SWTOR Daily Mission CXP Changes in 5.6 and 5.6.1

Bioware is outlining some changes to Daily Missions in 5.6 and 5.6.1.

“Daily” Areas Now Grant A Weekly Mission And Lose The Area Completion Daily. Why? | 11.30.2017, 11:42 PM

Hey folks,

Ok, let’s talk about what changed in 5.6 and what is changing in 5.6.1 since they are tied together.

5.6 – In this Game Update we removed the Galactic Command interface from the game along with changing Group Finder to Activity Finder. As a part of this change some Missions were removed from the game as they were explicitly tied into either Galactic Command or Group Finder respectively. This is why the Daily Mission to send you to the those areas is no longer there. The weekly is intended to be the “wrapper” Mission for all of the dailies in that area, which is a change we made coming off of the “bugged” CXP values previously. This was a part of the steps we were taking to re-balance CXP across the game but it was missing one part…

5.6.1 – The lack of that Daily Mission means you actually get less CXP than you did previously from the Daily areas, which is not something we want. In fact, we want you to get a lot more CXP from solo Missions in the game. In Game Update 5.6.1 all of the Planetary Heroic Missions and Daily Area Missions are going to have their CXP rewards tripled to 225 CXP per Mission (up from 75).

Our goal with this change is that both Planetary Heroics and Daily Area Missions are great sources of CXP for solo players. These changes in 5.6.1 along with all of the other increased rewards for both group and solo in Activity Finder means you can gain Command Ranks quicker than ever in whatever activities you choose to play.

Thanks everyone.


PS – As an added aside… due to a separate change we made, each Planetary Heroic Mission will now also gain the bonus from the “Planetary Heroic Highlight.” Previously this only affected the mission which you gained from Galactic Command.

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122 replies on “SWTOR Daily Mission CXP Changes in 5.6 and 5.6.1”

I have all 8 classes at 300, so i have the full “bonus” (25% bought CXP in my legacy, plus 4 x 25%). Then i pay for the 5 extra per toon 2% boosts in my legacy. Plus I wear a Supreme Legacy boost. And with all that shit, I still get nowhere near what we did when the dailies were just bugged.

The best thing you ever did was break the dailies. Break them again you a-holes….

So you hate the GC system and CXP grinding to the core of your soul… yet you still spend an insane amount of time on it? Quite paradoxical, I would say.

Personally, I don’t care for the Galactic Command system, but it’s what was forced on us. Either play the game as is, or don’t play at all. Really, those are the only options.

I dunno.. I feel odd ‘defending’ someone called “Musco Sucks”, but frankly, I despise the system too, and I’ve spent a large amount of time on it as well.

Paradoxical? The system is what is between me and what/how I want to play. I either take part in a system I hate to get to do what I want to do, or I don’t get to do what I want to do. I’m betting that goes for many others too.

I’d assume it refers to the “Planetary Missions” in the previous GC interface. The left-most picture where you could get a QT to the planets’ heroic mission terminal. The one which always granted some 3k CXP points for Nar Shaddaa without doing anything.

It only gave you 3k cxp, when you got the Nar Shadda heroic quests. The game was bugged, so the game thought you did all the heroics on Nar shadda, so you didn’t have to do anything, instead you got the reward for completing.

I dropped a suggestion on the forum shortly after 5.0 launched to include a drop-down menu for the Planetary Missions, like how some of the other content offered. Never happened, though, and the whole “Click, ESC, Click, ESC, etc.” shenanigans is what we had to work with.

No one ever used this interface afaik. Don’t miss it at all. I do like I can now use the solo tab in the queue to get to any planet I want without frigging around with heroics console or ship.

Well I guess this makes up for them giving us UC instead of CXP, now if only they would make UC useful for solo players.

Unassembled Components, presumably referring to the fact that you now get those when disintegrating gear with stats you get from command crates.

I don’t understand his statement. If you need Unassembled Components, to get the upper tiers t2+ iirc, getting it while you break down gear with stats from the command crates is good. When did they “give us” UC. I thought you only got them through raids, which is not solo friendly.

Unassembled Components, or UC for short, replaced Warzone Commendations, which were earned via PvP. You are thinking of token items dropped from ops bosses. UC used to only be obtainable through PvP, but now you get them for almost every facet of the game.

LoL… This is so important right now… Maybe fix damn castbars, chat and all bugs of GUI you provided in 5.6 instead of worthless CXP shit or character customisation… Most important is fix GUI right now

I wish they would fix the now stuttering/jittery camera movement. I’m actually suffering motion sickness from it to the point where the game is currently unplayable for me.

So we get 150 more CXP/mission yet lose the Daily Planetary GC mission (whatever it was called)which was around 3000CXP… Not sure how that math works out to us getting ‘more CXP’ this way… Last time I checked none of the planets had 20 daily missions and virtually all are under 10.

But what’s this, is this shet game still here?

God how i cant wait for this game to shutdown, and Disney to revoke the license from EA. Time to fire all these incompetent devs and for other company to make a true SW game. It must be really shameful seeing how all your competitors pump out full new raids, maps and everything, and these ppl can just add 5 pathetic minutes of story in a buggy fp LOOOL.

What, you all waitin for you SW fix?? Every 6 months, 5 mins of worthless story, they are just taking your money in exchange for NOTHING, WAKE UP!!!!

It’s sad and pathetic, seeing this game slowly wither. Unplug it already, and let’s forget this monstrosity and move on. Sad shadow of a game…

Yea k, same old same old. Disney revoke the license years of court battle’s before that happens. People are free to choose how they spend their time, money. Agree with it or not.

Why do you feel so entitled the game needs to shut down? If you’re not playing it, then shut up. If you are playing, which i’m sure you are, then form logical complaints and address each as such. Demanding the game to be shut down doesn’t benefit you in the least and only hurts those who still like playing. Quit being such a douche bag and try, though I doubt you can, try to be more positive and helpful.

Im waiting for them to shutdown the servers aswell and fire everyone the current team as they are some of the most incompetent , greedy devs to ever work in this industry. Hopefully another publisher can buy the IP and relaunch it under a proper vision !

Dreaming a sweet sweet dream…..the only problem is I’m dreaming my life away….Disney controls it all..and they not about money, but the vision……dreaming my….

Year ago i wouldnt have thought we are near end with this game. Today after last merge and no more merge possible in future and seeing login activity still plummets it is near end for sure. But Bioware will resist and release A LOT cartel market stuff and direct sales so that BW Austin office wont be shut down by EA. They know once CM sales fail its the end.

This is as good as you’re going to get for a star wars mmo. All other attempts so far have failed so if you were to put a little more effort into it and give them criticisms they can actually work with perhaps it will change for the better. However, demanding the game to be shut down wont work unless you happen to be some big game publisher like EA. Which you are not.

.. Hell you can’t even be bothered to show a bit of personality by writing a name down.

I can see your point and agree with it but to a certain point.
TOR will live on simply because of IP and Star Wars fans; especially because of Battlefront 2 failure. People hungry for SW IP will come to TOR over and over again. I really doubt that EaWare will take the risk of shutting down this game. They will milk players to the point where they (players) will have to start whoring to afford another new shiny mount. Content isn’t their primary objective, just look at all those people getting excited about reskinned armors and other Star Wars Barbie stuff.
I gave it a second chance, I bought 2 months of non-recurring sub and I give devs time until next year to actually start giving a fuck about TOR. Why did I come back? Servers merges. Game is more active although slightly. RPers keep to their little community, PvPers cry about team ranked farmers (mats) and NiM raiders left the game with the exception of maybe Reincarnated and Disciples of Babylon.
As I said, one more month and I am done with game for good.

1: Tank get candle.
2. Tank find boss.
3. DPS boss.
4. DPS adds.
5. Watch out for aoe.

Pretty much whole Nahut. Still fun though.

It was enough for my group to 1 shot it. :v
Unless level 70 needs guide for “avoid aoe”, in that case one should stop doing ops.

Yeah ok, but you definitely used voice comms and communicated about which adds to kill, where to walk, how every mechanic works etc. Come on, no need to play smart here 🙂

I know KP HM is a dream to some of you, but most people use their brain. I know such knowledge hurts, been there first week of my time in game. Be salty somewhere else 🙂

Yeah man, as if I need to link achievements of completion of SNV HM (after Styrak was buffed) and DP/DF HM from when they were recent content…. sure, go wave your e-penis some more, why not.

To be honest, I am not offended. I just find it hilarious how people get salty over someone doing new ops on first try. These people are the ones that need dps guides for Arsenal Mercs or how to get past Korriban.
I don’t know. I see boss casting aoe, I run away from it. I see “candle” and boss stealthing out, it’s fucking simple to me that candle is a way to find that boss. I see adds, I dps them. I see their HP stops at 1%, I stop dpsing them and los them as much as I can.
Game has been dumbed down beyond all reasoning, but real paradox is now people need guide for creating a damn character.

What’s really funny is how every neanderthal on the internets believes everyone that disagrees with or doesn’t believe them is getting ‘salty.’

It takes 10 seconds and literally no emotion to answer idiots like you, and before you start waving your e-dick around again, it’s not really about you or me 1 shotting their lame under performing new bosses with or without a guide, there are players that suck and need guides.

And of course you took those 10 seconds and no emotions to answer me by coming up with “neanderthal” or “idiot”. Good game, fuckface. : )

You weren’t yawning, you were busy playing with that e-pen I was waving around. Stop lying.

No point in being sarcastic or playing smarter than others, like every single socially rejected guy. So I can only tell you to get fucked, since your fanboying got boring long time ago. Good luck scraping SM. 🙂

“Our goal with this change is that both Planetary Heroics and Daily Area Missions are great sources of CXP for solo players.”

Then why do the “Daily Area Missions” disappear from the Activity window after you do them _once_ in a week? Before 5.6, the daily areas came up in the planetary missions randomizer along with the heroics, and each daily area had its weekly mission on the terminal. Now, when you complete the mission for a daily area from the Activity window, that daily area disappears from the choice list for the rest of the week. You can still _travel_ to the planet, and the daily missions are still there, but you can’t use the Activity window to make getting there quick and easy. This is going to make the daily areas ghost towns again, because instead of being able to get the GC planetary mission to complete, say, the CZ-198 missions each day, with the CZ weekly a one-time bonus on top of that, you do the CZ missions once through the Activity window, then all you get from doing CZ again is the regular mission-completion CXP reward. How, precisely, does this make the Daily Area Missions “great sources of CXP”?

You ever notice how the dev team always says things along the lines of “our intent”, and “our goal”, and “our vision”? It’s never about the players. Only what the dev team / game producers wants. That’s why the Activites window is so borked right now. Hell, I can’t even figure out how to select Kot** chapters to replay on a greater difficulty level if I felt like it.

Yea at lvl 70. Still need to have a toon to get to lvl 70. Leveling a toon from 1 to 70 is still a grind. Lvl 70 token create a lvl 1 toon, then use token instant lvl 70 toon with 230 bonus gear in 30 sec ready for end game period

No, no “period”. You waste 2k CC you could spend on account unlocks or equipment worth tons of credits only to save 5-6h of gametime needed to get to level 70?
Also, 230 is SM tier. You don’t need gear for SM ops. Game bolsters you even if you have empty slots.

Six of one, half a dozen of another……you play how you like,I play how I like….as long as we have fun doing it. And not all have alot of time to play, job,kids, wife (which can have a lot of say in how much time someone can play)…. Kira what do you mean time for your training ….and I have to clean the ship again…… To be a young Jedi in love….lol Enjoy your game time Bolt 😀

Not sure how this relates to pvp….. Unless you mean lvl 70 toons with players having no idea how to play……. Most pvper’s I know will be drooling at that………

It’s the noobs that wind up on your team, so it’s just a farming match for the opposing team. Been seeing a lot of that, lately. Complete idiots that fight & die in the middle of the map, and have no clue how to take the objectives.

Like asous mentioned, it is 230 gear.

I also used two tokens.

I’ve had my final two classes Smuggler/Agent for over a year and hardly touch them. At least with full abilities and no grind for gear, getting through the Class stories… and only the class stories, no planet/exploration missions… since I’ve done those so many times already… should be a breeze.

I’ve leveled a ton of new chars over the years and don’t even remember the last time I used class stories to do so. Leveling via flashpoints, warzones and ops is so much quicker than grinding planet after planet after planet. It takes a few days (2-3 if double or triple event) to get where you want. Spending 2000 cc just to save these 3 days I’d be wasting on playing a video game is not an option for me ;p

And re 230 gear: I’m constantly close to my 3000 cxp limit, I just outright buy 230 gear from the vendor.

I can level a toon from 1-70 in about 12 hours of play time by doing only the class story and planetary heroics. That’s also using XP boosts, the +50% XP armor set from DvL, and XP character perk unlocks. Faster, obviously, when it’s a double XP/CXP event. I am only considering using the new level 70 boost for a couple of pub toons I don’t care to play, but plan on maxing out to command rank 300.

Signed as well. Enough is enough, SWBF2 is downright predatory to young children and the easily impressionable. How dare EA try to victimize gambling addicts in order to turn a profit from a video game.

Signed. EA has ruined a lot more games than just SW IP. I’m shocked this has already over 100k signed petitions.

There was a petition from sw fans for an old republic netflix series that didn’t got more than a 200k signatures. But sure this petition will get more sings from many sw “fans”. Just like those “fans” who still bitch about swtor not being kotor3 and while they fail to understand the differences between multiplayer and single player, they also fail to understand that they don’t own and didn’t create any game.

There is only one reason why SWTOR has CXP.
They want you to get used to loot boxes.
If you accept them in SWTOR, you will easier accept the pay2win version in Battlefield and other games. It’s all part of th ebig plan.

The lootboxes from the Cartel Market give loot, it’s just cosmetic loot but it is loot.

They actually happen to give some of the most expensive items ingame, way more than any loot with stats. The cartel Market crates are real gambling, that is why the game is still alive, bc the CM keep it alive.

If the CM fails hard, the game shuts down immediately. Which is what i want that happens. The CM crates should be totally banned, either that or the game have an age restriction of 18+.

You are wrong, sir.

I thought it was clear that I was talking about the CXP creates. Yes the CM boxes give cosmetic loot and I know that the CM boxes drop the most expensive items in the game -As I played the game- but that wasn’t really what I was talking about so I don’t really think your point is valid, and for the record I believe most people dislike the CM and it’s shitty boxes so I don’t think the OP argument really holds if you’re talking about CM boxes.

You forgot the alliance supply crates from before cxp even. Ive felt the same way about them conditioning their audience ever since they introduced them and that insufferable pack viewer mini game.

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