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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales December 4 – December 11

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales December 4 – December 11

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Seriously? What kind of lame ass shit is this? Is this the best EA can do after the shit they pulled with Battlefront 2? What about new expansions involving the rest of my old companions and get them back in the story? If all they can offer are speeders and other useless ass shit that’s not a pink Darth Vader then I’m not gonna waste another dime with this game.

Pretty much. They can’t even get single raid boss done in two months.

Skeleton crew gonna skeleton crew.

That looks cool and I don’t see why they wouldn’t put that in since canon isn’t an issue in this game.

HA, come on you can not be serious, Lucasfilm is owned by diznee, they gave ea a 10 year contract, dinzee gives less of a stuff than ea do.
Everyone in the world could sign it, won’t change a thing.

You will stop trolling every single swtor post Dulfy makes before ea loose their contract with diznee.

Well its at 116 thousand of the 150 needed so id say its doing just fine = ) not trolling lol never was just have a bunch of fluffy carebears in who seemex to have disapeared i notice… btw the mass boycott of bf2 cost EA 3.1 billion in losses so id say it can be done 3.1 billion isnt pocket change

Actually, that’s not accurate at all. Disney does care about the Star Wars brand. There is ground to revoke the rights of using the IP if the company exploiting them does something that negatively impacts on the brand.

Disney paid several billions to have Star Wars. I don’t think they are going to let ANY company ruin that IP, no matter how powerful or big they are. This is a serious matter, don’t shrug it under the rug like some internet fantasy.

Does this petition carry any weight? Frankly, I don’t think so. The real issue is if the U.S. government is going to do something about it. If they do, I think there’s a very good chance EA might lose the rights to ALL Star Wars games. Including TOR.

LOL, no they do not care about star wars AT ALL.
I would say more, but given one of the trolls must have flagged my comment seeing how the second reply I made which was no offensive at all was not posted, there is no point saying too much.

You probably used the American currency “D” word in that comment. THAT’S why it didn’t get posted. It must be “awaiting moderation”…


Hmm. It IS Disneys fault to a degree though. They did dissolve LucasArts, which, even at it’s worst kept things up to a standard.

On the other hand, I do agree that they care what happens to the brand at the same time: not in terms of story or content, mind you – In terms of ‘its a cash cow and were going to milk it till it bleeds’. They continue to buy up these brands like Lucas and Marvel in the hopes that they will hold the ship above water in the long run, and It increasingly seems that they are becoming more important than the old Disney IPs for this reason.

That said, Disney also doesnt have a history of listening to consumers. They have way to many know-it-alls with their hands in the cookie jar.

So the only way they are going to cut of EA is if they feel EA will hurt the brand in a way that stops movie goers. That is why they made EA pull the Cash Shop in BF2 “Temporarily”.

Oh absolutely! I’m not going all “Disney is pure” kinda thing. They care because it could harm THEIR cash cow. Imagine if mommies and daddies everywhere start going all no-no on EA’s Star Wars products. It’s a BIG deal if families turn on this latest money grabbing game of theirs. We all talk about the grown-ups, but the children play a big part in this. Hell, I don’t want MY children gambling. They are not going anywhere near Battlefront 2, I can tell you that…

Won’t matter. Gamers are just going to keep shoveling their cash at EA for their games.

We went through this a couple of years ago when a few of us who are Disney shareholders contacted Disney. There was no interest in following up or paying attention to us.

Lets see if we can make it more. EA is taking a beating here. Im willing to see what it takes ill tell you that

This was true past years but recently peopel have been boycotting EA games mroe and more thanks to BF2 saga. I’m not buying any games published by EA for sure didnt buy BF2 ether. Not playing any mobile games that has EA logo. Many my friends doing same. Just watch it….

Rofl. Have you ever picked up a star wars mobile game? If you think EA’s mt are bad, then Disney is 10x worse. This is pointless and who else would be making Star Wars games other than EA? Ubisoft? Not a chance. Activision? Nope. Capcom? Hahahaha. Konami is in mobile business now. Take two? They have their own brands, not interested. So really, who is gonna make Star Wars games? You uninformed little shit.

Anyone but EA seems im more informed then you heres todays ea stock loss another 3 billion bringing a grand total of 6 billion in loss! Legislation is in the works to remove this shit from the games in general so instead of being schill tool here might want to look into this

Anyone but EA lol. As if the rest of the gaming industry doesn’t have MT. You’re delusional.
Only the value of the shares have dropped. Shares go up and down. But ignorant people like you will hate no matter what, because you’re simpleminded and believe game developers shouldnt be allowed to make money.

And as in regards to your ‘Murican legislations. They matter little to the rest of the world.

EA is pure cancer. History proves that. So yes anyone than EA. It already started to backfire Disney letting EA do what they want. This can only go worse and it will for Disney.

Yeah curse Disney and EA for giving people jobs and making entertainment for the masses. Do you honestly think EA are in the business of shutting down studios for fun?

Yes, well mostly for money and also a bit of fun from the prospect of making money.

Yes they do westwood studios they buy companies gut them like fish and slap EA on the front door

For fuck’s sake, what’s your deal, the guy made a petition, you don’t agree with it? Don’t fucking sign it…

You say he should be ashamed about his typing and his wording and you judge him for his opinion, now I’m not saying he’s not doing the exact same thing, but for crying out loud, if you ARE this enlightened as you claim to be, you should know better… Seems like you could have used some extra years at school as well…

On topic, I don’t mind EA losing their license on Star Wars, fuck man my dream would be for Blizzard to get it… they take their time for shit and the end-result is… genious… I doubt it will ever happen, honestly I don’t even care if they lose it or not, I love Star Wars, but what you can’t deny sir, is the fact that there ARE real LIVE investigations into the gambling in BF2, go ahead, try and disprove me, try and deny me the pleasure of rubbing that fact in your face every time you feel like being a prick and tell everyone to shove along because they’re talking shit about a game you love… I’m sure you have games you dislike, I’m sure you’ve talked shit about games yourself, don’t be a little hypocrit and act as if you have only the best intentions in mind

That petition was clearly made by someone that didn’t own the game and only based it on hearsay and the beta. So of course I’m going to voice my opinion on the matter since I actually do own the game, play it a hell of a lot more than this guy and have never had any issues with little content, “pay to win” or anything this guy is complaining about. This issue has two sides, and if my side shuts up, then people will take the bullshit that this guy is spewing out as facts. And speaking of hypocrites. Take a look in the mirror.

The lootboxes in BF2 are not unique. Tons of games have had them already and games will still have them after BF2. It’s not an investigation into BF2’s loot boxes, but loot boxes in general. So you’re wrong. Also to note, the UK gambling comission already concluded that it is NOT considered gambling.
The fact is that when you open a loot box in BF2. You get rewards. You will always get 35-50 crafting parts and either cards you have or credits if you get duplicates. You will never end up with nothing. So you don’t really gamble at all.

Hey, whatever floats your boat, I couldn’t honestly give a crap about the whole lootbox-affaire, all I’m showing is that Disney has plenty of reasons to take the license away, considering this is negatively impacting the franchise.. Call it what you will, I love how you tried to shove the words “so you’re wrong” in there as if it we’re in any way true, go fucking google, you’ll notice that fucking Belgium of all countries is investigating “the loot-box system” THANKS TO BF2.

To be fair, I haven’t played BF2, I don’t know if it’s any good or not, I honestly have no opinion on that. I’m also not going to tell you I wouldn’t buy it because I want to boycot anything, I’m not that full of myself xD

What I don’t get though, is your “And speaking of hypocrites. Take a look in the mirror.”, where have I ever shown that I’m trying to be a white knight for either side of the conflict? People like you make me laugh..

You say he’s spewing out bullshit, I agree with you, some of his points make no sense at all but I sure as hell ain’t rooting for you either xD

Just because BF2 caused the loudest noise about loot boxes, does not mean it’s the first and only game to have them. Like I said this is not investigations into BF2, but loot boxes in general.
And as I’ve mentioned several times already. Disney’s microtransactions are far worse than this, but because they make mobile games and not AAA games. People haven’t screamed and created petitions. So the MT’s alone is far from any reason to revoke the license. Besides they shut down the MT’s during the early access iirc. So all the people screaming about it have nothing to scream about anymore. There are no MT’s currently in BF2 and haven’t been since launch.

“You say he should be ashamed about his typing and his wording and you judge him for his opinion, now I’m not saying he’s not doing the exact same thing, but for crying out loud, if you ARE this enlightened as you claim to be, you should know better… Seems like you could have used some extra years at school as well…” That’s a perfect example of a hypocricy.

Hahahaha please, tell me how that is an example of me being a hypocrit, I’m only talking about what you told us here on this board, you spoke down to him because of his spelling xD

I’m sorry if I only spoke out to you and your feelings are now hurt, I totally did not intend for that to happen, but I’m not the one who went out of his way to show everyone here that you are “more enlightened” than the other guy…

Sorry pal, no hypocricy.. “You say he’s spewing out bullshit, I agree with you, some of his points make no sense at all but I sure as hell ain’t rooting for you either xD”

As you can see here, I can also say he’s not better than you.

Neither have I said anywhere that I’m better than anyone else here.. I’m just pointing out stuff that I feel you should know when you go all out saying he probably never worked a day in his life…

“Whatever you say kid. I’m not the one with incoherent mess. All you had
to do was make it readable. Like you should have learned in school.
Anyone can see your incoherent mess, and nobody will blame me for not
reading that mess.” -your words, it’s sad to see that you don’t even understand what you say yourself.. how does it feel, looking down on someone from way up there?

Piss off

Also, I love how you keep changing the subject with the lootboxes, I never said anything about any other games because they didn’t make the bloody news with what they pulled xD You’ve mentioned alot of stuff but I can see now that you suck at reading too, tell me, where have I said it’s the only bloody game to have MT’s, you’re avoiding the real point that I’m making, trying to squiggle around it like a little worm..

I don’t care about any of it, fact is BF2 made the investigation possible…

Bye now

You’re sitting on your high horse, telling me I could have used some extra years in school aswell. So please do enlighten me as to why? Because there was nothing wrong in me telling that guy to edit his post. All his other posts were written just fine. But I sure as hell wasn’t going to read some crazy rant with no capital letters or punctuations. This is actually something they teach you not to do in school. And like I told him, I would have read it if he had edited it.

Just take a look at the way you and I set up our posts. wud you have red it if i only tiped it like dis for a hole paragraf or wud you jus skip it lolz cuz dis shit is unredable incoherent mess dat never stops or givs you ane break it just goes on an on i know i certainly wudnt and it hurtz just to tipe lik dis

You did say the investigation was into Battlefront 2, and I corrected you with saying the investigation is into loot boxes, not Battlefront 2. So I’m not changing the subject, just making sure you understand what they are investigating. And while Belgium may consider it gambling, the UK does not. If different countries wants to figure out how they feel about this practice that’s perfectly fine. And I haven’t denied that BF2 is the reason that it’s being brought up. I’m simply stating the fact that the game isn’t the first one to have loot boxes, nor will it be the last.

And you seem to be doing a lot of caring for someone that doesn’t care about any of it.

You do realize legislation applies to all games? Lol oh its only 6 billion its no big deal lmao. As for ignorance you sound like a clueless tool here who thinks ea should milk people like cows smh

Well according to whiny brats like you, they shouldn’t make games at all. Because that would make you happy. To see thousands of employees lose their jobs because a studio gets shut down every now and then. Because fuck logic.

Lose their jobs b/c of gambling packs and greed yeah ok dude lol. How is nintendo able to make games without microtransactions and gambling packs and get by just fine? Man do you even play games? You seem stupid as fuck on this and clueless and your talking about logic on top of it lolz. Look around here No on likes Ea or this shit in general and your fanboing hard for EA and microtransactions here ROFL

Where on earth do I say people lose their jobs because of microtransactions? Those are your words, not mine. What I’m saying is the only ones being punished by Your ignorant crusade (And I say ignorant because I read your petition and you obviously haven’t bought the game and played it other than the free beta.) are the people working on developing these games. The CEO’s won’t get fired. They’ll continue their lives as nothing happened.

Nintendo still makes games that looks like they could have been played on a Gamecube. Which means they are much cheaper to make than games like Battlefront. Which also has to make up the money it cost EA to even get the 10 year contract.

I know this might be hard for someone your age to understand, since you’ve most likely never had a job “lolz”. But games costs money to develop. The money comes from investors. In order for those investors to want to invest in the games. They want to make sure the game earns a lot more than it costs. Because that’s how things work in the grown up world. Let me know if I need to dumb it down for you even further. I suspect that I most likely have to.

And I’m not “fanboing” EA in particular. Microtransactions isn’t a new phenomenon. Take Two and Rockstar used almost the exact same model 4 years ago with GTA Online. And it’s still going strong. I actually think microtransactions are a good thing compared to regular season passes and DLC. BF2015’s playerbase was separated (not that you would know, because you most likely barely played that game aswell since it “had no content”). with each DLC that released. Separate playlists were made and this really affected the game. With BF2, everyone gets the new DLC, for free even.
Just like in GTA Online. Every single DLC is free. You can purchase shark cards to get money to buy stuff instantly. Or you can play a looooong time to get the funds yourself. But oh wait. Where are the petitions and tons of negative articles about GTA Online?
Pretty much every developer uses microtransactions. And if you think Disney doesn’t, well you are in for a surprise. They are worse. Star Wars Heroes for example have extreme costs for their “pay to win” model. So making this moronic petition to give to “Big brother Disney” is pure and simple stupidity and futile.

first off i own a medical marijuana dispensary so i know more then you when it comes to money and management. Secondly im 42 thirdly your whole point was people are going to lose their jobs b/c of gambling pack being removed/microtransactions being removed by legislation.Lol at your response to nintendo nintendo almost went broke at one point and they didnt do it and they still made it without microtransactions.

The reason most companies do microtransactions is b/c of stupid tools like you who pay 2 win and the idiots buying 100’s of cartel packs at one time.

I didnt make the petition btw i just signed it and passed it on and it has over a 100k signatures will it do anything who knows but id rather try then be an enabler like you and defend this garbage

“Pretty much every developer uses microtransactions”

Bullshit. Most don’t actually. Only the scummy, huge ass publishers who can leverage extremely successful IPs do so, in fact.

And excuse me while I play the saddest tune on the world’s smallest violin for the poor little devs that may be laid off as a result of EA stock taking a nosedive — I didn’t know someone had put a gun to their head to work for EA. Maybe next time they can apply for work at a company whose business model doesn’t involve extracting every single possible nickel from their customers.

Fuck that shit. 😉

Not to mention that if someone was looking for a career, let’s say in any industry (game development included), do you think that people would want to work in an organization that does not reflect their values?

Again, you got it backwards (are you starting to see a pattern here? I am). We don’t give a damn if EA makes games. Of course they do, and will continue to do so. You only play them if you want to.

We just want their paws off of Star Wars games. Because they are the ONLY ONES that make them. And are not making them properly.

Its people like that dude that give Ea incentive to put the gambling shit in the first place i honestly think hes a noob to games who in their right mind would defend ea lol

All you have to do is scroll down and you’ll see one of your likeminded wishing EA to go bankrupt.

Wether the games are made properly or not is entirely your subjective opinion. The same is mine, which says the games are great as they are. But as per usual, those of us who are happy with the games have no need to make petitions. The sales will decide if people are happy or not. Not this petition.

the sales did they lost 6 billion its not opinion when the eu and legislation is being looked into for gambling lol thats fact. The people that are happy with this shit seem to be only you here of course yo have no need your happy being used and shit on like the rest of the care bears ive delt with here for years who finally red pilled and said oh geez im taking a mortgage on my house and borrowing money for gambling shit hmm

This is just incoherent mess. Edit with punctuations and I’ll read it. Your post does confirm most of my suspicions about you though.

Whatever you say kid. I’m not the one with incoherent mess. All you had to do was make it readable. Like you should have learned in school. Anyone can see your incoherent mess, and nobody will blame me for not reading that mess.

Not saying I can’t. I’m saying I won’t. Because it’s an incoherent mess. If you’d pick up a book written in the idiocracy language you’re typing in, you’d put the book down in 3 seconds.

You seem to have trouble reading aswell. No wonder since you sure as shit can’t type. Good luck with your pointless crusade!

No, you got it backwards.

People aren’t angry at these guys because studios have to make money.

People are angry at these guys because they’ve (again) delivered a sub-par Star Wars product. And since they’re the only ones allowed to do so, there’s no other option out there.

You can’t compare EA to other studios, because EA has single-handedly taken over and closed more gaming studios than any other giant in the industry.

I could do some quick research and put up the links here to prove my point. I won’t. Since you’re so eager to call other people misinformed, I’ll give you the chance to prove to ME how well informed YOU are. I’ll give you a hint: Visceral was the last studio they closed down…

And when they don’t close them down, they move every single valuable human resource these companies have to something else. Look no further than BioWare. A once great, great company, that delivered legendary RPG’s, and produced great content for TOR… Now we have to wait for a FULL YEAR to have an Operation delivered. More than a year, actually. But who the hell is counting…

No, EA deserve ALL the hate they get. And I hope they do lose their Star Wars license. What other company could produce Star Wars games? Oh, I don’t know… Who would be willing to work on ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS AND PROFITABLE IP’S IN THE WORLD? Companies will be lining around the corner for that. I don’t need to be “informed” to figure that one out, Sherlock…

A sub-par Star Wars product? What on earth is sub-par about it? I’m genuinely interested, since I’ve spent over 100 hours in it, without having to use a single cent on microtransactions. And guess what. I got epic cards, never had any issue playing against anyone in the game. I’m having a blast with one of the best Star Wars games made in recent years.

When it comes to Visceral, they were shut down because in what was it, 4 years they still had next to nothing to show for it. Amy Hennig was sacked because she wanted to make a Uncharted game with the Star Wars brand on it. If you read anything about that game, you’d realise it sounded very boring. The game isn’t scrapped, it’s still coming out. It’s just being worked on by people that actually produce results. It has nothing to do with microtransactions. Which only proves my point that people like you pull shit out of your arses.
I bet you also think it will take 80 years or whatever bullshit that one reddit dude calculated it would take to unlock everything in Battlefront 2. While he skipped crafting parts from crates, credits earned per levelup etc.

All these studios that EA shut down, would have most likely gone out of business much sooner if it wasn’t for EA. EA employs thousands of people. They’re not in the business of shutting people down, in fact it’s the exact opposite. They’ve ensured people have kept their jobs for years. And when studios don’t produce like with Visceral, they get shut down. THIS IS NORMAL FOR EVERY BUSINESS IN REAL LIFE. It’s simple economics.

And if you for a second think that the CEO’s and guys at the top of EA get punished by any of these crusades, you’re even more delusional than I thought. It will result in one thing and one thing only. More studios getting shut down. Which means people get fired, less games. And the CEO will still be eating his lobster.

A very interesting post.

I don’t play BF2, is it working well without the temporary suspended transactions (which I believe are the ability to by the power crystals – the main contentious issue)?

It’s working fine. The loot boxes are easy to acquire. And they even increased the credit gain now. And the only timeframe the MT would actually matter was the first week. Now that people got epic cards without spending money it doesnt matter anymore.

I love EA’s lack of originality. When I read “BF2”, I always think “Battlefield 2”, and not “Battlefront 2”. Both are EA’s games. But wait, there’s more! Did you know EA already produced a game called Battlefront? They also previously released a game called “Battlefront 2”. Imagine that! Top it all off, the latest Battlefront series of games are little more than reskinned, chopped down versions of the latest Battlefield games because they’re using the same engine. Hey, why rip people off making one shitty game when you can double down and rip them off with multiple games of THE SAME TITLE.

I see you’re informed enough for us to continue this conversation. Kudos to that.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we see eye to eye on a lot of issues. The “cup half-filled, or half-empty” thing comes to mind.

I’m glad you are having fun in your sub-par Star Wars game. Yes, I say it again: sub-par. And it’s not the first one. Go back to Battlefront 1, where you bought half the game and had to spend twice the money to play the PROPER game. And since I see you are indeed informed, go ahead and thank all the delusional people like myself who made an uproar in internet media, to the point of Disney calling out EA on their practices and making them lighten up on micro-transactions in BF2. Yes, you must know that they (EA) wanted to lock ALL CHARACTER PROGRESSION behind MT’s.

Again: where you see a boring game I see a game with real potential. But I’ll take your word: it’s still being developed. We’ll wait and see if it’s not filled with MT’s if the game ever sees the light of day… Oh: and taking Amy away and replacing her with a nobody hardly seems like a smart move. Say what you will about her, she knows her shit. Maybe it’s not EA’s shit, but hey…

Unfortunately, the “cup half-filled, or half-empty” thingy does not translate very well when you talk about EA’s practices being “simple economics”.

It’s not. It’s a predatory behaviour, of taking what these smaller companies have that they DON’T. Ideas and competent professionals that are either “converted” to other jobs or put aside, plain and simple (Amy Hennig??? The ORIGINAL guys at BioWare???).

And that last paragraph: unfortunately, I do agree with you. No, I don’t think the CEO’s and the fat cats at EA are going to be affected by this. But if it means the Star Wars IP is taken away from these guys, I could not be happier. I doubt it, but it could be an awesome thing. To actually have a company that CARES about Star Wars developing a good game? Hell, I’m all for that.

You still haven’t explained what makes this game sub-par. Which makes me confident that you in fact haven’t played it and have made up your mind like this tool in the OP based on what other people said and misinformed articles.

BF2015 had more than enough content at launch for me and my friends. We enjoyed every minute of playing that game. Just as I’m enjoying every minute of BF2. So far I have 127 hours on PC alone. I played the game during the 10 hour Origin trial and the 3 day early access. Which basically means when the hardcore fans and gamers played the game. So if MT were such a huge problem, why did I see NOTHING of it during that time? Nobody had fully upgraded cards or the best weapons. In fact. The first and only time I saw someone with fully upgraded cards were last week. And he most likely got them legitematly. The fact is, this simply wasn’t a problem at all.

Rarely did EA just steal ideas from a startup studio and just shut it down. And shuffling people to other studios is nothing new, or cruel. With the info that came out, Amy Hennig wanted to make a ocean’s eleven game in space. With very few ties to what the majority of people associate with Star Wars. Do you honestly think some random Han Solo wannabe would have been a success? I am glad we’ll never know.

That’s why he is doing it.
Also if you notice the upvotes and signers are mainly (but not all) people who have never complained about the morality of the cartel crates, only that to them they seem to favour Cartel over content, and endgame content has ever been their only issue.
Nor have they set foot on BF2.
It’s just another bandwagon to jump upon.
More importantly the whole issue is about BF2 not Swtor, so removing EA’s licence of StarWars would be akin to destroying your house if it had wasps in the attic.
You would treat the to problem surely.
They definitely need to be held to account for their practices in BF2 without doubt, this however is not the answer.

So what it the answer?
As always you counter people who want change with zero ideas just the usual ‘leave poor Bioware/Ea alone, their trying super hard’ rubbish statements.

People don’t want SWTOR gone (even the ex-players) , they want improvement/investment and coming here everyday and offering constant blind praise does what exactly?

You’re the guy that offers nothing, standing on a sinking ship going ‘ah well looks like we’re all going to drown soon’ whilst everyone around you is thinking of ways to either get off the ship or plug the hole.

Whether that petition changes anything it’s not the point it’s a million times better than doing what you’re doing in terms of change which is ZERO.

Agreed. The people who defend EA’s shitty behavior are, imho, doing more damage to the gaming scene than EA themselves. They allow EA to keep getting away with shady business practices.

“They definitely need to be held to account for their practices in BF2 without doubt, this however is not the answer.”
Where do I say in that sentence that “‘leave poor Bioware/Ea alone, their trying super hard’.
Also I don’t have to have the solution to this issue to know that this is the wrong way to do it.
As for the issue, direct sales/in game sales have been around in games since counter strike days and maybe earlier and as the learned Paulo Gomes pointed out this was in response to piraters breaking the games security to make copies to sell themselves therefore bypassing the developers an losing them huge amounts of revenue.
I personally don’t think in-games purchases are an issue, every MMO and online shooter has them, AS LONG AS YOU GAIN NO ADVANTAGE.
I think where we ALL have the issue is the ‘Pay to Win’ aspect of in-game sales, where you gain a direct advantage over your opponents by spending cash which creates a hugely unfair advantage for people who have the disposable income and those who do not.
BF2 has this – Swtor does not.
As I have reiterated above for the second time EA need to be held accountable for this firstly by players of BF2 by their wallets and secondly by the gaming industry regulators.

Do you really think that this is only because of BF2.
BF2 only opened peoples eyes.
They put ZERO effort now days in every game that they have.
They closed Visceral because it could not make money from loot boxes as much as their precious FIFA.
NFS has also loot boxes, just like BF2. And now the new UFC.
This here isn’t just about BF2, it’s about the effort that they put i their games.
They want money for nothing!
I love Swtor and would gladly pay NOW 60$ for CONTENT!!! But because they do not have that, I’m not a sub for 2 years.

I lot of what you say is right however I have a few issues with your statement.
“They put ZERO effort now days in every game that they have.” Slight over exaggeration don’t you think? Their games are full of effort but no-one can argue they’re out to make their money. Remember though in-game purchases in Swtor are optional and not game winning
“They closed Visceral because it could not make money from loot boxes as much as their precious FIFA.” Do you have accurate info on this. I’m not saying it’s untrue, I’ve just never seen that being said.
“NFS has also loot boxes, just like BF2. And now the new UFC.” So does Elder Scrolls Online, Middle Earth Shadow of war, Overwatch and Destiny 2 to name but some, should we close all them too?
Yes, ADVANTAGE giving boxes should be banned from all games and the regulators should enforce this, hurting genuine players enjoying games is not the answer.

Yes thats my point this shit is everywhere and people are noticing the greed and are buying less games and people are talking to there legislators and the eu is investigating. And we have petitions here.

‘EA should be held accountable but not by us let someone else do the work’ pretty much sums you up.
You’re the sit on the fence and do NA DA guy.
The world will change as long as we do nothing and say only good things -> Insanity.

Who you think is playing BF2 ? or should I say was going too, Hint* EX-SWTOR and current SWTOR players (big fans of the IP)
How many times have you read here and on the main forums ‘I’m only here cause there’s no other Star Wars game out’

And you miss the issue as per usual, the pay to win AND the gambling aspect, SWTOR has that gambling aspect too.
Other games have the in game shop with direct purchases but it’s mainly EA that use the ‘buy and maybe you get what you want’ tool.
More grief EA get over the BF2 stunt the better it is for everyone in the gaming community, you would see that if you didn’t auto defend Bioware everyday.

That petition has about 000000000000.1% of changing anything but it’s better than what you’re doing.

What you’re forgetting is the thousands of peoples jobs that are tied up in EA’s Star Wars franchises that are at risk with this petition, because remember you’re signing a document that states it wants EA’s star wars licence revoked.
Not to be investigated or asked to change their policy.
If doing nothing stops that happening I’m on the nothing side. (I’m actually on the investigation and change side as all my posts have said but I’m sure you’ll get my drift.)

What? You’re worried this petition will cost people jobs? GTFO
IF and it’s a massive IF anyone loses their job over this incident it is in no way the players/costumers fault.
EA have had this coming for a long ass time.
Their greed brought this on not consumers signing a petition.

In any case even if the petition was written differently and asked for change to policy you’d still find reason not to sign.

People have already been losing their jobs under EA. Them losing the Star Wars IP would just mean they keep doing what they’re already doing.

Lose their job b/c of greed i dont think so if anything theyll need more people to reverse the changes done and even if people do get fired your talking a small team unless 99% of Ea is devs commited to microtransactions. Look at nintendo there able to make billions without microtransactions and gambling and they do just fine its about greed here nothing more

Then the people who get fired have only their leaders to blame because of poor executive choices and themselves because they already knew the kind of company EA was, based on the decisions for most of their franchises.

Yeah, I get where you’re going with this. I cannot say I don’t agree with you.

And in what concerns “The Old Republic” I can’t go ahead and say I want the game to die. I don’t. I’m not that far gone yet. Yes, there are problems with the game. SERIOUS problems. But is it time to call it a day? Damn… That’s a tough one.

At the very least, if all this uproar makes EA change their policies I’d call it a win.

More than that… I don’t know Abby. I really don’t. I don’t hate TOR. Never did. And now that the direction is slowly (VERY slowly lol) changing to my personal tastes…

Damn, you really put the doubt in me with this one… Abby you devious bastard lol…

Yeah I fully agree it’s a difficult one.
This is a topic that needed to be raised and looked into and I’m glad this is being spoken about outside of the industry finally.
I don’t think we need to be at the final solution yet, by revoking their license, it’s only going to hurt the workers at these studios and the genuine players who enjoy the games.
They need to change their policies I agree and that’s what we should be signing a petition for.
We also have to be aware it’s not just EA, dozens of other companies do this, hey even my boys who play Roblox use the ingame shop to buy clothes and gear for their characters with their pocket money.
Loot boxes and microtransactions are everywhere we can all name many games, Battlefield, FF, Counterstrike, World of Tanks, Eso, Wow, Gta etc and it needs to seriously be looked at.
Good to talk to you as always man.

Yeah, I get what you’re saying, and I think you have made a good point.

Revoking the license may not be the best solution, because it’s a too radical a thing. Basically like going to the hospital because you have a broken nail that hurts, and the doctor says you have to amputate your whole arm lol…

This has to be discussed, and in a calm, responsible and logical manner. Which I admit is difficult for me. I really DO hate EA. I think they perfectly represent everything that’s wrong with this industry.

Let’s watch for developments. And, as always, nice to confront my thoughts with yours as well Abby.

In the meantime, if you’re a NVIDIA cards user, check the top of the page…


People losing jobs over something like this is what happens in the business world when business is ran in a shitty manner. Either service and/or sales tank, so the company goes under or downsizes. In the case of food industry failures, restaurants tend to be shut down over health code violations. Bigger companies tend to be brought up on charges if it’s found out they’re mishandling money or employee affairs.

EA has fucked up big time, time and time again. It’s not just with Star Wars. Battlefield 4’s launch destroyed my clan. Everyone was bored with BF3, and really wanting something new. It took four months for them to make the game stable, in spite of having already acquired all our money. Most everyone left to find other games to play.

EA’s business model is “hype the game, acquire pre-order sales, and launch the game even though it’s not ready because who cares? we already have their money”. I caught onto this bullshit a long time ago, and I know I’m not the only one. However, the gaming community on the whole is now, finally, calling bullshit.

I’m not going to give a company my money or a medal for trying when they’re wittingly attempting to dupe the customer. I’m going to boycott them, and refer to them as the scamtastic bastards they are. The employees know the business model. They know what they’re doing. If they lose their jobs over it, oh well. They still have the skills to work in the industry elsewhere, hopefully at a more reputable company.

I wouldn’t mind if Disney removes EA’s Star Wars license. Hell, let Disney give it to another company that actually respects their franchises and puts in effort to deliver good content. Don’t tell me you’re ok with the repetitive animations, shitty reskinned cosmetic items, etc. in SWTOR?

It’s an idiot, knee-jerk petition that only sheeple sign. This is not how IP in the entertainment industry/real world works.

not my petition but what does it hurt to sign? even if nothing done id rather do something then nothing and sit here and defend ea

Yeah, there’s effectively zero chance that Disney will “revoke” the license, because that would cost them money, as opposed to *making* them money, which is what Disney is really all about.

Still, the stink may be bad enough that they will consider not renewing the agreement when the 10 years are up. Not that this would be a good thing per se, mind. There is no doubt in my mind that if anyone can make you look back with nostalgia at the time when EA had the Star Wars license, that’s Disney.

Don’t be so sure about that. There was also “zero chance” high-level Disney executives would call EA to tell them to fix their shit on a Star Wars game, but they did it.

Sales of SW:BF2 are way down versus SW:BF1. Governments are now involved throwing the Star Wars brand and “predatory gambling” together in one sentence. Disney has a SW movie coming out with this kind of unwanted international attention on the SW brand.

You’re right, DIsney cares about the money. But at this point it is safe to say they consider EA to be damaging the SW brand and high-level Disney execs are now all over EA about this. If they feel EA is costing them money, they will pull the license from EA in a second.

Don’t be so sure. EA has also now indicated they may “not” be bringing micro-transactions back to SW:BF2 – and EA loves money more than even Disney so for them to indicate they may be potentially taking this step should indicate that they are aware they could lose the Star Wars license over this. EA would never give up illicit earnings otherwise.

People are in this game for many different reasons.
We have guildies who never do OP’s only PVP, some only run story, some it’s gear and deco’s, some are a mixture of these.
MMO’s attract all types of gamers, it’s not just for one type.

Pity the developers of this game don’t share your information. Dress up seems to be what they save their budget for rather than any other “type”.

You’re correct Don in that for far too long all ‘types’ weren’t catered for but now there is a definite move toward all types, however now by refocusing on all type’s at once it’s pretty piecemeal, I can’t deny.

They have fucked up all over the place when you think of star wars you dont think of fabulous outfits and pets its about war well large scale open world objective based pvp died so you have only smal scale instanced pvp. They cant even make a complete raid in 1 year i could go and about where they messed up lol

I just think they need to stop adding all this cartel market shit. Most micro-transaction games have stuff players really want to buy, and they just constantly shoving shit down our throat with “goodies” mixed in. This is EA’s doing.

Well said… Eaware need to get rid of EA Overlords & start being great as it used to be. Anthem prob. going to have Lootboxes 2 hah.. 😀 :/ Y even it’s developed by main studio behind ME Trilogy it still could mean that at launch could be messed up pile of stinky Poo. Time will tell.. #Brainstorm

This was my hope when i heard about “great new Conquest” … conquering planets … that there WOULD be large scale open world pvp battles.

Not some idiotic running Xtimes H2 or pvp instances or operations … how should an operation far away from a travelable planet affect that one to be conquered.
To conquer something you have to go there and attack that land, country, city, castle, whatsoever.

So F’ing True… Conquest was a huge Damn Disappointment.. Though couldn’t expect any of that large scale Wpvp battles or anything like that. Cause of still heavily Outdated & Glitchy Game-Engine. Used for one of the biggest IP’s Mmo.. So F’ing stupid move again by Eaware.. :/ #MindBoggled #Brainstorm

Yes. There’s always somebody crying about content this, content that. There’s more than one MMO, and they all have a rotation. WoW runs out of content, FF14, ESO, BDO, I hate seeing this. That’s why there’s more than one game. If you play the same game all day every day, you gonna run into problems. Enjoy real life at some point and stop bitching. Nice reply abaddonsmummy.

This is one of the most intelligent posts I’ve seen in a long time man.
Playing one game for too long is bad, I’ve seen people with Wow burnout and it’s not a pretty.
If there was one incredible all spanning MMO we would all be playing it but there isn’t, they all have good and bad points, and I know as I’ve played most.

Yeah I do have to give them credit for making all the content relevant at any level and allowing you to play with anyone. There are some high notes here and there but SWTOR isn’t a one stop shop for MMO gaming, it’s just better than most, you a somewhat dedicated community and it’s fucking Star Wars.

Grammar Nazi: For the love all things holy—it is LOSE, fear of LOSING all… All of a sudden in the last 3 years or so I see this error over and over and over. (And don’t even try the “it’s a type-o” nonsense. I may have to finally commit suicide next time I see it.

Me: Good point. I only play once in a while cuz I don’t want to see all the cyber stuff evaporate into the Ether, including my main among the cyber stuff. If the games goes, so does she – not enough to keep subbed though but still sad in some way. I may need a therapist.

Well, in the event TOR does shut down, and other members of the community love it so much, they could bring the game back like how the Star Wars: Galaxies community brought their’s back.

I doubt that. Galaxies was a different beast. I can’t see ToR being so easy to reproduce (nor having enough fans to go through the effort of ressurecting it).

Besides, even if that happened, you think EA wouldn’t nuke the living shit out of it? XD

Yeah, but judging from the way the others defended it so aggressively you’d think they’d actually be willing to go through with bringing TOR back if it shut down.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say the most zealous defenders of this game don’t have the skills required to bring it back. Time will tell though, I suppose, but EA won’t let anything like that get very far.

The problem is they removed the fun and enjoyment and replaced it with cartel packs and 1/3 of a promised raid

I’m curious as to how that mount is described as “HOT”. It’s only been available for one week prior to this sale, and only as a drop from the stupid RNG box. So it can’t be “HOT” because it has been selling particularly well. It’s also clunky and ugly, so “HOT” can’t be a slang term to describe its appearance. Unless you’re driving this POS around on Tatooine, I can not think of a reason to describe this item as “HOT”.

Hopefully that person receives some mental help asap. Espesially if used real cash “not bought with Sub Coins & possible sec key coin savings” :/ Wish him / her all the best with cure phase & recovery 🙂 #EAMicrotransactionsGamingIsADream


Unless it made it into a Grand Chance Cube last week, then it is not from a “stupid RNG box.”

I thought this was included as a possible drop from the Spoils of War pack that came out last week? Might be mistaken.

Thanks for posting this.

That said, I hate shit like this. Bribes to download crap I’m just going to uninstall later are really annoying -_-

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