• The One Copper Bard

    I am so grabbing this for an Asura 😀

    • Steve

      Guess I’ll be selling all my wood. 😀

      • The One Copper Bard

        Hope you make some bling off of it cause I farm and stockpile all of my materials 😀

  • IchbinVol

    Gift of Wood? Really? Yup, skipping this…

    • Brian

      Ya…a stack of ancient wood would have been much more reasonable. :/

    • Ardenwolfe


    • Jalen Dmello

      Basically you tear down an entire forest so you can put a beer mug on your head, sounds reasonable right 🙂

      • Trillium

        you need same amount of metal to make a sword blade and a ring in this game

        • Alot

          I like to think oricalcum ingots are very very small.

          • Trillium

            and orichalcum swords are more like very thin short rapiers, model be damned?

            • Alot

              Paper think chassis with a hollow interior. Personally I’m surprised they don’t shatter on impact.

      • Alot

        More likely the beer mug landed up on your head before you decided tearing down the entire forest was a good way to craft the beer mug so you could put on your head. Its a basic future stocks trade principle. Which makes more sense when drunk.

    • Taiwan Wolf

      Clearly that cup is made of thousands of trees

      • Mr. Principal

        Or what’s left from Mordy..!

  • Ardenwolfe

    Still no guide on the Mini Angry Snowballs?

  • Trillium

    This should’ve been Norn cultural armor!

  • Taiwan Wolf

    Someones gonna have to make an Asura named Cuphead and dawn this.

  • Raizel

    Gift of Wood for such a funny fugly skin?! No thanks.

  • lithlius

    Gift of wood and its not ascended? PAAASSSSSSS!!!!

    • King Taku

      My god it’s a fucking skin

      Imagine you sit on 1k wood and don’t know what to do with it besides selling

      • Tsar CUBE

        Then you should sell it, better then wasting all that money on a frigging head mug skin. Like wtf, Sigil of Mischief I can understand but a fucken gift of wood?! Where is the logic, there is no need for a wood sink right now.

        • RabbitUp

          Gift of Wood is like 42g, the rest are peanuts. It’s not a big amount of gold. If you don’t like the skin, that’s another thing, and gift of wood has nothing to do with it.

          • Tsar CUBE

            Have wood prices really fallen so low that it is 42g? When I wrote that I was assuming 100g or something. 42 is somewhat ok I guess. I do like the skin btw that’s why I was complaining about gift of wood.

  • MithranAkanere

    Do all 3 armor classes get unlocked at the same time?

    3 gifts of wood for 1 skin would be kind of insane.

    • Kasper Asmussen

      They do

  • Sotos

    gift of w….anything….nope

  • David Adfield

    that skin look sshit, gw2 is really looking bad and out fo ideas these days :c pity really was good once

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