GW2 Eggnog Helmet Recipe

GW2 Eggnog Helmet recipe. This helmet was added with this year’s Wintersday.

The recipe is as follows (Mystic Forge).


Here is the helmet, the hair is a bit animated and cannot be dyed.


Recipe taken from this Reddit thread

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28 replies on “GW2 Eggnog Helmet Recipe”

More likely the beer mug landed up on your head before you decided tearing down the entire forest was a good way to craft the beer mug so you could put on your head. Its a basic future stocks trade principle. Which makes more sense when drunk.

Then you should sell it, better then wasting all that money on a frigging head mug skin. Like wtf, Sigil of Mischief I can understand but a fucken gift of wood?! Where is the logic, there is no need for a wood sink right now.

Gift of Wood is like 42g, the rest are peanuts. It’s not a big amount of gold. If you don’t like the skin, that’s another thing, and gift of wood has nothing to do with it.

Have wood prices really fallen so low that it is 42g? When I wrote that I was assuming 100g or something. 42 is somewhat ok I guess. I do like the skin btw that’s why I was complaining about gift of wood.

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