Black Desert Ran Class Reveal

Black Desert Online Korea today revealed the new Ran class along with a teaser.

This class will be using a new mainhand weapon. Character creation is available right now in Korea but release date is still unknown.


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I’m very curious for her awakening. If they give her something magic based, I’ll have to swap my main, as they got me. Hopefuly they wont then xD

Randomly got this video linked to me. My reaction: “Oh what’s this video of a Maehwa about?”

“What do you mean it’s a new class?”

I don’t understand the point of this ‘new class’. Way way too similar to a Maehwa in design. Guess they’re out of ideas.

Similar to Maehwa? …Did u even play? oO
Besides the gender ofc 😉

My best guess is that u never saw a chain sickle in action my friend

She’s using a sword similar to Maehwa.

I didn’t even see any “chain sickle” in the video. I had to re-watch it after your comment to even notice it, and she doesn’t even attack with it as far as I can see; it just sits in her hand on the roof when she’s in that pose and is completely out of the shot at any other time.

Having descriptive knowledge of what her weapon design actually is is way different from knowing nothing other than “hey watch this video”.

Can they stop shitting in an already clogged toilet? All they do is make new classes. Fix the fucking classes you already made instead of making new ones. They mine as well just delete all classes that aren’t new or meta since the strategy seems to be making new classes so they don’t have to do any real class reworks or hardcore balancing.

Fix your fucking game PA. BDO could be one of the best MMOs consistently if you made content with actual replayability, made gearing accessible/more friendly, and fixed your goddamn game engine and server issues. So disappointing to see such potential wasted. I keep thinking things will change and improve, yet I am constantly disappointed.

It’s funny that you say this, because they make changes to the existing classes every single patch. In a game where PvP exists, a meta also exists. But it’s not a game like Overwatch where you can just pick up any new character and learn it. There a harsh progression system that goes into everything. In the grand scheme of things, every class fills a niche and is actually balanced, if you have the gear.

Everyone excited about her new weapon, whatever it is. Then she will get some shitty fan, umbrella or milk can for awakening and the hype will go down…

Damn, i want to play her just for the looks with her awk…. But i heard she’s nothing special in pvp, and her skills are meh. FeelsWrongedMan

Looks fun. Guess she will take a while to get here but im enjoying mystic ALOT so i cant complain. Its the most fun i had leveling up a character. And her basic armors dont look bad so im extra happy with that.

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