SWTOR Ranked PvP Mission Rewards in 5.6.1

Bioware is making some changes to Ranked PvP Mission Rewards in 5.6.1

Ranked Mission Rewards, 5.6.1, and beyond! | 12.12.2017, 10:32 AM

Hey folks,

There have been some questions about the bug related to Solo Ranked Missions in that they are not giving anything beyond CXP and Credits. There was actually two bugs related to PvP Missions, but more on that in a second.

As of 5.6.1 (coming live soon) Solo Ranked Missions will be rewarding Unassembled Components and crafting materials as intended. This was missed in the patch notes but I did verify that it is fixed in the patch. They still aren’t giving out Season 9 tokens, but that will be addressed in the future.

The other bug present in the PvP Mission rewards is that instead of giving players one crafting lockbox which coincides with their Command Rank tier, they are instead getting one crafting lockbox from each of the four tiers. This will be fixed in a future update, but not 5.6.1.

Here are the changes you can expect AFTER 5.6.1 in a future update:

  • Daily and Weekly Missions will give one crafting lockbox as intended.
  • Solo Ranked Daily Missions will reward 40 Unassembled Components (up from 30) and will now grant 150 Ranked Season 9 Tokens as intended.
  • Solo Ranked Weekly Missions will now reward 250 Unassembled Components (up from 200), 1,000 Ranked Season 9 Tokens as intended, and as an added bonus; 3 Charged Matter Transubstantiators.

TLDR – Solo Ranked Missions are granting Unassembled Components and Crafting Materials as of 5.6.1 (I will get this added to the patch notes). More changes coming to Solo Ranked Missions in a future update, as listed above.


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11 replies on “SWTOR Ranked PvP Mission Rewards in 5.6.1”

The fact that there is no single person to be able to just change a number in the code and make it 250 instead of 200 for example, makes me sad.

I think the code must be a big ol’ unlabeled mess because it takes them a while to do things like that and they usually end up causing bugs or other unintended changes when they do

From the sounds of it you don’t code much, if I am not mistaken they code in C++ and let me tell you that is a very complex language; and as for making unintended bugs, yea that happens to everyone (Those who label their work and those who don’t).

Come on mate, changing one variable is not that hard. Maybe tingle with a function or two. We are talking about mission rewards here, not creating a new class from scratch.

From the sounds of it you don’t code much. It should just be a static variable not a whole function.
Quit tryin’ to sound smart.

I was saying that C++ is quite complex and making changes can cause some unintended bugs to appear no matter how good you are at coding; I wasn’t debating that changing a static from 200 to 250 would be hard. I see how it could be confusing since the original poster was talking about changing a static, I didn’t think I need to make a post to tell him that the reason it may take some time was because an update would need to go out to everyone so they wait for enough change.
sorry for any confusion.

ranked was so dead that pop once per 2 hours according to most of my guildies, the new materials are the key that pop every 40 secs now, when prices drop below 200.000 each, it will start to fade ranked again

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