GW2 Gemstore Update–Desmina Outfit & Choya Finisher

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the First Follower Desmina Outfit and Choya Finisher for 700 gems each.


First Follower Desmina Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Patterns















Permanent Choya Finisher– 700 gems



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29 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Desmina Outfit & Choya Finisher”

Inb4 “ugly outfit” ” stop making outfits and make more armor skins” “wow dumb update” I swear this community is toxic af, you cannot appease them by any means.

You’re the only one complaining here at the moment. Irony.

Also just because you put “inb4” in front of a statement doesn’t automatically mean a statement is wrong or bad.

Also also its a pretty cool outfit.

“I swear this community is toxic af”

Irony detector through going through the roof lol. I agree with Trillium, this is one of the better outfits.

What I find funny is why people still complain about making more armor skins when they have outright said that armor will be specific to new content like expansions etc …. which just happened didn’t it? like 2 months ago? New expansion? With what …. five new armor sets???

I don’t mind outfits, I just wish they would stop with all the “skirt” outfits. Does tailors in Tyria no longer know how to make pants without attaching dresses to them? Is that considered taboo to not completely hide the lower half of a persons body?

In this game apparently it is taboo to show legs they don’t even like to show the shape of a butt they usually throw a long curtain over it to cover it up it’s ridiculous. And GW 1 was nothing like that, they had all kinds of gorgeous leg showing armors and without the damn butt curtains.

Taboo? Tell that to female armor. “Oh, cool male heavy armor, I wonder how it will look on a female… oh great, another bikini with random bits of metal.”

Hm, okay, maybe its just my two favorite pieces of heavy leg armor – namely Norn T3 and Grasping Dead. But still, many show a lot of skin, making them insensible for combat. Which is annoying.

I’m not gonna argue about what is sensible for combat because personally I like my fictional fantasy warriors in the least amount of armor/cloths as possible and decked out in jewelry and other accessories but about 95% of heavy female armor is fully covering so I really don’t see what you’re so annoyed about. You have plenty of options if fully covered is what you like.

“Insensible for combat”? I always wonder how those players with bats flying around them perpetually can see clearly to fight in the first place. There are so many things in GW2 that are insensible for combat if you really want to dig into this.

Not every fantasy world is obliged to be a 100% Generic Medieval West Europe.
Maybe Tyrian culture calls for buttcapes?

I like the outfit, just not the horns which you can hide so that’s a good thing but I’ll skip on the choya finisher. For some weird reason I still like to drop cows on people.

i saved 1k gems from my previous purship just so i could buy this outfit but now i have need to find shield and dagger skin for this outfit any ideas which skin woulld look good? i have the orginal colors on the outfit

Outfit is cool. And I love female heels here. They look so damn good, like a normal heels, no oversized or overbulky, just perfect. Wish there was an armour with such cool heel design. Finisher is nice aswell

I’m holding out until seeing on what they are going to offer for the Christmas stuff. If they don’t fit my fancy then I’m buying both of those items. Forgot about the backpack somehow…

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