Black Desert Piku the Yeti Event Guide

A guide to the Black Desert Online Piku the Yeti event running from Dec 13 to Dec 27.

General Info

Piku the Yeti is a new event boss that spawns on random channels at random times just north of Alejandro Farm. You will need either a Hunting Matchlock (can be bought from Marketplace) or do the quest below to get a Frosted Matchlock to damage him. There will be an announcement ingame when he spawns.

  • He will only spawn between Dec 13 to Dec 27, 2017.  It might be easiest to use a boss hunting discord to track him. For NA use the world boss discord


Killing him will reward one of the following items.


Frosted Matchlock Quest

1. [Event] Catch the Pumpkin Thief

Talk to Amadeo Alejandro at Alejandro Farm and get the quest Catch the Pumpkin Thief from him.


2. [Event] Piku’s Trail

Talk to Torres, the NPC you completed the previous quest, and get this quest from him. Auto navigate to the quest area and interact with Piku’s footprint.


3. [Event] Frosted Matchlock

From the footprint, pick up the quest Frosted Matchlock. Go to Alustin for completion to get your Frosted Matchlock.


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