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GW2 Soulless Horror Raid Guide

A guide to the Souless Horror boss in Hall of Chains raid wing.


General Info

  • Enrage Timer:  8 minutes
  • HP: 35 million

Class Composition

Having a Scourge here can help as they can drop down portals to get the group across the Surging Soul walls. Additionally, they can use Epidemic to kill the Tormented Dead golems. However, Scourge Portals should be only used as a clutch mechanic as they are not really visible with all the AoEs on the ground and can cause wipes if the group is not coordinated.

Druids here can bring Tides to knockback the Tormented Dead and longbow for additional knockbacks. If you are bringing longbow, make sure to have the Marksmanship trait that allow you to pierce enemies with your arrow as otherwise the boss can block some of your shots. DPS check isn’t very tight here so you may get away with having 3 druids if the healing druids are too overwhelmed with healing to do the mechanic.

You will need to have CC skills for this to deal with the CC that occurs regularly starting at 66%.




Tank Swap Mechanic

There are red and green circles right outside the fight area. Stepping on one of them will allow you to pick up their buff and gain a special action key. Both players picking up these items will become the main and offtank on this fight. Toughness does not factor into tanking here. The player with the red buff will always take the aggro first. The Soulless Horror will cast a stacking debuff on the main tank called Necrosis, it increases the damage and condi you take from her for each stack. This is a tank swap mechanic where the main tank need to press their special action key and press it to the offtank before the stacks get too much. Depending on your gear set, you might be able to take 3-6 stacks. There is a cooldown of 45s on the special action key (it is affected by alacrity)


The main tank will have a purple icon above their head similar to the fixate mechanic on Slothasor. Stacks wear off after 30s so the offtank can grab the boss immediately after their stacks wear off to prevent too much stacks from accumulating.

Flesh Wurms

Elite Flesh Wurms surround the boss on the platform. They are just adds that only come into factor at the beginning of the fight. You can move the Soulless Horror next to each Flesh Wurm and just kill them via cleave (or Epidemic from the necromancer). These Flesh Wurms will use Wurm Spit attack that hits for ~7k damage.


Corrupt the Living/Slice

The Soulless Horror have a frontal cleave that does damage, and applies torment & poison to whatever is caught in it. There is no telegraph for it and is just a massive frontal cleave that hits for ~4k damage on targets with no toughness. Slice is her other autoattack that deals 4-5k damage on the main tank.

Vortex Slash

This AoE occurs pretty early into the fight and reoccurs on a regular interval. It is a donut type of AoE centered on the boss. You will see a red circle at first with an inner circle that expands to fill the other circle, you want to dodge into the boss when you see the inner circle about to finish expanding as the next pulse of the AoE is donut shaped with a safe spot in the middle. Guardian can use Aegis to block this for the entire group. Avoiding this attack is part of the Grave Dancer achievement.

The inner ring attack does less damage than the outer ring so if you can’t avoid both, eat the inner one and dodge the outer one.


Hurricane Slash

Hurricane Slash is her other big AoE you need to avoid as part of the Gave Dancer achievement. There are two versions of this, both center on the boss.

The first type of Hurricane Slash is a set of two AoE patterns. This is very easy to avoid due to the large gap of safety in between. The second AoE will always be in the same place as the safety gaps of the first so you can just side step to where the AoE pattern was for the second pattern.


The second type of Hurricane Slash is more difficult. It is basically the two AoEs from the first set together. It covers more area with smaller safety gaps in between. You just need to move away from the boss so there is a larger safety gap (or just dodge if you are unsure if you will get hit or not).


Fingers of the Dead

Fingers of the Dead is the third AoE attack from the Soulless Horror. It is basically a bunch of mini circles on the ground that will damage you and corrupt 1 of your boon into conditions. There are two patterns to this attack, a concentrated frontal cone and a more widespread arc.


Surging Soul

Surging Soul is the mechanic of the fight that makes it a bit RNG and more difficult than just a simple tank/spank. It is a a smokey death wall that can come from any direction and be any of thee patterns. If you get hit by it, it is an instant death. The only way to safely get across them is via Scourge portals. Invul/Distort etc do not work but Blink/Jaunt do work. The walls all go in the same direction in a line and once one set of walls go through the platform, another set will spawn right away.

The three patterns are: single short tall, double wall with gap in between and triple walls joined together with small gaps on the edge.This makes for 8 different patterns: (—oo, -o-o-, –oo-, –o-o, o—o) and their mirrors (oo—, -oo–, o-o—).


The pattern with the three joined walls is obviously the hardest since you will need to run all the way to the edge to avoid it. All Surging Soul walls disappear during the CC phase on the boss.

Surging Souls do appear as icons on your minimap so you can use it to see what pattern comes up next.

Tormented Dead

The second hardest mechanic to this fight is the Tormented Dead. These are flesh golems that spawn every 20s past 90% They have low HP and die easily. However, when they die they drop a big red circle on the ground, corrupting all boons on anyone caught inside. You pretty much get condi bombed if you don’t move out fast enough. The red circle also lasts for a while so it can take out space on the platform for your group.

They also seems to be fixated on the offtank on spawn.


To deal with this you need someone who pushes/launches it away from the group while rest of the group (i.e. a  necromancer epidemic) kills it from afar so the red circle doesn’t drop right on top of the group. Ideally you want the group closer to the center and pushes the Tormented Dead away to the edge of the platform (you can pushes them to the part of the platform that has fallen off, they won’t die since they can still use the platform).

Spinning Scythes

Spinning Scythes spawns periodically on the fight platform. They have a small AoE circle that will corrupt boons if you touch them. Otherwise they are not too troublesome unless they run through the group. There could be as many as three Scythes up at a time.


Crumbling Platform

The platform will break off on the edges and becomes smaller as the fight goes on. The first break off occurs around 7:30 on the timer and then occurs again at 66% and 33% of the Soulless Horror’s HP.


There is a yellow circle that appears shortly before the platform breaks off to give you a warning.

CC Phase

The CC phase starts roughly at 66%. It will remove any Surging Soul walls that are up on the platform. You need to break her breakbar within a few seconds or everyone will be feared off the platform. After 66% this CC phase occurs roughly every 1 minute and at 33%.



Special thanks to Sick Kents [Sk] and two [NA] lads for the kill.

Players interested in getting started in raiding may check out the GW2 Raid Academy Discord (not affiliated)

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17 replies on “GW2 Soulless Horror Raid Guide”

Would love to do raids but keep running into those darn elitist groups that think their stuff doesn’t stink. I’m gonna get my legendary armor through PvP and WvW due to running into these sort of indiviuals. I have more fun in those anyway.

I always find the most toxic players in MMO’s via the raid groups. Messed up on how that is.

Probably went in on a non meta class and pissed them off by not knowing the mechanics/grabbing agro etc. Ether join a training guild or just study your class and boss a lot before entering.
Its not that their shit doesn’t stink its that they ask for exp and get a daredevil doing 3k dps, are they supposed to put up with that when they clearly asked for exp? Time is the most valuable resource and if you waste someone else’s time you can expect to cop some abuse from them.

Was on a healing druid in full ascended gear and was right when the new raid hit. Had to link all of my stuff and still didn’t want me. I’m not worried about it as I have other options 🙂

Fair if you went in prepared, you just met some nasty people. But I see a lot of people call raiders elitists and abusive when they just walk right on into a exp LFG and try to get carried, then get told where to go, then cry on reddit about it.

Maybe your druid wasn’t harriers? Maybe they filled druid and no longer needed one? There’s lots of reason why you can be kicked right at the start but usually people will ask if you have other classes first. Like I said might have just been a nasty group ( which are fairly rare tbh ) or you could have played badly ( happens to everyone, we all have our days ) around one of them and are on their ignore list so you got kicked.

to be fair ive had mixed experiences. The sad thing is you could have 50 out of 50 success raid runs, perfect meta build and gear for your role and the raiding group will still kick you just because you ” havent raided enough”. I understand wanting QUality but theres a lot of good raiders out there that cant join in PUGs because they expect everyone to have been full blown raiding since day 1

If it failed the first time, try again, and again. That’s how you gain experience, research the bosses you’re about to face helps as most of the mechanics is fixed. Not defending anyone here, but always try to understand how the other members feel discovering an inexperienced player not fulfilling their duty(kept dying off or killing others with mistakes) stressing the squad especially the raid organizer/leader in a P.u.G. Would be a different story if its a guild or full friends run, as experienced PuG usually joins with expectations to kill unless stat otherwise.
Raid META ; honestly speaking there are many setups / builds / strategy used that would work. the setup with comes up with the “highest success rate” is usually deemed META. It does not mean other method doesn’t work or bad as META do changed when a better is discovered. There is only 1 important “META” that I place above all else and its providing 25 stacks of MIGHT for everyone in the entire battle, and you can play around with what classes to bring etc. High DPS classes is always desirable and there is leniency as long as the boss is killed within the timer.
That said, experience and how you gain it is important. Many complains and given up on raid based on OLD bad experience. BUT never forget, we might have wiped more in fractals and did that stop us? 🙂 Something to think about.

Oh trust me, I know how raiding goes. Done too many MMO’s and too many raids. Guild Wars 2 is the hardest I’ve tried to get into one since everyone that does them mostly turned toxic.

I only participates in raids run by guildies or players that i associates with. But if you’re someone new to the game or having only a small circle of in-game friends to start, I would recommend you to try “The Raiders Inn” in discord. A secret order 😛 with a purpose to train players, a gathering platform for Gw2 raid training and possible kills. I find the people in that community friendly and helpful, but be warned; like the choya’s village, negative behavior might get you isolated and kicked off the cliff.

I find your defensive responses telling. Regardless, people don’t make up their experience with raid groups. Either in GW2 or elsewhere. Yes, our experiences vary, but enough of us know exactly what One Copper Bard is talking about.

Only too well.

To your point, this is precisely why GW2 allows other avenues to gear up to the same tier. Devs should come up with a Raid Finder version, so that casual raiders could group for not-so-intense raid combat, along the same spirit that WoW offers; if nothing else, just to play the content for the enjoyment or some achievements.

It’s one thing, as Yeah Nah says below, to come in as a Daredevil doing 3k dps; that’s simply handicapping the group as a whole. But throwing around this idea that “meta” is the be-all-end-all way to run all raid content is absolute bull****. It is a concept theorycrafted by people who find one way to do things, and dismiss all other ways because they may require additional skill and learning to overcome.

Raid groups need to be in the consistent habit of advertising exactly what they want…”Exp. raid for XXXXX, plz have zerker’s, 15k ap, etc., etc. I don’t begrudge any group what they want as far as that, if they advertise it accurately. But to be nasty about it when you join their group if they didn’t? That’s way out of line.

i totally agree ever since raids started the game got more toxic, i’m glad i think legendary armor isn’t my cup of tea

Tormented Deads dont spawn at 90 but at a given timer (around 7:15/10). Check qT & even my with my guild the first one we have is around 80%

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