bang or pull.
The amount of mobs in the pace makes the original makeb, that was so packed full of mobs it mad people sick. Copero is 10 times worse in a smaller area that you cannot mount up in.
1st and 2nd Bosses are nothing more than how much health can we put on them and how many more adds can we throw in.

Bonus boss is, hey interrupt soemthing and stand there.
Final boss looked decent to start with with but then you learn its just another stun fight and to screw it up even more. It bugged.

Seems like this whole patch is nothing but bugs. Credit exploit, companion gift screw up trying to fix the expoit ruining the market, bugs in the FP, bugs in the channel bar, BUGs BUGs BUGs.

This is why bioware sucks these days. Patches like this that have no attention to detail other than how it looks. Once the curtain is pulled back and you play it. It’s a mess of shit.

Speaking of Makeb: what’s the deal there?

As I explained to Ji’inx in another place, I want to run my Chiss Agents through the new FP. Well, I figured I might as well start doing it, all the story stuff in order. Don’t really need to sub for that…

As it happens, I had an Operative just about to do Makeb. To my surprise the GSI sattelites have returned.

But the thing I noticed is that my comps are UNAFFECTED by level sync! My HK is level 70, and he’s doing damage like a lv 70.

It this a bug? Or a “feature”???

I ran one Heroic on Makeb with HK as dps, just to try this out, and he could have obliterated the whole thing without me! I’m a dps too, a Concealment Operative.

That companion scaling sounds unintentional, but awesome. XP

In regards to doing multiple runs of the FP, I saw a video where a guy was successfully stealthing through the outdoor mobs. You might try that on your Operative. My Agent, who is a Sniper, was still able to skip some outdoor mobs by hugging walls and jumping over things. This is an improvement over post-4.0’s unskippable story fights. 🙂

It does seem unintentional. The curious thing is that HK WAS leveled down to 56 when I first arrived on Makeb. I switched him around with another one, and when you change your comp the level sync disappears.

This screenshot was taken right after I killed the Ratcatcher, or what’s his name, the last boss on “The Specialists”. BOTH me and HK doing dps.

Hey, I’m good, but not THAT good hehehehehehe…

I’ve never actually completed any Heroics on Makeb outside of GSI dailies. I’ve completed all the Heroics from the starter worlds through Ilum, but I still haven’t done Makeb’s after all these years. :/
This might be my chance *devious smile*

If you do, get back to me on this subject. I haven’t seen anyone reporting the same issue, looked for a thread on this but didn’t find anything. I’m curious to see if it’s a general condition, or if I am the only one…

Update: I did the Makeb Heroics on my Sorcerer and my Sage. Resummoning my companions DID make them 70, but only IF I was using the GSI Satellite.

I am experiencing the same thing on makeb, my character was staying level 70 in certain parts too but scales down as soon as I shoot at something.

Update on this curious subject: it seems level sync not working is tied in to the GSI Satellite Support. If you don’t click on it level sync works as intended. When you do click on GSI if you change your comp level sync is not applied to the comp. Weird…

I walked all the way to the first boss with my Shadow in solo mode. No aggro or whatsoever. I mean… that’s the point of being able to stealth. I haven’t tried it in a group of 4 stealthers, but hopefully it will work.

That guy above complains about the flashpoint being too long, but I am sure that he also complains about lack of content, like I do. People got to make up their minds xD

Been away from the game for almost two years — how’s the raiding scene on West Coast PVE? I know in general there isn’t a lot to do. But, for example, how long has the top tier PVE gear been around for?

About a year and since no new content until they finish the last two ops bosses it should be good for a few months more. Going by the time table to put out 3 bosses April, July and November.

The only thing that’s changed is the augments this last patch. They aren’t the biggest difference from the old. So the gear change must be in planning somewhere. They are going between 10mil+ an aug currently.

Hmm, ok. Good to know. How many serious raiding guilds are there on West Coast PVE, roughly? Like, one? Ten? None? I assume there isn’t any world progression taking place since there isn’t anything to progress THROUGH XD

Clearly, you don’t know that there is no West Coast anymore. Since last month’s server merge, all US servers, which is now only two, are East Coast servers. Not saying West Coast players aren’t around any longer. Just no dedicated server(s).

I did the fp this weekend with several of my toons. First, thumbs up to Dulfy for the tip about not engaging the trash mobs until first boss. Ran like crazy, from one check point to the other, died twice but it worked like a charm.

After my first run with my Guardian, I went in again with my Operative and stealth’ed the shit out of everything :). Just fought bosses.

Scenery was beautiful to be honest. But boss fight were meh. First one, I didn’t even killed adds before boss died, stood in all kinds of red and yellow and whatnot circle and never moved anywhere, and didn’t even fall below 80% hp. 2nd boss was okay but those knockbacks were a bit annoying. 3rd one for some reason reminded me to Kephess in TfB.

But anyways, always happy to see Raina Temple back!

Hey Dulfy, for the 1st part, supplies your number 9 should be number 2. no point making people run back all the way to the beginning to get that one!

Nice decorations! Aside for story content (which I thought was pretty weak), the FP wasn’t too difficult. Although I have yet to try it on veteran or master mode, but solo wasn’t hard. I chose to fight the mobs instead of running and dying. At least you get command points that way. My stealthy’s had it real easy. I did have difficulty on the walker bonus boss, mainly because level 1 Raina couldn’t heal well and sometimes it was hard to interrupt the unattackable droid. I am going to try leveling her up beforehand and see if that makes any difference.

“The lasers you can simply run past them as they don’t hurt.”

Actually they eat about 8% of your HP per second and will kill you if you cant run fast enough into the droids because they will stun you and fire at you. This DOES hurt.

Yes, they do hurt. In fact, running through here isn’t really the easiest way. On Story Mode (dunno about Solo yet I did it the harder way first because I’m stupid) there are clickable doors/wall sections in the maze which have clickable panels behind them which will turn off the lasers. Kill mobs, click walls, turn off lasers, repeat. These mobs die fast so this isn’t difficult.

I only played through it with my sorcerer and didnt know about those panels. I died the first time I went through from the overwhelming damage. Learning by doing I guess.

Is it bugged or just me? Cuz I completed it, threw fruit to the guardian and killed Valss but still being told to complete it with a fucking launch button on my mission log. And all it does is take me to Odessen when I clicked it.

The first time it said to complete Story mode. The second time it’s saying Solo mode. Is there anything to this beyond the flashpoint?

I can’t believe nobody else has noticed this, but Adegan Crystal Powered Shot is avoidable. You have to stand behind one of the pillars, and his shot will hit the pillar instead and destroy it. Since the pillars are topped with crystals, presumably destroying all the pillars will prevent Valss from using that attack again.

Huh, maybe it does do damage, then. I was on my healer trying to keep Temple alive and suddenly saw a pillar shatter, but I wasn’t really looking at my own health.

It means to “only focus that”, like you have the phrase tunnel visions where you ignore everything around and just look at a specific spot.

Oh hey. Others have told me it’s like a kind of “kiting” where we dodge a large frontal aoe by “tunneling” back and forth underneath the boss. This made sense and actually helped. But also since then this boss fight was dumbed down heavily so it doesn’t even matter anymore.

heh weird, no tunneling something or someone is to focus and burn him down. Same is used in PVP mainly ranked where you say: tunnel healer or so.

I was on the fence about killing Theron but now that I’ve seen his stupid douchebag haircut, I’m sold. He’s got to die.

So who’s taking bets on the planet Theron is heading too? Seems outside the galaxy, though Im kinda hoping for Kashyyyk or Rishi, and of course Zomna Sekot would be epic.

He acted like it was familiar to him, so I think a planet we’ve been to is a possibility. Rishi or Yavin IV are both possibilities, though only Rishi is really outside the galaxy. Oricon is also a possibility

Did they change the achievements with the last patch? I had done all of them accept the Overkill achievement. Decided today to run through it solo with my trooper and after a long and boring fight killed the Temple Guardian only to not get any achievement. Not only that but I can’t find any of the Copero Flashpoint achievements now. Did they move or disable it from our legacy tab?

I just ran it on solo mode. All my achievements for the run are under Flashpoints -> A Traitor Among the Chiss.

Hope this helps

Majority of SOLO flashpoints are with Support Droid. Why are the latest two (A traitor among the chiss and the one before) are without it?

I know this was puzzling a lot of people back when the FP came out, so here is the solution in case nobody already figured it out. Near the three pipes right before Valss, there are stone steps leading to a small platform. On that platform is a stand with macrobinoculars. Those macrobinoculars can be used to scan the pipes to figure out which on must be clicked if you stand near the frozen gateway. I know this info is pretty much useless, but it’s the answer to a riddle that was bothering quite a few people.

just took out the guardian droid just stand next to those healing terminals on pad and fire away

Liek all new flashpoints, these suck in harmode, ecause of mechanics that a hard ust because the game engine is such a POS! Stop acting like this stuff is possible with you crappy engine, BioWare! And do mechanics that players can do with the (poor) technology use use!

Could anyone confirm that the following decorations still get dropped by this FP: Chiss Banner, Copero Resort Rug, and Fruit Stand?

I also got the Chiss Banner after I posted that 6 months ago, but I never did get either the Copero Resort Rug nor the Fruit Stand.

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