GW2 Astral and Stellar Weapon Crafting Guide

A guide to crafting the Astral and Stellar weapons in GW2.


Getting Started

You will need to complete the Brandstone Research achievement first. This achievement is timegated and takes 7 days to complete.


After you completed that achievement, you can purchase Astral recipes from Yasna for 10 Kralkaite Ore each. Be sure to purchase the recipe for Kralkatite Ingot from her as well.


You can view the Astral and Stellar weapons here:

Crafting Astral Weapons

To craft Astral Weapons you will need either Artificer (400), Huntsman (400), or Weaponsmith (400). The recipe requires the usual exotic weapon components, 1x Inscription of the Spearmarshal and 50x Kralkatite Ingot.

You will need 500x Kralkatite Ore and 500x Powered Rose Quartz to craft each weapon. Powered Rose Quartz can be mined by the Brandstone Meteors and Kralkaite Ore can be earned from event chests or hearts (75/day per character from 3 hearts).


Astral Purification

This achievement/collection is only unlocked after crafting one of the Astral weapons.


First take the letter your received in the mail after you crafted an Astral weapon and unlocked the Astral Purification achievement. You will need to take this to the hidden Sunspear base (talk to the heart vendor by Astralarium and then interact with the Nightfall book). Find Ouissal in there and talk to her. She will need 10x Orichalum Ingot, 10x Powered Rose Quartz and 5x Glob of Ectoplasm and 3x lodestones corresponding to the specific aspect per Mirror (7 Mirrors in total).

  • Charged Mirror – 10x Orichalum Ingot, 10x Powered Rose Quartz and 5x Glob of Ectoplasm , 3x Charged Lodestone
  • Corrupted Mirror – 10x Orichalum Ingot, 10x Powered Rose Quartz and 5x Glob of Ectoplasm , 3x Corrupted Lodestone
  • Crystal Mirror – 10x Orichalum Ingot, 10x Powered Rose Quartz and 5x Glob of Ectoplasm , 3x Crystal Lodestone
  • Glacial Mirror – 10x Orichalum Ingot, 10x Powered Rose Quartz and 5x Glob of Ectoplasm , 3x Glacial Lodestone
  • Destroyer Mirror – 10x Orichalum Ingot, 10x Powered Rose Quartz and 5x Glob of Ectoplasm , 3x Destroyer Lodestone
  • Molten Mirror – 10x Orichalum Ingot, 10x Powered Rose Quartz and 5x Glob of Ectoplasm , 3x Molten Lodestone
  • Onyx Mirror – 10x Orichalum Ingot, 10x Powered Rose Quartz and 5x Glob of Ectoplasm , 3x Onyx Lodestone


All of the light interaction spots are very buggy and you may have to relog a couple times to get the Interact button to show up. They are all in the tallest places you can find in that area.

Charged Light


Corrupted Light


Crystal Light


Glacial Light


Destroyer Light


Molten Light

This is at the very top of the rotating canopy. To get up you have to jump through the middle with the springer.


Onyx Light

This is on top of one of the buildings in the Great Hall. To get up you can climb up to the top of the Modri Caverns


Crafting Stellar Weapons

For each Stellar weapon you will need the usual ascended crafting components, 1x Nadijeh’s Marshal Inscription and 1x Irradiated Vision Crystal. Recipes must be purchased from Yasna for 25 Kralkatite Ore each after you completed the Astral Purification achievement.


To craft the weapons you will need Artificer (500), Huntsman (500), or Weaponsmith (500).


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33 replies on “GW2 Astral and Stellar Weapon Crafting Guide”

Even though i am not a big fan of the weapons. I always like how they attached a sense of accomplishment for those who really want it

She doesn’t. Not immediately at least. She just collects the Intel and shares it as a visual database for achievements and collections

Sadly, the part where you take the materials to Ouissal in exchange for mirrors doesn’t work for me at all. Even waited a day to see if it was time gated. I opened the achievement, gave her the letter (at which point the letter was gone, but now in the collection) and now she won’t give me mirrors. Tried other instances, waiting a day, etc. Doesn’t work. I did salvage the exotic astral weapon I created to open the collection. Does that need to still exist before she’ll give you mirrors? Yes, I did the 7 day achievement, bought all the exotic recipes. Gave at the office. Volunteered at a soup kitchen. Still no mirrors. 🙁

Question: Do you take the materials required to each of the locations, or do you bring Ouissal the materials and she makes the mirrors, and then you take the mirrors to each location? I have been assuming it’s the latter scenario, but am now starting to wonder if I take the materials to the locations and that makes the mirror and then I place the mirror?

I did it on a day 1 lets call it. Unless ANet changed something, you craft the astral weapon, get the letter for Yasna. And at that point I took all the material needed and went with these and both the letter to Quissal. Gave her the letter and then “crafted” each mirror. A small warning though. I had some sort of bug while making mirrors. For example I told her to craft me a Glacial Mirror and then there is that option “I want to craft another mirror” so you don’t have to start the whole conversation again. but 2-3 times I had a bug that while using this short-cut dialogue option she would tell me that I don’t have the materials needed to craft that specific mirror. But when I would end talking with her and talk again, she would craft it without any problems. So, yes you bring the material to her as far as I know and in case she’ll tell you that you don’t have the material needed don’t freak out, just end the conversation and talk to her again, should do the trick.

I gave her the letter, and she took it (it’s gone) and it was added to the collection. I ported to a bank and got all the materials and ported back, and she wouldn’t talk to me about mirrors. I guess I’m bugged, and I’ll just hope support is willing to help me.

Not sure if I approve of these skins being tied to ascended crafts. I guess that several of them do compare to black lion ticket purchases though.

“What’s that you say? Someone has expressed an opinion about something on the internet!? I’ll criticize them with a pointless and snarky reply, posthaste!”

Yes. This just happens to be the first time, since the antique weapon set, that an entire skin set has been tied to ascended weapons. There are a few raiding acquisition ascended weapons with unique skins, a few Halloween ascended weapons with their own skins, a few individual mystic forge discovered ascended weapons with their own skins – and the 5 forms of the reforged Caladbolg they introduced recently.

Its just an interesting hike from the pricing norm. I’m assuming it may have been put in to try raise the price of ascended wood and metal crafting materials which have been dropping steadily since PoF came out – but then I’m not sure why they would have put it in such an obscure location.

If that’s true, then ANet made a big mistake in making them forced Marshal stats. Very few people are going to craft these unless a) they like the skin, and b) they also want it in Marshal stats, since otherwise they could just stat convert an existing Ascended weapon. They really should have allowed it to be crafted in any stat from the start.

Glacial Light was tough for me, as that Vet mob is of a particularly nasty variety, and is hard for me to kill, coupled with logging out/in not giving me the interact. On like the 10th try, I noticed when I was standing at exactly where that little stone is facing it (as in the screen shot) for a split second after the loading screen went away, I had an interact, then it vanished. On the 11th login, while still on the loading screen, I just started mashing ‘F’ and as soon as the loading screen went away, I got the mirror placement and that item on the achievement.

The bugging part you can avoid really with a simple trick: Go to the spawn point of the mirror. Join and leave Guild Hall. If your in loading screen to Istan, start using repeatly “F”. It worked for me all the time.
Hint: If your in a grp, just 1 member of the grp must do the Guild Hall tactic. The other on the same map are able to use “F” without switching.

Did someone already salvage one of those stellar weapons? I would like to know if after salvaging it you get Irradiated Vision Crystal ?

This makes me sad … I love GW but everything I want you either have to do raids or craft. I have all crafting to 500 .. but my Legendary ruined me lol

sigh … I want to touch the shiny

Crafted one exotic and then i started the next achievement after that… but tbh it ain’t worth it unless you want the skin.

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