• Amodin
  • Don Loco
    • Sarigar

      Whatever the reason, I will always upvote this GIF.

  • Ola Munteanu

    I despise that silly “Vented” lightsaber..

  • Jonathan Parker

    I hate that lightsaber so much…

  • Well since I quit WoW, and my other subbed MMO I guess I have a few extra bucks to spend….

  • GameJunkieification

    They also added in the lightning tuning

  • Kaelin

    Its a good thing they are direct selling such items and I want that saber for my collection, but they want too much for it… Not worth it.

  • DerpDude

    Wow…LootFront II failed so now they are gauging the SWToR market instead.
    Over 9000 (no DBZ reference) for a single f*****g shitty lightsaber as base price…jesus t***yf*****g christ…..

    • Yes, and a saber that sells on GTN for 2.5x more than any new hypercrate. It’s a good price for what you’re getting.

  • Disgusting. What a bunch of emo little bitches. This game is run by total faaaaaaaags.

  • Elrandil

    I’d pay for proper Valkorion armour with his skills for casual PVE play through. Their current offer on cartel market is insulting.

  • Wayshuba

    So explain to me how two art assets, that most likely took the same amount of time to create have different costs:

    Vented Saber – 4560
    Vented Dualsaber – 3600

    Pricing seems backwards since most Guardian/Juggernauts and Sentinel/Marauders would use saber whereas you are limited to Sage/Inquisitor for dualsaber. So if pricing was based on volume, it would be reversed.

    Typical EA – rather than give you content, let’s sell you expensive digital pixels.

    As my father used to say when I was younger – “Some people have more money then brains…”

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      You clearly don’t get how it works, so you can apply that brain comment to yourself. Just go to the GTN and look at the prices there. Dual saber is always cheaper than single saber. The single saber is the most wanted and therefore more expensive. There is a smaller demand for dual sabers therefore you can’t put as high a price on it because it simply isn’t as popular and therefore won’t sell at the same or higher prices.

    • Errtai

      It’s supply and demand. Sents need two sabers, Juggs 1x and Sages another 1x. That’s 4 versus that 1 Shadow who needs a dualsaber. 4 to 1. The demand for normal sabers is higher but the amount in the market isn’t. Therefore they’re more expansive than the dual ones.

      • CristiCatSlug

        Plus the dual one looks…so weird. So very, very weird.

      • 平賀才人

        Is anyone stupid enough to buy two of these shitty sabers for a sentinel/Marauder when you can just buy one and copy from collections?

    • Ghola

      Two specs use dual sabers not even two classes, just two specs. Every other force using spec uses one handers. That’s why it’s cheaper.

  • Meelis S

    Perfect timing for Bioware to cash in wannaby Kylo Ren players with vented lightsabers.

  • LucasFaun

    yay the emo saber.

    • Marrks

      emo christian pope saber

  • Zebedeeeeee

    Never really was a fan of the Crossguard. Too me it always came across as a gimmicky attempt to try and go one further then the duelsaber.

    • Caryss Muur

      I liked it. Kinda reminds me of the dark ages, which I guess TOR era would be like if we had to compare it to a period in our history. That or the Crusades.

    • KJ

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