GW2 Upcoming Items from Dec 12 Wintersday Patch

GW2 Upcoming Items from Dec 12 Wintersday Patch. Chat links taken from that_shaman’s thread.



Winter Monarch Outfit – [&C0oAAAA=]


Glacial Glider


Umbral Demon Skimmer


Freezie Crown


Eggnog Helmet

  • [&CjcfAAA=]    Eggnog Helmet (Light)
  • [&Ch4fAAA=]    Eggnog Helmet (Medium)
  • [&CiIfAAA=]    Eggnog Helmet (Heavy)



Mini Frozen Tik’Teek – [&AgHrUQEAAA==]


Mini Gift Box Gourdon – [&AgEzUgEA]


Mini Tiny Angry Snowball – [&AgHNUgEA]

Mini Angry Snowball – [&AgEAUgEA]

Mini Large Angry Snowball – [&AgHeUQEA]


Mini Toxx – [&AgF0UQEA]

Mini Tixx – [&AgGmUQEA]


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31 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Items from Dec 12 Wintersday Patch”

Wonder if they’d consider updating that drunken guild mission target in Gendarran fileds to have egg-nog on his head.

I already have the box gordon just do the give the crappy winter foods to the guy in DR and after like 100 total the achievement will pop that it is reward to.

Is there a reason I can’t seem to make the winters presence? Mystic forge can’t seem to locate my flawless snowflakes in the inventory.

Welp, off to grind enough gold to get that Freezie Crown which I’m assuming will be a gemstore item judging by the art. Anyone know when Anet will release these skins? I know from Halloween that they hold off some items until later into the holiday but I’m not sure how far in they usually release more.

well another (likely) 2000gems mount skin that leaves me utterly cold (pun intended). I really have to see one that tickles my fancy and even consider forking over that much for a vanity skin

An uncle of mine had an african grey parrot which had a fairly common african grey disorder of pulling out large quantities of its own feathers. Very traumatic for all involved. Seeing the constant trail of molting feathers on that last raptor mount was literally painful to watch.

I believe Eggnog Helmet is a MF item. So far we’ve discovered Mugs of Eggnog, Snow Diamonds and Superior Sigils of Mischief all go in the MF together but the final item needed is still a mystery.

The more I look at that outfit, the more it looks kind of like pajamas to me. I do like the ram horns though.

You can get mini tiny angry snowball from Wintersday gift boxes. I’m going to guess that combining these in the Mystic Forge will grant you the larger sets.

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