GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Glacial Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Glacial Weapon Skins gallery. These skins are available from the Black Lion Weapon specialist for 1 ticket each.

Glacial Axe


Glacial Dagger


Glacial Focus


Glacial Greatsword


Glacial Hammer


Glacial Longbow


Glacial Mace


Glacial Pistol


Glacial Rifle


Glacial Scepter


Glacial Shield


Glacial Short Bow


Glacial Staff


Glacial Sword


Glacial Torch


Glacial Warhorn

gw2-glacial-warhorn gw2-glacial-warhorn-2gw2-glacial-warhorn-3


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37 replies on “GW2 Glacial Weapon Skins Gallery”

Holy shit this is the first BL weapon skin set where I actually want to get the entire set…

BTW, does the hammer skin actually look more like a halberd??

My “Queen of the North”-Asura would love to disagree as she wields a combo of Frostfang and Howler, but maybe the investment in these two speaks out of me.

For the first time ever, we have ice themed skins for wintersday (or at least completly made of ice)

And surprise, they look awesome!

A rapier that doesn’t look silly (compared to the usually oversized swords), finally a great looking torch with ice theme and another awesome shield that I know I will never use as I barely use shields.

Overwhelming positive reception to a BL weapon set? Who are you guys and what have you done with my Guild Wars community?

(Seriously though, those weapons are fantastic.)

Great skins, especially the 2hAxe-ish Hammer. I actually wish I could use it as a melee Staff skin just because I like it so much but my Thief main can’t use it and I don’t use any hammer builds on alt either. :v The sword disappointed me though. Looks good but I’m not much of a Rapier fan.

Agreed. Clean lines, excellent detailing, has particle effects but not overly flashy so it doesn’t obscure the weapon art itself. Thinking of picking up the Greatsword, Mace and Warhorn. 🙂

That’s why they said “complement”. As in, something that pairs well with Frostfang. A mace that goes well with the axe. Like “bacon complements eggs”.

Its a great weapon set. It would just be cool if we had a full set of frost themed equipment to go with it besides the new wintersday outfit. We have those snowing shoulders, the frozen gloves from the bitter cold map and that rotating ice crown thing. As usual though a fitting chest piece remains elusive.

This is the first time I love an entire set of BL skins. I have a few tickets stashed so its going to be hard for me to choose but that Glacial Axe is a MUST! <3

Funny thing…I love the whole set aside the axe…..that one I hate with a passion…..too bad that all the nice sets have crappy (imo) axes TT

…need more fine crafted single edge axes…..if they bring back GW1 skins why not bringing back the Rune Axe?

Or scale down the glacial hammer and shorten the hilt appropriately….that would be nice as well….

I’m getting some serious Aion vibes from this set, especially the sword :O the prettiest BL set I’ve seen in a long time!

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