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SWTOR Game Update 5.6.1 Patch Notes

SWTOR Game Update 5.6.1 Patch Notes.



  • New Warzone – Battle for control of ancient Sith secrets in a new Warzone set on Yavin 4!
  • Double Rewards is back! Receive double experience, Command experience, and more from December 12th – January 1st.


  • If a player had duplicate Strongholds following the United Forces update, they are now able to purchase additional rooms in those Strongholds as intended.
  • Character eye colors should now be restored to their pre-Game Update 5.6 colors.
  • Corrected an issue where enemy castbars would sometimes disappear.

Classes +Combat


  • Corrected an issue where some Classes are receiving unintended passive bonuses.

Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings


A Traitor Among the Chiss

  • Bosses have had their health significantly reduced in both Story and Solo Mode.
  • The damage done by bosses has been reduced in both Story and Solo Mode.
  • Bosses have had their health slightly reduced in both Veteran and Master Mode.
  • The number of enemies has been reduced throughout the Flashpoint.
  • The Guardian Droid will no longer instant cast their Mortar Volley ability.
  • The Copero Security Droid will no longer instant cast their Seeker Missile ability.

Kuat Drive Yards

  • Pressing spacebar during the second cinematic in the Kuat Drive Yard Flashpoint will no longer stop players from progressing.

Galactic Starfighter

  • EMP Missile now does 100% damage to the primary target as intended (up from 50%). Secondary targets still take 50% damage.

Items + Economy

  • Unassembled Components will no longer appear in the currency tab.
  • Some currencies will now be hidden in the currencies tab when their quantity is at 0.
  • Corrected an issue where some item categories in the Pack Explorer’s Item Stash would not show their complete name.
  • The “claim” and “disintegrate” buttons will no longer appear highlighted in the Command Stash if no item is selected.
  • The Resolute Jedi Armor will now show the proper coloring when dyed.
  • Companion gift vendors on the Imperial Fleet and Dromund Kaas have had their sale prices corrected.
  • The Personal Environmental Shield in Scum and Villainy has had its sale price corrected.
  • Players will no longer appear naked when wearing the Proficient Hitman or Bionic Warrior armor sets.
  • Updated the texture on the Revered Master’s pants.

Missions + NPCs

  • The Command Experience Points earned for completing Planetary Heroics and Daily Missions across the game has been increased to 225 (up from 75).
  • Darth Hexid has been added to the Companion Locator Terminal.



  • The Yavin 4 Warzone will temporarily pop more frequently than other Warzones.

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53 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 5.6.1 Patch Notes”

Bio changed the textures of the eyes with 5.6 (intentionally or not), made them look more watery. Apparently a lot of people didn’t like it so they’re changing it.

I’m assuming that something with the colors got messed up when they updated the eyes. Since it wasn’t a game-breaking bug, they just decided to wait until the next patch (tomorrow).

I don’t have a problem with the new eye patterns; my problem is the messed up colors.

Oh for fuck sake, is it really that hard to fix the eyes? I want the original eyes back. No super shiny, gray sclera and no irises that have been put through a green tint filter.

That’s how I feel about that name change bullshit they pulled with this update. My wife actually logged into the game, and she was forced to rename a character. Instead, she made a new character with the SAME NAME and was able to make it. Yes, on the same server and account.

It’s a total fucking scam.

Or…and hear me out….she could have just renamed her character to the same thing? She didn’t need to make a new character. When they prompt you to rename your character they name it to some random stuff. You can then rename it back to what it was if, as you say, it isn’t taken on your server.

No, no you don’t understand. She was forced to rename it of course, she just tried to log back in with the name and it wouldn’t allow her to, forcing the name to be changed. She exited, created a new character with the identical name, and it was accepted.

That’s why it’s a fucking scam, they are forcing you to rename a character, then you HAVE to purchase their shit from the CM just to get a name change.

Update: in order to correct your eye issues you must purchase a eye correction kit for 50000 cc “buy now”

“Corrected an issue where some Classes are receiving unintended passive bonuses.”

Wish they would tell us what classes were receiving the so-called “unintentional” bonuses they were talking about…..

“Bosses have had their health significantly reduced in both Story and Solo Mode.
The damage done by bosses has been reduced in both Story and Solo Mode.”
Crying noobs with no skill finally happy.

Well, i didn’t find it difficult in the first place, but they did have alot of health and considering you get jack shit from killing them, i fail to see the need for the huge health pool.

I didn’t find it hard. I did find the damn thing super long. Took me 2 hrs 15 minutes. That’s a bit long. If its longer than 45 mins its too fucking long.

Can tell only for solo runs but even with lvl 1 Temple it never took THIS long (my character – healer, Temple – tank), no stealth, full run. A shame I can`t check it again after patch just to be 100% sure

It wasn’t really hard, it was just long and boring. When completing it for the first time in story mode, I remember looking at the health of the boss and it being up in the 1.3mil range, I was like…. well this is going to be a slog. And it was, just stood there for a few minutes falling asleep.

Aside from the fact that casually insulting people is wrong and makes you look bad, you’re also not on point. This is about the huge health pool, the bosses take way too long to take down compared to other flashpoints.

Mate, I know your biggest cheevo is pugging EV HM but as Hawke and Ry already said, it’s not about difficulty but time one needs to complete flashpoint. If flashpoints takes me longer than Gate Crushing then maybe I am not bad but flashpoint bosses have too much health for no apparent reason?

The damage wasn’t too bad with minimal planning, but the HP just took way too long to whittle through for what it was.

With the list of things that need to be fixed in the game…. why are problems with eyes even a thing? We spend 90% of our time looking at the back of our head, and when not, at least half our roster (almost all of my roster) have mask/hood/cloak of some sort.

Stop whinning. Some us paid for those eyes and not all of us want to go around with heterochromia/discoloured eyes.

This patch why didn’t they extend maintenance?

Conquest bugged, some Eyes still have bugs, CXP disintegrations still showing bugs, GSF emp missile still bugged.

So last week I did Iokath weekly, with all 5 (or is it 6) normal legacy boost, the 100% legacy boost, 100% cxp boost item I got ~33k, with 2x cxp event it shows 41k?.

Well, because the 2x cxp applies to the base value of the quest. All the other bonuses are added, not multiplied. That’s how the boosts work, too. So the event brought you another 8k.

KDY is still broken as hell, after 2-3 glitches on the shuttle, I was out of the instance and the other three took shuttle and ended up right at the final boss, skipped the entire first 2 stages….WTF?!?

Yeah this patch is buggy as hell and once again they are completely silent on it. It seems like 50% of the changes made it in.

They are probably already on vacation so unless we’re lucky no fixes til the new year.

KDY is still broken, imp or rep side. what bothers me is the 5 minutes punishment after i leave the bugged KDY, why am i punished if is not my fault?

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