SWTOR Yavin 4 Warzone Map Teaser

Bioware has released a couple teaser images of the new Yavin 4 Warzone map coming out tomorrow.

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When i see Huttball, i automatically exit, before match start to make them chances to find replacement. Usually maybe 2 players in my team PLAY, rest playing for frags.

Have to strongly disagree with you on the Quesh Huttball one. Huttball is the one WZ that TOR got that’s unique and really fun if you play with some friends. That they never tried to create a huttball tournament still makes me kinda sad, it could be pretty entertaining to watch assuming the made a spectator mode in it.

I hate PVP, probably because I’m crap at it, but I always enjoyed hutball because it had that extra dynamic to it.
When you lost it was because the other team played better, better roots and knock offs and passes at the right time, not just because someone couldn’t be arsed typing “2 Inc right”
Just my two cents worth 🙂

It has a lot of dynamics most other WZ’s lack, and the whole “run with a ball to pass or score” is the main one. The tactics are more fluid and depends a lot on the classes your team have available, which was what I love about it.
It’s far more chaotic than other WZ’s, but unpredictability is the reason I usually end up playing PvP in MMOs, it forces you to think outside the lines, assuming you go for objectives which ultimately is how you win as a team.
And to me, Huttball (both of them) is a better small party WZ than anything WoW and ESO have managed to do, it’s brilliant. Still prefer the world PvP in Cyrodiil (ESO) above all, but Huttball a really close second.

I find it funny the ea ceo idiot is going on about people dont like linear games and tor is the most linear game in history lol. Oh yeah more instanced small scale pvp just what tor needs…

BW adds something – and the same boring, one-track ‘commentators’ complain below with zero clue about what the map is like. I don’t give a crap about pvp but seriously, can’t you assholes just shut up? Looking at you Shawn, Smedly, (dated)Musco-hater, Driven… and waiting for the other dopes to chime in soon.

Dude, the thing is, that we know how it looks. Checks previous screens BW posted. It looks exactly like already existing Alderaan Civil War, it have exactly same objectives as Civil War, it’s just a reskin with Yavin textures.
And, on top of that, to make it even worse, afaik it’s gonna be cross-faction again…

**Pats little one on the head** It’s okay lil Timmy, Santa wont egg your house again this year I’m sure! On a different note, perhaps if the so called developers of this game actually did something, anything even close to looking like they are trying we might cut them a break. Sadly, those clowns think what they put out is high quality and worthy of past praise when it isn’t even close.

Hey there! Dope here, chiming in. I’m hurt man, you didn’t include me in your list. That sucks.

Oh well, I wasn’t going to comment on this… And I’m still not, since you are actually right! Not only I am the worst pvp player in existence, I really don’t know what the Arena looks like. And I doubt I will, since I don’t do pvp. But it does seem far stretched to dish on this before we actually see what it looks like. And it’s a good move from BW, more content, one more map for those of us who do pvp. No, I’m NOT being sarcastic.

Sorry, I can’t really rev my asshole meter any more than this. But nice of you to think of us during this holiday season. Merry Christmas to you too.

As much as I agree with you that most posts do sport some of these people with the same type of response without seeing the final goods in full (those negative waves man)……it does look like a re-skinned Alderaan Warzone.
Which is why I don’t PVP anymore.

Grouping with 3 guildies was the best for that one. We could usually coordinate enough to make up for the randomness of the other 4 members. And being 2 stealthies working together in Alderaan was pretty fun since you could cap every cannon who only had 1 player guarding it before they even managed to warn their team.
Let’s not even get started about trolling solo defenders with my IA healer until 3-4 more enemy players joined in and my team could cap/defend the other 2 resources. I was a jerk in PvP….

While I’m all for new warzones of the same, existing types, new Warzone types would be amazing. Like how Odessen was a brand new ‘mode.’

They are liek Bulbasaur. The worst starter in gen 1, still has its fans but can’t deny he only tries his best and can’t do much.

TBH, I welcome the a Warzone. Yeah it’s similar to the other types but again, stop thinking that everything that’s added to a Star Wars game has to have the “J.J. Abrams Force Awakens treatment”, that it has to be fresh with a bit old of old and blah blah blah. Half of the players here don’t even PvP and and many others suck at it, even with all the guides and tips and videos available online. Hell, no one has ever complained about the background in Street Fighter since 1987 and no one still gives a damn, and that’s the greatest level of PvP you can get. I challenge you to find another traditional MMO (i.e.; WoW, FF14, ESO, etc.,), with PvP this good, and count how many PvP modes and locales it has and stack it up next to this one.

Okay you asked.

ESO has a large open world Warzone in Cyrodill. Similar to what GW2 has or LOTRO has with the Ettenmoors. SWTOR started with Ilum, but we know that went bust long ago.

Then they released another large warzone with Imperial City which contains the city itself plus the Imperial Sewers.

With Morrowind expansion they introduced “Battlegrounds”. A three team version of SWTOR Warzones.

There are currently four battlefields – soon to be five – each with five different types of games. For a total of 20 (soon 25), different games.

So, they are working on it and they do have a very activity PvP community in ESO.

That being said, I liked SWTOR Warzones – I loved being able to do something PvE and pop into a PvP match here and there. I absolutely loved playing Huttball, especially with guildmates. But ESO offers more variety for PvP play – much, much more than SWTOR.

ESO is also constantly releasing things in patches for PvP as well as PvE. In addition, there are skills that only unlock in PvP play which are useful in PvE as well (Rapid Maneuver, Purge, Vigor, Warhorn and Caltrops) in addition to unique sets and equipment only in PvP that are also useful in PvE. Therefore in encourages more players to play PvP in addition to PvE (though it is not needed).

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