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GW2 New PvP and WvW weapons coming Tuesday

Arenanet will be adding new PvP and WvW weapons with the patch on Tuesday.

For rewards, we have a couple things in the pipeline. Please keep in mind, the list below doesn’t include everything we have planned. It’s just what is far enough along that we feel safe talking about.

Obsidian Weapon set
This is a new competitive weapon set (shared with WvW). The first four weapons of the set will be available on 12/12. The weapons change effects and some detailing based on what team you’re on. (Red, Blue, Green) The set has 2 tiers. The first tier is exotic, tier 2 is ascended. Tier 2 will require grandmaster marks, the same as other ascended rewards.

PvP Armor set 2.5
We are working on an enhanced version of the Glorious armor. No dates on this yet, as it’s still a ways out. We’re aiming for 2 tiers. Tier 1 for Leagues and tier 2 for Tournament prizes.

Tournament gizmos
Our current plan is to continue changing the tournament gizmo monthly, until we have a full set. We anticipate that we will restart the cycle in July.

Other rewards?
We’d love to hear your thoughts on rewards and what you’d like to see. Keep in mind, some things like armor sets and weapon sets are very resource intensive and have a very long lead time.


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16 replies on “GW2 New PvP and WvW weapons coming Tuesday”

I checked it in the GW1 wiki and it looked quite plain. Is there something special about it or is this solely for sentimental reasons?

Yes but from a month spent trying it I can say it is extremely tedious to do. WvW rewards use similar reward tracks to pvp and spvp but are more heavily based on participation time then skill.

How it works for the wvw and swvw (to just give it a name) is as follows. Every time you do something useful in wvw you get a boost to your participation rating and every 5 minutes you get some points towards your wvw track based on you rating. There are 6 ranks of participation you can go through and I believe you get about 45 points up to about 180 points per 5 minutes depending on how high your participation level is. If you do nothing useful for 5-10 minutes your rating starts to decay so if you really want to afk farm, the approach is to join a zerg to get your rating up to rank 6 and then you just have to successfully do something every 5 minutes (like kill a guard or a caravan) to stop your rating from decaying. On the other hand, if you don’t mind doing extremely boring jobs, you can join a zerg and hang back to escort dolyaks (and give em super speed) in which case you’ll prevent participation decay from simply being part of the active zerg while having to do nothing more then take dolyaks for walks.

How the swvw rank works is that if you have at least participation rank 1, then every 5 minutes you receive pips towards the week’s swvw chest tracks – and getting the chests at the end of those tracks gives secondary currencies required to craft stuff.

Fair warning though, unless you enjoy taking part in WvW it will get very boring very quickly and with the time you need to spend in there for those 5 minute ticks you’ll likely drop out before getting enough currency to afford any given item.

“The weapons change effects and some detailing based on what team you’re on. (Red, Blue, Green)”

Are those weapons gonna change colors or what? Well if yes, thats really interesting.

My guess is that the weapons will have an emblem on them (similar to the guild weapons) that changes based on which team you’re on, and the colour of the effects on them (flames, lightning, etc.) will also match.

Wonder if they’ll be themed to go with a wvw commander’s backpacks. One of the unfortunate things about the pvp legendary backpack coming out years before the pvp legendary armor (which is currently only about 1/3 from being completed in my opinion) is that the ascension does not look good with glorious armor. If would be really cool if a fully geared wvw zerg in full obsidian gear had a mob look to match the spruced commander they were following.

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