SWTOR Bioware taking actions against companion gift exploiters

Bioware is taking action against another wave of companion gift exploiters.

What is being done about the exploiters who made billions? | 12.13.2017, 11:14 AM

Hey folks,

Keep in mind that we try to avoid talking about exploits and action taken against players. However, I know there is a bit of concern about this exploit and its implications on the game so here is where things stand.

We have already begun taking action against players, but the brunt of those actions are still to come. As you might imagine, gathering all of the data to understand who exploited and what they did with the money, takes quite a bit of time. Know that over time we will be applying account actions, along with removing a large quantity of credits and other ill-gotten gains.

Part of what takes so long is that some players know they are doing something they shouldn’t and so they try to hide it. Moving credits around, using alt accounts, etc. It is important to us that we take appropriate action against each individual, and we are extra harsh against those who try to hide what they have done. Similarly, some players who participated have already self-reported either to Keith and myself, or to Customer Support. We absolutely take that into account when looking at what action we will take.

And again my usual thanks to the absolute vast majority of our players who helped in reporting the issue quickly and avoided using it.

TLDR – Some action has already happened with the brunt of it still to follow.



By Dulfy

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146 replies on “SWTOR Bioware taking actions against companion gift exploiters”

And nobody banned or confiscated of credits just like after prevoius “exploit events” because not enought players and bioware wont lose them.

Should take action against these retards, for creating the exploit in the first place, and taking there time to do an op, and reskin a PvP mapped etc…

biwoare taking action is a “F”ing joke.

Anyone remember the chair exploit? I do. Billions of credits flowing in like water. Guess what the punishment was? A one week ban.

Guess what else? bioware didn’t take the money away. They got to keep the billions and only a one week ban and all they did was put it in a guild bank. It wasn’t even hidden away for converted in any way. Just put in a guild bank.

Sure, bioware hyped their punishment all to hell in how well they handled it but that was a lie. It will be the same this time as well given the length of time it’s taken for them to do anything about it.

Bioware taking action is one of the biggest jokes ever.

Bioware didn’t take the appropriate action for the chair event. They even told people how to do it when the exploit became aware, but urged people not to do it.

However, the chair exploit was a joke compared to the KotFE exploit. If anyone doesn’t recall that exploit, the expansion brought a bunch of new decorations that you could purchase with those data crystals. There were also new event decorations since this was when they put all the event vendors on fleet. So lets say a new deco added was worth 500 common crystals. You were able to buy two in a bulk which is 1000 crystals. Then when you split the stack apart you could could sell the individual deco’s each for 1000 crystals. I’m pretty sure the cap for common crystals were like 10000 or something stupid. You could buy a stack worth of decos equaling to 10000 and sell one at a time each for 10000. This worked with all 3 types of crystal currency, as well as the event currencies, like dna canisters, gray helix components, and bounty contracts. At this time I believe the rank 7 companion gifts on odessan were purchasable with common crystals or something like that. What you could do was purchase 99 stacks of those gifts and then sell them back to the vendor because they were worth credits at that point. Then sell the deco for 10000 crystals and then rinse and repeat. People made billions off of that as well, because those gifts were worth quite a bit on the gtn, and selling a 99 stack back to the vendor was worth like 350k for barely any work.

Bioware seemed to learn from their issue somewhat with how they handled the chair exploit. They didn’t tell anyone how to do it this time, but they did let people know that there was an exploit out and warned against doing it. I remember the ban hammers coming for a lot of people. 6 or so people in my guild including the gm were outright perma banned. I’d say at least 20 or so active members, including myself, got 1 week bans with all of our credits, and crystals stripped. All of our companion ranks that we ranked up were reset back to one. Our guild bank had like 2 billion exploited credits in it and, was shit you not this actually happened, was locked by customer service for 2 and a half weeks until an officer kept calling customer service to get it finally unlocked. When it came back there were no credits. However there was still all of the stuff we had in it, but there wasn’t any actual exploited gifts or decos inside it. So they did take action for that exploit however imo that exploit was extremely damaging, more so then the temple chair exploit. If they found people transferring funds to other guilds then a lot of those people were banned as well. They didn’t check legacy banks however and I know a few people who stocked up on some stuff and kept it in their banks so they wouldn’t get sweeped. I know one person who was able to buy an entire legacy cargo bay full of those odessan vendor speeders worth 10 mill and after the patch came he was able to sell all of them back for 10 mill each.

I’m not trying to defend Bioware here, but they do actually take action against people, just because you were missed or you feel like the punishment didn’t fit the crime or some bullshit doesn’t mean they didn’t take action. The temple chair exploit was really the first major exploit and they went pretty lenient on people. The Kotfe exploit that came later was much worse and action was taken against a lot of people. Only difference is that Bioware doesn’t take action against those people further. Meaning that those perma banned people can easily ban dodge and make another account. They won’t ever get their old account back, but they can still start over.

The Ravagers exploit was the first real taste of Bioware mass bans we got and it showed us all just how horrible they are at it. They have not improved. Its all a joke.

Nope, first mass ban from Swtor was the great forum ban before the game even came out. Those that remembered/have stayed around for that long, you know what I’m talking about 🙂

Remember the Dread Fortress NiM Nefra exploit? Free 186 implants! Well, not free. You still had to work for them by spending around 45 minutes killing Nefra by yourself. Remember what happened to players then? Oh, wait. That’s right. Nothing happened! Nothing at all. Nothing to those that got the implants, and nothing to people who didn’t work to get them. Not a damned thing happened to impact the player experience. Though, they did eventually fixed that fight.

I used my old second account purely to test how good they were at detecting exploiters during that chair shit. Listed relatively worthless items from my main account and exploited on the second, then used those credits to buy the items. Second account got banned temporarily and credits wiped, first account wasn’t touched.

Same computer, same IP address. I imagine they haven’t got any better at it. Should’ve milked it for more in retrospect XD

Just because something happened one time definitely does not mean it will happen again. I hope Bioware proves me right but I’m not so sure.

The let me enlighten you. They did little to nothing to also stop the ravagers exploit either. Another week ban and all the gear was kept as well as the billions made from RE’s armor, mod and enhancements and learning the schematic to sell them.

Then you had the chair exploit and now you have this exploit.

No, bioware will do little to nothing.

You are correct in my eyes. The patch we got last Tuesday is the last one of the year. Even with all the shit still bugged from Tuesdays patch. They are pretty much done for 2017 at this point.

IP ban those cheatmorons and do like Bungie. Thousand crying kiddos and clean from sht.
But we all know Biofail will fail again and ban only for few daysweeks and do not delete dirty stuff like credits or whatever was bought. They need players lol

What a total load of shit. These dick bags fuck up the deployment and now they’re taking action against their own fucking customers. SWTOR is run by a bunch of little emo bitches. They are too busy pushing their gambling and homo romances to do anything useful.

When you use a service or a product, you accept their terms and rules of use to continue using said service. It doesn’t matter if you’re the customer, if you break the rules, you’re done. This applies to every aspect of life; the law, school, eating at a restaurant, going to the airport, playing a game, seeing a movie at the theater, etc.

The “Their own fucking customers” argument doesn’t mean shit.

I agree with John here. Mind you, nothing is an exploit until the company declares that its an exploit. Removing the “ill gotten” credits is alright. But, banning people for the company’s own fault doesn’t sound fair. And, believe me when I tell you that most people won’t even be reading this warning and this dulfy post when they’re busy playing the game. Bioware needs to get their shit fixed. And also I still can’t complete the bonus mission on Jadus’ ship. As a patient of OCD, it is really a pain in the butt. Its been years now. Still, no fix from Bioware.

That Jadus bonus mission has been bugged SINCE LAUNCH. I know, I ran it at launch and ran it recently. I know it’s not a big deal, it’s not game breaking stuff. It’s just sloppy. Bugs that have been around since launch is sloppy as hell.

A) Rules are made to be broken. Don’t break the law, but break the rules. Otherwise, nothing changes.

B) EA’s / BioWare’s fuck up. One of thousands with the game’s code over the years. EA / BioWare is always ready to swing the ban hammer down on players for its own dumbfuckery, but they can’t even fix bugs that inhibit normal game play that have existed since launch.

C) There is an expectancy on both parties. Players expect the game to be functional, and able to be played during a time of their choosing. The developers expect the players to adhere to the rules they set forth. However, this ideal system gets becomes broken when only one of the two parties doesn’t abide by the expectancy. Guess who more often than not doesn’t adhere? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not the players.

But, go ahead. Continue to blindly defend the dumbfuckery. Nothing I’ll sweat over, personally. If anything, comments like yours are a source of entertainment for me.

It’s understandable that you’re frustrated with all of the homosapien romances considering your lust for Treek not having an outlet in-game. I suggest starting a petition to show BioWare how many ppl there are who just want to marry an Ewok and spend all their time in their stronghold eRPing with it.

I bought like 200 and I used them to level up my comps not ever placing any on the gtn. Does that still count as exploiting?

It wasn’t about the GTN. For a few hours, people were about to buy the gifts for free (0 credits) and sell them back to the vendor for 10000 credits. So some people spent time buying stack of 9999 and sell them back at 10K for 100000000.

Wow, I just imagined how with the RMB spam from the gaming keyboard I could make rich gifts to everyone in the game. 🙂

Wait the “exploit” was just buying the companion gifts and then re-selling on the GTN? Bioware does realize that EA does waaaaay more shadier shit and in real life, right?

yes, sorry! force of habit 😛 but basically, yeah, its the same exploit as chairs, they just closed it down faster. still not fast enough.

I bought a ton of em and kept em in my legacy storage to use for leveling companions later… I hope that doesn’t qualify. I haven’t and don’t plan to make money off em.

buying them at low cost was fine. but for a little bit of time, they were free, and then vendorable back for gold. same as the chair exploit way way back. so if you just bought them at reduced cost and kept them for future use? you are fine.

Ok awesome! Yeah I bought them at the $960 credits or whatever and used a ton on my main comps then bought a bunch more and sat on em for other comps. Thanks!

If they’re banning people for gift exploits I imagine they finally fixed the issues with romanced companions not getting any points from items they’re supposed to love?

Of course not. They’re to busy making Cartel Market shit, missing deadlines, or patching things that don’t need fixing, going in to fix what they inevitably break, then having to patch the useless patch. When you’re doing that who has time to fix essential bugs that have existed for years.

Pile of complete fucking nitwits.

As if he had to drive somewhere and walk into a building to “check in.” Newsflash: it can be done in 30 seconds while taking a shit at work. Some ppl are just amused by BioWare/EA’s level of buffoonery concerning this game and like to chuckle at it now and again.

So they pop on to Dulfy, and post “I find it hilarious people still play this shit game”? Huh. I’m convinced, I’m quitting SWTOR this second. Goodbye RNG, hello “shit game” comments.

heh look it’s the post once a year guy posting under another guest account.
Such a sly fox this one.

pfff what a douche

I find it hilarious that people still read Dulfy’s SWTOR section while not playing the game. Even posting comments.

Actually, this article for some reason, show up in my Google news feed. I did a double take, because I was so amazed people actually give a shit about SWTOR.

It’s kinda like a zoo where you watch retarded monkeys going about their business.
I come here to read up on what brainless schemes the ultraderps at EAWare is lumping onto SWToR and then eventually point and laugh at the inevitable “Whiteknight” crawling out of the woodwork to defend the game as the 9’th wonder of the world.

I don’t know what is worse the fact that players here don’t know what the exploit was or the fact that they believe they can fix it. Because in order to fix it they are gonna some how have to get every one their items back because they bought the shit out of legit peoples items that where on the GTN >.<

I think it was a glitch from the start. Why did only imp fleet vendors have it instead of both fleets? But EA said f… it till they found out about the gifts being free and traded back in for credit……Going from there EA can if they want to track it all down ban,and delete items, how they want, to players that did do so. For legit players that had stuff bought on the GTN will not be affect buy this or should not be….. But it’s EA who knows for sure

Wrong. I know for fact last time companion gift exploit those who bought also lost items (big packs of companion gift buyers).

This is a different exploit in that the companion gifts were trade back in for credits. So the player that did the exploit buys Satele’s armor set off the GTN might lose the armor set. But the player that sold it should not lose the credits for selling it (Specially since it was gotten off the CC market) If BW did that it would be holy hell to pay unless they gave it back to that player to sell again. But that cause another set of problems EA does not need…….
And EA has screwed over the player base before that bought early access Revan. By changing the cost of lvling skills to free when Revan went live. They never gave back the millions those players spent on the skills which was one reason they started losing Subs big time

It will be fun to see people getting banned because Bioware thinks they’ve exploited the game by sending credits around at the same time as the exploit was there. I hope they’ll be extra careful with their bans…

Yeah bud that’s now how player data tracking works. They can easily see who all bought and sold gifts via vendor nonstop and then transferred said credits or not.

Yes I know they can track everything with precision but I’ve been present during similar moments in other games and you would be surprised about how many they banned even if they were innocent. That said, I was just exagerating a bit my concern 🙂

And then they have to deal with the “OMG! An hour downtime for a patch?!?! Even though you announced it in the launcher, twitter, facebook, in game and the forums, I wasn’t aware of it! OMG! I;m going to cancel my account….” folks.

You net neutrality idiots realize its only been in place since 2015 right?
That anyone who tried anything as stupid as above pic would be run out of business in a week and likely face an antitrust investigation?
That net neutrality is what kept cell carriers from being able to offer unlimited data plans for 3+ years, and in a strange coincidence they started offering them again after the 2016 election?

Net neutrality is not about internet antitrust, which is a separate issue.
Net neutrality is almost entirely about bandwith marxism. It offers you less options, not more.
The reason the big tech companies are so against net neutrality is that it prevents someone from starting a competitor from offering them a faster service.
It allows them to protect their monopolies without having to compete.
It’s an extremely anit-consumer anti free market policy, which is why all the big tech/com monopolies love it.

Do you only post links and not read them? Anyone with basic reading comprehension understands the first paragraph which states the Internet has always had what we refer to as “net neutrality” and the 2015 decision was simply stating they would continue to leave it alone.

But it still has to go to court and it will take time. By then new political winds will have changed Congress….. maybe even the President

All that has to happen is States Create State net neutrality regs that the ISP’s would have to agree to or be barred from access to transmission lines that are on Government lands. the resulting patchwork of State regs will have them begging for the “good old days” of 1 federal reg.

We’ve had the internet for about 30 years and net neutrality for about 2 years. It wont make near as much difference as people are claiming.

actually we have had net neutraltiy for longer then 2 years. We also haven’t had broadband internet widely until about 7 or 8 years. So… yeah it makes a huge difference

LOL not again?

This pretty much kills any credit value. Watch those prices skyrocket again while some exploiters get away with a lot money/items like last time and small gainers get shafted 😀

That is what the folks left at Bioware Austin are best at. Creating a flawed thing that is left unattended for weeks sometimes months and then announcing punishments with dramatic flair.

People should be punished for knowingly exploiting! cool swtor stuff here: …this is not a bot!

The great thing about not detailing this exploit is that I won’t touch any companion stuff until its patched since I don’t know doing what will get me banned. Stellar.

What do you mean, you won’t touch any companion stuff? You don’t know what an exploit is? And btw, it is already patched.

Is this just against the people who got billions of credits and fucked up the economy, or are we also talking about the people who bought a ton of gifts because the vendor was messed up?

Good. It was an obvious exploit of a minor glitch. I thought BW were going to leave it rather than cause waves with the dickheads who pursued it, boosted multiple companions to 50, then boasted about it publically. Read your EULA’s, idiots. Or did you miss the decimation of a bunch of huge guilds over the last exploit issue? There is no excuse.

They won’t actually punish anyone, there’s barely anyone left to punish at this point. Sure they will say they punished a bunch of people and they might hit 1 or 2 folks that racked up billions of credits, but they would rather lie and pretend the punished people than to actually punish folks.

Obviously you were not a member of Chill or Axiom. The guilds were wiped out by the credit exploit. And friends of mine who didn’t participate but were in the guild also received suspensions for being associated with players who breached.

Until last night I’d have said clearly the answer is 7-9. Now? I honestly don’t care anymore. I’ll hold out hope that an Obi-Wan movie won’t be a train wreck but my confidence in SW is at an all-time low.

In regards to the latest attempt, perhaps if Kennedy or Disney hired a director that actually READ any of the novels, fans might not be going postal? Just a thought but what the hell, seems like every damn director is shooting for the “dark and edgy angle” with every fucking movie. I have loved Star Wars since I was seven but I am done. What is being produced now is not Star Wars but a horrible, weak caricature of what it was.

But everyone seems to love it. Online reactions are overwhelmingly positive and I have friends of various ages who are telling me I’m crazy and it was good. Even critics whose opinions I’ve come to respect all liked it. Every one of them. I’m confused. Maybe I saw a different movie…lol. And I’ve liked all of the content from the Disney era so far. This was a mess.

Yet those same critics gave the Prequels such grief. Yes they could have been better but seriously, at least the characters (save Padame in Reveng of SIth) were true to form. The same could not be said of this one. At least FA tried.

Strange, that might have been part of how he became Vader? How very odd. Can’t even use your real name anymore little one, have to hide behind multiple guest accounts. Off with you.

I was beyond underwhelmed with the story. Best part of the movie for the most part was the visuals but the whole light speed into the enemy ships? There goes any meaningful space battles. I mean, the fuck is the point anymore? Just drone a star destroyer or capital ship into the enemy fleet and Viola! Insta-win. Completely lazy/I don’t give a fuck writing.

…. because the same reason we don’t drive our real world navel ships into each other. If the Rebelion in the OT light speeded into every Empire ship the Rebels would lose. The Empire has numbers.

Why doesn’t the Empire do it? because it’s a huge waste of resources.

Sorry that you didn’t like it but your opinion doesn’t matter anymore. An entire new generation of Star Wars fans have grown up in the time between TFA and the Prequels. For every angry “true fan” there are 10 new fans who love it.

Good to know that as a consumer who paid to see that my voice means nothing because I’m from a different generation. A most curious notion little one.

you are 1 consumer out of hundred’s of millions. Of those hundreds of millions there is maybe at best 100k of you that are unhappy.

Why would they listen to you when hundreds of millions of other consumers are more then happy with the product and willing to spend more then you on it?

Star Wars isn’t for you anymore, you have gotten old deal with it.

Considering my teenage sons thought it was garbage, your weak ass “You have gotten old, deal with it” dreck is hardly relevant. Don’t let the door knob hit you again on the way out.

oh cool anadoctal evidence. Let me guess you’re friends also disliked it. Cool story bro but guess what the box office doesn’t lie and its doing better then projected and on pace to be the second most succesful star wars movie of all time.

Sorry your voice doesn’t matter you have been replaced. Even worse since you payed to see it and bring your two sons.

Well there you go then. Now with all the money you’ve won from being so right on the Internet, perhaps you can now buy and dictionary. Enjoy.

u mad bro? Sorry that no one cares about your opinion anymore. I’m sure there is a reddit or tumblr you can cry on.

rage all you want, no one at Disney cares what you think about Star Wars and nothing you can do will change the movies.

Amazing, nearly everything about that sentence was wrong. You are correct in that nothing I do will change these movies however the problem is, I don’t care. Enjoy or not cupcake, changes nothing for me.

HAHA wait everything was wrong? So you think for one second Disney cares what you think??

HAHAHAHAHA If you didn’t care you wouldn’t be complaining and raging so hard.

I see your point in that there is a new younger generation coming through now, not just us critical ‘older fans’ and my two oldest kids that I took to see it did enjoy it more than me, however twice during the film (at the bit where the last bomber doors opened and when leia made it back to the ship and opened the door my 10 year old soon looked at me quizzically and said “wouldn’t they be sucked out into space?”
And he’s 10 and thought that was bad.
We all laughed at the porgs and the lightsaber toss, it was silly but we liked it and we enjoyed the battles, but even they said it was WAY too long and too many battles and they were both disappointed in the lack of Reys lineage which we were discussing as we waited for the film to start and who snoke might be, all pushed aside in the new film.
So I don’t think it’s as simple as saying older fans hated it and newer fans loved it all, things are a bit ‘greyer’ than that I think.

not just one generation but two, Not only do you have the generation who grew up between the Prequels and TFA but you have the generation who grew up with The Prequels who love it.

However Star Wars has never been about physics. Remember in Empire Han and Leia walk out of the Falcon wearing only breathing masks to go shoot at space bats that eat electricity.

There is nothing protecting them from the vaccum of space as remember they powered down the shields and everything except basic life support to hide from the Empire.

Remember in the OT we never learn who the Emperor is or even his name. He is only refered to as the Emperor.

I don’t understand why some people care about Rey’s lineage?

It’s even a smaller group that hated it then just older fans. As we see from the Box office return TLJ is a Huge hit. Its actually doing even better then Disney predicted.

It’s really just a very vocal minority that didn’t like it.

While I agree there are mixed reviews and opinions,
“As we see from the Box office return” doesnt mean anything because it is an unreliable measure. People ran out to see it becuase “starwars” Not knowing/believing/curious they wouldnt like it.

I know a lot of people saying they wont see any more Rian Johnson Starwars films and some saying not going to bother with Young Han Solo either. Future box office may prove a more reliable measure.
I would say its a pretty even split between like it or dislike it.
But maybe you have stock in the company, or some other axe to grind.
We dont know, nor do we really care. 😉

The fact it was Star Wars would defintely lead to a large first and maybe even Second week opening. However you can’t get to 1 billion on name recognition alone SEE every recent DC movie or even the last 2 Transformers. The Last Knight in particular bombed in the US only reaching 130 million.

TLJ is already outpacing Rogue One and its nubmers are even beating Disney’s expectations.

It’s already surpassed the Prequels and those had a really big split

It’s absolutely not an even split of like and dislike. It is a very small vocal group that are against. Heck they can’t even get 25k sigs to sign a petition to have it removed from canon.

I don’t get the “axe to grind” comment? what do you mean axe against who?

I get the disney stock comment but no and I woudln’t want disney stock after they blew 3 billions on the Fast Pass system and Avatar land. not to mention ESPN is tanking and hurting them hard. but that’s neither here nor there.

You enjoyed those visuals during that cringe-worthy slo mo (but not really slo mo just badly edited) Mary Poppins as Leia uses the force scene?

If we’re talking about the film I also walked out a bit flat. I am not sure why. I enjoyed Rey – Kylo – Luke dynamic. I hated Poe and Rose (boring as hell and the escape from Canto Bight was so childish). Best bit was Poe “holding for General Hux” at start and Kylo smacking Hux aside near end. Wait … when did Hux become Loki? And Snoke reminded me of Goldmember from Austin Powers, lolling about in his robe, chest exposed. I feel like a re-watch is needed. As for those whining about the books – I’m sorry – they are all so badly written that even as a 12 year old I couldn’t keep reading them due to my acute sense of disappointment. The only canon that matters are the original 3 films and I am glad they are moving beyond the swash-buckling to look a little more closely at the fragility of Balance.

Hang em high, Bioware! Six month ban, remove all credits, destroy all items purchased from the date of the exploit onward.

I will never understand this whole exploit thing. Seriously … if a new patch comes out, things are changed. Skills buffed or nerved. Maps story bosses and so on are changed or newly released.

And if a vendor suddenly sells something for free than that this is also part of the patch. And free to use. May it be mentioned in the patch notes or not … there have been so much changes NEVER mentioned in the patch notes like fixed codes entries and so on. So patch notes are no referal for content changes of the game.

If BW then suddenly claims this an exploid … then they should first try to remove the wooden log from their brain instead of seeking the small splinter of wood in my eye (or so I have heard) and bring on patches WITHOUT errors.
But not harressing those paying their salary for just using the game as it is.

Oh c’mon, cut the BS. You know damn well that such a thing is an exploit. It’s not fair that some people were able to get stuff for free, that others have spent their hard earned cash on. Everyone who abused the exploit is a thief and should have their account(s) terminated and deleted.

How is it not fair? Everyone in the game was capable of taking advantage of one of the developers’ thousands of fuck ups over the course of this game’s history, as with every “exploit”. I get that the engine used to build this game was a prototype, and that it was a poor choice. However, if the dev team hasn’t gotten a grasp of writing its code efficiently and effectively after 8 years or more, all these problems they are punishing players for are solely on them.

Quite frankly, there ought to be a law against punishing video game players, especially ones who pay money to play, for simply using a game’s function, regardless of whether it was meant to be there in the first place. “We fucked up. Now, you have to suffer for it.” It would be like the DoT mistakenly posting a 65 Mph speed limit when it was actually meant to be 55 Mph, then a cop tickets me for going 65 before the sign is corrected. Not that that happens often, if at all, but you get the idea.

Spoken like a participant in the exploit in my opinion. This was NOT ment to be happening in this patch or any other this making it an exploit.

Exploit= taking advantage on am unintentional bug/glitch/problem with the patch. Using it to gain an advantage. It doesn’t matter wether all could use it or not. It was not ment to happen. Some people deliberately took advantage of it to gain things they wouldn’t have gotten so easily without the exploit.

Bw have specifically said time and time again that exploiters will be punished, punishments varying depe ding on the severity of there use of it being one factor. If by now people don’t understand not to use an exploit then they deserve what they get. Repeat offenders should be Perma banned.

If you don’t get that then go play an offline game.vall mmo’s punish exploiters and I’m glad be punish them aswell

Well, your opinion is uninformed, as I did not partake in said “exploit”. I couldn’t care less what BioFail says specifically. I’ve paid to play, and used to buy cartel coins. I say “used to” because I was robbed by EA/BioWare. That’s right. When I purchase account unlocks using the CC I paid real money for, they better stay unlocked. However, that was not the case with some unlocks, and when I submitted several tickets in game they were all closed without being replied to. I like Star Wars, but fuck BioWare – what it’s become. It used to be a good company until EA came into the picture. Fuck them, too. But go ahead, Ben Fuller, and be a white knight. White only gets dirty with time, and it shows more.

I got into a discussion about this thingy bit late but going through recent posts, I couldn’t agree more with you. Yes, it is a “tragedy” when we pay our cash for some unlock that never happen, yet on the other hand it is a terrible “exploit” when you find a loophole that initially isn’t your fault! We pay those people who should take care that such thing don’t happen in the 1st place! So instead of punishing them for not doing their job, it is back to those who discovered the issue in the 1st place!
Excellent “white knight” analogy, spot on m8!

lol i did buy cheep gifts to max comps as erick did say on forum its ok to do it got punished for it 2 sets of full 248 armore was taken off me unsubed

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